Delorean alpha5 (2022): The new electric Delorean is finally there, it is inspired by the return car to the future, Delorean does not even arrive at pre -vendre the 4,000 copies of its electric version – Numerama

Delorean does not even come to pre-sell the 4,000 copies of its electric version

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Delorean Alpha5 (2022) | Images of Modern Delorean 100% electric +14

Delorean Alpha5 (2022): the new electric Delorean is finally there, it is inspired by the car back to the future

Much awaited by fans of the original Delorean DMC-12, the new electric Delorean was finally unveiled. Called Delorean Alpha5, this GT coupe developed between the United States and Italy takes up some elements that made the myth of the car of the film return to the future. Here are the characteristics, photos and autonomy of this electric delorean.

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The myth is back. 41 years after its launch, the famous Delorean DMC-12 is reborn in the form of a modern reinterpretation imagined by the Delorean Motor Company. This American company, which has nothing to do with the original manufacturer, reveals the Delorean Alpha5, an electric coupe that goes directly from the car that has marked the spirits of several generations thanks to its appearances in the films of the Return Trilogy the future.

Even though we expected her named Delorean Evolved, it was ultimately the name Alpha5 that was selected. This new electric delorean has a sleek design, marked by a dug hood which overlooks narrow LED headlights, large wheels, shutters on the rear window, a black roof as well as a strong three -story light signature at the rear. The Delorean logo is also illuminated. Overall, the style is very Latin, and this is quite normal since the car was drawn in collaboration with the Turin Studio Italdesign.

Largely larger than the original Delorean

Delorean Alpha5 (2022)

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Delorean Alpha5 (2022) | Images of Modern Delorean 100% electric +14

Delorean Alpha5 (2022) Credit Photo – Delorean Motor Company

The car is 4.995 meters long and 2.044 meters wide and 1.370 meters high. The dimensions are much higher than those of the Delorean DMC-12, which is only 4.216 meters long and 1.857 meters wide and 1.140 meters high. The wheelbase between the two axles is fixed at 2.3 meters.

The light color of the body recalls brushed aluminum characteristic of the first Delorean, but a red shade is also available. The aerodynamic style of the car allows it to enjoy a coefficient of drag fixed at 0.23 only.

A cockpit from the future

Delorean Alpha5 (2022)

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Delorean Alpha5 (2022) | Images of Modern Delorean 100% electric +14

Delorean Alpha5 (2022) Credit Photo – Delorean Motor Company

Like the original DLOREAN DMC-12, this Delorean Alpha5 is equipped with doors with opening in elytre. Once opened, these suggest a futuristic cabin with four buckets.

A large combination of digital instrumentation is installed behind the steering wheel almost devoid of controls, while the dashboard seems to constitute only one block with the interior of the doors.

A touch screen is integrated into the central console which extends to the middle of the seats to form an armrest.

Back to the future in only 4.35 seconds

Delorean Alpha5 (2022)

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Delorean Alpha5 (2022) | Images of Modern Delorean 100% electric +14

Delorean Alpha5 (2022) Credit Photo – Delorean Motor Company

On the side of the bases of this Delorean Alpha5, we are far away, very far from the ancient V6 Prv engine which equipped the DMC-12. All the specifics of this electric sportswoman are not known at a time when we write these lines, but according to the few data provided by the Delorean Motor Company, the car would be able to speed up from 0 to 96 km/h in 2.99 seconds. 0 to 88 MPH – Speed ​​that Doc and Marty McFly must reach time – would be made in 4.35 seconds. The maximum speed would be limited electronically to 250 km/h. And thanks to a battery of more than 100 kWh, the autonomy should exceed 482 kilometers. A further version could be under development.

This new Delorean Alpha5 is officially presented to the public during the month of August 2022 during the elegance competition of Pebble Beach, California (United States). Its price is not known, but according to some of our colleagues, its production should be confined to 88 copies. Name of Zeus, Marty !

Delorean does not even come to pre-sell the 4,000 copies of its electric version

Deorean Alpha5 Launch Edition // Source: Delorean

The first 4,000 models of the future Delorean electric car are not all reserved. Delorean however uses the universe of NFT, blockchain and crypto to seduce potential customers.

The people interested in the Delorean electric car project did not receive one, but two mail from the manufacturer during the weekend of February 25. The brand seems to be more pressing to fill its order book. In just over 6 months, she has still failed to obtain reservations for 4,000 of her alpha5, this is not a special sign.

A drop in production of 9,351 to only 4,000 alpha5 from Delorean

Delorean surfs the nostalgia for the DMC model of the film Back to the future. However, the future Delorean has much to do with the historic model that has become cult. The manufacturer provides an electric car almost 5 m long, positioned on the high -end niche with good sports performance. Finally, the only thing in common between the two models are the famous butterfly doors that will be found on the electric car.

Delorean and its butterfly doors // Source: Delorean

After several teasers, Delorean presented his first model named Alpha5 in May 2022. The Americans were then able to discover the first prototype more closely during the very select elegance competition of Pebble Beach in August 202222. The brand also took the opportunity to reveal two other concepts to come at a private party on the sidelines of the event.

All these efforts should have allowed the brand to quickly fill the 9,351 production slots it had programmed for its alpha5 model. The new Delorean had hope to beat the production of the former DMC-12, which was produced in only 8,583 copies. Except that everything does not go as planned, since the brand sent in a first email on February 25, the following message: ” Due to bottlenecks in the supply chain, we recently reduced the number of production slots of 9,351 to only 4,000. »»

For other recent manufacturers, such as Lucid Motors or Rivian, such a drop in production capacity would have indicated an extension of deadlines for customers who have already positioned themselves. Apparently, rather as for Faraday Future, it seems above all that customers are not so much in a hurry to reserve the alpha5. The 4,000 places on the production chain concern the next 5 years. The Delorean Alpha5 will not beat the production of the old Delorean, it’s already folded.

“Hurry to book before the price increases”

When a brand tends to position itself on high -end, there are marketing methods that can challenge. Press the potential customer by asking him to quickly pay his reservation, before the price of the reservation increases, does not really make very serious.

Delorean site and its rebourd account before price increase // source: Delorean site

However, it was with a second email, sent on Sunday, February 26, using this marketing device, that the brand addressed to those who follow it: ” We are delighted to announce that Delorean comes into production with the Alpha5, with only 4,000 construction locations available in the next five years. As an exclusive member, we want to share our approach with you and give you the opportunity to obtain a coveted construction site at a reduced price in the next two weeks “And to complete a little further:” But make quickly, the launch price of the internal beta for Nft Build Slots will not last long. Once the doors are closed, we will increase the price to $ 3,500. »»

What you need to know is that to be able to book an alpha5, the customer must join the Alphas Delorean club. It is therefore first necessary to pay $ 88, or just over € 83, to become a life member of the club. Then, you will be able to book one of the 4,000 seats on the production chain for $ 2,500, or € 2,370.

For customers to commit themselves in the next 13 days, the brand announces that after March 12, 2023, this same reservation will increase by $ 1,000. A method that questions a little for high -end, but the strangest is still to come.

Nft, blockchain and cryptocurrency get involved

By reserving an alpha5, you also get its virtual twin. The manufacturing niche, which is awarded to you to the reservation, becomes an NFT, which you can put auction on a platform developed internally.

Delorean is not the first manufacturer to want to exploit the NFT and the blockchain for its models. Alfa Romeo also initiated it, in any case, has already communicated on the project. Difficult to say, now, if this idea is great or completely gadget. There, where Delorean’s approach surprises, it is mainly on the platform aspect of exchanges that accompanies the project.

DELOREAN // Source dimensions: Delorean

We already know the speculation that exists on the resale market, with certain models published in small quantities or much awaited. Delorean pushes the concept even further, since the brand will deploy its specimulation platform within its website.

Each slot production can be sold or auction on the “Delorean Exchange” platform. Imagine that you have the production niche #3799, but that does not want to wait so long to have your car, you can bid on another better placed niche, that a customer does not want to keep. Conversely, if you have the slot #99, you can largely speculate and resell your niche to the most offering. All these transactions are protected from the platform reserved for club members. These negotiations can be carried out with the USD Coin cryptocurrency, but also by bank transfer.

The brand probably wants to attract some speculators in crypto and NFT through this, but the other buyers of electric cars should not be very sensitive to all this universe. It is even likely that by doing so, the brand may scare away rather than attracting profiles, which could fear seeing a new online scam there.

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