Citroën Friend: Price, release date, characteristics, all about the electric car without a license, Citroën city dwellers | The whole range of small city cars

The Citroën Citadines range

The manufacturer must make some sacrifices in terms of equipment, contenting himself with providing the basics. Logic. The central location for smartphone is the only small device that Citroën is allowed. No central screen so, The My Citroën application allowing access to all vehicle information.

Citroën Friend: Price, release date, characteristics, all about the electric car without a license available from 14 years old

Citroën markets the friend, an electric car without permit intriguing to say the least, in France since May 11, 2019. The vehicle is accessible from the age of 14 for the modest sum of € 6,900 excluding ecological bonus of € 900. Price, release date, finishes, equipment, here is everything you need to know about the Citroën Friend.

Citroen Friend

You don’t choose your family, but you choose your friend. After the presentation of a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019, Citroën announced at the end of February 2020 the marketing of the friend, his electric cart without a license. The Citroën Friend is aimed at a very special audience. City dwellers, of course, but also young people. Since it does not require a driving license, it is accessible From the age of 14 provided you have obtained the BSR or the AMM. With this license -free electric car, Citroën introduces a product as attractive as it. We take stock of this friend who wants you well.

�� What design for the Citroën Friend ?

Citroën explains that he was inspired by 2CV to design the friend. Nevertheless, the rounded lines of the legendary car have given way to a cubic and symmetrical design. Intended for a city audience, The friend displays dimensions riquiqui (2.41 x 1.39 x 1.52 m), a weight of 490 kg and a robbery of 3.6 m, ideal for sneaking in the small streets. The body rests on four 14 -inch wheels. Two doors (one of which is antagonistic) complete the whole.

Citroen Friend Price

Do not be deceived by its small format. Like the first mini in its time, The friend is designed to accommodate two adults. “The two symmetrical sitting arranged as an offbeat offering a real feeling of space and an ease of movement to each of the occupants, both in terms of the shoulder width as well as from the legs to the legs or the head” Ensures Citroën. The large glass surfaces promise a beautiful light on board.

Citroen Friend Equipment

The manufacturer must make some sacrifices in terms of equipment, contenting himself with providing the basics. Logic. The central location for smartphone is the only small device that Citroën is allowed. No central screen so, The My Citroën application allowing access to all vehicle information.

�� What finishes ?

The friend is available in seven versions. Citroën does not lack humor in their name. L’At Miami will be the basic model, My friend Gray, My friend Khaki, My friend Blue And My friend orange constituting the second level of finishes. Among the additional equipment, we find the floor mat, a storage tray on the top of the dashboard, a central separation net, a door net a hook for bag, a smartphone pliers and a bluetooth/USB dongle.

Citroen Friend Labor

My friend pop And My friend vibe are therefore the two most premium finishes. Two black rear light enjolifiers, a black rear spoiler, two bumper reinforcements (front and rear), two orange door stickers and a chevron sticker distinguish the pop version. The vibe finish is intended “High -end, chic and graphic” and identify with his roof bars and black wheel arrangements.

��What is the autonomy of the car ?

The friend has a 6 kW engine allowing a maximum speed of 45 km/h. You will not need more, the legislation imposing this limitation on vehicles without a license anyway. The friend being intended for city use, you will have only very rarely access to roads limited at more than 50 km/h. On the other hand you will enjoy the instantaneous acceleration of an electric motor.

The 5.5 kWh battery promises a range of 70 km, Very sufficient for daily use, the French traveling on average 54 km per day. The friend supports several charging methods: 220 V domestic socket (count three hours for a full load), public terminal and Wall box.

Citroen friend Autonomy

�� What is the price of the friend ?

Citroën opts for unprecedented distribution on the market. First, the different versions will be available for purchase. Here are the prices of each model outside the ecological bonus quadricycles of 900 euros:

  • At Miami : 6,900 euros
  • My friend Gray, Khaki, Blue and Orange: 7,300 euros
  • Pop friend: 7,800 euros
  • VIAB friend : 8,260 euros

Citroën obviously offers long -term rental offers for two years and more. The friend is then available from 19.90 euros per month After the payment of a first rent of 3541 euros. The manufacturer also offers an offer via its Free2Move electric car rental service. Users will be able to rent the friend according to their needs. Count 0.26 euros per minute, 12 euros per hour or 40 euros per day. A one -month subscription to 9.90 euros is also available.

�� What release date ?

It is possible to order your car and choose your color and options on the official Citroën website.

Citroën has teamed up with the Fnac-Darty group To present his vehicle in 39 stores in France. To afford a friend, you will have to go through an online command. However, the Citroën Friend also arrives from the brand’s dealerships. By the end of the summer, the friend will be offered in nearly 100 concessions in France. For its part, the Free2Move fleet will land in July.

Citroen Friend Design

Click here to discover Citroën’s friend on Fnac

The first models have been delivered since the end of July. Customers have two possibilities: go to the nearest dealership or opt from the order for home delivery (billed at 200 euros). Of the “Exclusive partners (GEFCO in France)” are responsible for handing over the keys to your door or your building. “The service also includes the 30 -minute start -by so that the customer has a peaceful mind and that the functioning of a friend no longer has any secrets for him”, Indicates Citroën in its press release.

What are the problems noted by the first customers ?

Unfortunately, the first salvo of Citroën Friend to land on the market was riddled with manufacturing defects. Users have found sealing defects, on locks that can lead to blocking the doors, on the engine of the wiper which tends to bang each other. Not to mention the problems of battery, autonomy, load, welding and braking. Rather than letting customers get these off-time and manage problems on a case-by-case basis, Citroën has decided to straighten the bar with an ambitious program.

The faults have been corrected in the factory, and the brand has organized the gradual recall of all Citroën Friend products since May 2019 (with the exception of the last to get out of the factory) to control all the parts that are likely to fall broken down, as well as “modernize” them. The immobilization of your Citroën Ami will be three weeks, but a replacement vehicle or a more suitable solution will be offered to you during repairs.

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The Citroën Citadines range

New Citroën C3 Rouge in town

Simplify your life with the Citadine Citroën range! With their modern and clever design, the Citroën C3 is perfect for getting around town. Its compact dimensions allow you to circulate and maneuver with ease.

New Citroën C3 Spring Blue at a stop

Citroën C3

Citroën C3 renews his identity with a front front of character. In addition to its new Airbump ®, it is distinguished by its colorful personality and incomparable comfort. To stand out in town, Citroën C3 has a wide panel of personalization with 97 exterior combinations. Current and connected, the city car also has 12 driving aids to best facilitate your daily life.

Citroën Friend in charge on a domestic socket

Citroën electric friend

Mobility from 14 years old

It has been over a century that Citroën’s audacity allowed the automobile to advance and democratize mobility. Electric friend is one of the most anti -conformist objects created by the chevron brand. His goal ? Offer to the greatest number, the way to move in town safely, without rejecting the slightest gram of CO2.

The quadricycle offers 2 places, a sleek but comfortable cabin, as well as a fully customizable exterior. Citroën electric friend is accessible to everyone, without driving license, with ultra-competitive offers, for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or even 1 year.

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For short journeys, favor walking or cycling #Sédéplacemounspolluer. Find energy consumption.

Citroën launches a small electric car at 6,900 euros, the friend

Citroën is expanding its range of electric cars this Thursday with the friend. With this very small city car of 2.41 meters, without a license, the brand aux chevrons also wants to inaugurate a new mode of vehicle marketing.

True to its innovation DNA, Citroën is looking for an unprecedented approach in electric mobility. Besides the already elderly C-Zero or zero emission utilities, the chevrons brand unveils the friend this Thursday, a mini electric electric electricity without license limited to 45km/h.

It will be available for purchase, rental or self-sharing, with the possibility of acquiring it entirely online, promises Citroën. The chevrons brand is trying here for new mobility, looking for a younger audience that has deserted its concessions.

The serial friend (left), the friend Concept (right)

Halfway between the automobile and the new mobility

Citroën has chosen to dedicate your electric car to the city. The friend has only 2 places, and 2.41 meters long and 1.39 meters wide, it is clearly smaller than a smart (28 centimeters less). It only weighs batteries included 485 kg, 3 times less than a Zoé of almost 4 meters.

Certain aesthetic details recall iconic models of the Citroën brand, such as windows which open manually upwards on 2CV, or more recent vehicles such as C4 Cactus Suns.

In this minimalist configuration, its autonomy remains very limited. With 5.5 kWh batteries, it is only 70 kilometers. “How many kilometers did you do to come to this presentation? And to leave? Less than 30 kilometers, like the daily average of Europeans “, summarizes Vincent Cobée the new managing director of Citroën. Recharge takes a little time: 3 hours on a classic 220V socket. It is at least practical, no specific terminal to look for.

This configuration is fully assumed by Citroën: the friend is not really intended to replace larger thermal or electric cars, but rather public transport or scooters.

“This is an object of urban mobility, assumes Arnaud Belloni, marketing director of Citroën. We explore new solutions, what people want. No need to have this car, such as electric scooters, self-service bikes. It is the same as a telephone or TV subscription: 19.90 euros per month in long -term rental “.

Purchase, rental or self-sharing

Self-sharing rental will be made from 26 cents per minute, which places the friend in the rental prices for free-service scooters or electric bikes, according to Citroën. The friend will also be marketed from 6000 euros, bonus of 900 euros deduced on electric quadricycles. This rate is explained in particular by low autonomy, materials more than Spartan, the absence or almost equipment of equipment. The vehicle is frugal, this value advocated by the boss of PSA Carlos Tavares. The car will be made in Morocco, in the PSA factory in Kenitra. Citroën will also offer the long -term rental vehicle at 19.90 euros per month.

A car for sale at Fnac-Darty

If the friend will be accessible via dealerships like all Citroën vehicles, the Chevrons brand also plans to sell it online. Payment may also be made by internet, and delivery directly to the house. A representative of Citroën will come to home put the keys back and make the handling of the car.

The other big innovation on this vehicle remains the sale provided by Fnac-Darty, with whom Citroën has established a partnership. Thirty points of sale in France will sell or rent the vehicle in long term. A first in France which should allow the brand to complete its mobility offer (electric scooter and other personal travel machines), in order to become a leader in this sector. Friends’ orders must open at the end of March.