Coriolis SFR: Price and content of Box and Mobile offers Coriolis, Coriolis, the MVNO using the SFR network

Coriolis, the MVNO using the SFR network

The options You can subscribe to several options to personalize your Coriolis Fiber SFR offer. It is thus possible to enjoy a 1gb/s descending flow instead of 500MB/s or even benefit from Unlimited calls to mobiles Metropolitan France.

Coriolis SFR: Price and content of Box and Mobile Coriolis offers

Scheduled to be bought by SFR, the MVNO Coriolis has many customers. Many people still do not know the operator very well. What are the box offers offered by the operator ? What Coriolis SFR package is the most interesting ? Which network is used by Coriolis mobile customers ? Find all the answers to your questions about Coriolis SFR in this article.

  • The essential :
  • Coriolis is a Mvno, That is to say a virtual mobile network operator.
  • Coriolis offers internet offers with ADSL Or the optical fiber, as well as mobile plans compatible with 4G or 5G.
  • The operator offers mobile networks of SFR and D’Orange.
  • Coriolis is signed an exclusive agreement with SFR and should soon be Bought by SFR. The operator will therefore probably soon only propose the SFR network.

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Coriolis: Presentation of the operator bought by SFR

Coriolis is a Virtual mobile network operator (MVNO). This means that it offers offers, but that it does not have its own infrastructure. Coriolis must rent the equipment and antennas of another operator to offer mobile and internet services to his subscribers.

The MVNO declares to count more than 500,000 fixed and mobile customers in France in 2021. A substantial number of customers who do not surprise when you look more closely at the operator’s history. Created in 1999, Coriolis is a Pioneer of telecoms In France. In 2006, it was the first operator to offer unlimited calls 24/7 for certain numbers and to all operators.

Two years later, Coriolis innovates again and became the 1st French operator to offer mobile offers intended for deaf or hard of hearing which include 2 hours of visio and mobile internet calls.

In September 2021, Coriolis was a sign of an exclusive agreement with the Altice France group, also owner of the operator and internet access provider (FAI) SFR. What changes This implies for the operator and its customers ? We answer this question in the next section.

Coriolis Orange or SFR: which network is offered by the operator ?

Since its creation in 1999, Coriolis offers 2 networks to its mobile customers: the network orange And the one of SFR. With the future buyout of the operator by SFR, we can expect it to change soon and that Coriolis offers exclusively the SFR network to his subscribers.

For his offers Internet, Coriolis has always offered SFR equipment. The redemption of the MVNO by the operator should therefore not change much.

What are the Box Coriolis SFR offers ?

Depending on your eligibility, Coriolis offers two types of Internet technologies: Optical fiber and ADSL.

Coriolis SFR Fiber package: Presentation of offers

At Coriolis SFR, you have the choice between 3 Internet offers operating thanks to the optical fiber. Find a description of these offers in the table below.

Fiber box offers valid at 30/08/2023

Offer Contents and services included Rate

The options You can subscribe to several options to personalize your Coriolis Fiber SFR offer. It is thus possible to enjoy a 1gb/s descending flow instead of 500MB/s or even benefit from Unlimited calls to mobiles Metropolitan France.

Coriolis SFR package: what are the offers ?

Unlike certain operators who focus on few offers, Coriolis SFR offers More than a dozen mobile packages. Without commitment, with smartphone, blocked or dedicated to calls and SMS, they can rank in several categories.

Coriolis SFR non -binding packages

With the Coriolis SFR non -binding packages, You can take advantage of your without constraint offer and change operator when you wish. Find the Coriolis SFR packages without commitment in the table below.

Calls, SMS/MMS and the mobile internet included in your Coriolis SFR package can be used without additional cost From the European Union, the French overseas departments and the coms and the coms.

Coriolis SFR smartphone packages

With smartphone packages, Coriolis offers mobile offers that include a generous data envelope, calls, as well as unlimited SMS and MMS. From 20GB included, the package is compatible with 4G, but also 5G ! To take advantage of the new mobile network, simply ask to activate the5G option at 5 €/month.

As with previous packages, you can use your Coriolis SFR smartphone package From Europe, the French overseas departments and the coms As if you were in mainland France. Coriolis smartphone offers, also called “ideal smartphone” or “Ideal Europe”, however offer a larger mobile data envelope to be used from the EU, DOM and COMs than packages without. They are all available with 12 months or 24 months of engagement.

Find The prices and services included In the Coriolis SFR smartphone packages in the table below.

Coriolis SFR Problem: how to contact customer service ?

Coriolis SFR customer service

You have a problem with your Coriolis SFR offer ? Do not panic. The MVNO offers you complete and easy to reach customer service. For Contact a Coriolis advisor, You can thus:

  • Send one email At the “ServiceClientBox@Coriolis” address (only available for box customers).
  • Compose it 09 69 32 94 77 If you are a box customer or the 901 If you are a mobile customer.
  • Connect to your Coriolis customer area or to the Coriolis & Me mobile application, to the “Contact” section.
  • Go to one of the 300 Coriolis stores Present in mainland France.

For Deaf or hard of hearing, Coriolis also puts a dedicated customer service available: the “Coriolis “. You can reach a Coriolis SFR advisor by webcam, online chat or email.

Alternative in the event of a problem with your Coriolis offer, you can also go to the Faq (Frequently Asked Questions). Accessible from the Coriolis website, she offers many answers to the most common questions concerning the operator’s offers and equipment.

Coriolis SFR Notice: who choose between Coriolis and SFR ?

While Coriolis was bought by SFR, a question arises: is it better Subscribe to Coriolis or SFR ?

For the internet offers, The answer is simple: the offers SFR Box seem more advantageous to us. Indeed, at SFR, you can enjoy a fiber offer from € 16/month the first year, 3 € less than the cheapest offer at Coriolis. A price difference all the more interesting as the services included in Coriolis box offers and in SFR box offers are almost identical and that the equipment is the same.

Side package, It is a little more difficult to clearly decide between Coriolis and SFR. It all depends on your priorities. If you want the cheapest possible mobile package, Coriolis’ 2h 200mmo of Coriolis at € 1.99/month the 1st year may interest you. Compared to the SFR 2H 100MB package, it includes 2x more mobile internet for 1 € less per month.

If we look at all offers, we still tend to award the palm to SFR, Because, even if some offers are a little more expensive, the price difference is not very important and the services offered by the operator with a red square seem to us well more interesting and modern. At SFR, you can for example enjoy a 90GB 5G package for only € 20/month per 1st year. In comparison, at Coriolis, the package that approaches it most only offers 70GB in 5g and costs € 34.99/month per 1st year.

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Coriolis, the MVNO using the SFR network

Coriolis Telecom is a MVNO (Virtual Mobile Network Operator). Acquired in 2021 by Altice (Mother House of the SFR operator), Coriolis only uses the SFR network to offer several mobile plans and internet offers in ADSL and optical fiber.


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History of Coriolis

Born in 1989 and former subsidiary of Vodafone, Coriolis took its independence in 1999 and was initially positioned on the mobile market for companies. It quickly extends its offer to individuals and became MVNO in 2006.

In 2008, Coriolis became the first operator to market mobile subscriptions for the deaf and hearing impaired.

On the fixed internet, it was necessary to wait until 2012 to see the operator marketing its first broadband offer by ADSL On the SFR network.

In 2015, the company took over the market very high speed At the regional level, by offering a “fiber box” in FTTH (fiber to the subscriber, from English Fiber to the Home) in the Calvados and in theEssonne exclusively. Today, Coriolis fiber offers are offered everywhere in France.

Coriolis positioning and activities

Coriolis is present in Three trades ::

  • Internet access provider and mobile operator : through its branch Coriolis Telecom, The group offers internet and mobile solutions for companies and the general public. The group has partnerships with SFR, Orange and Bouygues Telecom for the pro section. The offers dedicated to individuals employ the fixed and mobile networks of SFR.
  • Mobile telephony distributor : Coriolis has a network of more than 200 stores Store phone. This brand, born in 1996, offers multimedia accessories and equipment but also Internet and Mobile subscriptions. This is the largest independent distribution network in France. It is intended for both small businesses and individuals. Today, in 2020, the Store telephone were replaced by Coriolis Telecom stores.
  • Customer Relations Center : the group has 7 contact centers, in France and abroad, in order to provide large companies with a full range of services related to customer relations management, such as acquisition, loyalty, recovery , etc. The group develops this activity under the name of Coriolis Service.

Activities Coriolis Telecom Service Mystream Telephone Store

Coriolis’ activities.

On the telecommunications market, Coriolis has always been considered the main alternative to major operators and their low-cost subsidiaries. He conveys a Reliable and professional image, that he tries to show in his communication (especially through his advertisements “Coriolis, it’s Facilis”).

The operator has implemented a permanent promotion strategy: at the end of each promotional period, both on the mobile and on the fixed, the deadline for the promotion is postponed. The prices presented by Coriolis are located in the low -average of the market.

Coriolis key figures

At the beginning of 2016, Coriolis represented:

  • 2000 employees
  • 60,000 customers
  • 15 million consumer customers

Today, the company has more than 70,000 client companies and a turnover greater than 300 million euros per year.

The offers marketed by Coriolis

Coriolis is present as well on the market of mobile than that of the‘Internet. The operator having been bought in 2021 by SFR, Coriolis now offers the SFR boxes for sale in place of its old mini and maximum boxes. Its mobile offers are deployed on the SFR network in 3G/4G/5G.

Coriolis mobile plans

Coriolis offers 3 tenders: Packages without commitment, smartphone packages and finally deaf packages. Certain types of contract are coupled with the purchase of a smartphone. Each range has several different packages:

Fiber Coriolis Internet offers

Coriolis having been bought in 2021 by SFR, the operator now offers for sale the SFR Starter, Power and Premium Fiber box instead of its old mini and maximum boxes.

The 3 offers therefore differ on the flow and the TV option, by offering more services to each rise.

Coriolis Internet offers in ADSL

Coriolis also offers, through SFR, the variations of these Box Starter, Power and Premium in ADSL. For more information, you can visit our page on Coriolis Internet offers.

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Coriolis reviews

According to Coriolis reviews collected from operator users, here is a summary table of the main positive points and negative points of the operator ::

  • Big Variety of mobile offers adapted to different uses
  • Good value for money
  • Promotions common on subscriptions
  • End of the possibility of choosing between the SFR or Orange network Following the buyout
  • Paid customer service calls
  • Risk of out -of -plan : Packages are not blocked (excluding blocked packages)

Notice collected on TRUSTPILOT, VERIFIED AVOIDS AND IGRAAL, March 08, 2023

Contact Coriolis

THE Coriolis Customer Service can be reached by phone, by mail, by email or on its customer area. Thus, a subscriber to a Coriolis Adsl box can :

  • Call it 09 69 39 55 30.
  • Send an email to [Email Protected] .
  • Connect to your customer area to obtain information relating to your account.

THE mobile client will be able to reach its customer service in:

  • Calling the 901 From his mobile or the 09 69 32 10 40 From a landline.
  • Sending a letter to Coriolis Télécom – Customer Service – TSA 21986, 92894 Nanterre Cedex 9.
  • Sending an email to [Email Protected] .