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Raid: Shadow Legends

Thank you for the translation of Ayumilove is practical for non -English speakers
I think it might be useful to put on the sheets why they are interesting, it is not obvious to know for a beginner why knight deer is good or crushed crane
qq lines to say this character must play last it is interesting because it will hit hard, but the characters must be weak
or that must play it in 1st because it poses weaknesses … Finally something that explains the advantage of characters good luck ! Answer

RAID SHADOW Legend guide

Welcome to the Raid Shadow Legends game guide, mobile game. To play on PC go down the page to RSL on PC !

To install the game on PC:

Discord Raid Shadow Legends Fr

For those interested there is an RSL part on my discord, with recruitment for a clan, advice (with an S because yes only one is not top ��) and discussions �� We also give preview, the Next changes on the game.

540 gems to be won:

For more information, click here

Personal help and coaching for your account:

Which first champion to choose ?

From the start you must choose between 4 champions.

If you want to have more information I will invite you to follow the next page which brings together all the information to know about the characters.

To summarize you must choose between:

  • Elhain (high elf archer) (guide on Elhain)
  • Kael (mage) (guide on kael)
  • Galek (Galek guide)
  • Athel (Guide on Athel)

In order (for new player): Kael, Athel or Elhain, Galek.

Guide for new players:

List of strongest champions.

Here I will put a link with the list of all the strongest champions of Raid Shadow Legends, the complete guide on all champions.

  • List of best champions
  • Sort of all champions (tier list/buff/beginning/aura)
  • List of champions obtained in F2P + those that can be food

Pay less RSL packs:

Tutorial to save money via Paypal:

Clan boss awards:

The awards you can win in the clan boss.

Faction crypt:

Teams used and example to finish faction crypts:

Doom Tower:

Menu to all information from the Doom Tower of RSL + How to beat the bosses:

Auto-Cliker on RSL

Tip, Artifact sale:

Tip on the sale of artifact in Raid Shadow Legends:


Composition that everyone can do and that helps spend money 1.


Artifacts and master’s degrees.

All know about artifacts:

Buffs and beginnings + precision:

List of all buffs and starts of the game:

Buildings and game pages:

The list of buildings and their uses in the game

  • The mine
  • The big hall
  • Forge
  • The market
  • The training arena (guardian ring)
  • The gate
  • The tavern
  • Soul altar

Champions affinities:

All know about different affinities: magic / spirit / strength and nothingness.


All the information on the abbreviations of the game:

Promo code on raid !

You can have promotional codes to win rewards.

Patch note:

List of Patch game notes and information:

Further information :

Install Raid Shadow Legends on PC:

You can play RSL on your PC directly via the Plarium Launcher, no need for emulator, follow the tutorial here:

Others: bug, correction and improvement of the game:

All links to improve your game, talk about bugs and their correction:

  • PC application: how to remove the blur at the bottom of the screen on the game
  • You can’t play or start the game ?
  • How to recover your RSL account ?
  • Statistics on Raid Shadow Legends game
  • Raid Shadow Legends affinities

History of Raid Shadow Legends ��

In Raid Shadow Legends, there is a story ? you followed it ?

Others ?

Thank you for telling me what you are looking for exactly as a help in the comments, that I can help you.

If you want to support the site:

Raid Shadow Legends tip

Thank you for reading the tips on Raid Shadow Legends, do not hesitate to share the page �� And as you put above if you have any questions I’m present here, on Twitch and on the Discord:

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69 comments on “Raid Shadow Legend Guide”

Hi I Need Your Advice to Form the Best Team in Attack and Defense Arena with the following champions in my possession;
Lord Shazar
Teela Epic:
Madame Serris
Rare seneschal:
Spirithost i look forward to your suggestions because after mary tests i have not yet managed to put togger the best group
Maurizio Reply

Excuse me for the delay but I Wanted to Ask, Atz Answered Me A Team That Could Suit You:
Lead = Lord Shazar
Break def = Serris
Nuker = Zargala answer

Thank you for the translation of Ayumilove is practical for non -English speakers
I think it might be useful to put on the sheets why they are interesting, it is not obvious to know for a beginner why knight deer is good or crushed crane
qq lines to say this character must play last it is interesting because it will hit hard, but the characters must be weak
or that must play it in 1st because it poses weaknesses … Finally something that explains the advantage of characters good luck ! Answer

Hi and no worries ^^
To say everything now I do all the pages on each champion and I took Ayumi’s tier list, but then I will change it a little (it is already done for some champion)
Because currently a champion who can be ultra strong in dungeon, can be marked in a just zero because are useful = only one place ^^.
So yes I will make a small text but I especially think to make a classification later of the champions useful for: the arene, the BDC, the dungeons.
(and on the pages I will add as for that of beugleur if you want to look :), the advice so that he is in 12/3 and 12/6 in 7seconde ^^) answer

Good evening,
I would like to know if the training arena is profitable and how to use its gems in general.
Thanks in advance,
Matthieu Reply

Hi go on discord, I’m doing a page, you mp you will have your answers and I could know if everyone will understand well ��

Hello I would like to know how XP boosts work. Indeed it’s been twice that I have recovered from my trunk XP boosts of 100 per 100 for a day but that does not change the xp enchanting by my champions. Thanks in advance. Answer

Hey, look cb of time you have on your bonus +100% because it is a bonus which if you have two of 24 hours = 48 hours, so you will see the difference when you lose your bonuses of 100% exp. Answer

Hi! already thank you for your guide it is super useful for a beginner. I would like to know what is the most profitable way to use your gems, you have to save? What resources to buy? Thank you in advance answer

Thank you ��
– Purchase of the mine
– Purchase of the entire market
– Purchase of master’s degrees for the starter
– Energy refill (energy purchase) for 40 gems, if you are very often connected the training arena can be good ^^

Why not a newspaper with the next mergers and the next invocations bonuses ?? It is possible to have this info ?? No info on Google �� Answer

Hi, for mergers there are information here:
https: // the invocations bonuses I did not make a page because people say it and not share a page (end maybe I’m wrong) answer

Already a big thank you for all the advice in live / on this site, it is really very useful for beginners !
I was wondering if it was possible to add a comment in the description of heroes like “hero very useful for his 1 thanks to his DEF beginning” or even your personal opinion on the hero
And if it was also possible to have a dungeon guide with a very useful hero list for the dungeon. This “idea” comes mainly from a reflection that I had when I had to farm the dungeon of magic: “I need the start / shield flight, what a personal ? Given the number of characters, it will be long and complex to look at all of the characters to find out who would be good. No choice in the immediate future but if a guide exists, it would have been faster / reliable ! »In any case, thank you for what you are already doing, it helps a lot ! Answer

Hi and thank you ��
There will be descriptions for the champions as well as the damage to their spell ��
But I must already do all the champions + sorting by buffs/beginning and utility of the champions �� So not immediately �� answer

Ok thank you very much for the info and the answer ! Currently, there is already a way to see the % damage that each spell does ? �� Reply

No, it’s calculates and youtubers are making the calculation for each champion ^^ Reply

Ok thanks again for the info !

Hi, would it be possible to have pages dedicate to the boss to know what sought in our personal to increase our chance of progression ? like “for x boss it is advisable to have a beginning …” or “this boss works like that but you can manage it easily with a character who makes x thing” answer

Hi yes it is planned but first I want to finish the pages of the champions �� answer
hi, I would like to know what a set exactly please answer

A set = several equipment of the same batch (set), when you put a set = you win a bonus, then we first do the artifacts (best stats) and after we finish the set than if we have good artefact in this set and not the opposite �� Reply

Ok, thank you for your answer alucare answer

Good morning
I would like to know if we can change your nickname even if it has been changed once
If so how to do thank you answer

Hi, I don’t think it is possible if someone knows it can be useful but I have never seen how to do dsl �� answer

Hello, if we have saved shard is what it is advisable to invoke because septimus is boosted x10 or is it better for eco for the double rate ? Answer

I prefer the X2, because the x10 = less likely to have epic or legendary + if you have legendary during an X10 you just have 10 times more likely to have this champion, so not obliged to have it ^^ answer

Hi, I have a mission that asks me to equip 2 champions with 3 artifact games “stars or superior. And no way to get there, and I tried everything!
If someone can help me save my life !! Answer

Hi, go to a stream RSL or Sunday I will go to your account to show you why �� It is a rare memory champion and it is necessary that it is 3 complete artifact answer

Slt how vs go the moderators, give birth g a problem I’m starting raid and as I am a put son and bah I want codes to win suits for free so I will be grateful to add a “codes” tab or you give the codes currently active.
Cordially, and by thanking your
Understanding, Sir Sirius Autaure. Answer

I be at stubborn but I have to leave this comment haha, you killed me ^^ answer

hi, you say a lot of the word “food”, that means lol? No matter how much I look for I don’t find and you often use it xD thank you, a pleasure to read you �� answer

So food is shitty champions that you go up for up other champions �� answer

Hello, to start, thank you for the work provided on this page. We can say frankly that these my bible RSL ^^
Without this page I will be completely somed to know which legendary keep or not because I come to my second subject, I would like to know when is the new legend of October will be classified under tier because I would really like to know who I must food and who keep. I bouillon of importance of knowing.
Another Foix, a thousand thanks for what you do on this page, let go of nothing and continue like that, you make mega good taff.
CDL Illysarna Reply

Hi, so already I hope you don’t food your legendary even those who are bad;).
I’m going to do them when I have a little bit of time because it’s personal time and at the moment I prefer to take up the streams a little more but it will be done soon :). Answer

Dsl jme am gouré. I wanted to put legends instead of legendary Looool ..
Damn corrector … haha.
Too much to have third parties of the legend in October. Answer

I’m looking to make a good team for comics, what characters advise me thank you. Answer
Without knowing your champions I am not knowing ^^ answer

Hi ,
I wanted to know if you planned to add categories for each dungeon, clan boss, …
To make a classification of the best for the dragon, Spider… the same for BDC
I think it would help everyone and for the characters who are bad in everything except in the dragon, it would allow the new players to keep it and not the feed thank you �� answer

The big concern is that I wanted to do this except that some as in the comic that I had made put that the characters top third (and therefore did not do team that could fight well) suddenly if you have 5 good champion in the dragon but which have no synergy you may not move forward ^^ answer

Hello, I’m looking to make 3 teams for team arenas as well as a team for the clan boss. Here are the champion I have: legendary:
2 -married siphi
Krisk the Lord
Zavia (in X2)
Scyl des Drakes
Septimus (in X2)
Mortu Macaab
Visix Insoumise
War chief
Epic toisongore teela:
Longuenattes gala
Poorly created monster
AOX The Memoieux
Gold mower
High khatun
Zahrakin the fat
Masked epouvanter
Drauglord Balthus
Haarken terriblelame
Related by the oath
Noble legionnaire
Rector Drath
Old Jorrg hermit
Catacombe advisor
Sand survivor
Mistress of hymns
Wandering knight
Rare luria:
Banshee frozen
and many other. For the moment here are my teams:
1) Elderly married siphi, Krisk the Eternal, Zavia, Sinesha
2) Zavia, Scyl des Drakes, researcher, Adriel
3) Parangon, Kael, Gala Longuenattes, apothecary for the clan boss:
Siphi Married, Krisk the Lord, Zavia, Banhee frozen, Kael thank you in advance for your help. PS: one last question, what do you think of the new artifact set ? Because you don’t talk about it in your guides ^^ Answer

We saw that on my stream �� Reply

Good evening, I’m brand new on RSL. I crossed the 1st level is when I want to start the 2nd the game informs me that my champions do not have auras. I don’t really understand what to do to get them for equipped on my champions. How should I do ? Answer

Because you didn’t have to put a lead champion with the aura look at the auras and put your champion in leader (first) answer

Raid: Shadow Legends

The shadow launched by the dark Siroth lord floats on the kingdom of Téléria. You are one of the warriors resurrected by an immortal goalkeeper, the referee, in order to stop her. Discover a range of strategies, PVE and PVP playing modes combined in an innovative way, personalization of the skills of the characters and a cooperative game based on the clans. Join players from around the world and become a Téléria hero.

Intense arena pvp

Launches challenges and confronts other players in ferocious arena battles. Liquid competition, gain level and obtain awards. Climbs in rankings to win rarer objects and respect for your enemies !

+ 700 champions

To win the victory, you have to reach the right champions. Approach orcs, living dead and men-lézards and united them. Make sure the loyalty of champions of 16 distinct factions.

Epic boss battles

Faced with formidable bosses to win booty, XP and champion awards ! Fighting in the Château du Chevalier de Feu, on the peak of the ice golem, in the lair of the spider and the dragon, and many others.

+ 1 million builds

Unlock a variety of master’s degrees and built your team according to your tastes. Improves your champions to complement each other and invent a strategy to use them as well as possible. Differentiate yourself from your opponents and dominate !

Discovery of the Lore

Immerse yourself in the magical world of teleria by reading the biographies of more than 70 champions at stake. Then stimulates your imagination by watching our new limited series, Raid: Call of the Arbiter, from May 18 on Youtube !