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Connect your notes with Projects and Tasks Using Concept

Set sharing permissions on your notes page and invite collaborators, like the other meeting waiting.

Notion – notes, docs, tasks

Write, Plan & Get Organized in one place. Customize notion to work the way you do.

Free for personal use

– Never hit a storage limit – add as much content as you want
– Just Drag and Drop to Craft the Dashboard, Website, Doc, Or System You Need

Free to try with your team

– Invite Your Team Members and Start Getting Organized With a Free Trial
– 90% of Forbes Cloud 100 Companies use notion to get work done

Notes, docs, tasks

Drag & Drop Anything. Organize Everything.

Collaborate in real-time

Easily Share Pages. Add comments and @mention teammates.

Create Beautiful Docs with images, to-do’s, and 20+ more content types.

Nest Pages Inside Pages. No More Messy Folders.

Publish to the web

Turn any notion page into a website in just Two TAPS.

Sync with Browser, Mac and Windows Apps

Pick up on desktop where left off on mobile.

To download the Desktop App, Visit Concept.SO/Desktop.

Connect your notes with Projects and Tasks Using Concept

Create, Manage, and Store Your notes in One Central HUB SO YOU NEVER LOS TRACK OR WORRY ABOUT HORE TO SHARE YOUR NOTES.

Use notion to keep notes connected to projects and teams

Most note-tuking applications are isolated, specialized apps, which makes it hard to share notes with team members or add them to project docs written in different software.

Notion’s connected workspace enables you to take notes, add collaborators, and link notes to project docs or tasks, so they’re visible when and where you need them most.

Visualize your projects with flexible, collaborative timelines

With notion, you can:

Invite Team Members to Edit and Access Your notes
Fine-grained control over permissions
Easily Share notes within notion or outside it
Integrate Your Notes With Project Docs, Team Wikis, Knowledge Bases, and Process Docs

Let’s look at How to Take Notes From A Meeting and Integrate them with your Project below.

How to take notes with notion

CREATE A Concept Account.

CREATE A NEW PAGER by typing /page in your workspace. Start typing your notes, like brainstorming or meeting notes.

Set sharing permissions on your notes page and invite collaborators, like the other meeting waiting.

Link to your notes page from Another Project Doc, Wiki team, or Knowledge Base, so It’s Easily Accessible to Others.

Transform Your Meeting Notes Into Actionable Items

Keep Everyone Aligned by Building A Note-Taking System that Integrats with Project Planning and Tasks.


How can i take organized notes at work?

Here are some tips for tuking organized notes:

Use a Structured format like Bullet Points, Headings, OR Mind Maps
Use abbreviations and symbols
Use tags to organize your notes

Use a note-tuking Tool to Manage and Store Your notes. Bonus points if the tool, like notion, integrates with other aspects of your workflow

What’s the Ideal Note-Taking System for Work?

A Powerful Note-Taking System Enables You To Not Only Organize Your Thoughts During Meetings and Presentations But also to Transform these notes Into Actionable Items or Easily Accessible Docs Docs.

Check out notion’s connected workspace, which empowers you to integrate your notes with all other aspects of your Daily Work, Including Project, Information, and Task Management.

What is the best way to keep notes for work?

Use A System that’s convent, accessible, and easy to use. Here are some tips for keeping notes organized:

Use a digital note-tuking tool like that syncs across devices and allows you to Search in and Sort your notes