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[Selection] Cargo bike – 5 cheap longtail bikes at less than 2000 €

[Selection] Cargo bike - 5 cheap longtail bikes at less than 2000 €

[Selection] Cargo bike - 5 cheap longtail bikes at less than 2000 €

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The Cargo Longtail bicycle is the new star of the fall 2022. He was already a star at the start of the 2022 school year, at the start of the school year 2021 too. We even described it as “Killer scooter” (let’s not be afraid of words). Sign that this market matures, there are some “cheap” longtail bicycle proposals at less than 2000 €. Here is a selection of five models. They are sorted by increasing price. It’s market day, we give you the price per kilo².

Yuba Kombi, a longtail muscle bike

Kombi, this is the name chosen by Yuba to baptize his long -prize long -price bike. At Yuba, we don’t want to talk about entry -level. Because. it’s a yuba ! He accepts up to 2 children at the rear, 200 kg of payload. The brand compact announcement. We let you appreciate; Its wheelbase is 191 cm. It exists in blue or yellow. At this price, you will only have mechanical disc brakes and a generic brake and derailleur system (Edit: we were “hydraulic” by mistake. Ditto derailleur and brakes we said Shimano Altus, except that these equipment came out to reach the floor price of € 999) K7 11/40. Amply sufficient development for your daily trips. In charge of children, races or trees to plant.

Its recommended public price: from € 999. You will still have to provide some accessories (or be super good handyman if you want to create the accessories yourself) to exploit all the potential of this bike. Because yes, at less than 1000 €, it is delivered to you, gross, without options. On the scale, it displays 34.5 kg. Per kilo therefore, the Yuba Kombi is unbeatable: € 28.95/kg*. To rinse your eye or more, it’s there.

Gazelle Bloom, a bike to flower the city

We see you see us coming. Yes, this bike is not technically a longtail bike. And you are right. Nevertheless, this bicycle configured to the Dutchman accepts a adult and two children very well. You may not go to the recycling center on the school road; He is nevertheless to think to accept weight -170 kg weight of the bike included. The frame is made of aluminum, the double piston hydraulic disc brakes, the speeds are in the Nexus Shimano hub, there are 7 -speeds not hubs-. The double crutch locks for greater stability. And the children’s headquarters will clip on the Long rack at the Mik HD standard also in aluminum. Everything you need for urban use is standard. The setting and the fork are guaranteed for ten years.

This Gazelle Bloom bike exists in version with or without electric assistance (in the photos, this is the AE version). Public prices recommended from € 1099 (without assistance). You will have a budget to buy a good bike from your child (two good bikes for two children, it also goes). To find out more about the bloom, go. The bike is announced at 20.6 kg. Per kilo, the Gazelle Bloom is therefore € 53.6/kg*.

Tern Short Haul, not so short this longtail bike

Haul in English means transporting. In maritime freight, we talk about shorts, long, back, front haul. We will cause it around a beer on occasion. Tern Bicycles goes with modesty on this bike, baptizing it “shorts”. You will understand, it means, small or short journeys. Equipped with 20 inch wheel, he officially accepts 140 kg of load. The disc brakes are hydraulic. He too is equipped with 8 -speed shimano altus. Its design is modern. It comes with a set of accessories that will have to be integrated into your shopping list if you really want to optimize the little.

This bike weighs 16.1 kg and it makes it super pleasant and agile daily empty. Like the Yuba Kombi above, if you want to put it standing up, you can. We can nevertheless regret its total carrying capacity. 140kg, it is not much more than any classic bike. Its recommended public price: € 1399. Per kilo, it brings him back to € 87/kilo*. To travel to the Haul shorts, the web page is there.

Amsterdamair Twin, a longtail bike with retro design

Amsterdamair Twin, a longtail bike with delicious retro design

As much as the Tern Short Haul presented just above can be described as a modern global drawing, as much the Amsterdamair Twin has the palm of the longtail bicycle with retro design. We’re going to be nice, we will define it as classic ! In its first prize version, you will have three speeds, a backbid braking combined with one of the Shimano Roller IM81 drum brake for the front. The frame is made of aluminum. One size 53. Let us recognize that the brand a certain honesty by announcing that the bicycle will suit only pilots measuring between 1m66 and 1m83.

The more we look at him, the more we find him a little outdated charm. This bike could become a collector even before it realizes it. The recommended public price: € 1499. And since it weighs around 22kg, per kilo, it is tutoring the € 68/kg ! At the rear, he accepts 80 kg on his luggage rack. At the front, 15 kg. What have time to see children grow up. This modern vintage bike interests you ? So slide there.

Rad Power Bikes Radwagon 4, the only electrical bike in the selection

Longtail Radwagon 4 bike - the car, l

Finally an electric bicloune in the selection. We choose to present it to you, even if Rad Power Bikes does not have offices or representatives in France (direct online sale). We meet a lot in Parisian streets (and elsewhere too, Paris is not France). To have discussed with a few owners, they seem to be very happy with it. For them, it is a constant, the price/service ratio is unbeatable.

On the same subject Mustache Monday 20 – Alain, professional photographer on a longtail bicycle

They concede some small annoyance subjects. Between one who broke his seatpost very quickly, the other who had to shine his wheel after barely two months of use. The hub engine develops 250W (no torque info). The battery displays 672 Wh. The brand announces autonomy up to 72 km/load. In fact, the little investigation makes us think that between 40 and 50 km is more realistic. Depending on the loaded weight (158 kg max, pilot included) and the profile of journeys of course. And it’s not so bad on a daily basis !

The bike weighs around 40kg. All technical specificities are on the brand’s website. In France, a maintenance agreement went with Repair & Run. Before you decide, if you are not a handyman, and if you do not have a Repair & Run antenna in your corner, check with your local workshops if they will maintain your bike, before ordering it. This will save you surprise from having an irreparable bike. The real performance of this bike: its price for an electric, from € 1899. Per kilo, this bike is worth € 47/kg*. In the good average therefore. Finally, note, the brand advertising website “Next availability January 2023“”. Time to put money aside ?!

Longtail (and other) bike rates that will not last

Tern announced on October 13, in his newsletter, increase his prices at the end of the month (from October). The others, we don’t know. It is still difficult to believe that they are not also impacted by the euro/dollar exchange rate, the price of oil, energy, the price of freight, overall inflation. We fear it, we even announce it here without unfortunately taking too many risks, this same article in October 2023 will be titled “Selection of longtail bikes at less than 3000 €“”.

Good longtail bikes at less than 2000 €

To find 5 good longtail bikes at less than € 2,000, you had to cheat a little by integrating the Gazelle Bloom into the loop. We concede it, it is not technically a longtail bike. However, there is a capacity bike. On paper, it supports more weight on board than the haul shorts offered by Tern. This brings us to the following question: what in the standard allows a bicycle to be considered a longtail (therefore cargo bike – and therefore benefit from a grant to purchase) or to be the other side ? Knowing that we oppose Longtail to Shorttail, and that we also sometimes speak of Midtail. We go to investigate this. We will tell you when we found.

Other longtail bikes at less than 2000 € ?

In our research, other products have appeared. We think of the multi bike, muscular version displayed at 1870 €. Same for the longtail mongoose bike, displayed at € 989. Even if we know these brands, we have never seen, never touched these bikes. They have for us no reputation (neither good nor bad) so difficult to advise them to you. Also, we have decided to present you bikes on which either there is stock, or we know (roughly) when we can hope to receive one (see Radwagon).

Less than 2000 € the longtail bike naked ! What about the cost of equipment ?

To finish our selection of “cheap” longtail bikes, we alert you to this subject. A longtail bike naked has not much interest (see even none). The bike becomes interesting once you have equipped it with the options that suit you: bags, footrests, holding bar, baskets, children’s seats, straps. Announce a price, at random, € 1199, for a long -naked longtail would be comparable to a car manufacturer who would sell you its small family city car, 4 places, to € 6,999 with the rear bench and the optional passenger seat. If it is necessary to add to accessories 50% of the price of the bicloune to use it as desired, the price of call of the machine is not far from being a misleading promise.

All this to tell you, before settling your sights on one of the bikes presented in this selection, do not forget to assess the price of accessories. The cheapest will not necessarily be the best deals when putting end to end. Besides, if you have tinkered your accessories yourself, do not hesitate to share your DIY talents with us in commenting on this article.

² The price per kilo of a bicycle, we have just exercised, has absolutely no interest.

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The bicycle returned to the life of Jérôme at random from a car breakdown. He is the author of the guide “Vélotaf, manual of the daily bicycle” published by Alternatives Éditions. He joined Xavier Gift in the Weelz adventure! in 2019. Jérôme also hosts the weekly radio program “Free rays” on common cause (93.1 fm). For him a day without pedaling is a spoiled day. Read one’s articles

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Longtail Cargo Velo

Family bike
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Bike 43 Baby Maxy Cosi

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Thanks to the patented ‘Footbox’, up to three children can settle in the back. The first child spends his feet under the saddle to have more space.

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Thanks to the low position of the battery and the 20 -inch rear wheel, the bike has an excellent center of gravity. The risk of falling children is also very limited given the height.

A multi-motor framework to evolve with your needs.

You can choose the power of your engine and the internal hub system that goes with. The bicycle is adaptive and can evolve in the future.

A low maintenance bike to last a lifetime.

The bike was specially designed to last. With a high -end chromoly steel frame, an internal hub, a tailor -made crutch and a double X frame design.

Style and colors

43 bikes are customizable to meet your needs, they are available in 4 colors and with 5 different engine/transmission systems. Whether for features, performance or style, bicycle 43 is your faithful traveling companion.


Our bikes are entirely designed and thought by our teams. Our executives are hand -built in Europe, by specialized and experienced craftsmen. Our bikes are then carefully assembled in Brussels. Local production makes it possible to limit the impact on the planet. We also believe in an inclusive approach with suitable work in our assembly chain in Brussels.

The family bike for daily transportation, throughout the year.

Longtail bike

Longtail bike

Welcome to Amsterdam Air, the custom-made bicycle specialist !

Longtail bikes (literally “long -tailed bikes”) have the distinction of having a extended rear luggage allowing to sit there 2 children from 9 months to 10 years old one behind the other.

If you want to transport up to 4 children daily while keeping an eye on them permanently, we recommend that you turn to a BOTTEUR OR A TROTORTER With a trunk at the front.

Many accessories are available to allow passengers to sit at the rear but also improve their comfort and safety. You will find them at the bottom of the product sheets, in the configurators or in the cous-categories by brand (Kiffy and twelve cycles).

Your Amsterdam Air longtail bike will be delivered to your fully mounted home, with its accessories, and set to your size.

Many communities offer you financial aid for the purchase of a bicycle carrier of children, with or without electric assistance. Find them on our subsidy map 2023.
Longtail being part of the Cargos bicycle family, it has been eligible since 2021 at the state bonus. The amount of the aid can increase to 40% of the purchase price vehicle within the limit of 2000 € (on resource conditions).