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Top10 small electric cars (slideshow)

City cars, of the Renault Clio or Volkswagen Polo type, are still part of most popular cars In France.

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            Top10 small electric cars (+ slideshow)

            Honda e

            Small electric cars are starting to get more and more numerous, but what are the most interesting ?

            Recently we have listed the very rare electric cars at less than € 20,000. But that they are the 10 most affordable electric cars in 2023 ?

            The most popular

            City cars, of the Renault Clio or Volkswagen Polo type, are still part of most popular cars In France.

            Unfortunately, like the Skoda Fabia, many of them disappear or could disappear soon.

            But Their popularity should remain Exactly the same in the electric era. It could even even more since the high prices deprive many customers of the upper range.

            That said, their compact size, Their practical interiors and their maneuverability, light and agile, could not be more suitable for our small roads and suburbs.

            Of course, The batteries are expensive, and heavy. It is then easier to hide them in something in the shape of a SUV.

            This is why we saw most of the innovations arrive in the most important segments, with the classes of electric vehicles of medium size and large.

            The segments of family electric cars, in particular compact SUVs, are very quickly filled with rough competition.

            It is however indeed in the city that current electric technology is justified The most and is the easiest to implement, but also the most expensive ..

            Small but sometimes (very) expensive

            But there are already some good options if you want to drive a VE that does not take up more space than necessary.

            With suitable, soft driving, some small electric cars will travel 300 km on a single load. And if this type of driving is not your style, there are some options that even have claims of dynamism.

            You will find in the slideshow below Our selection of small electrics.

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