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Bbox Fit: the cheap fiber and adsl box of Bouygues Telecom

With Bouygues you can take advantage of 5 Internet subscriptions:

Bbox Fit: Price, opinions and advantages

THE Setup fees amount to 48 €, Regardless of the chosen technology. The Bbox Fit Fiber does not request any security deposit and the Box rental fees (3 €/month), are included in the final subscription rate.

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What a commitment with the Bbox Fit Bouygues ?

There Bbox Fit is accessible with commitment of 12 months. That is, it is not possible to terminate it before the end of the commitment period.

If the Bbox customer decides to terminate before the end of the commitment period, he must settle all the remaining monthly payments. In addition, termination fees of € 59 are requested and the equipment that was made available to the customer, must be returned (within a period of less than 45 days) to the operator.

You want to take out a Bouygues Internet offer ?

Bbox Fit Avis: What’s worth the Bbox Fit ?

Bbox Fit: Advantages and disadvantages


You want to subscribe to the Bbox Fit de Bouygues Telecom but you still hesitate ? Let’s see its greatest advantages together:

  • Box Fit Debit : there Bbox Fit Fiber allows its subscribers to navigate very high speed at a low price.
  • Unlimited calls : With the Bbox Fit, you benefit from unlimited calls to the French/DOM Fixed and 110 international destinations.

However, the Bbox Fit Bouygues is a double play offer. This means that it is not adapted to the needs of customers wishing to benefit from television.

Positive opinions on the Bbox Fit

Super service ! I was at Free, but after an unharmed meeting of this operator I went directly to Bouygues. Go to install the fiber, and the day of the meeting, with a lot of professionalism, the fiber was installed. Bbox Fit at 9.99 €/month, with great speeds, what more could you ask for ? 4G network level is perfect, better coverage than free anyway !

Pierre-Olivier G. 09/24/2020 – Trustpilot

At Bouygues Telecom with the “Bbox Fit” offer (with fiber) since sending. 1 year and a half. The offer is respected, the net is stable, the announced flows are generally respected I am very satisfied.

Recently I had an internet breakdown. I called the Hotline. I waited very little on the phone, I had to check indicators and finally an appointment with a technician was taken. In their offer there is “guaranteed internet” with a 4G key. And actually following this call I went to a Bouygues agency which gave me the 4G key (which had been said during the call). And it worked right away. When the technician came 2 days later he solved the problem in less than an hour having respected the scheduled passages indicated (an interval of 2 hours). The 4G key had 100 GB of the Internet that can be increased if necessary.

Without having asked Bouygues to request me that I should not pay during the time when there was no internet. On what displeases me is their application which sometimes bug (despite a not too old smartphone) and also the installation the first time, the work was not done in the rules of the art. Some boxes of the box are not clearly visible if there is a lot of light but do not dazzle at night. In the end I am satisfied with this FAI. The box is beautiful, integrates well into the house and the price is not too expensive compared to others and they were reactive when there was the net failure.

John 04/26/2021 – Trustpilot

Negative opinions on the Bbox Fit

Following the passage to the fiber, the calls to the mobiles pass outside the package. The subscription changes without you being informed. The offer displayed in “Detail of prices” specifies Bbox Fit Internet Telephony without specifying landline phone. And as Bbox messaging is blocked by an SMS code with each connection, I no longer use it. The consultation of invoices is only made after several overruns.

Galliot 06/27/2022 – Trustpilot

It begins well ! Bbox Fit Fiber Optique subscribed a week ago to replace an SFR Box Fiber whose promotional rate was going to end. € 48 of commissioning fees paid when subscribing. Well -received package, planned fiber optical installation this Friday. Call yesterday to estimate € 60 additional commissioning fees. Indeed this morning customer service confirms that the service of € 48 includes only the commissioning of the fiber/ethernet adapter and the installation of the Bbox is no longer included in the package for some time while the brochure describes a complete installation service with connection of the TV and explanation. 48 € + 60 € unexpected, it is unacceptable.

MRIC 09/22/2021 – TRUSTPILOT

You are looking for a bouygues offer ? Discover the available offers and let yourself be guided by our advisers in order to take advantage of the partner offer most suited to your needs.

You want to take out a Bouygues Internet offer ?

Internet with the Bouygues box Fit:

By subscribing the Bbox Fit At Bouygues, the subscriber can choose (depending on eligibility) between three technologies: ADSL, VDSL and FTTH fiber.

You wish Test your Bouygues fiber eligibility ? Discover our eligibility test and check in less than a minute If your lOmentment is well compatible with Bouygues fiber Before taking out a box offer.

Bboxe Fit flows

Bbox Bbox Fit Adsl Bbox Fit VDSL Bbox Fit Fiber
Downspout up to 50mb/s Up to 100mb/s up to 400mb/s
Upright up to 8mb/s up to 50mb/s up to 400mb/s

Updated information on August 9, 2023.

Take advantage of a high speed connection at a low price with the Bbox Fit

Bbox Fit Adsl

There Bbox Fit Adsl is available :

  • In unbundled zone : the operator uses its own ADSL network.
  • In extended zone : an additional € 8/month is requested because the operator uses the network of one of its partners.

There Bbox Fit Adsl Allows you to navigate with a downward flow of up to 28.8mb/s (general flow between 1MB/s and 15mb/s) and an amount rate up to 1.3mb/s (general flow between 0.5MB/ s and 1mb/s).

Bbox Fit VDSL

The offer Bbox Fit is also available in VDSL According to the eligibility of the line. VDSL theoretically allows a better connection rate than ADSL:

  • Descending speed of up to 100MB/s (general flow between 1MB/s and 15mb/s, lines of less than 1km can reach the flow of up to 50Mb/s)).
  • Straight rate up to 50mb/s (general flow less than 1MB/s, lines of less than 1km can reach the flow up to 8mb/s)).

Bbox Fit Fiber

The offer Bbox Fit Fiber (FTTH) is available with the following flows:

  • Descending flow of up to 400mb/s.
  • Upright rate up to 400mb/s.

Bbox Fit: Technical characteristics

  • WiFi: Yes
  • Ethernet ports: 4
  • USB ports: 2
  • Telephone sockets: 2

Bbox Fit and fixed telephony:

Take advantage of unlimited calls with the Bbox

There Bbox Fit includes the basic services of fixed telephony and also unlimited calls to fixed from France/Dom and 110 destinations international.

Updated information on August 9, 2023.

Communications with the Bbox Fit are limited to private use between 2 individuals, until 199 correspondents different per month. Short numbers and special numbers are not included in the telephone package.

Telephone services include the functions of answering machine, double call, presentation of the number, conference at 3, reminder of the last appellant, incognito call, appeal referral, and transfer of call.

Telephone options available with Bouygues box Fit

  • Unlimited calls to the Moticolitan France mobiles: € 6/month
    This telephone option includes unlimited calls to the mobiles in mainland France, Dom (excluding Mayotte), USA, Canada, China, Singapore and South Korea.
  • 1h Maghreb: € 9/month
    This option includes 1 hour of non -reportable calls to fixed and mobile (excluding special number) of the Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco). Calls to the fixed to Morocco (already included) are not deducted.
  • 6h to Algerian fixed fixed: € 9.99/month
    This option includes 6 hours of non -reportable calls to the Algerian fixes.
  • Blocking option: free
    This service which is available for free, allows you to activate the blocking of communications to short numbers and Ves the surcharged numbers (starting with 08).

Mobile telephony with the box Fit:

There Box Fit Bouygues does not include a mobile plan. However, the operator offers Bouygues mobile plans. For more information, see our article on the Bouygues Telecom Quadruple Play offer.

Box Fit TV: can we watch TV with the Bbox Fit ? ::

Television is not available with the Bbox Fit.

This is why, the service Box Fit Netflix is also not accessible with this Bouygues Internet offer.

To benefit from television included, it is possible to subscribe to Triple Play Bouygues offers ::

You are looking for a complete offer with television service ? Contact Selectra so that an advisor will direct you among the most competitive partner offers, depending on your eligibility (Monday-Andrédi 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Bbox Fit and Services included:

Guaranteed Internet Service

The operator guarantees Internet access to commissioning or repairing BBOX services. The service is only available on request.

  • SMS/MMS from the Internet (0.12 €/SMS, 0.36 €/MMS): This à la carte option allows you to send SMS (€ 0.12/SMS) or MMS (€ 0.36/MMS) from the Internet.
  • Mail extension (€ 2/month): The “Mail Extension” option increases the storage capacity of your 5GB BBOX mailbox.
  • Norton Internet Security (€ 5/month): The Norton Internet Security option allows you to benefit from antivirus software to protect your computer and personal data.
  • Premium parental control (3 €/month): Bouygues premium parental control protects all devices (smartphones, tablets, computers. ) with the application “Parents in the vicinity”.

Other Bouygues Internet offers:

With Bouygues you can take advantage of 5 Internet subscriptions:

Compare the Bouygues Internet packages with a Selectra advisor

Frequently asked Questions

How to install your Bbox Fit ?

To install your Bbox Fit, you have to:

  1. Take The ADSL cable and insert it in The port DSL (located on the back of your BBOX modem).
  2. Insert the “round” tip of power cable, Behind your Bbox and the charger on a wall electrical outlet.
  3. Turn on your box while holding on The 0/1 button (located at the back of your Bbox).

How much does the Bbox Fit in ADSL offer ?

As of August 9, 2023, the Bbox Fit with technology ADSL cost € 18.99/month for 12 months then € 27.99/month.

How much does the Bbox Fit Fiber cost ?

As of August 9, 2023, the fiber bbox cost € 18.99/month for 12 months then 31.99 €/month.

Bbox Fit: the cheap fiber and adsl box of Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom

There Bbox Fit is offered at a price of € 17.99 per month for 12 months then € 27.99 per month in ADSL and € 31.99 in fiber.

This offer is made for users who do not need television. It includes unlimited calls to the Fixes de France and to more than 110 destinations as well as internet access in fiber optics (FTTH) and high speed ADSL or VDSL boosted flow.

Bbox Fit de Bouygues Telecom offer in detail

  • Internet : optical fiber (FTTH), ADSL (High Speed)/VDSL networks (boosted flow)
  • Telephony : unlimited calls to the fixed France and 110 destinations
  • Promo price : € 18.99 per month for 12 months
  • Price : € 31.99 per fiber month, € 27.99 per month in ADSL or € 35.99 if area not unbundled by Bouygues Telecom


The Bbox Fit is the entry -level internet offer from Bouygues Telecom. It is also the cheapest offer on the market on the main internet access providers.

It offers a fiber optics a 400 Mbit/s symmetrical flow, That is to say the same debit in reception and emission.

On the DSL, the Bbox Fit brings you a theoretical flow of 50 Mbit/s maximum, the flow varying depending on the distance from the telephone central and the equipment provided. For example, the flow descending on a line of less than 433 meters will be between 12 and 20 Mb/s against less than 5 Mb/s for a length of 3000 meters.


The Bbox Fit offer includes unlimited telephone calls to Metropolitan France fixed, DOM and more than 110 destinations.


No television offer is included in Bbox Fit. If you want TV in your offer, you must subscribe to one of the operator’s higher -end offers, namely the Bbox Must or the Bbox Ultym.

Commitment and costs

  • Commitment : 12 months
  • Setup fees : 48 €
  • Termination Fee : 59 €
  • Box rental : Include
€ 18.99
€ 18.99
€ 27.99
€ 31.99
See “
€ 19.99
€ 19.99
€ 19.99
€ 29.99
See “
€ 19.99
€ 19.99
€ 44.99
€ 44.99
See “
€ 20.99
€ 20.99
€ 20.99
€ 30.99
See “
€ 20.99
€ 20.99
€ 34.99
€ 34.99
See “
€ 24.99
€ 24.99
€ 37.99
€ 42.99
See “

Promo b & you

Promo b & you

150 GB € 12.99 € 12.99 See “
100 GB € 9.99 € 9.99 See “
30 GB € 7.99 € 7.99 See “
20 GB € 6.99 € 6.99 See “
5 GB € 4.99 € 4.99 See “

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(25 votes. Note : 3.80/5)
Thierry March 8, 2023 at 6:48 PM

Bbox Fit Adsl or Fiber following TV eligibility. But you can either have your TNT channels via the TV antenna or have TV via the Fire Stick Amazon, the Chromecast with remote control, Mii Box, Apple TV, Nvidia Shild, Cube Stick TV Amazon. If you subscribe Canal Plus which is my case you with access with all these housing boxes and all TV channels with the replay. If you are not a channel subscriber more with a preferential rate like me, you have Molotov TV, rather TV, Amazon Prime Video or Netflix if you are subscribed. Some new generations tv even integrate Android TV to have access to your channels and your replay. On the other hand, what I find mesquin is that Bouygues does not give access to his bouquet of b chains.TV while Orange or others make the bottom. No longer having a TV decoder of the ISP makes you save about 8 to 10 € monthly which is not negligible. The end of the FAI TV decoders is in any case programmed with all the features of the new televisions which will have the merit of lowering the price of the FAI subscriptions. For the moment to try to block all of this, the FAI break in debit their internet housing. But if you are not teleworking, for a tablet, a or 2 smartphone, a laptop and its printer. After if you want 4K, all the news is almost all of this and the channel housing more for € 6 per month is also. But the new equipment mentioned above (I have an old model) is also 4K so what good is it to pay more for the TV decoder of the FAI if it is not to have access to its bouquet of films for rental in vod. Do you also have feedback on the subject and what do you think ? I pay € 16.99 per month and it is very well placed to have the internet and even TV with all these little tips. The FAIs lie to you by wanting to take everything to stick their TV box to make more margin. Do you not think that we are taken a little for pigeons ? In addition to Easycah occasionally for example you can find the Fire Stick for me of € 20 and even the Nvidia Shild first models around the € 79 when it is worth more than 200 € in new, you even have Apple TV 4 around 40 €. Why consumer associations like 60 million consumers do not put the tip of their nose in it and let the FA continue to pluck their customer legally when we already have one of the most expensive internet rates in Europe. In these times of crisis, no one reacts, I do not understand

Titi September 10, 2022 at 10:57 am

What are the dimensions of the box case of the current bbfix offer?
On the offer page of the offer no way to find this information
nor even in the detailed PDF
Now he is looking for a box that enters my 10 inch bay (not 19!))

Speedwell April 20, 2022 at 5:46 PM

What is the number of the novel chain on the candle please thank you

Michèle January 8, 2021 at 9:25 am

How many devices can I connect to the Bboxfit ?

Fabrice July 31, 2020 at 19:46

How many devices I can connect to the Bbox Fit

Geneviève December 30, 2019 at 2:48 PM

Hello, I have an adsl subscription at Bouygues. Following a telephone proposal a technician must go to my house to install the Bbox Fit Fiber. Desiring a higher flow, I would prefer the Bbox must. How to make this change because I have to receive the Fit box ?

Bbox Fit: No need for a decoder to watch TV with this Internet box

It is an overly little known option: thanks to the B application.TV, Bouygues Telecom allows his subscribers to watch television without having to opt for a triple-play fiber package. A strategy that allows you to maintain a low price on its best fixed offer.

Do we really need to pay more for your internet subscription to watch TV ? Bouygues Telecom thinks not and proves it with his new Bbox Fit package. The absence of TV decoder allows you to keep a low price without having to lower the flow. So much so that the Bbox Fit offer is the cheapest fiber package of the moment.

What about television ? Simple, the operator has implemented the mobile application B.TV, which allows Bouygues Telecom customers to enjoy all their favorite programs without paying an additional penny.

How does application B works.TV ?

Available on the Google Play Store as on the App Store, the B application.TV is accessible to all Bouygues Telecom subscribers, even those who have subscribed to the very affordable Bbox Fit package.

Its main advantage is that it offers all the services of a TV decoder, without imposing the size, and this as well on a connected TV as on a smartphone or tablet. Subscribers have access to the bouquet of classic channels as well as TNT channels.

Films, series, programs. Everything is there

Movies, series, shows … everything is there.

Check the direct

Radios are also available

Radios are also available

Better still, the user can take advantage of certain paid channels, such as Bein Sport or Adultswim, against some additional denarius. Especially since the subscription to these channels is without obligation. It is therefore possible to interrupt your subscription at any time without additional cost, then take it back a few months later.

The other force of application B.TV is its ergonomics. The programs watched live can be superimposed on other applications. A perfect function not to miss any crumbs from his favorite shows. Especially since it is possible to control the direct, in order to break it, go back or advance further. And if unfortunately a program cannot be watched at the time of its broadcast, Bouygues Telecom gives access to the replay of the channels to catch up.

The Bboxe was put on a good speed

For an affordable fixed fixed price, the Bbox Fit is generous on the quality of its service. Its descending speed climbs to 400 Mbit/s and its flow in sending peaks at 400 Mbit/s. A very fast connection speed which allows you to install a game like Diablo IV in just 30 minutes.

The Bbox Fit also gives access to a fixed phone line with unlimited calls to fixed in France and in more than 110 countries. A limit is set at 199 different correspondents. Once the limit has exceeded, you have to pay a supplement.

The Bbox Fit offer at a low price

Thanks to the absence of a TV decoder, the Bbox Fit is a fiber offer that retains a low price. This is invoiced thus invoiced 17.99 euros per month for a year. After 12 months, the rate returns to 31.99 euros monthly. This small price allows the Bboxe offer to climb to first place the cheapest packages on the market.

However, where competition often requires a minimal two -year commitment, Bouygues Telecom requires only a year of loyalty. A duration similar to that of promotion. Free to the subscriber to manage his commitment past this period.

Subscribe to the Bbox Fit package

Subscribe to the Bbox Fit package does not take more than ten minutes on the Bouygues Telecom site. The operator supports all termination procedures, even more going so far as to reimburse 100 euros on any costs claimed by old FAI.

Of course, the Bouygues Telecom site allows you to verify its fiber eligibility. Finally, if the customer provides his Rio code during registration, he can keep his current fixed line number. Without forgetting that the installation of the new offer is done without the slightest interruption of Internet services.

This article was carried out in collaboration with Bouygues Telecom.

This is content created by independent editors within the Humanoid XP entity, the Fandroid editorial team has not participated in its creation. We impose the same criteria to offer you unique and quality content.