CONSOMAC: Apple Pay is finally available at Nickel, Nickel finally Apple Pay compatible. And what other banks?

Nickel finally Apple Pay compatible. And what other banks 

June 30, 2023 at 12:10 am 3 months old,

Apple Pay is finally available at Nickel

This is a novelty that the customers of the Nickel account had been waiting for a long time: Apple Pay’s care was launched today with an update of the Nickel application (version 2.61). The Nickel account has the distinction of being open to any natural person from the age of twelve, without income condition (banking prohibitions are eligible), without the possibility of being discovered, with a possible registration among tobacconists, for 20 € per year. Nickel, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, claims 3 million customers in France.

Nickel account

If you are a client of Nickel, you just have to update the application and add your bank card to the Card application to be able to start paying with Apple Pay with your iPhone, Apple Watch, or on the web.

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Nickel finally Apple Pay compatible. And what other banks ?

Here is the list of French banks and services compatible with Apple Pay that we update regularly.

June 30, 2023 at 12:10 am 3 months old,

Contactless payment

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Update of June 30, 2023: Addition of nickel service

Apple Pay is the payment solution with mobile signed Apple, launched in 2014. In summary, it allows Pay during a store purchase using your iPhone or Apple Watch, And on the Internet, with partner merchants. For this, however, a bank card provided by a compatible bank must be available. And in France, compared to other European countries, such as the United Kingdom, the number of banks compatible with Apple’s payment solution was slow. Nevertheless, the deployment was progressive. And for 6 years and the arrival of the solution on the market, many banks have been added to the list. Some are still expected for upcoming compatibility, sometimes already announced.

In any case, to follow the evolution of banks and banking services available in France supporting Apple Pay, but for Know if you can use the contactless payment solution with the bank card provided by your bank, Here is our Apple Pay compatibility list, regularly updated.

Apple Pay compatible banks

No information

For the following banks, certain indices can let imagine a partnership with Apple Pay coming. But, beware, whatever the source of information, journalist’s contact, interview with boss or other, nothing certifies for the moment that these banks will indeed be compatible in the future.

  • Allianz : no information available to date

Here, you are now aware of Apple Pay compatibility.

We will not fail to update this article according to the next announcements on the subject, while we also invite you to comment If you use Apple Pay with a bank that is not listed here, or if one of the banks yet present above does not allow you to take advantage of the mobile payment solution to the apple.

Find our apps file here to manage its finances on the iPhone, as well as our complete Apple Pay (first use, payment and operation), but also the following information:

Finally, if you want to know outside of France, in which banks is also available Apple Pay, go here, at Apple directly, with the full list of Apple Pay partners according to the Globe area.