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The promotions of the moment


Das head: 0.601 W/KG
DAS Members: 2.34 W/kg

Cheap mobile packages without obligation

Long offered at high prices, the mobile packages of Bouygues, Orange and SFR operators have since arrived from Free Mobile in January 2012, a lot dropped. The new operator knew how to break the prices from the start, and offer good plans hitherto unknown in France, with a voice and 100% unlimited SMS towards fixed and mobile France and Data offers in 3G and in 4G always more advantageous.

This is all good for the consumer who can now afford a mobile package with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with a lot of data for less than 20 € on average. And icing on the cake, this type of quality mobile package at reduced prices is without obligation, the opportunity to change it at any time at no cost.

For example on this page, discover here the best B & You package, Free Mobile package, Red by SFR package or Sosh package.

Cheap 5G mobile package: the best offers in September 2023

All telephony operators offer 5G mobile plans. Orange, Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile, Red by SFR / SFR, Cdiscount Mobile, NRJ Mobile and many others. Let’s discover together.

Mobile package 09/11/2023

Back to school: 5 plans from 20GB to 250GB at an unbeatable price at Lycamobile !

Take advantage of the start of the school year to take out a mobile offer at an unbeatable price ! And good news: for a few days, Lycamobile offers 5 mobile plans from 20GB to.

Mobile package 06/09/2023

Mobile package for less than € 10: the best offers in September 2023

You are looking for a mobile plan for less than 10 euros ? You are in the right place. In this price range, operators offer many offers with an envelope.

Mobile package 04/09/2023

Mobile package for less than € 5: the best offers in September 2023

Mobile packages at less than 5 euros have not disappeared despite the upward price of prices in 2023. If you don’t need a big data envelope to watch.

Mobile package 04/09/2023

Cheap mobile package: find the best 4G offer here in September 2023

What is the 4G mobile plan that would suit your needs in 2023 ? In this sector, inexpensive offers are regular and to easily discover the one that could.

Mobile package 08/31/2023

Bouygues Telecom offers a fiber offer with TV + 180 channels for € 19.99 !

Right now at Bouygues Telecom, you can enjoy an exceptional offer: a special Bbox series with optical fiber and 180 TV channels for less than 20 € per €.

Mobile package 08/28/2023

Bouygues Telecom offers an evolving mobile plan at only € 6.99 / month for teens

For the start of the 2023 school year, Bouygues Telecom suggests adolescents to fill up on gigas by giving them the opportunity to benefit from a scalable mobile plan (which can go up to 20.

Mobile package 08/28/2023

This 100 GB package with the Bouygues Telecom network is the mobile offer of the moment

Cdiscount Mobile takes advantage of the summer holidays 2023 to offer a cheap mobile package based on the Bouygues Telecom network. The Cdiscount virtual operator offers you.

Mobile package 07/17/2023

This 20 GB package based on the Bouygues Telecom network is perfect for small budgets

Need a not too expensive mobile plan with a rather correct data envelope before going on vacation ? Know that Cdiscount Mobile offers you an offer including 20.

Cdiscount Mobile 08/06/2023

Cheap 100 GB mobile package: Fall for the Cdiscount Mobile without obligation

Need a cheap mobile plan, while enjoying a 100 GB envelope of data ? A few weeks before the summer sales, the virtual operator Cdiscount Mobile allows you to.

Cdiscount Mobile 05/25/2023

Discover a 40GB package for less than € 10 per month at Bouygues Telecom !

Fight up of gigas at mini prices thanks to Bouygues Telecom and its 40GB package for less than € 10 per month or its 5GB package unless.

This 30 GB mobile plan is perfect for small budgets !

Need a low -cost mobile plan ? Cdiscount Mobile offers you an offer including 30 GB of mobile data for less than 7 euros per month. And it’s a.

Cdiscount Mobile 04/26/2023

Fiber subscription + 5G mobile package: take advantage of this orange offer at half price

You want to take advantage of a subscription including an internet fiber offer and a 5G mobile plan ? It is possible thanks to Orange where the number one of telecoms in France you.

Mobile package 06/04/2023

5G package: these two offers on the Bouygues Telecom network are the cheapest of the moment

If you are looking for a 5G package at a very reasonable monthly price, know that the two NRJ mobile and Cdiscount mobile virtual operators allow you.

Mobile package 03/16/2023

200 GB Mobile Package: B & You unveils its new offer before the arrival of spring

As the spring of 2023 approaches, Bouygues Telecom is launching its special B & YOU series which allows you to subscribe to a non -binding package for € 15.99 / month. The offer in question gives.

140 GB at € 14.99 / month: Orange offers its 5G mobile package to open customers

Orange customer reviews with an open fiber subscription ! To complete your internet offer, it is possible to subscribe to a 5G mobile plan with an envelope of.

Mobile package 02/09/2023

Cheap 100 GB package: Cdiscount Mobile reveals its offer for winter holidays

Cdiscount Mobile takes advantage of the 2023 winter holidays to offer a cheap mobile plan. For an indefinite period, the Cdiscount virtual operator allows you to subscribe to a mobile offer.

Mobile package 08/02/2023

5G package: Enjoy € 130 GB at € 12.99 on the Bouygues Telecom network

And if you take advantage of the sales to pay for your cheaper telephone package ? Cdiscount Mobile currently offers the 130 GB 5G package with unlimited calls & SMS/MMS.

Cdiscount Mobile 01/17/2023

Black Friday Mobile Packages: The top offers of the moment

Mobile operators also make their black friday. We have selected for you the best offers of the moment to save on your mobile package. Some of these packages.

Mobile package 11/23/2022

Lebara Mobile offers an unbeatable offer: 80 GB on the Orange network for 9.99 euros

You have trouble choosing your new mobile plan ? Do not panic: we have found you an offer that will perfectly meet all your expectations. Lebara Mobile, operator.

Mobile package 18/11/2022

In France, the mobile telephony market is structured around four operators: Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile, Orange and SFR-Altice. Besides these operators, who have their own network, there are small so -called MVNO operators, who offer packages on the networks of the four above -mentioned operators. Among the best known, we can cite NRJ Mobile, Cdiscount Mobile or La Poste Mobile. The latter are also competed by submarks of large operators such as Sosh, Red by SFR and B & You.

These sub-marks often offer offers without a much cheaper commitment than the packages that are normally found in operators. They sometimes rely on an internet subscription only. But to really find the cheapest package, you often have to turn to flash sales, promotions, promo codes, sales, or even private sales.

Cheap mobile packages: how to change operator to take advantage of the best tips ?

In any case before changing operator, contact your customer service to request the RIO number essential for the portability of your phone number. In other words the number to be sent to your new operator and which will allow when the portability will be effective to benefit from the same phone number. The other problem, these are the termination costs that certain operators may, not to mention the remaining months of your commitment period if you are in this case.

Some operators offer a partial refund of these termination costs to their new customers. But it is not always possible to take advantage of it. As a rule, the good deals hunter on the lookout for the best tips will prefer to opt for an offer without commitment, with separate purchase of a smartphone. The price of total freedom ! It is also possible to opt for two lines, one of which is only used to use packages at the best prices, within the limits of the conditions of use, which are, of course, provided by operators.

Of course, whatever your decision, the choice of a mobile operator implies understanding the realities of their network. This is in particular the case with the clean network of Free Mobile whose coverage can still be incomplete depending on the zones. But SFR, Orange and Bouygues customers can encounter exactly the same problem in certain regions of France. So, which operator of Orange, SFR-Altice, Bouygues or Free Mobile will you choose ?

THE promotions from the moment

To change operator by keeping your number call the 3179 (free call) and collect your rio .
Choose “Keep your number” when subscribing and do not solve the contract yourself with the former operator.

130GB in 5g at 15 € 99 – SIM at 1 €

Bouygues Telecom offers a special B & You series without commitment with unlimited calls/SMS/MMS and 130GB in 5G (30GB in EU) at 15 € 99/month. The SIM is € 1;
Also available:
▶ 5GB package at 4 € 99/month
▶ Package 40GB at 9 € 99
▶ 200GB package at 19 € 99


Promotions from 5 € 99

Prixtel offers 4 non -binding packages on SFR network including unlimited calls/SMS/MMS and:

The little : from 10 GB of the Internet (15GB in EU) for 5 € 99
Oxygen : from 30 GB of Internet (15GB in EU) for 7 € 99
Great : from 100 GB of Internet (15GB in EU) for 9 € 99
The giant : from 160 GB of Internet (25GB in EU) for 15 € 99
A 5G option is available in supplement on certain packages


Again 4h 33m 14s

4 months offered

La Poste Mobile (SFR Network) offers 4 months offered on its non -binding packages with unlimited calls/SMS/MMS:
▶ 60 GB of internet (20 GB in EU/DOM) for 0 € for 4 months then 10 € 99
▶ 120 GB of internet (20 GB in EU/DOM) for 0 € for 4 months then 14 € 99
A 5G option available for 5 €
Also available 2 -hour package for 0 € for 4 months then 4 € 99


Until September 30

4G/5G box for -26 year olds

Bouygues Télécom offers its 4G box or its 5G box in promotion without obligation and without conditions of duration. Each of these boxes allows you to access the Internet and watch TV (70 channels) on smartphone, tablet and computer. Amazon premium offered for 12 months then 6 € 99/month.
▶ The 5g box (up to ↓ 1.1 Gb/s ↑ 58 Mb/s) with the WiFi 6 is at
27 € 99 / month

▶ The 4G box (up to ↓ ↓ ↓ 220 Mb/s ↑ 38 Mb/s) with WiFi 5 is at
22 € 99 / month

Terms :
• Be under 26 years old
• Be eligible for 4G or 5G box, reserved for certain geographic areas.
• Provision and termination costs: € 19 each


Unlimited + 120 GB at € 12.99/month

Free Mobile offers a special series with calls, SMS, unlimited MMS and 120 GB Internet (18 GB in EU/DOM) at € 12.99/month for 1 year then € 19.99/month (Free package with 250 GB in 4G/5G).
Free Ligue 1 Uber Eats included


Special series from 7 € 99

Coriolis (SFR network) offers several non -binding packages including unlimited calls/SMS/MMS:
30 GB (7 GB in EU) at 7 € 99
80 GB (10 GB in EU) at 8 € 99
150 GB – 5G (13 GB in EU) at 12 € 99
200GB – 5G (18 GB in EU) at 17 € 99


111 GB at 9 € 99 for 2 months

Youprice offers “Le First” a special series without obligation. Adjustable which includes 3 internet levels: 111GB, 120GB, 130GB. It available at your choice on the Orange network or the SFR network. It offers unlimited calls and SMS/MMS, and a 5G option (+€ 5/month).
For landing 111GB ​​of the Internet (16GB in EU) the price is: 9 € 99/monthFor 2 months then 11 € 99 (SFR) or 12 € 99 (Orange)


Promotions from 4.99/month

RED (SFR network) offers packages without commitment in promotion with unlimited calls/SMS/MMS, and Internet:
5 GB (6 go eu) at 4 € 99/month
40 GB (10 go eu) at 9 € 99/month
80 GB (16 go eu) at 11 € 99/month
130 GB (26 go eu) at 15 € 99/month
5G option available with 20GB, 100GB and 200GB: +€ 3/month


From 5 € 99

Lebara (Orange Network) offers promotions without commitment with calls, unlimited SMS (no MMS) and:
20 GB of Internet at 5 € 99
40 GB of Internet at 7 € 99
100 GB of Internet at 9 € 99
130 GB of Internet at 13 € 99

Billing every 30 days. No mms. Free SIM card.


Promo from 4 € 95

Reglo Mobile (SFR Network) offers mobile packages without commitment. They include unlimited calls/mms and:
▶ 10GB/5GB (EU) for 4 € 95
▶ 70GB/8GB (EU) for 7 € 95
▶ 100GB/10GB (EU) for 9 € 95


Unlimited + 40GB at 11 € 99/month

SOSH (Orange network) offers a non -binding package with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 130 GB of Internet (20 GB in EU/DOM) at 15 € 99/month.
Also available:
▶ Package 1GB for 7 € 99/month
▶ 4GB package for 11 € 99/month
▶ 130GB package for 15 € 99/month
▶ 140GB-5G package for 20 € 99


From 5 € 99 – SIM 1 €

Auchan Telecom (Bouygues Telecom network) offers in promotion several limited series with unlimited calls/SMS/MMS and:
▶ 10 GB (6GB in EU) at 5 € 99
▶ 20 GB (10GB in EU) at 6 € 99
▶ 80 GB (13GB in EU) at 9 € 99


Box at 20 € 99/month

SFR offers its 7 fiber box (or ADSL) with a discount of € 14/month for 1 year, or 20 € 99/month for 1 year then 34 € 99/month.
The box provides Internet at 500MB/s (fiber) + 160 TV channels + calls to fixes.
12 -month commitment.


Box at 18 € 99/month + 1 month offered

The Red Box offer offers internet access without engagement By fiber (or ADSL if not eligible) with: Unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles, WiFi 5, TV with Red TV (PC, tablet, smartphone). or Connect TV decoder for purchase for € 29.
As a bonus 1 month offered.
The price is 18 € 99/month for 1 year then 28 € 99


Fiber box at 17 € 99

Bouygues Télécom offers its promotion box for 1 year. It allows internet access fiber up to 400 Mbit/s for download and sending and calls to fixes in France and more than 110 countries.
The price is 17 € 99 for 1 year then 31 € 99.
The commitment is 1 year


Again 4h 33m 14s

80GB + Samsung A14 at 16 € 99

La Poste Mobile (SFR network) offers promotion a call/unlimited SMMS/MMS package and 80GB of the Internet (25GB EN EU) for 16 € 99 for 12 months then 21 € 99. For this price a Samsung A14 4G phone (usual value around € 150) is offered for € 1. The commitment is 24 months.


How the promotions work on plans work ?

The majority of promotions offered on mobile plans consist of a reduced price for a period of 6 or 12 months. After this period the price of the package will go back to its “normal price”, which in some cases can represent a significant price increase.

For example, the Bouygues Telecom package goes from € 2/month to € 7.99/month after 6 months, or 3 times more expensive !

It is then possible to ask the operator a commercial gesture in order to avoid the price increase, but the easiest for the customer is often to change the package to take advantage of a new good plan.

To simplify life and avoid undergoing an unexpected price increase, some customers prefer promotions with lifetime prices. This type of promotion is notably offered by Red by SFR and allows you to benefit from reduced prices without increasing to come a few months later.

You can find all of the packages with lifetime price on our dedicated page.

Why so many promotions on mobile plans ?

Before the arrival of Free on the mobile package market in 2012, most of the packages were taken out in stores at one of the three major operators, and had a 12 or 24 -month -old engagement period. Things have changed since that time and the non -binding packages marketed exclusively on the Internet have become the norm.

With these packages customers can change operator at any time without paying the slightest termination fees. In addition, the number portability procedure removes the friction of the change, the customer can keep his number, and it is no longer even necessary to contact his former operator to terminate his contract.

This context is conducive to the prize war that operators. The major operators have drawn their brands without obligation (Red by SFR, Sosh at Orange, and the B & You range at Bouygues Telecom) via which they are wiring a merci -free price war. As soon as an operator releases a new promotion on a package, the others adjust in the days or even the hours that follow.

Virtual network operators, said to be MVNO, are not to be outdone, and have been able to adapt to this ultra-competitive context. This is particularly the case for Cdiscount, NRJ Mobile and Auchan Telecom offers, all three belong to the operator EI-Telecom. This is particularly active in the field of promotions with new offers every week.

When to find good plans ?

The end -of -year celebrations and the back -to -school period in September were historically the two periods when operators were the most active for the recruitment of new subscribers. They then took advantage of the notoriety of certain commercial events such as winter and summer sales, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, etc. To launch new promotions.

Promotions have now become the new standard for the marketing of packages and it is no longer useful to wait a special period to subscribe to a good plan.

On bonforme we follow all the promotions on a daily basis and keep this page up to date in real time to allow you to access all the good deals.

The comparison of non -binding packages also incorporates all of the promotions referenced on this page.

Good mobile deals and orange packages

Up to € 15 of immediate discount for 12 months (1) for new mobile orange customers with the 100GB 5G, 170GB 5G or 200GB 5G 5G packages.

Mobiles and smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

A pair of Galaxy Buds2 Pro offered until 09/30/2023 (2)

Das head: 0.601 W/KG
DAS Members: 2.34 W/kg

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

A pair of Galaxy Buds2 Pro offered until 09/30/2023 (2)

Das head: 1,244 W/kg
DAS TRONC: 1,193 W/kg
DAS Members: 3.12 W/KG

Samsung Galaxy S23 Lavender

Samsung Galaxy S23 | S23+| S23 Ultra

Up to € 200 reimbursed for the purchase of a product from the Galaxy S23 range (3)

Das head: 0.766 W/KG
DAS TRONC: 1,453 W/kg
DAS Members: 3.01 W/KG

Orange mobile customers Your loyalty is rewarded !

Every three months, Orange makes you benefit from its exclusive days with unmissable promotions on a selection of smartphones and accessories.

During one week, Orange rewards your loyalty with immediate discounts, and the possibility of pay in four times.

Internet customers – up to 5 advantageous prices

Mobile package 2h 100mo

Usable in mainland France and from the Europe, DOM, Switzerland/Andorra areas. Available in blocked and not blocked version.

  • 2 hours of calls
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
  • Internet mobile 100MB (blocked)

For 12 months then € 5.99/month.

100GB 5G mobile package

Usable in mainland France and from the Europe, DOM, Switzerland/Andorra areas.

  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
  • Internet mobile 100GB 5G (reduced flow beyond)

For 12 months then € 26.99/month
(-15 €/month for 12 months until October 04, 2023).

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Orange bonuses resumed

Take advantage of the orange bonus resumed up to 150 euros for the recovery of your old mobile in Orange store.

Portability of your number

Join Orange and save money. With the portability of the number, you do not change your current mobile number, Orange takes care of everything.

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5G: With offer and terminal compatible only in deployed areas (5G network in the process of deployment). Variable flow depending on the frequencies used. Detailed and differentiated cover on

(1) Offer valid from 08/17/2023 to 04/10/2023 Included reserved for individuals, in mainland France for any new subscription to a 100GB 5G, 170GB 5G, 200GB 5G, or 100GB 5G, 170GB 5G, 200GB 5G, 200GB 5G, For internet client who have not terminated an orange package in the last 3 months. Any termination of the package or any change of package results in the termination of the discount for the remaining period.

(2) Offer subject to conditions valid from 08/11/2023 to 30/09/2023. See Conditions on the coupon..

(3) Offer valid until 08/18 to 24/09/2023. See Conditions on the coupon.

DAS: The specific absorption (DAS) absorption flow quantifies the exposure of the user to the electromagnetic waves of the equipment concerned. The maximum authorized DAS is 2 W/kg for the head and the trunk and 4 W/kg for the members. The das trunk measurement may have been calculated in relation to a certain distance from a simulated human organism. Refer to the manufacturer’s brochure.

Right to retract : You can withdraw from the subscribed contract and/or your purchase without giving a reason within 21 calendar days from the date of your order.
To exercise your right of withdrawal, we advise you to consult the commercial assistance page. In the event of ordering a service offer, we will charge you in proportion to the date of receipt of your withdrawal as well as any communications made and not included in your package.

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