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Horizontal wifi inertia radiator – Valderoma

Before heading to new generation electric radiators, we advise you to check that your insulation is well done. Because a poor thermal insulation Can be responsible for energy consumption 10 times higher than in well -isolated housing (1), regardless of the type of radiator installed.

Discover the connected electric radiators

Set the temperature remotely, program the heating to enjoy a pleasant heat when you enter, reduce it automatically when you leave.

In a word, make your accommodation a universe of comfort and softness of a simple gesture on your smartphone and tablet: today it is possible with the Connected radiators offered by thermor.

Internet has indeed revolutionized our daily life Thanks to connected objects : watches, blinds, shutters, portals … As we are all increasingly equipped with a smartphone, a tablet, … what could be simpler to control your heating ? The connected radiator communicates with you and other radiators, you contact your connected radiators from the Thermor Cozytouch application (available from the Apple Store or Play Store) and this allows you to control it remotely.

The equipment linked to the comfort of the house also evolve. This is now the case for connected electric radiators. These new thermor products improve the comfort of your accommodation while mastering your energy expenses.

It is important to specify that there is a difference between a connected radiator and a connectable radiator:

  • Connected radiator : a connected radiator is a remote controlable radiator thanks to a Cozytouch bridge.
  • Connectable radiator : a connectable radiator (old generation, another brand, etc.) is a remote controlable radiator thanks to the addition of an interface which communicates between your radiator and the Bridge Cozytouch.

Discover in this video the operation and the advantages of the new electrical radiators connected Thermor.

Connected electric radiators improve your well-being

These are modern radiators, as opposed to former convectors, nicknamed by “toaster” convention.

There are two ranges of connected radiators: radiator radiators and gentle heat radiators.

These first disseminate a heat by radiation. Thanks to this, the radiator does not only heat the air of the room but also the walls and the partitions. A heating mode comparable to the natural feeling of heat felt in winter when exposed to the sun.

With soft heat radiators, the temperature is homogeneous wherever you are in the room. The air is neither too dry nor too wet. In the end, all the criteria of thermal comfort are met, providing a gentle warmth which envelops you and participates in your well-being.

These new radiators also adapt To your habits of life : they are versatile. There are several technologies:

  • The heated tubular system of our mythik model: also known as thermor Dynamik System®, it guarantees absolute thermal comfort.
  • The melting alone of the Kenya 4 model: it allows regular and permanent gentle heat thanks to the heart of cast iron heating.
  • The cast iron in combination with a heating facade like the Ecuador 4 model: it allows immediate and durable heat over time.
  • Aluminum alone like the Tenerife model: comfort thanks to the regular and immediate soft heat ideal for irregular rhythms of life.
  • Aluminum combined with a heating facade such as Ovation 3 and Ingenio 3 models: gentle and permanent gentle heat thanks to the ultra reactive heating facade associated with aluminum heating material.
  • The heat transfer fluid like the Bilbao 3 and Balearic 2 models: regular and permanent gentle heat thanks to the heat transfer fluid. A stable and homogeneous temperature throughout the room.

Bilbao 3 - Connected electric radiator - Thermor

Bilbao 3 – Connected electric radiator

Electric radiators are controlled remotely

These connected radiators will quickly become an essential object in your home. Indeed, thanks to the application on smartphone or tablet*, management remote heating is simple and easy !

You can, as you wish, throw heating from a distance and arrive in a house where life is good. Also finished the anxiety of going on vacation by forgetting to turn off the heating ! Of a simple slip of the finger, Turn off your radiators remotely and program their restart On the time and date desired.

The advantage of a connected radiator is to be able, from your smartphone or tablet, Program the desired temperature On your favorite time.

The connected radiator is equipped with a presence detector (on some models). This intelligent function allows you to memorize the moments when you and your family leave and those when you come back to lower the temperature, then reheat the room before your arrival. You no longer need to program it it adapts to the pace of life of the home automatically. Conversely, he knows how to manage the unforeseen events, you go home at an unusual hour, the radiator detects your presence and heats up to reaching the comfort temperature. Equipped also with a window opening sensor, which makes it possible to detect temperature variations, your connected radiator will lower the temperature when the window is open and will start to heat when it is closed, so that you do not waste D ‘Energy unnecessarily.

In addition, connected radiators communicate with each other: if one of them detects an open window, he transmits information to others. These devices then all put themselves on standby in standby. The same goes if you choose to modify the temperature of a connected radiator, the temperature of the radiator associated with it will also vary. Provided to combine the radiators of the same room or whether they are in the same room on the Cozytouch application.

But communication is not one -way, indeed, Your radiators also communicate information to you. For example, you can at any time consult by part an estimate of the consumption of each of your connected radiators and act instantly. Very useful if you have forgotten to cut the heating for a part, thanks to the application you can Adjust your heating remotely.

Ecuador 4 white granite - connected electric radiator - thermor

Ecuador 4 – Connected gentle heat radiator

The main advantages of connected radiators

1. Practical programming with your smartphone or tablet

Intelligent control gives you the possibility of Program your heating via your phone or tablet. Everything you have to do is install a Cozytouch bridge (and a cozytouch interface for nally connected radiators) on your box, download the application and associate it with your connected electric radiator, then you can bring Simple changes in a few seconds on the screen. Not only is this form of control more practical, but it is also incredibly easy to use.

How to pair an electric radiator with the thermor cozytouch application ?

2. Remote control

Using your phone or tablet to manage your heating, you get a certain level of remote control.

Indeed, IO HomeControle programming offers a remote control, So much so that you can Manage your heating from anywhere in your accommodation but also since outside the accommodation (requires wifi or 3G itinerant to 5G).

As long as you have internet access and the application is downloaded, you can adjust your heating in a few minutes (at half-degree near part per room for radiators which are natively connected), even when you are on the go. So, if you come back from the office and want to preheat the living room before getting home, you can simply go to your heating app to turn on your connected radiator, ensuring that the room reaches your ideal temperature when you need it.

With a product like Ecuador 4, you can even manage the music of your radiator anywhere in your property, even in the comfort of your chair thanks to Bluetooth and the Cabasse Streamcontrol ** application (the speaker Multiroom is an optional accessory).

3. Access to energy saving features

Connected radiators offer features designed to help you save. These can be the following elements:

  • Weekly programming (up to three comforts in comfort temperature per day): if you need your part to be heated at certain times of the week, you can set up a corresponding heating schedule. Consequently, you will not eventually waste electricity by performing your radiator at unnecessary times, which can reduce energy consumption and operating costs, for a more effective system overall.
  • Energy consumption monitoring : This useful functionality collects estimates on how your intelligent radiator uses electricity, so that you can see regularly where to minimize your energy consumption. It does not in any case replace an electricity counter which allows specific consumption monitoring.
  • Independent heat management : our connected electric radiators can be managed part by part. In this way you don’t have to waste energy to heat the whole house just to keep a room warm. For example, if you have a towel dryer in your main family bathroom and another installed in the secondary bathroom, you can program each of them to an individual level to meet the needs of this space.

Another advantage is that the connection of your radiators is scalable. Indeed, in a heating installation project, you can choose to add your equipment as you go. Each time you add a connected radiator, you can indicate it to the application (up to 20 radiators, 10 pieces and 5 radiators per room).

As for the aesthetics of these radiators, there is something for everyone in terms of design and color for adapt to any interior.

Ingenio 3 - Connected radiator

Ingenio 3 – Soft heat radiator

What is the price of a connected radiator ?

THE Connected radiators’ prices vary depending on the models and their features.

For example, with the Radiant emotion panel 4 From thermor, you have intelligent functions in addition to connectivity (subject to being equipped with a cozytouch bridge): memorization of the rhythm of life of your home, customizable programming or even adaptability to the unexpected, etc. It is available from around € 360 including tax (February 2023 price).

Connected radiator* with fluid inertia, The Bilbao 3 emits a gentle and homogeneous warmth to create a cocoon effect in your interior. You will find it from around € 790 including tax (February 2023 price).

Why not also install a connected towel dryer* in your bathroom ? Our Symphonik model brings you all the advantages of Connected heating In addition to the happiness of having a hot towel at the end of the shower ! His little extra ? Its integrated Cabasse® speakers (appearance in Bluetooth towel dryers) will punctuate your morning preparations ! You can get the symphonik from around € 2290 including tax (February 2023 rate).

Regardless of the chosen model, opt for a Connected radiator, It is to ensure a profitable investment:

  • You can control your electricity consumption via an application;
  • You benefit from optimal thermal comfort.

A more effective radiator in new than in the old

THE Connected radiators offer considerable energy savings when the accommodation is recent or isolated. You can cut down the temperature of your heating remotely if you forgot to do it before you go from your home and the radiator can be out of frost as soon as you open a window.

However, even if these advantages are attractive, in an old and/or poorly insulated accommodation, the advantages may be less interesting.

Before heading to new generation electric radiators, we advise you to check that your insulation is well done. Because a poor thermal insulation Can be responsible for energy consumption 10 times higher than in well -isolated housing (1), regardless of the type of radiator installed.

A connected and intelligent radiator, is it the same thing ?

We often talk about Connected radiators to actually refer to intelligent radiators. These are two different types of devices, although connected models are often also intelligent.

A Connected radiator is a heating device that offers the possibility of a remote control via your smartphone or tablet. Most of the time, this type of radiator is also capable of entering into complaints with others Housing radiators. So, for example, if a Connected radiator Captures the presence of an open window, he will put himself in the standstick and “warn” the other radiators of the part to do the same.

An intelligent radiator, meanwhile, has so -called “intelligent” features such as:

  • open or closed window detection;
  • adaptability to the habits of housing occupants;
  • Anticipation of heating.

But the smart radiator is not necessarily a connected device !

Cozytouch, the ally to control all your radiators

At thermor, you must use the Cozytouch bridge for all Connected devices. To benefit from it, simply:

  • Download the Cozytouch app for free on your smartphone or tablet;
  • Create a Cozytouch account;
  • Install a Cozytouch bridge at your home.

On the application, you can Remote control all the connected Thermor equipment of your accommodation (up to 20 aircraft). Set the temperature of each room, control the consumption of your water heater and thus optimize the production of hot water, follow and anticipate your daily electricity consumption … thanks to Cozytouch, you control your consumption and your devices on your fingertip !

Discover the connected electric towel dryers

Over the years, the electric towel dryer has become essential in a bathroom thanks to the comfort it can bring, the design but also to the new intelligent features available with the control by application via Bluetooth for music (for models Equipped with a cabass speaker) or IO HomeControle for heating management thanks to the Application Thermor Cozytouch, these devices offer better heat management, without the need for manual adjustment. They offer unrivaled programming capacities, with a range of control features that are enough to encourage anyone to upgrade its heating.

These are now available in several colors, with additional functions. It is now possible to sing under his shower, thanks to the Bluetooth speakers integrated into the towel dryers. These connect to your smartphone (for Symphonik models and 3 virtuoso appearance).

Thus, connected radiators no longer only provide comfort in your accommodation. They also change your daily life and have not finished surprising you in terms of features.

Slate gray symphonik - Musical towel dryer - Thermor

Slate gray symphonik – musical dryer dryer

The Symphonik model: comfort in music

Combining design and music, the Musical Symphonik musical dryer radiator offers relaxation, refinement and pleasure in the bathroom !

Available in 3 colors with 2 finishes, enjoy the comfort of a well -heated bathroom and the sweetness of a hot towel. Thanks to its integrated speakers with High Definition Cabasse® sound, broadcast music from any Bluetooth® device.

Connected and intuitive, control your towel dryer when you want, wherever you are and visualize your energy consumption from your smartphone or tablet with the CozyTouch application.

Allure 3 Virtuoso Satin Virtuoso - Towel dryer - Thermor

Allure 3 Virtuoso Sartin Virtuoso – Tust

The Virtuoso Allure 3 model: elegance and practicality

Empowerment your most difficult alarm clocks by resonating your favorite high definition playlists with our TAP 3 virtuoso towel dryer. Thanks to its integrated speakers with High Definition Cabasse® sound, broadcast music from any Bluetooth® device.

Available in 9 trendy colors to agree with all styles and equipped with intelligent piloting, virtuoso pace adapts to your life rate for perfect temperature in the bathroom every day. From your bed, switch on your electric towel radiator via your smartphone or tablet.

(1) Guy Hoquet study on 15,000 real estate between July 1 and November 30, 2017.

*under condition of the presence of a Cozytouch bridge and a Cozytouch interface for unconnected models natively.

** Link to the Cabasse StreamControl application: Android & Apple

Horizontal wifi inertia radiator – Valderoma

Horizontal wifi inertia radiator - Valderoma

A high -tech electric radiator: intelligent and connected !

  • Electric radiator for mineral decoration in the air.
  • Opt for a Radiator connected to you.
  • Manage and control your radiator remotely (optional).
  • Double inertia thanks to Dual Kherr In & Out technology.
  • Programmable and modifiable radiator according to your rhythm of life .
  • Open window detector .
  • Silentec system: the radiator is silent.
  • A intelligent system : it adapts to your pace of life and your accommodation.

Horizontal wifi radiator available in 800W, 1000W, 1500W and 2000W powers and vertical format in 800W and 1300W in white liberty, white cashmere, black slate, white slate and lunar land.

  • Free delivery from € 200 purchase*
  • VAT 10% with the installation of your radiators & your alarm click here
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Home delivery
  • 7 secure payments of payments

Discover all the powers and sizes available for this product in the table below:

Learn more

Smart and connected wifi radiator:

  • Distance control: Manage and control your device with your smartphone, tablet, computer.
  • You can turn on and turn off your radiator wherever you are in real time.
  • Program it at all times.
  • Programming at every moment of the day : do it per hour, per day and even per week.
  • You have the possibility to program with your WiFi device or on the device itself.
  • Double inertia thanks to the two dual kherr accumulators.
  • Define your comfort temperature as well as the Eco temperature .
  • You save 21% energy if you reduce your temperature by 3 ° C.
  • There Off-Gel function is present within this radiator.
  • Automatic detection of open windows for more savings.

WiFi radiator, your best ally to save energy (thanks to the application):

  • An integrated offset: establish priorities and adjust the consumption of your radiators to the power subscribed to your electricity supplier.
  • Effective geolocation: a reduction in radiators’ consumption when you move away from your accommodation and automatically react to you when you return home.
  • Radiators that adapt perfectly to your accommodation: they record day after day the time required to reach the set temperature and act accordingly.
  • They start to heat during the time necessary for the temperature to be reached at the desired time.
  • Always have a control of your consumption: consult the history of your consumption and thus adjust the settings of your radiators for a maximum of savings.

Characteristics :

  • Electric radiator in inertia.
  • Set temperature control thanks to the integrated control box .
  • Height 50 cm .
  • Width 100 cm .
  • Thickness 7.7 cm (+ 3 cm between the radiator and the wall) .

Discover the different Valderoma colors !

Valderoma heating

Box Valderoma (reference: 31centw):

  • A only central manager to manage up to 31 radiators.
  • It has a password so as not to interfere with other any devices.
  • A range of 200 linear meters in open space and 30 linear meters + 3 walls.
  • This box serves as an interface between your wifi radiators and your smartphone, tablet, computer connected thanks to the application.

A radiator that does not need installation thanks to its base (optional):

  • Thanks to its base, your radiator will follow you everywhere.
  • Ideal for reduced spaces without walls available.
  • A round base (ref: spinoxc) for square radiators and an oval base (ref: spinoxh) for horizontal radiators.

Box integrated into the radiator:

  • Valderoma radiators are equipped with a box containing a system that improves the accuracy and efficiency of Dual Kherr WiFi radiators and maintains the comfort temperature while ensuring minimum energy consumption.

Bars and hooks:

  • Stainless steel bar bar And Optional towel hooks.
  • The 51 cm stainless steel bars are suitable for square and vertical format, while the 102 cm stainless steel bars are suitable for horizontal format. Regarding stainless steel hooks: they are sold in pack of three and adapt to all formats .

The advantages of Dual Kherr technology:

  • Dual Kherr technology is a patented system, it concerns the heating specificities of inertia radiators .
  • Allows a Low consumption ecological heating .
  • You can therefore promote your comfort while respecting the planet .
  • Quick and efficient heating .
  • Silicon allows better accumulation and Heat your home faster and longer .

Dual Kherr Radiators in inertia

The advantages of the HCC system:

  • The HCC System allows energy savings by making it possible to use the minimum power to maintain a stable temperature .
  • Simply by adjusting the operation of the resistance in order to use the minimum power (to help you see more clearly, think of the cruise control system present in a car) .

Internal carbon composition inserted in the Touch Silicon radiator

  • Prevents oxidation .
  • Aerodynamic design .
  • Double insulation and absolute safety .
  • Silent system .
  • Anchoring security .
  • Easy Wall system allowing easy installation .
  • Outdoor grid refrigerated effect : Reduces skin contact with the warm parts .

Internal radiator composition

Valderoma: commitment . Quality. Technology . Design . Ecology Valderoma Global Company was created in 2004 by the Spanish group Climastar . Valderoma manufactures comfortable, decorative, ecological, low-consumption heating, avant-garde design and with high technological performance . A question about the WiFi Valderoma inertia radiator ? Contact our teams on 01-64-24-19-40 or by email by clicking here.

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                  • Packs – Special offer – Central
                  • Orders and badges
                  • Opening and presence detectors
                  • RTC/GSM and home automation transmitters
                  • Technical detectors
                  • Batteries – Accessories
                  • Packs / Centrals
                  • Alma peripherals
                  • Somfy one connected solution
                  • Somfy Protect
                  • Orders and remote controls
                  • Smoke detector
                  • Movement detector
                  • Video kits
                  • Cameras and domes
                  • DVR / NVR
                  • Video protection accessories
                  • Audio audio
                  • Video intercom
                    • Aiphone video intercom
                      • Accessories Aiphone
                        • Badges
                        • Push buttons
                        • Protruding frames
                        • Code keyboards
                        • IP interface
                        • Telephone interface
                        • Pot
                        • Suction cup
                        • Visor
                        • Automation
                          • Domotic Tebis & VDI
                          • Home automation yokis
                          • FAAC motorization
                            • FAAC accessories
                              • FAAC accessories
                              • Fighting gate motorization – Cam
                              • Sliding gate motorization – Cam
                              • Motorization accessories – Cam
                              • Automation for roller shutters
                              • Automation for swinging shutters
                              • Portal and opening piloting
                              • Pilot wire
                              • Carrier
                              • Radio Frequency
                              • Room thermostat
                              • Muller Intitiv
                              • Bathroom fittings (sink, shower and bath)
                                • Shower Bath Taps
                                  • Bath accessories shower
                                  • Monocolonne shower bath
                                  • Bath shower on throat
                                  • Thermostatic shower bath
                                  • Bathing shower
                                  • Shower
                                  • Shower bath mixer
                                  • Shower bath mixer
                                  • Shower bath pack
                                  • Shower bathing emptying
                                  • Shower accessories
                                  • Shower columns
                                  • Shower
                                  • Facades Shower
                                  • Flexible
                                  • Shower mixers
                                  • Shower pack
                                  • Shower head
                                  • Shower arm
                                  • Facade
                                  • Body embedded – Box
                                  • EXPECTED PACKS
                                  • Bathroom furniture
                                  • Lave Hands Furniture
                                  • Basses and sinks
                                    • Basin and sink accessories
                                    • Hydrotherapy accessories
                                    • Rain sky
                                    • Sandwich apples
                                    • Chromotherapy
                                    • Kitchen fitting
                                    • Watches
                                    • Lave-handled furniture
                                    • Bashing-hand taps
                                    • Retro accessories
                                    • Retro emptying
                                    • Elite art
                                    • Canova Elite
                                    • Carmen
                                    • Chambord
                                    • Waterproof
                                    • Museo
                                    • Parig
                                    • Pique Classic
                                    • Very clasic
                                    • Waldorf
                                    • Body embedded – Box
                                    • Facade
                                    • EXPECTED PACKS
                                    • Mirror walls
                                    • Toilet seat
                                    • WC accessories
                                    • WC wall lights
                                    • WC bowls
                                    • Support buildings
                                    • WC and WC packs
                                    • Bidets
                                    • Control plates
                                    • WC tanks
                                    • Urinoirs
                                    • WC washing
                                    • Grinders
                                    • Lifting pumps
                                    • Emptying
                                    • Accessories
                                    • Detached pieces
                                    • Soap dish
                                    • Stopcock
                                    • Outdoor shower
                                    • The faucet
                                    • Heating cable
                                    • Electric water heater
                                    • Thermodynamic water heater
                                    • Water heater accessories
                                    • Warming balloons
                                    • Balneo bath
                                    • Bathtub
                                    • Retro bathtub
                                    • Corner bathtub
                                    • Oval bathtub
                                    • Rectangular bathtub
                                    • Round bathtub
                                    • Two -seater
                                    • Color bathtub
                                    • Bathtub accessories and aprons
                                    • Emptying for bathtub
                                    • Acrylic bathtub
                                    • Steel bathtub
                                    • Cast iron
                                    • Solid surface bathtub
                                    • Duo bathtub
                                    • Italian shower evacuation
                                    • Recipients
                                    • Shower wall
                                    • Heating spare parts
                                    • Inside lighting
                                      • Wall lights
                                      • Bathroom walls
                                      • Lampposts
                                      • Table lamp
                                      • Ceiling lamp
                                      • Spots
                                      • Suspensions and chandeliers
                                      • Rollery
                                      • Accessories
                                      • Lamps to be installed
                                      • Sconing
                                      • Spots
                                      • Suspensions
                                      • Lamps
                                      • Spotlight
                                      • Hot water radiators
                                        • Horizontal Altai
                                        • Altai Vertical
                                        • Horizontal Altima
                                        • Vertical altima
                                        • Hot water artemia
                                        • Double vertical decline chorus
                                        • Simple vertical chorus decli’c
                                        • Clarian Horizontal
                                        • Clarian Vertical
                                        • DecoForm Plinth
                                        • DK Hybrid
                                        • E-Flow parada
                                        • E-FLO RAMO
                                        • Horizontal Fassane
                                        • Double horizontal fassane with vertical elements
                                        • Fassane Neo Horizontal
                                        • Fassane Neo Vertical
                                        • Horizontal fassane
                                        • Fassane Pack Plinth
                                        • Fassane Prem’s horizontal
                                        • Fassane prem’s vertical
                                        • Fassane Vertical
                                        • H2O horizontal
                                        • H2O Vertical
                                        • Kadrane
                                        • Kadrane Chrome
                                        • Kadrane stainless steel
                                        • Mixed kadrane
                                        • Chrome mixed kadrane
                                        • Karena
                                        • Mixed karena
                                        • Chrome keva
                                        • Horizontal Keva
                                        • Keva Prem’s horizontal
                                        • Keva prem’s vertical
                                        • Keva Vertical
                                        • KOS V
                                        • Parada
                                        • Parada plinth
                                        • Verical Paros
                                        • Vertical plan
                                        • Horizontal Planea Central heating
                                        • Central heating vertical planea
                                        • Ramo Plinth
                                        • Reggane 3010 Compact plan
                                        • Striane Horizontal
                                        • Striane vertical
                                        • Vuelta and central heating MCE
                                        • Vuelta Horizontal MCA central heating
                                        • Vuelta Plinth Central Heating MCP
                                        • VERTICAL VERTICAL Central heating MCV
                                        • 2012 hot water
                                        • Adelis hot water
                                        • Alban hot water
                                        • Altai hot water
                                        • Altima Spa Hot Water
                                        • Arborescence
                                        • Smart Water Smart Arborescence
                                        • Smart Speed’Air Hot Water Arborescence
                                        • Speed’Air tree
                                        • ATOLL Spa Hot Eau
                                        • Atoll Spa hot hot water
                                        • Atoll Spa + Hot Water Air
                                        • Asymmetrical cala on the right hot water
                                        • Banga
                                        • Banga curved hot water
                                        • Asymmetrical cala on the left hot water
                                        • Hot water cala
                                        • Stainless steel hot water cala
                                        • Cala + Hot Water Air
                                        • Cala + Chrome hot air air
                                        • Cala Twist + Hot Water Air
                                        • Chromed hot water cala
                                        • Hot water chime
                                        • Chorus Bains Speed ​​Air Hot Water
                                        • Chorus Bains
                                        • ELLIPSE
                                        • Fassane Spa + Asymmetrical air on the right hot water
                                        • Fassane Spa + Asymmetrical air on the left hot water
                                        • Fassane asymmetrical spa on the right hot water
                                        • Fassane asymmetrical spa on the left hot water
                                        • Fassane SPA Symmetrical Warm Water
                                        • H2o
                                        • Impulse
                                        • FASSANE SPA Asymmetrical Central Heating
                                        • Kadrane Spa Hot Water
                                        • Karena Spa Hot Water
                                        • Kazeane hot water
                                        • Kazeane hot hot water
                                        • Keva Spa Hot Water
                                        • ACOVA mixed resistance kits
                                        • Keva Spa Chrome Hot Water
                                        • Hot water cloud
                                        • Palma Spa Hot Water
                                        • Hot water feather
                                        • REGATE + AIR HOT WATER
                                        • REGATE TWIST + HOT WATER AIR
                                        • REGATE HOT WATER
                                        • REGATE STATUS HOT WATER
                                        • Rasp
                                        • Slim
                                        • Sanaga Hot water
                                        • Surf chrome surf water tahiti
                                        • Tahiti Hot Water
                                        • Tuscany Hot Water
                                        • Tahiti Speed’Air Hot Water
                                        • Altaï Mixed Spa
                                        • Standard mixed tree
                                        • Speed’Air mixed arborescence
                                        • Mixed hut
                                        • Mixed
                                        • Kadrane Mixed Spa
                                        • Kadrane Mixed Spa Chrome
                                        • Kadrane mixed stainless steel spa
                                        • Karena Mixed Spa
                                        • Mixed spa keva
                                        • Mixed Digital Digital Ventilo
                                        • Riva 4 mixed with blower
                                        • Mixed Adelis
                                        • Mixed Tahiti
                                        • Mixed Surf Chrome Tahiti
                                        • Mixed sanaga
                                        • Chorus Bains Speed ​​Air Mixte
                                        • Mixed Smart Arborescence
                                        • Wall equipment
                                          • Essensya
                                          • Cubyko
                                          • Klysta
                                          • SYSTO
                                          • Ateha
                                          • Silea
                                          • Gallery

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