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The best applications to get your shopping quickly to Paris

Ultra-fast race delivery is a new phenomenon, which could shake up our consumption habits. Without being much more expensive, the service avoids the consumer to go to the store and above all, this allows him to receive almost immediately a product that could miss him for a recipe or an unexpected evening.

6 apps to have your races delivered quickly

More and more customers are seduced by the concept of “Quick Commerce”, offered by applications that guarantee express delivery of the races ordered online. In less than 15 minutes, you could be delivered, including one of the applications presented below. Via partnerships with the main brands of large distribution or by relying on private warehouses, these apps manage to maintain correct prices for such a service, hence their great popularity.

6 apps to have your races delivered quickly

Applications offering a very fast delivery of races – between 10 and 30 minutes – are currently having a great success. No need to move, just a few clicks and a slight financial supplement for the service rendered, to receive your home purchases. Here are 6 applications of Quick Commerce, which will enchant the most pressed among you. With several thousand references in stock and prices very close to those practiced by the brands of large distribution, you risk taking new consumption habits.


Gorillalas is one of the most attractive express delivery applications, with prices similar to those of supermarkets, a delivery in 15 minutes by staff circulating on electric bicycle and around 2,000 references of various products in stock. There is no minimum amount for ordering and delivery costs are only 1.80 euros. To offer such a service, Gorillalas relies on his own warehouses (the Dark Stores), in which the deliverers instantly recover the products.

In France, the service is available in Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon and Nice. Gorillas also delivers to Germany, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy and Denmark.

  • Delivery in 15 minutes;
  • Very low delivery costs;
  • the low prices practiced;
  • Service available every day from 7 a.m. to midnight.


Gopuff is an application of Quick Commerce American who operates in Europe, North America and the United Kingdom. In France, it offers a delivery of races in 10 to 30 minutes in Paris, Lille, Marseille and Toulouse, by electric bike deliveryers. There are more than 4,000 product references of all kinds on the app.

This fast delivery application offers its services every day, between 10 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. (with an extended time slot on Friday and Saturday, until 2 a.m.). The minimum order amount is 10 euros and you will pay 1.79 euros for delivery.
Gopuff recently bought another application (Dija) in order to accelerate its growth and international presence.

  • Very low delivery costs;
  • extended schedules;
  • A wide choice of products;
  • minimalist packaging.
  • a minimum amount of 10 euros;
  • Low presence outside the big cities.


Frichti started by delivering prepared dishes at home, before extending its activity to the delivery of ultra-fast race. She promises a delivery in 15 minutes, with delivery costs of 1.90 euros, for a minimum purchase of 8 euros. You can opt for a premium account (Frichti +, at 3.99 euros/month) to take advantage of unlimited delivery.

The application operates in Paris and its suburbs, in Lyon, Bordeaux and Lille, in the most central areas of these cities. His recent acquisition by Gorillas could however change the situation in the coming months. For extra shopping, with a large choice of fresh products, everyday food and a promo section, or to have you deliver balanced dishes, Frichti is a good choice. Among the appreciable little touches, we will cite the small gifts that accompany certain orders.

  • prepared races or meals;
  • delivery in 15 minutes;
  • A premium subscription for large users;
  • A “Magic Kits” section to order the ingredients necessary for a recipe.
  • non -salaried deliverers;
  • Restricted delivery areas in the cities concerned.



Flink presents itself as an online supermarket, capable of delivering your races in 10 minutes at home, with the use of electric bikes and Dark Store. It promises prices identical to those charged in supermarkets and offers more than 2,000 references. The German company has just redeemed Cajoo, a 100 % French company of express races, to extend its activity.

The express delivery service is accessible every day between 8 a.m. and midnight, in the following cities: Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Nice, Lyon, Montpellier and Toulon. The minimum amount for the order varies according to the city, but the delivery costs are still 1.80 euros. The application is very intuitive and it is possible to filter the products by categories, to make an order in a few minutes.

  • prices very close to those of classic supermarkets;
  • Only 1.80 euros of delivery costs;
  • 25 different categories of products;
  • A well thought out application.
  • Fruits and vegetables are packed in plastic;
  • A delivery time sometimes exceeded.


Getir offers a home race delivery service, in about 10 minutes. The Turkish company offers around 1,500 everyday articles, which it delivers to Paris (center and near suburb), Marseille, Lyon, Lille and Aix-en-Provence. This company has some experience, since it has been operating since 2015.

It applies delivery costs of 1.99 euros, for a minimum order amount of 10 euros. The prices are slightly higher than those that could be found in store, due to supply to franchise warehouses and not in their own warehouses. The delivery service is available every day, from 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Among its strengths, we note the inventory in real time which makes it possible not to order products out of stock, which would then be replaced by others, as happened on certain applications.

  • great experience of express delivery;
  • regular promotions;
  • No missing products;
  • salaried workers.
  • higher prices than in conventional trade;
  • fewer products than elsewhere.


BAM COURSES stands out from the competition, by offering a slower delivery (around 1 hour in Paris, 3 hours in the suburbs) but a choice of products much more extensive than competition, with nearly 20,000 references available. The application offers this service every day, between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., with variable costs, depending on the delivery area concerned. Count approximately 3.90 euros in shipping costs, with free delivery from 40 euros of purchase. Note the sale of anti-waste pack at reduced prices, with a selection of products whose consumer deadline is approaching.

  • The many products available on the app;
  • the fight against waste;
  • the many promotions;
  • ecological packaging.
  • more substantial delivery times;
  • High shipping costs.

Online shopping

What future for professionals of express delivery ?

Ultra-fast race delivery is a new phenomenon, which could shake up our consumption habits. Without being much more expensive, the service avoids the consumer to go to the store and above all, this allows him to receive almost immediately a product that could miss him for a recipe or an unexpected evening.

If the dazzling success of these applications seems to indicate that users have been there for about 1 year, there will be no room for everyone. Indeed, since the beginning of 2022, buyouts have followed one another and certain apps of Quick Commerce must have put the key under the door, like Kol or Zapp. For the moment, the system is struggling to be profitable and several layoffs have been mentioned in some of the leading companies. Is it a announcer of the end of a (brief) era for several express delivery apps ?

Why use an application to do your shopping ?

  • You only have weekends to rest and take full advantage of your family.
  • You don’t want to spend your Saturday in shopping centers to do all your shopping.
  • This is when the proposed applications come to your rescue !

You fill your basket, like a list of shopping, over the week. It will then be possible to order everything your family needs for the next few days. No need to move since trade is able to deliver fresh products, bottles, hygiene items.

It only remains to agree on an appointment and you can then devote all the rest of your time to your well-being. Applications therefore appear essential for simplify. Food is not the only compatible area, you can also opt for clothing or other areas like DIY. With delivery and online order, your daily life will be much more peaceful.

The best applications to get your shopping quickly to Paris


If the home shopping delivery Over time has become an increasingly democratized practice, the health context in place since 2020, and the telework measures that result from it have definitively anchored the service in our daily habits. As such, many platforms offer the delivery of foodstuffs in a few tens of minutes and some of our favorite brands have also been in tune ! We list our favorite applications.

1 – Franprix: the most complete offer on the market

Recently, the well -known brand of Parisians has launched Franprix Express, its application dedicated to Race delivery and at Click and Collect. Beyond all the products and the many references available in store (the most substantial offer on the market), there are many promotions there. For a Race delivery, A meal at home or at the office, we lean for the simple and practical side of the service, but especially for its speed (less than 40 minutes on average) ! Take advantage of the Franprix loyalty program and free delivery from € 35 purchase.


2 – Cajoo: Simple and quick

The new one of home racing delivery operates according to three watchwords: choice, simplicity and speed. Cajoo offers more than 2,000 references at supermarket prices on its simple and easy -to -access online shelves. Your shopping is placed in a short time by a bicycle delivery man. Efficient and eco-responsible !

3 – GORILLAS: the neat delivery service

Building on its success in European capitals, the Gorillas service has now settled in Paris and already delights its customers with its ultra fast service and sympathetic deliverers, the “Riders”. In addition, the delivery application offers fresh products from local players and a service limiting plastic as much as possible !

4 – Carrefour Express: Present everywhere in France

Grocery, fruits and vegetables, fresh products, drinks: this is the whole Carrefour offer that is within reach of click thanks to the delivery service of the large distribution brand, in all the big cities of France.


5 – Dija: modern and committed service

Responsible and sustainable, Dija is also a very young, modern and committed distributor. Beyond circulating thanks to a large fleet of electric vehicles, the commitment of the delivery service is also part of a charity and anti-winning approach since all food surpluses are redistributed to associations.