Cheap Bouygues mobile package: from only € 2, good plan: 3 cheap packages for less than € 5 at Bouygues Telecom

Good plan: 3 cheap packages for less than € 5 at Bouygues Telecom

You can also join an expert Jechange on 01 82 88 18 12 which will guide you to the partner offers most suited to your needs.

Cheap Bouygues mobile package: offers from € 2

The budget is often one of the first criteria to take into account before taking out a mobile package. You are looking for a cheap mobile plan ? Bouygues Telecom offers several of the mobile packages from € 2/month. We take stock of the cheapest offers of the operator and their advantages to help you make the best choice.

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from 2 €/month !

Cheap Bouygues mobile packages

Bouygues offers various inexpensive packages within its main range, From 2 € only. You also benefit from an advantageous rate during the first year of engagement.

Cheap Bouygues mobile package at 3 €

The cheapest package of Bouygues Telecom is less than € 3, at 2 €/month Exactly. This is a package with a small mobile data envelope, ideal for occasional Internet users. This € 3 Bouygues package is also available in blocked version.

Here is a table containing the details of the offer.

Other cheap bouygues mobile packages

Bouygues offers other cheap, available mobile mobile packages from € 6.99/month up to € 15.99/month.

These packages offer different mobile data envelopes, Up to 100GB. The 100GB package is also compatible with the 5G network Bouygues.

All these packages are accompanied by a 12 -month commitment, so you can enjoy a Price reduced the first year and terminate Bouygues afterwards. This allows you to save money while enjoying a complete package.

Cheap mobile packages b & you without obligation

Finally, the B & YOU offers, Bouygues’ Low-Cost range, are recommended if you are looking for a cheap mobile plan Bouygues.

B & You packages do not include a smartphone but offer Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France and in the French overseas departments. Part of the internet envelope is also Usable in Europe and in DOM. All B & You offers are without obligation, you are therefore free to terminate at any time.

The table below only presents B & YOU offers at less than € 20/month.

Cheap bouygues mobile bouygues for less than € 5

There is no really exist to date of Cheap mobile package Bouygues less than 5 €/month.

On the other hand, the Bbox customers can take advantage of a price on promotion. They therefore have the choice between 2 packages for less than 5 €/month on their first year of subscription:

  • The Bouygues package 2h 100mo at € 7.99/month is available at 0 €/month the first year Then 2 €/month the second year.
  • The Bouygues package 1 to 20GB € 14.99/month is available at € 4.99/month the first year then € 6.99/month in the second year.

This type of cheap blocked package being without engagement, Bbox subscribers can then enjoy a free bouygues offer or less than 5 €/month for a year and terminate when they see fit. In fact, this is the best way to enjoy a Complete and cheap offer.

⭐ 5 -star bouygues offer ⭐

40GB mobile package at € 9.90/month

Without commitment to Bouygues Telecom
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Why opt for a cheap Bouygues mobile plan ?

Choosing a cheap Bouygues mobile plan allows you to savings. Indeed, some other offers may exceed a budget of € 50 per month and sometimes include services that you do not necessarily need. It is therefore interesting to look at offers with smaller budgets, adapted to your needs.

Subscribe to a low -price package often rhymes with a thin data envelope and few services offered. This is not the case, however, of inexpensive offers Bouygues Telecom.

By merging its Bouygues offers with those of B & You, the operator now offers the same services to all its customers.

You can benefit from a Cheap Bouygues mobile package and without obligation, While having access to the operator’s customer service, its many stores as well as the Bouygues network.

As you can see on our mobile package comparator, which indicates all promotional offers for mobile packages by operator, you can absolutely take out a bouygues offer while enjoying the best prices and a substantial data envelope. It is by taking advantage of the many Bouygues promotions that you can find the best mobile package in terms of quality/price ratio.

You are looking for a bouygues offer ? Discover the available offers and let yourself be guided in order to take advantage of the partner offer most suited to your needs.

How to subscribe to a cheap Bouygues mobile plan ?

If you want to take out a Bouygues Telecom mobile package, you can do it directly on the website operator or contact a Bouygues advisor by telephone. It is also possible to go to Bouygues store.

Subscribe a cheap Bouygues mobile plan on the internet

You can subscribe to a BOX BOX offer very quickly and easily directly on the operator’s website by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Bouygues Telecom website
  2. Go to the tab “Bouygues Telecom packages” Or “B & You packages according to the type of package desired.“”
  3. Locate the mobile offer that interests and click on “Choose this package“”.
  4. Then follow the stages indicated for Validate your basket and create your customer account.

Subscribe a cheap mobile package Bouygues by phone

In order to take out a cheap Bouygues mobile plan, you can also contact Bouygues by calling customer service to 1064.

You can also join an expert Jechange on 01 82 88 18 12 which will guide you to the partner offers most suited to your needs.

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�� Bouygues Mobile Offer
from 2 €/month !

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Good plan: 3 cheap packages for less than € 5 at Bouygues Telecom

You are a little internet consumer, you just want to stay reachable or equip your teenager ? Discover these three Bouygues Telecom packages at a low price.

Bouygues Telecom

The editorial staff Ariase – Published on 01/10/2023 at 1:44 p.m

The B & You 500 MB package

A subscription to € 4.99/month ? At that price, it’s a gift ! At the key to this cheap package, unlimited calls/SMS/MMS and 500 MB of mobile data, that is to say the bare minimum, perfect for little connected users, who use their mobile.

Compared to other Bouygues Telecom packages which offer a more comfortable quantity of data, 500 MB is certainly little. You will just have enough to surf the internet for a few hours and watch some videos.

However, this cheap package is good to take if you are constantly connected to Wi-Fi, or for schoolchildren who need a smartphone only to communicate with their parents. Like all packages in the B & YOU range, this offer is without obligation.

The B & You 2h 100 MB package

This cheap mobile package offers both the quality of customer service and the Bouygues Telecom network. Its mini price is almost unbeatable: only € 2/month in the first year, then € 7.99/month.

Cheap, the subscription is ideal for staying reachable everywhere and choosing a new phone at a preferential price. It is suitable for young people as well as border residents, since calls, SMS and MMS ILLLIMITIES are valid throughout European territory.

An ease of payment allows you to spread the payment of a new smartphone over 24 months !

The evolutionary package for teens

Comem its name suggests, this Bouygues Telecom package allows parents to provide their children with a subscription which is gradually evolving over a year. With its fixed rate of € 6.99/month (then 14.99), the Evolutive package has 3 levels:

  • At the beginning: 1 GB in France and in Europe, 2 hours of call and unlimited SMS/MMS in mainland France,
  • From six months: 10 GB in France and in Europe, unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France,
  • After a year: 20 GB in France and in Europe, unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France.

Note that subscribers with a BBOX with them automatically benefit from a monthly delivery of € 2 on their scalable package which therefore follows € 4.99 per first year.

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