Chromecast: for whom and for what to do?, How to use Google’s Chromecast key, and what is it for?

What is Google chromecast and how to use it

To start, it should be noted that this price is not surprising, when you know its reason for being and when you know what it contains.

Chromecast: for whom and for what to do ?

Available in France since March 2014, the chromecast was expected to be firmly awaited by many technophiles. This HDMI key sold only 35 euros by Google also intrigues many other consumers. But what and to whom can a device so affordable are well used ?

The multimedia gateway reduced to its simplest expression

To start, it should be noted that this price is not surprising, when you know its reason for being and when you know what it contains.

Like the other Google terminals-that is to say the Android phones and tablets in the Nexus range, and to a lesser extent chromebook laptops-Chromecast is probably sold at cost cost. Because Google’s goal is not to sell devices, but services and services, much more profitable in the long term. And of course, the more the devices allowing to access it are economical, the more Google is likely to attract users to its services, rather than to those of its competitors.

The HDMI Chromecast key is therefore a multimedia device reduced to its simplest expression. It only houses a small Marvell processor, a Wi-Fi module, 512 MB of RAM and 2 GB of internal memory. Above all, it is delivered with any remote control: it is fully enslaved to other devices, such as a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

Easily connect an Internet TV

Initially intended and long reserved for the United States, chromecast is mainly used to transform into a connected television a model that is not, or an obsolete model. On the American market, where ISP boxes are nonexistent or much less successful, Chromecast is thus a simple and economical means of accessing online video services from a TV.

In France, its main interest is to respond to certain popular uses more simply than the decoder of a FAI. It also allows you to equip additional televisions with a home at low cost, without having to rent additional decoders from the FAI (for at least 5 euros/month). In this case it is amortized in addition or less six months. In addition it fulfills some of the functions of other more expensive multimedia gateways, such as Apple TV or a miracast receiver.

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A gateway must be remote control by smartphone, tablet or computer

Concretely, Chromecast is essentially used to access on large screen on on -demand video, Internet and online music services.

It is more precisely used to disseminate content from such services. Because as we wrote above, it is fully enslaved to other devices. At rest, it does not really have an interface, simply a wallpaper with a clock and the message “ready to caster”. To “caster” (which could be translated by “distributing” in this context), you must launch a compatible application on a phone or tablet, make your choice from this application, then start reading to a chromecast using of the dedicated button.

Technically, the application indicates to chromecast which flow or which file it must diffuse, directly from an HTTP server. It is not the phone or tablet that broadcasts this flow, it only serves remote control the chromecast. We cannot therefore broadcast a file directly from its device, as we can do with Airplay or Miracast, but in return we save the battery and we can do something else of its terminal, or even turn it off, without interrupting the diffusion.

The video below summarizes the operation of the chromecast in broad outline:

In France, at a time when we write these lines, the following applications are compatible:

  • YouTube, Google Play Films and Google Play Music.
  • The Subscription Video Service (SVOD) Canalplay, and probably Netflix when it is available in France.
  • the application of music on RDIO, but neither Deezer nor Spotify.
  • Pluzz de France Télévisions and more generally SFR TV, which allow access to direct and catching up with a multitude of television channels. MyTF1 and 6Play in particular will soon be compatible.

Chromecast also allows you to reply a Google Chrome Internet browser tab for computer, using Google Cast extension. We can show any web page, such as a photo album hosted on Facebook for example, but you have to stay behind the computer to browse. The Android version of the browser will support this function soon.

What is Google chromecast and how to use it ?

Google Chromecast: Know everything

Chromecast is an HDMI key created by Google. This has many uses, and can ideally supplement the traditional television remote control, if applicable. Thanks to the presence of Google in the fields of smartphones and Internet navigation, Chromecast is a tool whose popularity continues to grow. And rightly: it allows you to watch your favorite programs from your smartphone to television, or to broadcast content.

However, in order to best use the capabilities of the Google Chromecast key, it is essential to know some of its specificities. On this help page will be detailed the following information:

  • How to configure sound google chromecast ?
  • How to broadcast the contents of your computer or smartphone on your television with a chromecast ?
  • What are the different types of chromecast available ?
  • Is the Chromecast service included on other supports ?
  • What types of application can be disseminated by Chromecast ?

With this different information, taking advantage of the Google tool will be a children’s game. Customers can then Distribute the contents of both their computer and their smartphone or tablet, directly on the television screen. An ideal way of sharing in a friendly way the latest shots taken during vacation, or concert videos.

How to caster content on Son Google Chromecast ?

Google Chromecast is a tool compatible with many supports, and as many applications. In order to benefit from its strengths, it will first be necessary to connect the HDMI key to the WiFi network of the home. In this regard, two methods are available, depending on whether you want to configure from a smartphone or a computer.

All about Chromecast

Google Chromecast is an HDMI key that allows you to broadcast video content on your television.

In general, the material necessary to carry out the manipulations detailed later is as follows:

  • a high speed internet connection at least;
  • a compatible chromecast and decoder, or a TV with integrated chromecast;
  • A smartphone or tablet (animated under iOS or Android), or computer (PC or Mac).

If users have these different elements, configure the Google device will be easy. The ways of proceeding, as such, are detailed later.

How to configure chromecast with a mobile phone ?

In order to Configure your chromecast with a smartphone, you must first connect the Google device to a TV. To do this, connect the HDMI socket to one of the seats on the screen. The USB sheet can, as desired, connect to the sector or to the TV. From that moment on the suitable channel, the Chromecast home screen should appear on television.

It is then necessary to follow the following steps to configure the WiFi network to which the Chromecast will connect.

Chromecast is now saved on the WiFi network. It therefore becomes possible to distribute the media content of smartphones, tablets, or computers related to this Internet network.

Use of the SFR TV app

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How to configure chromecast with a computer ?

It is also possible to Configure Google’s HDMI key, Chromecast, from a computer. This can be a Windows PC as well as an Apple Mac. The main thing is that he has the Chrome web browser. The computer tool must also be connected to the same WiFi network as the one on which the navigation of the chromecast will be carried out. Once these few elements have been confirmed:

  • Open the Chrome Internet browser, and go to the address: https: //;
  • After looking for and found the chromecast nearby, click on configure your chromecast;
  • Normally, the browser will connect to the WiFi network used by Chromecast, and a code will be displayed both on the TV and on the Internet page. If the two correspond, click on Next;
  • Determine an appellation for chromecast and provide information inherent in the domestic WiFi network;
  • Once this last manipulation is done, Google’s HDMI Chromecast key is configured from the computer.

Take advantage of the chromecast with your mobile phone

By following the technique described above, the entire configuration of the Google Chromecast is from a computer. However, it should be kept in mind that mobile phones as well as tablets connected to the Wi-Fi network in question can obviously also broadcast content with Google key.

How to broadcast the contents of your computer or smartphone on your television with Chromecast ?

Once the chromecast has been configured and connected to the television, members can broadcast the contents of their phone or computer on the television station. The ways of proceeding, as such, are nevertheless distinct.

Some mobile applications natively have compatibility in Chromecast. Otherwise, the portable terminal screen can simply be duplicated on that of TV.

In a comparable way, Caster the contents of his computer will be doable in two ways. It is, at first, possible to distribute what is represented in a single navigation tab. Google also allows you to caster the entire activity on the desktop.

How to use Chromecast with your smartphone ?

Basic, Chromecast seems to have been designed to operate with smartphones. Whether they are animated under Android or iOS, it is thus possible to broadcast the contents of your phone directly on a compatible screen or box. There are two ways, in this regard, to proceed.

Distribute compatible applications with chromecast and its smartphone

Some applications have a Chromecast function directly. This is, for example, the case of services like Netflix, HBO, YouTube, Google Play Music, as well as most photo galleries. For this type of applications, simply connect to the WiFi network of the home where Chromecast is installed, andPress the icon, as a rule, at the top right of the application.

In addition, using the functions inherent in the possessed smartphone, it is possible to play with Chromecast. Fun applications are thus compatible, and sometimes even require Google’s tool. With these, the smartphone can be used, potentially, as a console controller. The sensations often recall the sensations of a Nintendo Wii in use.

Mac Connect to hotspots

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Duplicate the screen of your smartphone on the chromecast

In the absence of rights, agreements, or competitive bias, applications are however not compatible with Chromecast. This is for example the case of Amazon Prime Video, which has always seen the competition of Google with a bad eye with regard to its Fire TV Stick. However, Chromecast allows you to duplicate the smartphone screen on your TV screen.

Copy screen with chromecast

With Google Chromecast, it is possible to duplicate the screen of your mobile phone on your television.

For this, there is a simple manipulation:

  • Go to the Google Home application;
  • In the left side panel, an insert casting the screen or the audio is available;
  • Confirm the choice by pressing Caster the screen or the audio, and by selecting the receiver chromecast;
  • Through a video chromecast, which is visible on the smartphone should appear on the screen. Regarding the audio chromecast, a sound indicator will be issued during the connection. This is a good way to substitute an internet box with TV bouquet;

To note that To put an end to the diffusion of the content, it is necessary to stop the broadcast from the smartphone. Refit to turn off television “does not stop reading the castered elements. Without stopping media reading on the smartphone, the contents are read in the background and several episodes of series or many musical titles can thus parade.

Smartphones optimized for chromecast

To satisfy as many owners as possible, some smartphones have been subject to special care. Google has optimized the rendering when the phone or tablet screen is duplicated. However, it is not automatic: many terminals do not benefit from an optimized rendering. In this regard, if the device in question does not have this functionality, a message will notify its owner.

What are the types of chromecast available ?

Chromecast is more than a Google tool: it is really a new range of devices. Each year, the manufacturer can decide to release new models, adapting to the uses of technology enthusiasts. This is the reason why, today, three models are available.

The lines that follow will allow good Distinguish the capacities of the main chromecast models available on the market in 2020 ::

  • Chromecast 2 and 3;
  • Chromecast Ultra / 4K;
  • Chromecast Audio model.

Chromecast 2 and 3, the most popular models

On the market, the most frequent chromecast models are without doubts the chromecast 2 and 3. These tools make it possible to connect television to the WiFi network, and thus receive the content broadcast by a smartphone or tablet. It plugs into USB for food, and HDMI for television retransmission.

Today, More and more applications have nourished the ranks of utilities compatible with these chromecast models. Very easy to configure, they have the advantage of being also affordable from a financial point of view. In this regard, it is perfectly possible to find them at less than 40 € in the trade. Compared to the previous models of Chromecast, the second and third version are distinguished by better WiFi reception.

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Chromecast Ultra, for 4K aficionados

Reserved for customers with better installation, the ultra chromecast will allow 4K programs to be broadcast. If the applications allowing to benefit from such a resolution are in the minority, they never cease to arrive, gradually, to this level. However, this is a higher -end model.

The price to be paid to make it will be more expensive than for Chromecast 2. In shops, It is possible to find the ultra chromecast for € 79 as a rule. However, it should be taken into account that having it without having, beforehand, a 4K compatible TV is useless. In addition, a wifi connection by a fiber optic internet box is highly recommended. The flows requested to disseminate content richer in color and contrasts are more demanding.

The favorite model of music lovers: Chromecast Audio

Unlike previous models observed in Chromecast, the audio version does not require a TV. It connects to any hifi or audio channel, any speaker with a jack input. Without visual support, its connection will be done only through the Google Home application. On the other hand, it will not be not possible to use the Audio chromecast for video applications, such as YouTube or Netflix. However, it remains perfectly possible to duplicate the audio thanks to the method seen above.

A niche model

Chromecast Audio remains a trade tool available commercially up to € 39. However, Google must be recognized to have taken the risk of such a tool, reserved for a certain bangs of the public. For Listen to the music broadcast by his mobile phone on his home cinema 5.1, there is no better than Chromecast Audio.

Chromecast is included on other supports: TV, Home Cinema, Internet box ?

Faced with the success and ease of use of the Google tool, More and more manufacturers immediately include Chromecast on their products. In this way, holders of these multimedia devices no longer have to buy any chromecast model, whether it is the ultra, 2, or audio version.

The supports available with the Chromecast function are as follows:

  • TVs with integrated chromecast, Vizio, Sharp brands are, Philips, Polaroid, Toshiba, Skyworth, or Soniq;
  • Internet boxes animated under Android, such as the Bbox of Bouygues Telecom, the Internet boxes of Red by SFR or the Freebox Mini 4K of Free;
  • les enceintes possédant Chromecast intégré, des marques Polk, Bang & Olufsen, Philips, LG, Sony, Vizio, Grundig, Pioneer, Integra, Raumfeld, Brookstone, NAD, Riva Wand, Grace Digital, Onkyo, Toshiba, JBL, VSSL, Jensen ;
  • Home Cinema systems.

Advice from mySmallBox

This list is given as an indication. It omits to mention the new devices which, each month, are added. Many manufacturers believe that today Chromecast is an essential functionality of their program. An opportunity to Manage all its media content from your computer or laptop, thanks to the facilities offered by Google.

What applications are compatible with chromecast ?

Here is a large subject. Today, Google claims more than 1000 Chromecast compatible applications. In fact, there are many services to gradually be provided with this functionality, in the same way as the various compatible supports. This is an opportunity to display your favorite programs on the TV, or listen to music without needing to change channels each time, or lower the sound on the remote control.

Different types of applications with native chromecast in this regard. It would be useless here to list them all, but essentially to determine a typology. Chromecast functionality is thus particularly appreciable on these types of compatible applications:

  • Video streaming services: Netflix, Google Play Film & Series, Twitch, YouTube, Dailymotion, OCS…;
  • Audio streaming: Deezer, Spotify, Google Play Music, FIP, France Culture;
  • TV applications: France.TV, B.TV, SFR TV, Molotov, Eurosport Player, Bein Connect;
  • Games: Deer Hunter 2016, Angry Birds Go !, Fitflap, Alien Invaders, TV Pokemon, and many others;
  • Web browsers, starting with Google Chrome.

Again, this is onlyAn indicative list, mentioning the most popular applications with Chromecast. Depending on their nature, the laptop which broadcasts them on the Google tool will serve as a remote control, or sometimes as a joystick.

Simultaneous connections to chromecast

If the time is for receptions and holidays, several users can connect to the same chromecast. In this way, video titles can be added to the reading list, as well as songs or musical albums. To use this user -friendly feature, it is enough that the laptops of each guest are connected to the same WiFi network as the Chromecast.