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Zosh Zosh French electric scooter

If many electric bikes be assembled or manufactured in France, without being in the majority, electric scooters are still devices from almost all Asia. This could change, with initiatives like pen, wanting a most French model as possible.

We rolled up with this electric scooter made in France, cleaner for the planet

The first French electric scooter comes from the north and is called Plume Allure, providing originality and rare high -end treatment in the field. We had the chance to try it, and here are our first impressions.


If many electric bikes be assembled or manufactured in France, without being in the majority, electric scooters are still devices from almost all Asia. This could change, with initiatives like pen, wanting a most French model as possible.

A ch’nord scooter

Plume was born from the idea of ​​an elder from Decathlon, Fabrice Furlan, who precisely managed soft mobility there. Not content with seeing the thousands of kilometers necessary for the design and especially the production of electric scooters, it founded its own brand, located in Hauts-de-France, near Lille.

The objective was to approach the 100 % local manufacturing, very complicated, but the machine is already proud of being a France guaranteed guaranteed. This independent label certifies that more than half of the market value comes from France, which largely beats the pace, 82 % French and even “Within 50 km from our premises” Add the brand: electronics Eiffage, Hybaster plastic or WTX structure.

What make this electric scooter less polluting than some of its competitors.

A feather -like feather

More than French or local, the Plume Allure electric scooter is also high -end. It incorporates a double front fork, a large deck, 10 inch wheels, is approved IP65 and with a particular signature: a giant LED frame at the front to see and especially be seen.

The rear engine is powerful with 500 W nominal and 1000 W in a point, while the battery is 454 or 702 Wh of your choice (45 and 70 km of theoretical autonomy). The battery is also repairable and recyclable, because Plume works with the Bordeaux Gouach supplied more in recycled cells.

Folding Pooter

High -end and French, it has a cost, but not that high as it. The pave pace displays a basic price of 1,299 euros, and 1,649 euros with the large battery. Yes it is much more than an Ninebot Max G2 or an Xiaomi 4 Ultra below 1,000 euros, but you support the local industry, with a more durable electric scooter, even ensuring a digital maintenance booklet.

We drove with the original France Garanty scooter

We also took over a few tens of meters the prototype of this feather, entrusted by the brand. First, it is the comfort that reigns, by the double fork and its suspensions. Its giant rear footrest tray allows you to position the feet as it pleases and the 55 cm wide handlebars ensures good stability.

Zosh Zosh French electric scooter

Zosh scooter made in France

You are looking for a Original means of transport, A subtle alloy between practicality and mobility, to go to work or to hike on natural trails ? With Zosh, The high -end electric scooter made in France, You just found your happiness. Discover this all -terrain movement mode which has just made a shattering entry on the market for skates and electric vehicles.

An e-scoot designed and manufactured in Sarthe in Sougé-le-Ganelon

Halfway between the scooter and the e-scoot, Zosh is a real UFO in the field of VAE (Electric Assistance Vehicles). Easy and resolutely ecological handling, as powerful as it is silent, this electric machine has great autonomy and can take you anywhere if you don’t forget your charger. A single recharge will allow you to make several tens of kilometers of sliding on any type of surface. Thanks to its large wheels, the new French all -terrain electric scooter can indeed run safely on a cycle path like off the beaten track, in rugged or in the middle mountains. This approved French electric scooter will accompany you as well on the sidewalks of your town – because it conforms to the highway code and authorized to circulate in public space – as during your walks or hikes outside, in the mud or in the snow. Few French electric scooters and other cross vehicles are approved and allow circulation in agglomeration along the sidewalk. But this is the case of Zosh, the French all -terrain electric scooter.

An all -terrain electric scooter made in France, customizable and high -end !

Whether you perceive it as a French electric skit or a French scooter, Zosh has many advantages to surprise you, in particular with regard to its robustness. Its fork is both light and solid, its braking device, with Shimano or Magura disc brakes, is practically without equivalent in terms of efficiency. This eco-friendly two-wheeler has 20 × 4 FAT tires, airlines and cutting-edge shock absorbers who perfectly support a maximum speed of 25 km/h, or even a little more on a private property. For town trips, this machine is ideal since its top speed is much higher than that of a pedestrian.

To reach the speed of 25 km/h, the French electric scooter Zosh can count on a very efficient acceleration system which will offer you some thrills in slopes or downhill. But rest assured: its braking system, based on suspensions, a rapid clamping process of the main wheels and high-end disc brakes, will guarantee your safety during the crossing, provided you wear helmets.

E-scoot designed and manufactured in Sarthe in Sougé-le-Ganelon

Finally, be aware that the French electricity skater or French scooter is fully customizable, from the wheel to the handles through the integrated LCD screen screed.

The new French electric scooter, a jewel signed Cochet

Established for over 70 years in Sougé-le-Ganelon in Sarthe, the Cochet company now has nearly 40 employees spread over a site of 12000m2. Its Zosh engine scooter, a real revolution in new means of transport, is the first foray into the company in the world of child and adult mixed scooter. If you live in the region or go there for your hobbies, be aware that it is possible to make a vélo guidance visits to COCHET premises. You will then take the full measure of the seriousness of this real Sarthoise institution, specialized in the machining of products at the outstanding value for money. Always close to its customers and partners, Cochet also has an extremely responsive after -sales service.

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