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6play, live TV and replay

It is also possible to watch the platform on your Samsung connected TV.

6play, live TV and replay

6play, live TV and Replay is the official application of television and radio channels from the M6 ​​group, look at the live channels for free or access all replay to see or review your favorite program.

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Why use 6play ?

What are the new features of the latest version of 6play ?

With which bones is 6play compatible ?

What are the best alternatives to 6play ?


6play, live TV and replay allows you to have access to all the contents of the M6 ​​group and radio channels, live and in replay from a free mobile application or on your computer from online service.

Watch all your favorite programs for free, the M6 ​​original series, movies and original shows. Take advantage of live TV, follow the M6, W9, 6ter, Gulli, etc. channels.

Then, if you missed an episode, watch it in replay ! The application will make you programs suggestions according to your preferences and your viewing habits.

The 6Play function offers unpublished content, telenovelas (Latin America soap operas, in general of the Soap Opera type) and original humorous emissions.

In addition, 6play, live TV and replay synchronizes between your various devices (mobile applications and online service), so that you never have to take up a program from the start unless you have decided.

Why use 6play ?

Thanks to 6play you will never miss your favorite programs broadcast on the TV and radio channels of the M6 ​​group. M6, W9, 6ter, Gulli, Fun Radio, RTL2, Paris Première, Téva, M6music and M6boutique are all present ! Note however that to appreciate the Paris Première and Téva channels, you will have to subscribe to a subscription (since these channels are not free) or by using your subscription if you have already subscribed to it via the offer of your box or channel+, since These are not available for free.

You can therefore access all of these programs from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Note, however, that programs cannot be downloaded to be viewed later offline, unlike other platforms that allow it (with subscription).

How to install and use the 6play app for mobile device ?

You can download and install the 6Play app on your mobile device (Android or iOS) from the Google or Apple store, to transport it everywhere with you. Inspired by musical streaming platforms, the application will ask you, during the first launch, to indicate three programs, three presenters or three categories of emissions that you appreciate. This then allows him to offer you a selection of programs that correspond to your tastes. You can then change these settings from your profile.

6Play Mobile Application

Note that to use the services of 6play you will need to create an account, it is compulsory and it allows the application to save your preferences. So you can find all of your content and preferences from one device to another (smartphone, tablet, computer).

The application interface is not very ergonomic and will require the least accustomed to a little adaptation time. The screen is separated in two zones. At the top you will see a thick exhilarated strip which presents the name of the application on the left, and on the right the access to your profile and the search tool in the shape of a magnifying glass. Still in this band but just below you will see the list of channels. This band is quite large, which is unpleasant on the small screens.

Below you will see the 6play home screen with the most recent programs. To change this display you can use the main menu. This is represented by a gray circle at the bottom of the screen with three lines in it (Hamburger menu). When you click on it the menu appears and offers you to access the various screens: live (to see what is currently going on on the channels and watching it), 6Play Home (the screen that is displayed when you open the ‘Application), my selection (latest readings and proposals based on your preferences), entertainment, series, TV movies, info & company, sport, youth, humor, and all the group’s program categories, including special categories (such as summer programs for example).

It is important to note that when you launch a video, whether direct or replay, you will first have advertising. In the available video options you have the display of subtitles and the change of language (for multilingual content, but also the deaf and hard of hearing subtitles), you can choose between SD and HD (for suitable content ), you can go into full screen, and you can even share the video. For the direct an information key tells you the chain concerned, the name of the show, its duration, the broadcasting hours and a small description. For directs there is no recovery option from the start (as can do Molotov For example).

When you open the page of a program or a series you will be able to add it to your favorites, by clicking on the icon in the form of +. You will then find her in “my selection”. From this screen you can also directly put the emissions that the application offers you. Note that the my selection screen not only brings together your favorites but also the recommended programs.

How to use the online service of 6play ?

The online service navigation interface is accessible from any internet browser under any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)). You will be able to access the contents of 6play from your desktop computer or your laptop connected to the Internet. Be careful however if you use an advertising blocker in extension of your web browser you will need to deactivate it to be able to take advantage of the programs.

6play online service

When you arrive on the home reception you will see a menu bar at the top of the screen that displays shortcuts to: reception, channels, search tool and your account. Connect with the same account as on your mobile devices to take up your videos where you left them.

The rest of the home screen is quite similar to other video streaming platforms: all categories being presented in lines. At the top you will find a highlighting of the emissions of the moment, then a line with all the categories of emissions (entertainment, series, telefilms, info & company, etc.), then the latest replays to date, then the exclusive 6play programs, the collections (groups of video videos by theme), the integrals, the biggest success of the moment, the direct, your readings in progress, the programs recommended for you (depending on your preferences), then several other categories (series, youth, telefilms, etc.)). Note that at the time of our tests we did not find the location of the favorite list.

What are the new features of the latest version of 6play ?

No striking novelty in terms of interface or use. The mobile application is regularly updated to hunt bugs raised by users.

Big novelty of 6play in July 2021. The application follows the plunge to MyTF1, Molotov (with Mango) and Pluto TV and Today offers free advertising streaming service (or avod). More information on free streaming in our file: a few days after MyTF1, M6 puts in turn on AVOD with 6play.

Note that since October 2022, owners of a Samsung Smart TV can view all the content offered in full. It is also possible to subscribe to the 6play Max paid option which allows you to access all programs without advertising and limits.

With which bones is 6play compatible ?

For your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) you can download 6play from the iOS App Store from version 11.2.

On Android The Application is available for download from the Play Store, you will need Android 4.4 or higher on your smartphone or tablet.

From your PC (Windows, Linux, etc.) or Mac, you can access the online service from any web browser.

In any case, you will need an internet connection to access all programs.

It is also possible to watch the platform on your Samsung connected TV.

What are the best alternatives to 6play ?

To see and review the content of French television channels, there is Molotov. It is a service that offers to watch live television channels but also access their replays. The basic service is free and just offers direct (with resumption of current reading) and replay in mediocre quality. Several paid offers first offer better quality, but also the possibility of downloading videos to watch them later offline, and access other channels than those of the Bouquet de Bouquet. Available on mobile and connected television device.

For the other French television channels, each has its own replay service which also allows you to watch the direct. For example, you can access the TF1 group channels with Mytf1 (with advertising), at the channels of the France Television group with France.TV, etc.

For Canal+ subscribers, know that with the application Mycanal, You can access the directs and replays of all French television channels in addition to the channels of your subscription. In addition, MyCanal gives access to the group’s VOD platform where you can buy or rent digital films and series per unit.

If you are looking for unpublished content and the possibility of seeing and reviewing unlimited movies and series, you can direct yourself towards Svod platforms, accessible all over the world. With a monthly subscription (often quite minimal) you will have access to the whole of their unlimited catalog on one or more screens (without any advertising). The three best known platforms in France are Netflix, Amazon Video Prime And Disney+. Note that the Netflix platform offers, in addition, video games exclusively reserved for its subscribers, in its Netflix Gaming offer.

6play, live TV and replay

6play, live TV and replay

With 6play the official application of the M6 ​​group Find The M6, W9, 6ter, Teva, Gulli and Paris Première and Direct or REPlay channels on your smartphone or tablet.

look On 19:45, top chef, the queens of shopping, an intimate ambition, but also all other groups and series of the group. Also access unpublished series and programs and resume your programs where you stopped. 6play also offers Program recommendations And you can start looking at your smartphone and start where you were on your television.

How to watch live programs with 6play ?

6play allows users to watch their favorite shows live, wherever they are. Whether it is to follow a sporting event in real time or watch the latest episode of their favorite series, users can easily access live content from the application.

From the online service, you can scroll on the home page to reach the “Live” line grouping all the channels or click from the channel menu to unroll all the available channels and select the one you want to look. You will need to scroll at the bottom of the page to access the live section. Previously, you will have to go through the recommended videos, the news, the videos that will soon disappear, the different categories, etc. On the mobile application, click on the main menu (3 horizontal lines in the gray circle) and select the section live and then select your channel.

6play online service

How to watch replay shows with 6play ?

One of the most popular features of 6Play is the possibility of watching the broadcasts broadcast on the channels of the M6 ​​M6 channels in replay. Users can access a wide range of content, from entertainment to documentaries, and watch them at any time that suits them.

To do this, you can directly navigate in categories, channels and programs to find what you want, or take advantage of the direct search tool if you know the title of the program or the series to watch.

6Play offers a wide variety of content categories to meet the tastes of all users: entertainment, series-reality, series, sport, info and society, cinema, telefilms, green and youth. Note that the programs or series with several episodes are grouped together so that users can “binger” if they wish.

What are the video reading options of 6play ?

When you launch a video (direct or replay), you will need to go through advertisements you will not be able to escape, since by clicking another tab of your browser, the video automatically sets out. Note that other advertisements will come and interrupt your program being read.

When you launch a video, several options can be activated. You can switch to full screen mode, change the audio settings (audio language and subtitles language) or change video quality to go from high quality (HDTV type) to intermediary (DVD type) which remains very correct In terms of viewing.

Change video quality with 6play

If this is a live program, you will not have reading commands as for a replay video. Indeed, for the latter, you have the possibility of putting the video on pause, advancing or going back 15 seconds, or even going to the following video if your program has several episodes.

Of course, when you cut a video in the process of reading, the user will have the opportunity to take it back where viewing stopped, but with a few advertisements before resumption of reading.

What are the advantages of 6play ?

One of the main advantages of 6play is its accessibility. The application is available for free on Android and iOS platforms, which allows users to watch their favorite emissions at any time and anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection.

Thanks to the 6Play replay functionality, users can watch their favorite programs at their convenience. Whether during a lunch break, in public transport or in the evening at home, the flexibility offered by 6Play allows users to never miss their favorite emissions.

With its many categories of content, 6play offers a wide variety of choices to users. Whether you are passionate about sport, music, films or documentaries, you will surely find something that corresponds to your interests on the platform.

6play regularly updates its content to offer users the most recent and most popular emissions. This guarantees that users always have access to the latest episodes of their favorite series or live sporting events.

How to use 6play ?

To use 6play, simply download the application from the Play Store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for iOS devices). Once the application is installed, create an account or connect with your existing identifiers. You can then browse the different content categories and choose the program you want to watch live or replay.

Also note that most Internet service providers offer offers for digital television with access to replay programs. Generally, 6play is part of the offer, allowing you to review your favorite shows or discover those you have missed directly from your television.

What does the 6PLAY MAX subscription offer ?

This paying subscription (with 7 days of free trial) allows you to take advantage of all live and replay shows of the M6 ​​group channels without advertising and limitless. The subscription also offers the possibility of downloading videos to watch them offline, enjoy better video quality, take advantage of emissions in the replay catalog longer, and have the “Cast to TV” service that allows To broadcast on your television screen, content from the 6Play application via a chromecast.

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