Canal subscriptions: The increase in continuous prices, mycanal opinion: our complete guide on its prices and features

Mycanal opinion: our complete guide on his works, prices and features

MyCanal has advantages and disadvantages. The quality of streaming is not at the top, with an unavailable UHD resolution for many titles and the absence of HDR and Dolby Vision. On the other hand, the video service service at the request of Channel+ is compatible with a wide variety of devices and its dynamic resolution partially compensates for these limits.

Canal+ subscriptions: the increase in continuous prices

The rise in prices continues at Canal+ with a new non -binding subscription which increases by a few euros per month.

We already knew it, prices are starting to increase at Canal+ – and on the MyCanal platform. This increase was first felt on the cinema series subscription for those under 26. It now extends to another offer: the limited series Canal+ & Disney+.

Without commitment, this formula normally costs 24.99 euros per month. However, people who have subscribed this offer are starting to receive emails – with ” Management of your Canal subscription+ »In object – warning them that this price will increase to 27.99 euros per month.

From your next monthly renewal date […], and in accordance with your general subscription conditions, your Serie Limited Canal+ & Disney+ subscription will be renewed for successive periods of one month at the price excluding promotions and off options of 27, 99 €.

Why do prices increase at Canal+ ?

As a reminder, the Canal+ group had warned during the summer that it was going to increase its prices. This follows an increase in VAT applicable to the services offered by the company. Tax authorities have, in fact, reassessed the rate to 20 % against 10 % before, because they believe that the activities of Canal+ were increasingly akin to SVOD. As a result, they decided that the group should have the same rate as Netflix (for example).

The television group therefore reappears the increase in VAT on the price of subscriptions subscribed by users and users. On the other hand, note that the people who have made an offer with commitment should not be affected. The latter would be entitled to terminate free of charge if the price for which they were committed were to be changed.

Finally, we will remember that in the long term, all of the Canal+ subscriptions should gradually see their prices increase. This increase in the limited channel+ & Disney+ series offer tends to confirm it.

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Mycanal opinion: our complete guide on his works, prices and features

Mycanal opinion: our complete guide on his works, prices and features

MyCanal, the SVOD platform of Channel+, adopt a particular strategy to attract users. It brings together, in a single platform, other video streaming services, such as Netflix, Ocs, Paramount+ And Disney+. The platform is also known for its reduced deadlines counts at the first broadcast of recent films. In addition, the MyCanal interface is intuitive, facilitating navigation through the many content proposed by Channel+.

While some agree that the multitude of proposed content justifies the high price of the subscription, others believe that the price is far too excessive. Indeed, the MyCanal subscription is more expensive than that of competing platforms, as Netflix Or Amazon Prime Video. So, are the various works up to the subscription ? Is it really interesting to subscribe to the offer offered by Channel+ ? Discover our full opinion on the question through this guide.

MyCanal: a varied and exclusive catalog for all audiences

For a long time, MyCanal has been distinguished by the diversity of its catalog and its exclusives in French cinema. However, unlike other streaming platforms, MyCanal is not content to offer films and series. Indeed, the platform also offers the possibility of watching sport, documentaries, live or replay shows.

Canal+ television channels live and on demand

The first one Particularity of MyCanal is the possibility to follow your favorite television channels live from the application or the website. With your device connected to the Internet, you can watch your emissions wherever you go. Available programs depend on the formula Channel+ to which you have subscribed. If you opt for the most complete bouquet, you will have access to all the Canal TV channels+. You can look live from the channels, such as Channel+, Bein Sports, Cnews, Arte, C8, M6, National Geographic, etc. The full list is provided during the subscription.

mycanal film

Films, series, documentaries and programs on a single application

The MyCanal platform offers a wide variety of content For all audiences, all ages and with different tastes. You can find movies, series, documentaries and even special programs. Regarding films and series, MyCanal is distinguished from its competitors by offering the first broadcast of many feature films each year.

Nearly 500 films are broadcast on the platform every year, including 65% in first broadcast. If you are impatient, MyCanal is the ideal solution for you. The platform also offers a wide variety of documentaries, ranging from history to culture, including science, technology, society, etc. It is also possible to access documentary channels in replay, such as National Geographic Wild, Ushuaia And TV story.

Sports fans can also follow the biggest competitions live, such as the Champions League, the Premier League, the NBA, the UFC, the WRC, the Top 14, etc. All shows are, again, available in replay.

Mycanal exclusives and its first broadcast

MyCanal, the streaming platform for Channel+, offers a wide variety of exclusive content for all ages. Among the most popular MyCanal series, we can cite “Collapse“,”Gear“,”The legendary office“,”Valid“And” Versailles “, while the most interesting documentaries include”The last lung in the world“,”Banksy: Wanted” And “Monumental “”. Children are not outdone with shows like “Kaeloo” And “Ptits Devils“”.

As a major partner of the French film industry, it is not surprising that MyCanal offers works that are found anywhere else. What’s more, Channel+ collaborates with other streaming platforms to offer you certain series of Disney+, Ocs, Paramount+ And Netflix Depending on your subscription Channel+.

MyCanal vs other streaming platforms

Although Netflix Or the only streaming platform to have more movies and series than MyCanal for the moment, MyCanal stands out by offering exclusive content French. Despite the collaboration between MyCanal and Netflix, It is impossible to access the entire catalog of Netflix On mycanal, because Netflix keeps that users visit its platform to consult all its contents. It’s the same for Disney+, whose videos are not compatible with the integrated mycanal reader. In the end, to take advantage of all the contents of each streaming platform, it is necessary to get out of MyCanal.

Mycanal platforms

MyCanal: Excellent compatibility with devices, but passable streaming quality

MyCanal has advantages and disadvantages. The quality of streaming is not at the top, with an unavailable UHD resolution for many titles and the absence of HDR and Dolby Vision. On the other hand, the video service service at the request of Channel+ is compatible with a wide variety of devices and its dynamic resolution partially compensates for these limits.

Resolution, image quality and sound quality

MyCanal supports a maximum resolution of 4K UHD, which offers impeccable image quality in direct diffusion, but this resolution is not available for all contents. Only recent titles of Hollywood, The series of Channel+ And some live shows are compatible with UHD. In addition, there are still a lot of content in Full HD icon or below this quality. All films and series with a 1080p resolution are marked by an HD icon on their file.

Generally, you can choose three types of resolution:

  • Minimum: this is the lowest quality, it is below 480p;
  • Intermediary: these are the resolutions between 480p at 720p;
  • Maximum: this is between 720p at 2160p depending on the video.

You can also choose a resolution being read, but MyCanal chooses a dynamic resolution Depending on your screen, your connection and the video format. For sound quality, MyCanal offers classic stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1, But not yet Dolby Atmos.

Compatibility with all connected platforms

MyCanal is available on the official website and via the app for devices under Android Or iOS, including smartphones, tablets and smart TVs Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, And Amazon Fire TV. The platform is also accessible via game consoles, such as PlayStation 4 or 5, Xbox One, One X, X/S Series, as well as on Android TV boxes and box operators boxes.

Number of simultaneous screens supported by MyCanal

THE number of screens available simultaneously depends on the subscription Channel+ and varies from one user to another. Up to four screens can be used simultaneously for certain offers, while others do not allow the use of an additional screen. To find out the number of devices you can use at the same time, see the “My options” section of your customer area on the website of Channel+.

MyCanal: Complete features and optimal user experience

MyCanal offers a successful, complete and adaptive interface, offering an optimal user experience on all media, whether it is the web, mobile interface or the application. The many application bugs have been corrected, allowing fluid navigation.

A well thought out interface and fluid navigation

MyCanal’s interface is very complete and intuitive, allowing you to easily discover the sea catalog of Channel+. The home page offers a carousel presenting the major titles recently acquired by Channel+. The different categories of videos are also easily accessible, you can choose between cinema, series, sport, young, documentaries ..

If you press one of the categories, then you will be directed to a subcategory that has the same design as the home page. A little lower, there is a selection of MyCanal about series, documentaries and cartoons that should not be missed. Note that this recommendation may change depending on the activity of the MyCanal profile.

Subtitling and dubbing in several languages

On MyCanal, it is possible to add and personalize the subtitles for each film and series viewed, by choosing the font, the size and color of the writing. Regarding dubbing, it depends on the content viewed. Like other streaming platforms, only the most popular titles have several audio tracks. French is the initial language on MyCanal.

Download films and series included in your subscription

Downloading movies and series included in your subscription is available on the MyCanal application, but beware, the validity duration of the downloaded video is only 6 days after the first reading.

Personalization and user profiles

Mycanal allows you to create up to 10 user profiles with unique recommendations depending on the activity of each profile. It is possible to create a profile for each family member, in order to personalize the user experience and optimize the content recommendation.

mycanal price

Mycanal prices and subscriptions

THE Mycanal subscription rates can scare subscribers accustomed to the prices of other streaming platforms. For now, Channel+ does not seem ready to make concessions on its prices.

Cost of different mycanal subscriptions

L’Mycanal subscription is done via the subscription to Channel+. The offers range from 22.99 euros to 34.99 euros per month, with a 2 -year commitment. If you opt for non -binding offers, the cost varies from 27.99 euros to 44.99 euros per month. Furthermore, the formula Canal+ Series is available at 6.99 euros per month. However, be careful to choose your formula, because Canal+ does not offer a free trial period.

The advantages included in each formula

There cheapest formula of Channel+ only gives access to the original series of the group Channel+. No movie, documentary or other type of video is available with this offer.

The formula Channel+ At 22.99 euros per month provides access to films, series, sports, documentaries and other original contents of Channel+.

The formula Canal+ Ciné Séries, At 25.99 euros per month, offers the possibility of adding the content of other streaming platforms to your channels.

Finally, the most expensive formula, Canal+ Sport At 34.99 euros per month, gives you access to all the advantages previously mentioned and allows you, in addition, to unlock all the sports chains of Channel+.

Mycanal prices and other streaming platforms

It is undeniable that Mycanal prices are two to three times higher than those of other streaming platforms. However, this price difference is explained by the offers proposed by Channel+. Indeed, if we take the example of the offer Canal+ Series, 6.99 euros may seem excessive to have access only to series. In comparison, other platforms such as Amazon Prime offer films, series, books, music and video games for the same amount.

The advantages and disadvantages of MyCanal

MyCanal offers a considerable variety of content to users, made up of series, films, news, sports and international documentaries, as well as French productions. Although the platform has considerable advantages, it also has drawbacks that can slow down users, such as high price and diffusion quality.

Mycanal benefits

One of the major advantages of MyCanal is its ability to broadcast films 6 months after their dining room release, which is a considerable asset on most of its competitors who wait on average one or more before broadcasting these films. Users can take advantage of the latest films released indoors, directly from their sofa, without having to wait a very long time.

In addition, MyCanal also offers a considerable variety of original content, including internal series and films, which are not available on other streaming platforms. Users can thus discover new exclusive content on the platform.

MyCanal is also known for its intuitive interface and allowing simplified navigation, which facilitates the research and discovery of new content for users. In addition, the platform is available on all connected devices and can be used from 4 screens simultaneously.

Mycanal disadvantages

One of the main disadvantages of mycanal remains its price. Indeed, it is very high compared to most of its competitors. The cost of the subscription can be considered exorbitant for certain users, which can lead them to opt for other more affordable video services.

On the other hand, the quality of distribution is not always up to some of its competitors and it is time that MyCanal adopts technologies like Dolby Vision And Dolby Atmos To improve the user experience. Some content does not reach a resolution of 540p, which is disappointing for users who expect impeccable quality given the price of the subscription.

Summary of mycanal advantages and disadvantages

You hesitate to Subscribe to Canal+ ? To allow you to see more clearly, here is a summary table of the advantages and disadvantages of the platform:

Broadcasting of movies in preview, only 6 months after their release on the big screen.

Original contents.

Our conclusion on MyCanal

MyCanal offers thousands of works for all tastes and all ages, accessible via its website and mobile application, on all connected devices. The video service at the request of Channel+ also offers the possibility of using 4 simultaneous screens and creating up to 10 different profiles.

Although the platform is more expensive than most of its competitors, its original content and its ability to broadcast films in preview remain considerable assets that other platforms do not have. So, if you are the impatient type, MyCanal may be a solution for you !

We can therefore say that despite these drawbacks, Mycanal can be attractive For users who seek to discover new exclusive content and watch movies only 6 months after their dining room release. But this justifies the price of the subscription ? In our opinion, if MyCanal wishes to keep its high price, improvements must be made to justify this cost difference with the other platforms. Users expect an impeccable quality of diffusion in view of what they spend and it is time for MyCanal to equip themselves with advanced technologies to improve their user experience.

The MyCanal catalog makes you want to try ? In this case, we recommend that you opt for non -binding formulas. Indeed, the offers with engagement bind you for 2 years and it will be difficult to terminate the contract once it is signed ..