Dimension Opel Corsa 2024, Boxed and electrification volume, what are the dimensions (length, width and height) of Opel Corsa

What are the dimensions (length, width and height) of Opel Corsa

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Dimensions of the Opel Corsa 2024, chest volume and interior photos

Opel Corsa 2024 dimension with length, width and height

The Opel Corsa has a length of 4060 mm, a height of 1433 mm, a width of 1765 mm without the external mirrors and a measure of 1960 millimeters with the mirrors deployed. Motorization: Essenceessence, Light petrol hybridlight petrol hybrid and Electricelectric. The electric model is called Corsa Electric and has a chest volume of 267* liters. For its exterior size, we classify the Opel Corsa in the category of subcompacts. This new model has the same size compared to the dimensions of the Opel Corsa 2020.

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Opel Corsa current and previous to compare the dimensions

Dimension Opel Corsa 2024 and 309 liter trunk:

Opel Corsa 2024 dimensionOpel Corsa 2024 boxOpel Corsa dashboard 2024Interior Opel Corsa 2024

Dimension Opel Corsa 2020 and 309 liter trunk:

Opel Corsa 2020 dimensionOpel Corsa 2020 boxOpel Corsa 2020 dashboardInterior Opel Corsa 2020

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✎ Anderlecht, 12-05-2022 (4.4 ★ /5)

Dimension Opel Corsa 5p 2015 and 285 -liter trunk:

Dimension Opel Corsa 5p 2015Opel Corsa 5p 2015 chestOPEL CORSA 5P dashboard 2015Interior Opel Corsa 5p 2015

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Dimension Opel Corsa 5p 2012 and 285 -liter trunk:

Dimension Opel Corsa 5P 2012

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What are the dimensions (length, width and height) of Opel Corsa

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