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Top review: 9/10 hassan, the 24th.10.2016

very correct for the price

Flight search is easily done and prices are very attractive on the site (no need to go through tour operators to have less) . Flights themselves are correct. We have no more room than in others at this price nor less.
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9/10 Nadege, 18.07.2023

We made a purchase on 07/12 for 2 round-trip plane tickets for Martinique The course of the command is screening by screen to not forget anything; The screens are fluid and just follow the instructions. We have not benefited from a promo code. We have received the electronic tickets in stride on our mailbox for the moment the return to this site is very correct . The prices were competitive compared to other sites and the schedules and days offered similar to other companies .

10/10 Emilie, The 09.05.2023

I was pleasantly surprised by the kindness of the staff, they were very caring (I was pregnant at that time) . The meal was included but I don’t eat meat. It would have been necessary to book a vegetarian meal at 15 euros but I had not unfortunately done it. . I still eat my meal so as not to spoil and finally I found very good ! The selection of movies / series was also very good. No complaints ! Some seats are paid on the other hand, unless you don’t mind traveling anywhere on the plane ?


10/10 Melilesteritou, the 17th.03.2023

What did you buy ? What is the date of your purchase ? I bought a plane ticket today on Friday March 17, 2023 on the Corsair site via EbuyClub. The process of your order went well ? The order process went well. Has the delivery time been respected ? How long has your order have been delivered ? The site is intuitive and I was able to easily compare prices and make a purchase of multi-design tickets. I received the tickets instantly in a dematerialized version on my mailbox.

7/10 Jean Luke, 06.03.2023

We discover Corsair for a trip to Guadeloupe. To their credit, they make a direct weekly flight from Bordeaux which other companies do not offer that Air France. The price is reasonable even if the slightest option is paid like almost everyone now. The purchase and confirmation process is well prowled and easy. At the passive two things: very tight places to the point that we opt for an upgrade on the return and an almost impossible bill to have despite repeated telephone calls to the surcharged number. An application for mobile would also be appreciable.

10/10 James, the 20.02.2023

I bought in February 2023 on their Corsair site two round trips for Paris-Fort-de-France in Martinique for a trip that will take place in March 2023. The site is very good, there is easily the flights. When booking, everything is indicated as well as prices as for luggage in holds, the choice of seats, meals. Payment is secure and quickly. There is even the possibility of either paying the integrity of the balls at once or in several times at no cost. This is not the first time that I will go with Corsair, it’s a very good airline.

1/10 Hadfisihem, 30.03.2020

Corsair and Covid-19

We had return tickets for Paris, since the start of the COVVI-19 crisis we contact Corsair to find out what is our return flight. The advisers we had on the phone lied to us, saying that our return would be ensured. Arrived at the airport no Corsair flight, closed Corsair counter, and they do not want to reimburse us. We are always stuck in Guadeloupe and the Corsair company treats us with contempt by being dishonest and abandoning us to our fate. Never take tickets from Corsair

2/10 Duvivierfrancoise, 28.12.2018

Forter Fort de France- Orly from 12/22/2018 Departure 10:30 p.m

I’m not used to complaining but after spending 1,392.24 € I think I am entitled to do it. We returned to metropolitan France on Saturday 22/12 last by the SS949 Cie Corsair flight which was to take off at 10:30 p.m. First unpleasant surprise, the flight took off 50 minutes late. Second unpleasant surprise, the CIE had a crew that did not speak French; You will admit that between Martinique and Orly you could have chosen a French crew (I am not racist but you have to think of passengers who do not speak English). Third bad surprise, my friend m. Philippe Fard was installed in a place whose screen inserted in the seat in front of him did not work. Despite more requests from the crew, it was not possible for him

10/10 Rebecca, the 14th.07.2018

I was able to buy my tickets on the site, which offers very good price compared to certain companies (for the same dates) . Very good company that I recommend. The site is very good, easy to use.

10/10 Philippe, The 31st.05.2018

I am completely satisfied with my purchase. The use of the website is simple, quick and practical. Delivery was made on time announced. We can only recommend this website.

10/10 Raoul, the 21.07.2017

I have traveled by Corsair to Martinique, Fort-de-France and so much the ground staff as on the plane were charming. Meals were good for very low prices, as well as the cabin, spacious even in tourist class.

10/10 Marie Sophie, The 09.03.2017

I am very happy with the ease of use of the site and the ease of reservation The planes seem very comfortable the prices correspond to me and allow me to leave more often thank you continued like that

10/10 Patrice, 04.02.2017

For a quality flight

Their site has been completely redone and it is now very well done with all the easy -to -find options and the pleasure of traveling with this very good company. The quality / price ratio is good. Well done !

10/10 Sylvie, 04.02.2017

A pleasant trip and a very good performance offered by the Corsair company. The 11 hours of flight passed quickly. The Casback is available quickly there is nothing to complain about of this service.

6/10 Gerard, 30.12.2016

Hello, I used the research sites of the best prices for flights to Guadeloupe but I was disappointed by the amount to pay. Indeed, not passing directly through Corsair we had additional payment fees. Therefore we had an additional bank card costs.

10/10 PEGGY, 30.11.2016

simple and fast

The site is very well done. Simple and fast, it allows you to reservation by adding options. Many offers are offered throughout the year and the prices are competitive. I recommend

10/10 Julian, the 24th.10.2016

A sure airline and therefore the pricing policy is for once clear. The prices are competitive and the good quality service. I highly recommend Corsair for your next trips.

5/10 Fabrice, the 22nd.10.2016

Site allowing online purchase of plane tickets, but not necessarily the most attractive prices. For the same company, you will find cheaper flight prices on other specialized websites

10/10 Frederic, 18.10.2016

very good company not too expensive and good service on board. To recommend without hesitation. Ideal for the West Indies. The meals are correct and the staff very pleasant. well functional Dr reservation site.

10/10 float, the 11th.10.2016

Now interesting on the Indian Ocean, finally direct links on Mauritius which offers an alternative to Air France and Air Mauritius. Returns are night flights that are billed with supplements on other Airlines.

8/10 float, The 03.10.2016

Not necessarily the cheapest

Low cost company that charters planes on regular lines, we are far from the “Charter” company of the 90s, moreover “Charter” is very outdated, it no longer exists it is low cost or low costal deserves de Corsaire is not to push the concept to the extreme like the British companies who would like to charge toilets for the WC

3/10 Fabrice, the 11th.09.2016

Not the best price

There are more attractive prices and for the same flights and the same company, via other sites. No need to go directly through Corsair, who undertakes to offer you the best price and reimburse you the difference, except that when they are asked they do not respect their commitments.

10/10 Jean Marc, 06.09.2016

Serious at reasonable prices

Serious at reasonable prices and also reliable ! Senegal service is finally direct at an affordable price while keeping the 2 suitcases in the hold. Long live Corsair to whom I want a development on the whole globe for the satisfaction of all JMM

10/10 Sébastien, the 14th.07.2016

A very correct company

Nothing to say about my experiences with Corsair: on time, pleasant staff, correct food. Rather quality flight entertainment system. There may be a bit of comfort, and again.

10/10 Benoit, 01.07.2016

A company differently

Hello to all “travel with Corsair in class GL” -Landing staff: very friendly -concering the waiting room: very well champagne Small ovens etc. Journal – In perfect flight a kindness of every moment alone downside: young children in this cabin (GL) and according to parents’ education it can spoil the comfort and the pleasure of traveling with a nice guest team

10/10 Dominique, the 27th.06.2016

the seriousness and regularity of a large company

On the serious Guadeloupe destination and regularity of a large company with often more attractive prices and the risk of less strike than the large French national company, for identical comfort and a little warmer staff .

8/10 Sabrina, the 23.04.2016

Despite numerous paid options, Corsair remains competent and interesting thanks to its cashback regular flight offering provincial preaching for in particular the French overseas departments . .

10/10 Matthew, the 20.03.2016

Super airline ! Always listening to its customers. I have been traveling with this company for several times, the staff are very welcoming on the device and comfort is optimal !

10/10 Mathieu, the 15th.03.2016

Flight at the best price

We took advantage of a round trip to Pointe-à-Pitre for € 360 ! Theft happened without problem, punctual and direct. I therefore recommend that you pass not corsair for your trips to the Antilles at the best price

10/10 Patrice, 02.03.2016

Corsair site offering an interesting cashback

With the cashback obtained for “dry” ticket reservations, it’s interesting to take the trouble to activate your EbuyClub toolbar, before buying a ticket. Given the price of a transatlantic ticket, the cashback is not negligible. It was paid to me in 4 months.

10/10 Nadia, 07.02.2016

Very good site, easy to navigate. Whenever I had a doubt I questioned the salespeople by cat and I had the answer immediately, which is very pleasant. Possibility of creating your loyalty card to combine points.

5/10 vermotesen, 26.12.2015

We had a volume bowl. Only drawback: we had reserved seats (so paid for a supplement) and we did not have the reserved places. We await the reimbursement of the supplement. To be continued.

10/10 Khalid, the 22nd.12.2015

I have already reserved aircraft tickets several times at Corsair and I am always satisfied with the service on board. Flight on time, spacious place for jams, I recommend without hesitation.

10/10 Sonia, 30.11.2015

Unbeatable promotion ticket

Always satisfied with Corsair, I watched the promotion tickets and I am never disappointed. Ease of use of the website and booking until payment, I benefited from an in more flexible rate!

10/10 Thomas, the 17th.11.2015

Reunion Island Voyage

10 -day trip to Reunion Island. The flight was made in good conditions. The service is correct. However, I find the prices too high. In addition, prices increase according to the desired period, I really find it a shame. This is my 4th trip to this island, it is the first time that I have paid the travel so dear. Yet I have already gone to this end of October.

8/10 Flora, The 10.10.2015

Purchase electronic ticket from Corsair

Rather satisfied with this operator. First time I traveled via this company. Only problem selected for my part: I had not received the electronic ticket in my mailbox, and had to call them by phone to receive it.

10/10 Kevin, 07.10.2015

I travel very often and I find that Corsair is a very good company, the hostesses are very kind and attentive to children. I recommend this company especially that prices are also attractive.

10/10 Gregory, the 24th.09.2015

Inexpensive company but be careful to choose your places, some are unlivable on trips of 8 a.m. and more. Be careful sometimes a euro more expensive than Air Caraibes and for the same flight with this last company.

10/10 Dominique, 30.08.2015

A good regular company

For me Corsair represents a good regular company between Guadeloupe and the Metropolis has a price often cheaper than the national company and especially with the frequent risk of a slight less . That is why I privilege and most often for my trips .

10/10 Séverine, The 10.08.2015

Built site but aggregated flight

It was not easy to book on the site when you go abroad. There are really problems. It would be necessary to see him again. On the other hand, the company itself is really good. We eat well and the seats are rather comfortable compared to others.

10/10 Daniel, the 23.06.2015

Corsair is not Air France

When you have no tunes you take the cheapest airline good suddenly it is not the top of the top but you accommodate it and it goes. blablabla I have to do 200 mini characters but I don’t know what to say at this late night so night so blah blah and black

10/10 fabrice, the 22nd.06.2015

Always the cheapest

Corsair really specialized in flight destinations, Caribbean and meeting destinations. I prefer them to Air France which is often more expensive for an equivalent service. To take advantage of good plans really doing it in advance.

7/10 Adrien, The 03.05.2015

Correct flight, not very comfortable

If security is good, comfort is sometimes absent. For a stay at the Caraibes, my tablet did not work, therefore impossible to watch a film. We were also assured of having a nacelle for my 11 month old daughter, finally 8 hours of flight with a baby in their arms!

10/10 Dominique, the 27th.04.2015

a regular and reliable company at competitive prices

On my journey Guadeloupe-Paris I favor this company which offers a minimum services similar to the national air France company with more a more handy loyalty program since it is shareable with family or friends and above all avoids anxiety too frequent to be confronted A strike with our national company .

10/10 Damien, the 15th.04.2015

Flights to Antilles

Frankly this airline has nothing to envy its competitors. Everything is simple we even choose his seat ! The on -board service is the same as Air France, an excellent meal wide choice of films .

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Corsair Avis

Catastrophic service ! We want to book a round trip for Guadeloupe. Having a doubt on the dates, we put an option … The site does not work, we start again in case, still not … Result: I was taken 2 times but no summary email so no booking number ! Impossible to have the info by the cat, no matter how much to explain to them, I am answered: “What is your reservation number ? “, Either it is a robot, or a record of stupidity ! As for the surcharged number … I let you watch the other comments to get an idea ! Today, a Corsair employee finally reminded me but being in a meeting, I could not answer. I listen to the message where I was explained to me that there was a technical problem and that I should not have been able to pay but that it went anyway (but reimburse me in double, we n ‘does not talk about it !) and that now you have to pay the journey for an amount of € 2,000 more expensive than what was displayed . If you doubted that Corsair was a disaster, this is new proof !

Date of experience: September 17, 2023

Our 2022 transparency report is available

Excellent first experience with ..

Excellent first experience with this company on a Paris-Montreal flight in August.
A friendly and very friendly staff. Seats with a lot of space and many entertainment on the screen available to each passenger.
Good quality meals, and covers, pillows and headphones available.
I will not hesitate to iron by this company.

Date of experience: August 18, 2023

Damaged suitcase during my trip ..

Damaged suitcase during my trip to Paris /Saint Denis la
Meeting .
Flight made 12/22, 8 months later no processing of my file, no compensation.
Customer Service who says I have not received the documents, I send the documents by mail in “Letter followed” seven 2023 I take contact with no news, and the same answer “file being process” without No explanation.
Incompetent customer service, listening to the nothingness, information to the nothing .
Corsair wants to be a company that is content to garner millions and mistreat its customers
No file follow -up
Customer service that repeats a text identical to each call and does not listen to, frustrating disappointing to flee
Corsair the
Company that puts its
Customer and wear and wear pushes the customer to give up their compensation.

Date of experience: December 29, 2022

Called customer service for a ..

Called customer service for flight modification. Surprising call because special number. Result 27 euros of telephone bill in addition.

Date of experience: August 05, 2023

Very unhappy

Very unhappy, impossible to be reimbursed (however with cancellation insurance) Corsair has been going in circles for 6 months now. (So ​​-called) procedures incomplete in shameless lies; Who are we laughing at ? Customers, of course, but also employees.

Date of experience: July 20, 2023

Corsaire flight 927 of 08/09/2023 in…

CORRAGE FLOW 927 of 08/09/2023 from PAP more than 4 hours behind to recover the suitcases plus an landing on the Tarmac Transport like sardines at the Orly Terminal a Calvary for tickets from 900 to 1000 €
No respect for passengers I am not sure to travel with this company not recommendable

Date of experience: August 10, 2023

Corsair to flee thief cancellation of the flights teriously

Hello I buy my ticket in December in direct flight with Corsair for a stay in Bamako. 2 months before the trip they decide to undergo the trip to a little -known company called Hifly and to change their departure airport. D -Day, July 19 we do all the formalities and 1 hour before takeoff we are told that the flight is canceled and we are giving our luggage. We are taken to the hotel by letting us carry our dozens of suitcases.

Then for 24 hours we wait. The next day we learn that the flight is postponed to 5 days later. Reason invoked avian shock . To evade compensation obligations it is scandalous.It is a company to banish to flee. We lose 5 days Dr Vacances#FlyCorsair#Thieves#Compagnieaf#Bamako

Date of experience: July 19, 2023

Corsair, air pirates, do not trust them.

Corsair, air pirates, do not trust them.
The day of the flight (Paris> Pointe-à-Pitre), my son lost his passport before takeoff. I immediately alerted the airport staff, the security services, the Corsair company staff at the airport and the staff of the Corsair sales agency in Orly 4 before taking off the plane. My interlocutor said to me “that she could do nothing and that I had to see with the ticket sales platform”.
I bought tickets go to leave anyway. And discovered thanks to a friend (same experience) that Corsair had deleted us from our return flight: in the conditions of sale, a “no-show” flight (we do not present ourselves) leads to the deletion of return tickets. Corsair called Tel (+ at the Comptoir in Orly) had not alerted me. I called, I was hung up on the nose.
I recalled Corsair to see if they could put us back on our return flight. I had paid the AR € 4600 for 4 passengers. There were places online at a rate of € 5,200 for 4 places for the return alone. Corsair refused. And therefore cashed my payment tickets + the return tickets delivered online, brought up by other passengers.
I made a complaint. classified “clotulated” without even a response from the after -sales service. I relaunched “a complaint and await an answer.
Corsair and the online sales platform refer the ball without respecting the customer.
Scandalous cynicism. And it would be necessary to complain about the companies which could not fly during the pandemic ?? Who can afford to racket customers at this point .

Date of experience: August 05, 2023

Hello I took 2 plane tickets for ..

Hello I took 2 children’s plane tickets alone in UM flight from 7:45 p.m. Lyon Reunion . My children not had as a meal that breakfast in the morning before attending it was their 1st flight on your own next time it will be with another company . The plane had to be delayed

Date of experience: 03 July 2023


I almost didn’t be able to take my way out, when I arrived 1h30 before departure. I had to negotiate so that I could embark. Once on the plane, he took off 30 minutes late.

Return flight: 2 hours behind takeoff. After complaint no compensation on the additional costs I had to have a taxi and change my train ticket.
The after -sales service answers us with all done and impersonal emails. No respect for customers, despite the price increases

Date of experience: 05 June 2023

To flee times not respected change ..

To flee times not respected change of device so more seats reserved the separate families the children placed next to the unknown a real upheaval The outdated crew are the passengers who have best agreed. Unheard of without counting food infects uncomfortable seats for some stuck impossible to lower them to sleep..11am of plane. And no information never again. That to go
Delayed return for 1 French passenger who returned from vacation has been refused because a pacemaker carrier. He had to leave the plane on the field she ashamed.SO. delay again.

Date of experience: February 08, 2023

Flight postponed SS924 on 06/22 to 23/06 at…

Flight postponed SS924 on 06/22 to 23/06 at 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. We tell you the plane is not here we expect it I don’t even talk to you about hotel and meal care there is there no deplorable service calamitous management. Even children alone have not been taken care of zero pointed impossible to put 0 star

Date of experience: June 22, 2023

Flee towards other companies

Flee towards other companies
Blocked pending on the St Denis plane yesterday for 4 hours before taking off
supposedly rear wind problem for takeoff. We were kept on the SNS plane to land us. Result almost 5 p.m. in the device and on arrival in Orly . They had to discharge the luggage of the total fee for passengers so ! No suitcases for anyone . Customer service based in Morocco or other and who does not understand anything . Shameful do not buy a corsair ticket

Date of experience: April 26, 2023

I made a flight

I made a flight, Paris, Pointe-à-Pitre, March 23, 2023 reservation, made at Opodo, reference 1101 58 02 417
I am waiting for a refund following an error from Opodo of 1482 euros and they tell me to wait for a refund from Corsair to pay me and Corsair do not want to inform me so I only do his .

Date of experience: March 23, 2023

To be recommended for Paris-Ile…

To be not recommended on Paris-Ile Maurice flights.
Being in a relationship with our 5 -year -old daughter, it is just impossible to sit side by side without having to pay 3 places. The algorithm makes it possible that it is not even possible to pay only a place (in economy class and in “classic” places); This as soon as the recording was opened, 72 hours before the flight. Ditto at the airport before departure where the counters in Orly open more than 20 minutes late while it is expressly asked to arrive with 4 hours in advance.
Customer service and families therefore remains disappointing.
In addition, the company’s new planes are particularly uncomfortable (for 11:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. respectively).

Date of experience: April 23, 2023


I find it hard to believe some comments, it seems to be released sometimes. All of the Corsair agents I could have had very courteous (one was certainly a little expeditious but there were people :)) and looking for a solution following a delay in theft. All very professional (especially since the flight of the day before was hectic for them because they were dealing with a passage which refused to extinguish his joint in the cabin. No comment), flight comfort ok (meals were good), personally I would take a flight by this company without problem

Date of experience: August 14, 2022

Money embezzlement

Impossible to obtain the refund of my repayable tickets after more than 3 months, 4 email exchanges and 5 calls to customer service. Always the same answer: “Wait, it is in progress with the financial service” or then “the reimbursement was initiated but we encountered an internal bp” without more detail because the telephone platform is unable to pass Neither this famous financial service, nor even any responsible. Clearly, Corsair has used my money for his treasures for more than three months; Pure and simple scam. I seized the mediator MTV Travel and there either, no return. I just have to file a complaint for diversion.

Date of experience: December 23, 2022

By Quoune Compagnie not recommendable in the event of a problem of first name Adi finally started with the ..

What finally started by the beginning ! After an error of entry on the first name of my mother -in -law victory instead of Victorine, I must have passed through the 3917 (0.35 cents/ minutes) and only by a fixed position. I equip myself at € 21, and I make a first phone call of 8 minutes for nothing because the operator hangs me up. A second time yesterday 34 minutes so that I am told to send an email on forms.customers what I did. By the way, the change of first name costs 80 € (PS that 40 € for two letters to change 🙂 expecting a return by email to have the payment link. I do not receive anything neither acknowledgment of receipt or link. I recall once again today for more than 30 minutes (why so long because the operator had to check several of the things when it happens 4 times for an average of 3 minutes lol it is explained) so that you are sending me the link. I do not know if it allows you to increase your raw margin but it is literally small . If I could give a zero star I would have never done it again I travel with this company. Because a change of ticket which had a cost of € 3 yesterday increased to € 133 the next day, more than € 233 and near € 25 call costs.

Date of experience: July 20, 2023

Worse airline

Worse airline. We were more than 4 hours late, no snack and no information.
They do not want to compensate their passengers when they make us suffer damage.
To avoid absolutely or you will lose your money

Date of experience: March 11, 2023

Vol1h45 delay

Flight delay, Decollage a shield made all passengers scream no info on the. Incident. Personels not at all viciously horror, old tactil screen does not work. No choice in film neither in music nor in nothing in the end. The stewart how to scream on it because I could not put my cabin suitcase correctly no hello madam at’dez I help you. A scandal to never flee from my life I would travel with Corsair. I prefer to pay 500 e in addition and have a service like Air France ! Flee this company. This fu 8 h50 of nightmare

Date of experience: April 12, 2023

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