Crédit Mutuel Mobile: a large catalog of mobile plans!, My advisor informed me that Crédit Mutuel has partner with Bouygues Télécom. Is this mandatory to change? With response (s)

My advisor informed me that Crédit Mutuel has partner with Bouygues Télécom. Is this mandatory to change

The following FAQ allows you to have more information regarding the change of package from your customer area: https: //

Crédit Mutuel Mobile: a large catalog of mobile plans !

Crédit Mutuel Mobile is one of the brands formerly held by the MVNO EI Telecom. Now bought by Bouygues Telecom Business Distribution, it constitutes the telecom activity of Crédit Mutuel. Crédit Mutuel Mobile markets mobile and internet box packages for individuals and professionals.

Crédit Mutuel Mobile and EI Telecom in short

Crédit Mutuel Mobile is now part of the Bouygues Telecom Business Distribution (BTBD) group which bought IS Telecom (Euro-information Telecom) in December 2020. EI Telecom, which was created in 2005, was the MVNO which dominated the French market of virtual mobile network operators. The brands formerly held by EI Telecom are five: Crédit Mutuel Mobile, CIC Mobile, Soon Mobile, Auchan Telecom, Cdiscount Mobile, Cofidis Mobile and NRJ Mobile. In 2020, the number of EI Telecom subscribers (any brand combined) exceeded 2 million and its turnover was 518 million euros in 2019.

BTBD is positioned on various targets: families with Auchan Telecom, young people with mobile NRJ, etc. Crédit Mutuel Mobile, like CIC Mobile, essentially seek to attract customers of Crédit Mutuel and CIC banks, although their packages are accessible to all. The two brands offer packages for the general public but also for professionals.

Since November 4, 2016, Crédit Mutuel Mobile and CIC Mobile, through their programs CIC Mobile Evolution And Crédit Mutuel Mobile Smartchange, also offer a mobile rental service: a selection of state -of -the -art smartphones for customers who regularly want to change mobile.

From now on, Crédit Mutuel Mobile has created its own internet offer by presenting two internet boxes with reduced prices for its mobile subscribers.

MUTUEL Crédit Mobile offers


The first Crédit Mutuel Mobile and CIC Mobile plans were launched in 2007 through the White Labor C mobile. Crédit Mutuel Mobile and CIC Mobile offer the same packages.

Only their points of sale differ: Crédit Mutuel Mobile offers are sold in Crédit Mutuel agencies while CIC mobile subscriptions are sold in those of the CIC. Each brand presents both packages intended for professionals and at General public.

Nowadays, the offer of Crédit Mutuel Mobile has developed enormously. It is addressed on the one hand to professionals, on the other hand at General public. By default, Crédit Mutuel mobile plans use 2G/3G/4G networks in Bouygues.

Pro offers of Crédit Mutuel Mobile

Crédit Mutuel Mobile offers packages adapted to professionals with discounts for people with a Crédit Mutuel payment card.

  • Pro packages : Intended for professionals, there are three. They include a 24 -month commitment, Unlimited calls, a variable data volume (10 GB, 30 GB or unlimited internet) and the possibility of including a new phone. When going on standing, international options are included. These packages also incorporate a certain number of advantages dedicated to professionals: specialized customer service, replacement of your mobile in 24 hours, a SIM relief card, etc. The price of pro packages oscillates between € 24.99/month and € 54.99/month. Holders of a pro Crédit Mutuel payment card benefit from a € 5 discount.
  • PRO packages without commitment : Crédit Mutuel Mobile also offers 2 mobile offers without engagement : the 1st includes calls/SMS/MMS unlimited and 100MB of data, the 2nd unlimited calls/SMS/MMS and 50GB of data. They are sold at a price of € 14.99/month and € 22.99, but allow you to benefit from the discount of € 5/month for holders of an operator payment card.

Packages without commitment Mutuel Mobile

  1. Prompto packages : The range of prompto packages is very complete and offers uninformed packages according to customer needs. With prompto packages, call and send unlimited SMS/MMS in mainland France. The prompt package is available in 1 GB, 20 GB, 100 GB and 150 GB. The 1 GB package is offered at a price of € 10.99/month, the 20 GB package at a price of € 15.99/month, the 100 GB package at a price of € 19.99/month and the 150 GB 5G package is marketed for € 24.99/month.
  2. The Primo Family Package : This entry -level subscription, without mobile or commitment, is sold at a price of € 2.99/month. This package which is the cheapest offered by Crédit Mutuel, includes 1 hour of call, unlimited SMS/MMS and 20 MB of Internet data in Metropolitan France.

Crédit Mutuel Mobile and its offers with commitment

Efficio plans are no longer marketed ! Since Bouygues have redempted EI Telecom, the Efficio Packages give way to the Sensation Packages of the operator.

  • Efficio packages : Sold with mobile and commitment of 12 or 24 months, they include a discount of € 3, € 4 or € 5/month for Crédit Mutuel customers (only provided you opt for the 24 -month commitment). The smallest package with 5 GB of the Internet is available at a rate of € 24.99/month while the most complete with unlimited internet costs € 66.99/month. For people often traveling abroad, use your package as usual, without additional costs (calls/SMS/MMS unlimited).
  • Cozy packages : They include a mobile as well as a 12 -month commitment and include 3 hours of calls and 1 GB of Internet data for the second package. Cozy subscriptions are at a rate of € 10.99/month and € 15.99/month.

Crédit Mutuel Mobile blocked packages

Crédit Mutuel Mobile also offers blocked packages for the youngest.

  1. BE Live packages: They are intended for the youngest and exist in two versions: 1 hour of calls or 2 hours of calls and 1 GB of Internet. The Be Live package also includes NRJ Unlimited music, 130 webradios and a Digital Coach To support adolescents remotely in their digital uses. The first Be Live package is at a rate of € 10.99/month and the second, which is more complete, is at a price of € 15.99/month. These two offers are under commitment for 12 months.
  2. The Blocked Primo Family package : It includes 1 hour of calls, unlimited calls to members of family group and unlimited SMS/MMS in mainland France. The Primo Family blocked package also includes the service Digital Coach which supports adolescents in their digital uses. This blocked package is at the rate of € 3.99/month and is without obligation.

Internet offers from Crédit Mutuel Mobile

Crédit Mutuel boxes are no longer marketed ! As with the Efficio mobile plans, Crédit Mutuel boxes give way to BBOX offers in Bouygues.

The internet offers of Crédit Mutuel Mobile recently launched, are known as The box And The first box. These very high speed offers include the Internet in 200 Mbit/s fiber for the first and 1 Gbit/s for the second. These subscriptions also include unlimited calls to fixes in mainland France and to more than 100 destinations, as well as the bouquet SFR TV Starter with 160 channels. The first box includes an option to choose from that can be RMC Sport Or SFR Ciné Séries.

The box is at the rate of € 13.99/month for 1 year then 40.99 €/month but for customers of Crédit Mutuel Mobile, The box is available at € 9.99/month for 1 year then 36.99 €/month.

The second offer offered by Crédit Mutuel Mobile is The first box which is at the cost of € 28.99/month for 1 year then € 55.99/month. The first box is at a reduced price for Crédit Mutuel Mobile subscribers: € 24.99/month for 1 year then € 51.99/month. These two offers are under commitment for 12 months.

In both offers, the box rental is included. However, service opening costs of € 49, connection costs of € 60 and termination fees of € 49 are to be expected. At the moment, the costs of opening services are offered for any subscription to one of the boxes of Crédit Mutuel.

The Crédit Mutuel Mobile network

Euro-information Telecom had agreements with three of the main French network operators: SFR (from 2005), Orange since 2008 and finally Bouygues Telecom in 2015. All brands belonging to EI Telecom then used the SFR network by default while the operator has a status of Full MVNO allowing him to maintain control over the marketing of his cards

However, since the acquisition by Bouygues Telecom, it is now the network of this which will be used by default (depending on the circumstances, some subscribers can still be connected to the network of another operator)

According to the ANFR (National Frequencies Agency), Bouygues had in February 2022, 22,793 Active 4G sites sites, covering 99% of the population and 92% of French territory. The operator also deploys 5G with 5003 5G sites in activity and already covers more than 3000 municipalities and 38 large cities in France.

Contact Crédit Mutuel Mobile

Crédit Mutuel Mobile customers have a customer area on the Crédit Mutuel Mobile site.

Bouygues Telecom Business Distribution also offers online mobile assistance bringing together different themes relating to the management of its package, as well as tutorials.

Crédit Mutuel Mobile customer service can also be requested by phone: at 675 200 From his mobile Crédit Mutuel Mobile or from a fixed position in 0 969 360 200. A postal address is also made available to subscribers: “Bouygues Telecom Business Distribution Customer Service – 53098 Laval Cedex 9”.

My advisor informed me that Crédit Mutuel has teamed up with Bouygues Telecom. Is this mandatory to change?

Following the call of my advisor to get me the visit to Bouygues Telecom. I wanted to know if this is mandatory or will the Crédit Mutuel Mobile Package always exist ?

Ikram q.

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Name of the author ikram q. Date August 10, 2023 about 2 months ago response R

Indeed, the operator Crédit Mutuel Mobile has been bought by Bouygues Telecom which is the 1ᵉʳ 5G operator, in order to allow you to benefit from technical developments.

This development will allow you to improve your user experience with the integration of the Bouygues catalog and its 5G offers with smartphone advantages.

The following FAQ allows you to have more information regarding the change of package from your customer area: https: //

Do not hesitate to return to us if necessary via a new post on mobile assistance.

Have a great day.

Ikram, mobile assistance advisor.
Also download the Crédit Mutuel Mobile application to follow your consumption 24 hours a day from your mobile.

New packages: what changes for Crédit Mutuel and CIC telecom subscribers

Prompto mobile packages designed specifically by Bouygues Telecom for subscribers of Crédit Mutuel and CIC banks are launched this week.

Bouygues Telecom is launching a special mobile range dedicated to Crédit Mutuel and CIC telecom customers. Prompto packages are without obligation. This operation follows the buyout last year by Bouygues Telecom of the two Crédit Mutuel Mobile and CIC Mobile brands which disappear.

Prompto mobile offers start at 11 euros per month for 1 GB of data and go up to 25 euros per month for 150 GB in 4G and 5G. The most interesting amounts to 100 GB for a price of 9.99 euros per month the first year, 19.99 euros then. On the fixed side, customers are simply redirected to the classic offers of Bouygues Telecom. The subscribers concerned will be encouraged to switch to these offers, but can keep their conditions and prices before.

4,500 points of sale throughout the territory

Bouygues Telecom gained a nice blow by winning last year at Crédit Mutuel the Euro-Information Telecom group and its two million customers. Among the five brands of virtual operators concerned Auchan Mobile, NRJ Mobile, Cdiscount Mobile, Crédit Mutuel Mobile and CIC Mobile.

To discover also on video:

The particularity of the operation is that Bouygues sealed a distribution agreement with the former owner Crédit Mutuel. This means that the 4,500 points of sale of Crédit Mutuel and CIC will continue to market telecom offers. An undeniable asset to reach the population throughout the territory. Bouygues Telecom hopes to attract 400,000 new mobile customers and 80,000 additional fixed subscribers in these two banking networks in 2022.