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Malware that discreetly clicks on web pages to consume user data resources.

Free antivirus avast

Avast Free Antivirus offers free, continuous and global protection against viruses, malware and spy software and is completed with optimization and configuration features of your device.

Special offer : From € 45.00 per year instead of € 90.00 (- 50 %)

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
  • macos
  • Android (APK)
  • Linux
  • iOS iPhone / iPad

Why use free antivirus ?

What are the new features of the latest version of free antivirus ?

What bones are compatible with free antivirus ?

What are the best alternatives to free antivirus ?


Free antivirus avast is free software that offers effective and real -time protection against viruses, malware and spy software. It is available for most devices equipped with popular platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iPhone and iPad).

Free antivirus avast analyzes all your files, detects malicious elements, and clean your system from all unwanted files and software that can harm it or slow it down. It also detects any safety flaws from your router, checks incoming and outgoing emails, warns infections of instant messaging applications and fraudulent websites attacks.

This is a free solution, which can be enriched by other protective features via the Avast One paid license, which also offers a VPN, an advanced firewall, an optimization tool for your PC and Many other tools for securing your online confidentiality.

Why use free antivirus ?

To get more in detail of the features of this security program which has already attracted many users, the free application monitors your computer and your data in real time, to guarantee that no threat, malicious program, viruses or spy software cannot affect your computer. As a bonus, it remains light and little impacts your computer performance.

After downloading the application, the installation is carried out in a few clicks and your computer is thus protected in seconds.

Through a user -friendly and easy to use interface, it allows you to launch a quick or in -depth check of your entire system and even detects the software that must be updated. Most parameters have been predefined for optimal and simplified use of the application. For those who wish to set the options and the planning of analysis themselves, an advanced interface with many configuration options is also available.

He also incorporates a password manager to connect to all your online accounts using a single password. Among the other interesting features of this security sequence, we can cite the Wi-Fi Inspector which monitors your connection, locates the weak points of your network and monitors visitors who could be malicious.

Finally, the Smart Scan tool monitors your files and your background system. Indeed, it detects all the parameters and files that could compromise the security of your computer. Obsolete software, suspicious extensions or too easily identifiable passwords will be reported to you and you can make the requested modifications and settings before malware has been infiltrated in this flaw of safety.

Free antivirus Avast, as its name, indicates free antivirus software. The publisher also offers more advanced security suites with in particular Avast Premium Security which offers a secure sandbox in which suspicious programs are tested to check their reliability, but this paid version of Avast also has a protection system for your webcam, and an automatic update of the pilots and software installed. Among the additional features of the Ultimate publishing, we can cite the VPN, which encrypts and protects your Internet connection and your network, and an advanced module for the protection of passwords that alerts you if your identifiers are disclosed.

And Avast One, the most advanced license, all-in-one software that brings together all the confidentiality, optimization and cleaning tools for all your devices. The application is available for free with obviously limitations.

What are the new features of the latest version of free antivirus ?

A whole new interface has strengthened the ergonomics of this powerful antivirus program, awarded by many test laboratories. In a few clicks, users include the main threat analysis features and the options made available to them.

Note the appearance of a whole new “not disturbing” mode, which blocks advertising windows during your game phases or while you are watching a film for example.

In addition, the brand new free edition of free antivirus has a passive mode, which deactivates certain active agents so that you can associate several protective solutions without slowing down the performance of your PC. This brand new setting does not deactivate antivirus functions and you are permanently protected.

Among the latest news for mobile versions, Avast Mobile Free Security offers you a VPN to protect your connection and secure your Internet browsing. In this mobile edition, you obviously have a protection tool against malware and web threats.

What bones are compatible with free antivirus ?

This safety software suite is compatible with PCs equipped with Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) /8/8.1/10/11.

For Mac OS users, you must have a minimum of Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite).

You can also download the mobile version, your smartphone must be equipped with Android 5.0 (lollipop) or upper edition. A version for iPhone and iPad was born in 2018 and to install the mobile version Free Security, you must have iOS 12.0 or superior.

What are the best alternatives to free antivirus ?

Among the many free antivirus software that is available, Avast is one of the most popular and the best.

Nevertheless, it must count on other efficient download safety suites which also offer essential functionalities of real -time safety and data protection. Note that all these safety suites are available for download for free, but that they have some limitations. More advanced and automated paid versions are there to satisfy all audiences.

Among them, we can quote Avira Free Security, whose analysis and detection tools, in the cloud, viruses and other malware, are effective without monopolizing the resources of your PC. Available for download for all operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS), this very complete free antivirus program also has a password manager and anti-phishing and anti ransomware tools.

AVG free antivirus does not have to be ashamed of its features and especially not its intuitive interface and as simple to handle as its competitor. It also has an analysis system for your download, even before it is finished. You are thus alerted to potential threats before the file is saved. To download for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

Bitdefender Internet Security succeeds Bitdefender Antivirus, which has not been maintained since January 1, 2022. The security suite is therefore no longer free but in a demonstration version. It offers complete protection against web threats, a VPN, a secure payment module, configuration tools to preserve your online confidentiality and many other options to optimize your device. Note that Bitdefender Internet Security is only available for Windows while you can download the Bitdefender Total Security version for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

Microsoft Defender is considered a potential competitor. The application is completely free without advertising or premium license to buy, and blocks the main malicious programs, such as viruses, spyware, rootkits, Trojan horses and other adware. It offers real -time protection as well as additional safety parameters to activate to provide optimal protection to your PC under Windows.

Kaspersky Antivirus is also one of the interesting alternatives. All essential features such as behavioral analysis and proactive ransomware protection are integrated. To complete them, it also offers a monitoring module for your Wi-Fi, your messaging or your webcam.

Protect your phone wherever you are with antivirus protection for Android

Try Avast Mobile Security, our free antivirus awarded for Android. Analyze and secure your device in real time against viruses and other malware, strengthen your confidentiality and speed up your phone performance.

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Avast Mobile Security for Android
Over 100 million facilities
100 % protection and conviviality score
Connect and browse with confidence
Make the cleaning and proper functioning of your devices

Go beyond antivirus and anti-malware protection for Android

Analyze your device for free with our best tool for removing malware and viruses for Android to date. Go to the upper version to use a VPN to protect your confidentiality online, and sail in a safer way thanks to anti-phishing technology and the security of Wi-Fi Wi-Fi. You can also lock specific applications or photos using a PIN code or imprint to better protect your sensitive data and more. Get more information below.

Blocking all potential threats

Prevent viruses and other malware from infecting your Android device.
Perform regular analyzes to detect threats and vulnerabilities.
Identify malicious applications before installing them.

Block malware and sites and be alerted to sensitive sites on all browsers.

Check the safety of Wi-Fi networks.

Here are the most common threats we detect and against which we protect you:

Each month, we detect and block near 2 million attempts to attack Against Android users.
Your protection is guaranteed thanks to our mobile threat database containing nearly 8 million malicious samples, with 6,000 new samples per day.

Downloaded Trojan Horse
Malware which downloads malicious programs without the knowledge of users.
Locking ransomware
Malware that locks devices to prevent their owner from accessing it.
Malware that invades screens of unwanted advertisements.


Malware that steals bank information to access accounts.
Malware capable of taking control of your device thanks to privileged access.
Malware capable of taking control of your device thanks to privileged access.
Trojan horse

Malware that discreetly clicks on web pages to consume user data resources.

Malware that infects devices to collect and transfer information on their owner.

Malware using a device to discreetly send SMS to overcharged numbers
Preserve your confidentiality

Keep intruders out of your life, online as on your device, thanks to the different integrated features of our antivirus application for Android.

Secure your photos and applications using a PIN code, a model or an imprint.

Make your web activity and access content subject to geographic restrictions thanks to a VPN.

Receive alerts in the event of a leak or hacking of a password associated with your messaging account.

Discover confidentiality advice in our detailed guides of the confidentiality advisor.

Clean unwanted files that can monopolize a precious space on your device to free up space for things that matter most for you. Make sure your Android device works as if it were new.

Here is what our users say

A useful product that works very well.
Very recommended and rightly so.
A very useful application for safety and maintenance.
Avast Mobile Security for Android
Stay protected thanks to the best antivirus for mobile device

Perform the upgrade to Avast Mobile Security Premium or Ultimate directly from your application to access Premium functionalities (Applications Lock, VPN etc.)).

You may wonder.

Frequent questions how to install configuration system required

frequently asked Questions

Is there a free antivirus for Android ?

Yes, there are many antivirus options for Android which offer all their own features and advantages, including Avast Mobile Security, our best safety application for Android. It is free Android security and protection against emerging mobile threats. You will even have access to high -end security functions in the application to protect you from the most sophisticated threats, such as:

  • Advanced protection against viruses, spywares and malware application installations.
  • Protection of confidentiality such as locking photos and applications with a PIN code or imprint.
  • Removal of ransomware and other types of malware detected.
  • Adware analysis and cleaning tool.

How to download and install a free antivirus application for Android ?

It’s very simple: here is how to download a free antivirus application, like Avast Mobile Security:

  1. Access the Google Play Store here.
  2. Download the safety application to your device by clicking on Install.
  3. After installation, launch your first Smart Scan To detect possible hidden threats.

Here you are ready !

Do you need an antivirus for an Android phone ?

Mobile devices are just as vulnerable to cyberrenchers as computers. Can smartphones catch viruses ? Android devices are vulnerable to adware, spyware, ransomware and other types of malware. Although Android has integrated safety functions, its basic protection can be insufficient to protect your device from emerging new mobile threats.

How to perform an antivirus analysis on Android ?

Regular antivirus analysis is a good practice to prevent viruses and other malware and maintain the overall security of your mobile device. You can use a virus deletion tool or download a free antivirus for Android, such as Avast Mobile Security, which is the fastest way to analyze your Android device looking for viruses or other threats. If a virus was detected after the execution of the Smart Scan, you will be invited to remove it quickly and easily to eliminate all the risks that have been discovered.

Why is Avast the best free antivirus for Android ?

With its advanced technology and the largest detection network in the world, Avast Mobile Security for Android is one of the best free antivirus to ensure its confidentiality and safety on Android. Our application protects your Android device in real time against the latest types of malware, even new or emerging such as ransomware.

In case of loss or flight, you can also locate your device and lock it remotely, or delete your data to preserve your personal information. If your device is already infected with malware, you can delete it with our free virus deletion tool and our malware deletion tool.

Can Avast Mobile Security slow down my phone ?

Avast Mobile Security for Android will have no impact on your phone performance. Thanks to its execution in the background, the application does not drain a battery and does not slow down phones. If you find your phone too slow, find out how to speed up an Android device and make it more efficient.

How to delete viruses from my Android phone ?

First of all, you need a deemed Android virus deletion application, capable of performing a complete analysis of your device and detecting and eliminating all potential threats. At Avast, our expertise can really help you in terms of virus deletion for Android devices and other. Not only Avast Mobile Security regularly searches for threats to you, but it can also warn you of the existence of harmful applications before they are installed, while protecting you from websites and malicious links. In addition, if you often connect to public Wi-Fi networks, it can help you check the safety of these networks.