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The more affordable internet is back for the start of the school year. Packages from $ 35/ month


Then start the famous debate and the famous question: which is the best between the two for the Internet?

Compare the best internet packages and save with this tool

Get the fastest service and save on your next residential internet package thanks to our comparative tool. Whether you are looking for a student subscription, an unlimited plan, access via fiber or cable, find the list of the best deals and price of Internet access companies and providers in Quebec such as: Bell, Videotron, Ebox, Telus , Virgin, Cogeco and others. Easily save money by comparing prices and costs per month, depending on your region, to pay less for your WiFi at home.

It has practically become an essential need. We must have access to the Internet whether through optical fiber technologies, cable, satellite to which we then spread via Wi-Fi in order to have wireless connections.

We need it for the work whether at the office of our company, or even at home when we do telework. We obviously also need our house. It can be for our entertainment such as streaming videos and online video games, as well as everything related to home automation and smart house.

However, choose your internet package and make the right choice maybe difficult. Going to all the sites of the various Internet access providers can become a puzzle for some.

The broadband bandwidth, the number of limited or unlimited data, download speeds and megabits per second (MBPS), fiber optic, ADSL or coaxial cable technology, is all this available in its region or No?

It is difficult to decide between this as much as it is sometimes difficult to understand the bandwidth and the data we need so as not to pay too much for a service that we have no need.

In addition, many have the reflex to only watch the offers of major internet service operators such as Bell or Videotron for example. Yet there are many other players on the market!

Since each of us have important criteria for our internet connection and that we are looking for the best value for money, it is in your interest to see all the temporary offers and promotions that are accessible in our region.

After having already presented the comparator of cell plans, the Montreal company, Planhub and I are therefore delighted to offer an entirely free tool which this time allows to compare all the internet packages in one place in order to obtain the best price possible.

Find the best internet package for home or work

Our comparator makes it possible to find the best rates of residential and companies internet plans with various Internet operators and providers in Quebec and Canada.

Constantly updated with the latest market offers, the comparator acts as a database of internet packages.

All major internet suppliers in Quebec and Canada are:

  • Bell
  • Video
  • Ebox
  • Telus
  • Xplornet
  • Telecom
  • B2B2C
  • Vmedia
  • Comwave
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Fizz
  • Teksavvy
  • Altima Telecom
  • Distribute
  • Bravo Telecom
  • Allo Telecom
  • And more!

The principle and use of the comparator could not be more complicated. Once on the comparator, we only follow the steps.

We start by mentioning the province in which we live. Then, we register the Internet supplier with which we are at the moment.

Thereafter, we determine the internet speed by megabits per second that we need. If we have difficulty determining it, we can ask for help and answer a few quick questions, either:

  • How many people simultaneously use the Internet at home or in our business
  • How many devices connect to the Internet.
  • The number of people working at home.
  • The quality of the videos we watch online (HD or 4K).
  • If we play online games
  • Which is most important for us at an Internet supplier (service, quality, price)

We then enter our postal code. This is that allows you to know precisely the best offers in our region.

Plan hub compare internet package

The comparator displays all the Internet packages available according to our search criteria.

What is the best internet package offer of the moment?

The comparator then displays all the internet packages available at the moment according to our research criteria. We can then sort them according to the download speed, the number of data, the recommended packages according to our search criteria or the cheapest packages.

The results are placed from the cheapest to the most expensive, which allows us to quickly see what offers us the best price according to our criteria.

We can even subscribe by emails to price alerts according to our research criteria. This tool is very practical while prices often fluctuate from one supplier to another and from one season to another.

Test your internet speed and find a better price

Another interesting tool of the Internet package comparator is that of the speed test.

Not only does this one give us the exact speed of our connection in megabits per second, but it also allows us to see how much we could pay in another supplier for the same speed.

Always with the lowest possible price!

HUB Plan Test Speed ​​Internet Connection

Find the best price for internet speed you have.

This therefore becomes interesting to save money by turning to a cheaper or downright option as a negotiation tool with the current supplier note retention.

In short, it is a beautiful platform to have in its favorites of its web browser, in order to store its next internet package and save some.

Who is the best between Bell or Videotron for the Internet?

When the time comes to look for a new internet package in Quebec, the two major players to which several will turn are Bell and Videotron.

Then start the famous debate and the famous question: which is the best between the two for the Internet?

The two telecommunications giants offer broadband internet plans able to meet the different needs of each.

Both do not necessarily use the same technology, however, depending on the region where we are. Bell opts for optical fiber in the majority of regions, but still has a DSL network in others. Videotron also uses optical fiber, then the coaxial cable for other regions.

In terms of offers, this is cyclical and this is the importance of using our package comparator and subscribing to alerts, because the offers are constantly changing.

Everyone offers promotional offers according to the seasons with prices sometimes revised down as we add other services such as television, mobile packages for cell phones or a wired telephone line.

Where it will generally decline, it is at the level of customer service and the reliability of the network.

Bell has a better reputation in terms of the reliability of its network unlike Videotron.

On the other hand, the reputation of its customer service is at the very least. execrable. Several people complained over time and Bell obtains unwelcoming notes. Conversely Videotron generally does good figure on this forehead.

In short, it is a question of preferences which sometimes simply end up being influenced by the prices offered by each.

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The more affordable internet is back for the start of the school year.

Unique installation fees of $ 60 apply.

The more affordable internet is back for the start of the school year. Get 50 Mb /s Megabytes per second at $ 40 /month. per month

After a credit of $ 25 for 12 months.

The more affordable internet is back for the start of the school year. Get 300 Mb /s Megabytes per second at $ 55 /month. per month

After a credit of $ 35 for 12 months.

Unique installation fees of $ 60 apply.

Damn! The Internet Virgin Plus is not offered in your province.

Please note, the Internet Virgin Plus is only offered in Ontario and Quebec.

Internet packages Virgin Plus

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Good to know :

  • 1 of the unique installation costs of $ 60 apply if you refuse self-installing when you are eligible and if you ask for a technician visit. Customers not eligible for self-installing will receive the visit of a technician at no cost.
  • Offered to new Virgin Plus members, where access and technology allow it.
  • Promotions are based on a continuous subscription to an eligible internet package. Promotional credits consist of a monthly credit on the current price. The current price could increase during your subscription. If the current price increases, your monthly price will increase, but you will continue to receive your monthly credit for the duration of the promo. Any change made to services could affect the price and/or lead to the loss of credits or promotions, if that is the case, since the eligibility conditions could vary.
  • The rental of the modem is included.
  • The use of the service, including unlimited use, must respect the internet service terms.
  • Access to remitization speeds can vary depending on the distance between the member’s modem and Virgin Plus switching equipment. Real speeds may vary depending on the equipment, configuration, internet traffic, server, environmental conditions, or other factors.

How fast you need?

  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Video
  • HD movie

10 MB photos

25 MB Music

500 MB video

3 GB HD movie

Recommend your friends for more savings.

Invite your friends to join Virgin Plus and you will each receive a credit of $ 50 on the invoice. Recommend up to 6 friends per year to obtain up to $ 300 in credits on the invoice!

Internet and TV services are better together. Get them both from $ 60 /month. per month

In addition, get a Google Chromecast by subscribing to the TV department as part of a six -month package. Offered as part of new activations. Call, snap or go to a Virgin Plus store to take advantage of this offer.

Good news! You can get Virgin Plus TV now.

Internet members can add Virgin Plus TV to an eligible unlimited internet package from 35 /month. per month and look at the content live and on request the most great, anytime and anywhere.

Why choose the Internet Virgin Plus?

Unlimited internet packages at low monthly cost, without hidden expenses and without long -term contract. The modem is included.

Unlimited use at the desired speed to continue playing, navigate and broadcast all day.

Exceptional customer support, whether in person, on the phone or online, as well as a award-winning self-service application.

Rewards and advantages

Get more with membership benefits – the n ° 1 reward program in Canada*, where members can save $ 1,000 on their daily purchases.

Modems that we gain to know.

Our modems have lots of great qualities and have the most recent Wi-Fi technology to ensure a super powerful connection throughout the house.

Self-installing program

We take the health and safety of our team and our members very seriously. Today, we are announcing the launch of our self-installing and assisted repairs program. In some regions, our Virgin Internet modems can be sent by post directly to the member’s address. Self-installation is simple and easy thanks to the instructions provided. Members can easily configure and install their internet equipment with confidence and safety.

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