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With this new orange service, you enjoy fiber and maximum connection quality

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Deployment of fiber optics

Elected officials from the Brive-la-Gaillarde agglomeration (19) request that orange failure be officially recognized on their territory. A first in France. Elected officials accuse the operator of not having respected his commitments in terms of deployment of fiber optics.

The president of the British agglomeration (19) has enough. Enough delays in deployment of optical fiber on its territory, enough unwarmed promises, enough orange commitments. “It has been 2 years since our territory should have been covered and it is still not”, deplores Frédéric Soulier. In 2010, Brive’s agglomeration chose Orange as part of a call for demonstration of intention to invest (Amii) to cover 100 % of its fiber optic territory by 2020. A first step assessment had already forced the agglomeration to shift this coverage at 2022. But while this new deadline is approaching, we are still far from the result. According to the elected official, only 88 % of the premises would be connected. 6,000 premises still would not have access to fiber optics.

Sanctions of up to 25 million euros

Brive’s agglomeration wrote well to Orange, met its leaders and even threatened to take coercive measures, but nothing has done it. The deployment continues in slow motion and the operator does not seem to consider any acceleration. “It feels like Orange does what it wants, when it wants it. Today, we have no choice but to go up a gear “, warns Frédéric Soulier. The mayor of Brive has just sent a new letter to Orange before officially asking Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne to note the non-compliance with the commitments by the operator and to declare his failure. The agglomeration also intends to request the application of the planned sanctions which, according to her, could reach 25 million euros, then entrust the deployment to Dorsal, the mixed union which deployed the fiber in the rural areas of the department of Corrèze.

This procedure is a first in France, but Frédéric Soulier hopes that others will follow. Because Brive’s agglomeration is not the only one in this case. Everywhere in France, communities are facing deployment delays, mainly in the amii areas. Orange does not deny delays on Brive’s agglomeration, but ensures that the eligibility rate is actually 93 %. She also recalls that she deploys 60 % of optical fiber in France on her own funds and that she intervenes across the country, in zones “In perpetual evolution”.


With this new orange service, you enjoy fiber and maximum connection quality

It is called Ethernet performance and allows you to have an ultra-fast and without cut-off connection where you need it.

Wi-fi is very practical. But sometimes there is a loss of speeds and cuts. However, certain uses require having an impeccable internet connection, without the slightest inconvenience. This is the case if you are playing online video games or you are on telework and you make pre-conference presentations. So Orange had the idea to develop A new service, unpublished and exclusive: the performance service Ethernet.

How Orange gives you the best performance in Ethernet ?

When you connect to the Internet, there are two possibilities: Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Wi-fi, everyone knows what it is. Ethernet, a little month. So, a little reminder is essential: it is a technology that allows Connect your internet box to your computer using an Ethernet cable. Not necessarily practical, but so effective. Because this techno allows you to have optimal connection speeds, without any cut or latency. It is therefore more efficient than Wi-Fi.

So what is the new Ethernet performance service ? Available with all Livebox Orange offers, it allows you to Take full advantage of the speed and other advantages of fiber in the room (s) of your choice.

Thanks to this new service, The wall ethernet plug installed near your livebox will serve another socket located in the room of your choice, even if it is very distant. This is a very easy to install installation because a certified electrician comes to your place to make it. That’s not all. If you also need faster Wi-Fi at the other end of the house, it is also possible thanks to the installation of a Wi-Fi repeater on an Ethernet socket.

New Ethernet Performance Service: how it works ?

To take advantage of the new Orange Ethernet performance service, you have to Be fiber subscriber to the Livebox, Livebox Up or Livebox Max offer.

And then it’s very simple: you just have to request a free quote By entering your postal code to verify the availability of a certified electrician near you. Then you complete your online quote request. In the following two days, you are put in touch with said electrician to refine your request and set an appointment.

On the scheduled date, the electrician comes to your home for the first time to establish your personalized quote. Then he returns a second time to do the work and install the Ethernet socket in the room (s) of your choice. Once the installation is completed, you give it a confidential code so that the service is paid for it and receive the invoice by email.

And how much does that cost ?

It all depends on the number of sockets and the type of installation you want to have. As an indication, the average price per plug is 150 to 200 € for an apparent installation, from 200 to 250 € for a semi-entealed installation and 300 to 350 € for a built-in installation.

And be without fear, all certified electricians from the Dealt platform, with which Orange has signed a partnership, have undertaken to respect the Orange quality charter. In addition, you benefit from the guarantee satisfied or redone if the service does not comply with the quote.

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