Cheap mobile package € 5: the best promotions in September 2023, new cheap and valid package for less than € 5/month!

Valid for life: new mobile package with 40GB of 4G on the orange network for less than € 5

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Cheap mobile package € 5: Lifetime promotional comparator, 20 GB offers, without commitment and unlimited

You want to take out a package with a formula that saves you every month ? Cheap mobile packages at € 5 are the best offers for your smartphone. Whether you are looking for a basic package or mobile internet data in extra, Jechange provides you with a comparator of promotions to guide you in the choice of the € 5 package in 2023.

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Our top 6 cheap mobile packages more or less than € 5 / month

1. Bouygues B & You 5 GB package at € 4.99/month

THE entry -level package at less than € 5 from the low cost brand B & you belonging to Bouygues Telecom Provides 5 GB for € 4.99 per month, without engagement. The SIM card is billed € 1. The 5 gigas of data planned for mainland France are also available to be used in Europe and DOM. With your 5 GB package, you capture the 4G Bouygues network, whose quality in reception is no longer to be proven. You can call and send unlimited SMS in France. 4G is not enough for you and you will no longer swear by the 5G power ? You have the possibility to boost your 4G B & You package at € 4.99/month by upgrading it by 5G for only 3 € more per month, Or a plan at € 7.99/month with 5G. The customer service of the package € 4.99 B & You is 100% digital, your offer being accessible from the customer area or the application.

2. Réglo Mobile 10 GB package at € 4.95/month

Operating on the SFR network, the MVNO Réglo Mobile offers a Package for less than € 5, € 4.95/month without obligation to be precise. It stands out for its excellent value for money: not only by its cheap price, but also by its generous mobile internet data envelope of 10 GB per month, 5 GB in EU/DOM and calls/SMS in unlimited. If you wish to combine economics and service quality, the Ridlo Mobile package at € 4.95/month is a safe bet.

3. Mobile Post Package 100 MB at € 4.99/month

L’Offer at less than 5 euros from the MVNO La Poste Mobile Offer 2 hours of calls and unlimited SMS/MMS. This mobile postage package costs € 4.99 per month and is without commitment. You have 100 MB of mobile data each month, including 100 MB in Europe and DOM/COM. The small operator uses the SFR network to share 4G to its subscribers. Until September 24 included, the first 4 months of this cheap mobile plan for mobile post at less than 5 euros are offered. Take advantage of it !

4. Red by SFR 5GB package at € 4.99/month

If you are looking for a cheap package at € 5 or less at an operator who covers his subscriptions with the SFR network, the Package € 4.99/month of Red by SFR is the most interesting to subscribe. With 5 GB per month (and 6 GB Activables in EU/DOM) and a 4G mobile connection speed, you have little data but enough for your daily uses if you manage your consumption. Calls, SMS and SMS are unlimited. Like the rest of the Red by SFR mobile offer, the RED package at € 4.99 is without obligation.

5. Sosh 100 MB Sosh package at € 5.99/month

THE SOSH package at € 5.99/month opens the range of unhindered packages of the low cost operator whose Orange is the owner. You have 2 hours of calls + unlimited SMS + 100 MB 4G that you can consume from France and Europe. If you don’t need a lot of data but you want to have a good mobile connection, the SOSH package at € 5.99 gives you the benefit of the recognized performance of the Orange network.

Good to know: Sosh’s 100 MB package exists in blocked and unwavering version.

6. SYMA package at € 6.99/month

Discover the Syma mobile package “the six” at € 6.99 per month without commitment, A very good compromise between a well -supplied data envelope (20 GB per month in France, including 7 GB consumables from the EU/DOM) and unlimited calls, SMS and MMS whose international calls with 100 destinations and mobiles Europeans included. A number ofpaid options Can be subscribed to personalize your SYMA 6 € 99 package, including international calls (+ € 10 per month) or 10 GB of additional data (+ € 10 per month).

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Do we still find mobile plans 5 euros for life in 2023 ?

THE Cheap “for life” mobile packages at a price of € 5 were still highlighted in operators’ offers a few years ago. They were then a guarantee of stability for customers, thanks to a guaranteed price without increase and the maintenance of the advantages included in the package during the mobile phone contract. The situation has changed today and the expression “for life” used to describe a package has become obsolete, even misleading for the consumer. The price of a 5 -euro lifetime package is no longer the same indefinitely. Indeed, it is not uncommon to note that some operators increase the price of their € 5 packages up to one year on the other.

And in the future ? It is quite possible that an or more operators bring up to date the 5 euros for life packages. This is why it is always good to stay on the lookout for new promotions that are likely to launch operators by the end of 2023. If such an offer were to be marketed, it will be useful, before subscribing, to read the general conditions of use of the subscription to protect yourself against unpleasant surprises. And even if no new 5 € for life package is launched, there will still be many packages at + or – 5 € to be taken out at the best price.

€ 5 packages with 20 GB of data among operators

THE Package 5 euros at 20 GB minimum data is a balance between economy and comfort: indeed, it is cheap and offers a good margin of mobile data each month. He is part of the category of Data packages cheap. For the hyper affordable price of 5 euros/month, you could thus, in recent years, navigate without stress on the internet with your smartphone, using energy -in -date applications such as video streaming. This was the case with the B & YOU package at 20 GB for less than 5 euros (€ 4.99/month) until Bouygues withdrew from the market.

But the widespread increase in the prices of mobile packages has signed almost the quasi of € 5 packages with a 20 GB envelope. Most mobile plans at 5 euros now include an envelope of. 5 GB. Such a quantity of data is sufficient for reasoned monthly use of mobile Internet.

In 2023, Lebara is the only MVNO (virtual mobile network operator) to still offer a € 5.99/month package, with 20 GB in 4G and without commitment. Although they have not completely disappeared, the plan offers from 20 GB to 5 € per month are very rare. However, limited series on certain mobile packages of around € 5/month can be resuscitated transiently the 20 GB mobile packages at this price.

Packages € 5 without obligation: a budget controlled in all flexibility

You want to better control your budget and keep flexibility ? The best option for you is to Subscribe a € 5 package without obligation. These are packages that give you the advantage of being able to terminate the contract at any time without being responsible for paying additional costs. They are also competitive by providing a mobile connection in 4G/4G+ and, if some only grant 2 hours of calls per month, the majority give the right to unlimited calls and SMS.

Packages at 5 euros without obligation exist both in historical operators and on the side of MVNO: SFR, Réglo Mobile, YouPrice, Red by SFR, B & You, La Poste Mobile, Lebara, Auchan Telecom, Sosh, Cdiscount Mobile, Prixtel, NRJ Mobile And Syma.

If you can be satisfied with a small amount of mobile data on your smartphone and your main uses are calls and SMS, a € 5 package without commitment is a perfectly suitable offer. The mobile packages at € 5 without obligation are particularly advantageous for young audiences and are much appreciated by families who seek to take out a Economic adolescent package.

Subscribe a mobile package at € 5/month without obligation:

Subscribe a package at 5 €/month without commitment:

How to choose the best mobile package at 5 euros ?

Before stopping your choice on a package at more or less 5 euros, it is important to define your needs in terms of:

  • Mobile data volume : Evaluate your monthly mobile internet consumption with your phone to take a package with a suitable data volume.
  • Network coverage : 5 euros may be a very attractive price, that should not give you attention to the fact that the network coverage of the mobile operator is satisfactory.
  • Offer commitment : If you are ready to keep your € 5 package over a long time, a € 5 package offer with commitment is judicious. If you prefer to have more flexibility, a € 5 package with commitment will be better.
  • Unlimited calls and SMS : an option that may seem standard, but which is ultimately quite rare in the content of mobile offers at € 5.
  • Roaming : you are someone who usually travels ? You need a mobile plan around € 5 which includes homelessness options (roaming) allowing you to consume a number of mobile internet gigas abroad.

The options of a € 5 package: what to expect ?

Here are the options most frequently offered by operators to expand its € 5 mobile plan offer, whether it is on sale or not:

  • L’Blocked package option To say goodbye to out-of.
  • L’Data bonus pay option To subscribe to an extra data envelope if you have exhausted yours and you need/want to recharge your package before the monthly renewal.
  • L’Payable consumption option abroad which allows you to include in your cheap mobile package at € 5 a list of additional communications destinations, especially in Europe and North America.

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Valid for life: new mobile package with 40GB of 4G on the orange network for less than € 5 !

It is the offer of the day and certainly one of the best offers in summer ! We owe it to Syma, an operator available exclusively on the Internet. Since this morning, Syma offers you for only a few days, a cheap and valid mobile plan for life ! With a monthly payment at less than 5 euros per month, there is no doubt that this good plan will be successful. Discover the many advantages of this mobile package not to be missed !

A cheap package on the Orange network:

Syma is known to be a web operator which offers a multitude of options to call abroad. Know that it is also an operator who offers all his Mobile packages without obligation on the Orange network. Indeed, if you want to benefit from the number one network in France, you can enjoy it via Syma and one of these Unlimited mobile packages.

Today, the operator is launching a new promo promoting mobile package which will delight more than one. This is a cheap package at only € 4.90/month whose price will never change, it is valid for life. You can say goodbye to unpleasant surprises on your mobile bill. This offer is available Until July 29, 2021 included So don’t waste time.

Syma 20GB package

If you subscribe to this Promo mobile package, You can use up to 20GB of data in France on the Orange network in 4G. If you go on vacation in Europe or in the DOM know that 3GB of this data volume can be used from these destinations.

This Syma package is an unlimited package with regard to calls, SMS and MMS. You can communicate without limit that it is From France, Europe or from the French overseas departments.

Update of July 21, 2021: Syma increased the data volume of its promotion mobile package, it is now 40GB instead of 20GB.

Take advantage of an offer at less than 10 € with 80GB of 4G:

If you need more data, Syma offers another formula with 80GB of 4G for only € 9.90/month. This mobile package takes up the codes of the 20GB mobile package:

  • it’s a Mobile package without obligation
  • Its price is valid for life
  • It is available on the Orange network
  • He joined Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS From France, the French overseas departments and Europe.

80GB package

To make it easier for you, we remind you of some elements to prepare for your subscription that will not last more than 5 minutes. You will need your bank card, to set the price of the SIM card, and your IBAN to set up the monthly direct debit.

You can choose Keep your current phone number Thanks to the Rio number. To find your Rio number it’s very simple. Just call 3179 (free call), this voice server will give you the Rio number corresponding to your line.