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How to call without sim card

Note that these said applications are often available on PC also. In other words, that means that it is not necessarily necessary to have a SIM card and a mobile phone to make a call.

Telephoner without SIM card

Unmissable element within our smartphone, the SIM card is what allows us to access the cellular network, in order not only to make calls, send SMS/MMS, but also to be amazing an internet connection. However, it may happen that we find ourselves a few days without this precious tool, time to order a new one, whether after a change of operator or the loss of his smartphone. Now while waiting to recover another, it is possible to remain connected and even to communicate, to a certain extent, without SIM card. Explanation.

Finding yourself without SIM card can trigger, in some smartphones users, a panic crisis. And yet it is completely possible to use it without, in many ways. You want to stay connected to your community, but are still waiting to receive your new SIM card ? Find out how to reach your loved ones anyway, thanks to WiFi. You can even continue to take advantage of a few content on streaming platforms without being connected to the Internet, provided you are planning ..

Stay in touch with your loved ones thanks to wifi

If you find yourself without SIM card, don’t panic. You can still continue to stay in touch with your loved ones, simply thanks to a wifi connection. You can indeed use online messaging applications, which do not require the presence of this electronic chip in your smartphone. Some are probably already part of your daily life, whether it is Messenger or Instagram, already allowing you to exchange with your loved ones through this. The advantage of these online messaging services being therefore that, unlike conventional SMS, they are not dependent on our mobile plan and thus remain accessible even without SIM card. The only prerequisite being, for these apps to work, to benefit from an internet access point.

Knowing that it is even possible, for example on Messenger, to make calls, whether simply in audio or video, this should allow you to continue to communicate with your loved ones when you are at home, already. And outside the home ? If you are invited to another home, you can always ask your host to share his wifi with you. Then if it is necessary, as a SFR customer, you will also have the possibility of enjoying a WiFi SFR hotspot. It is certainly not ideal, and all these solutions will not replace the usefulness of a SIM card, but it can still help out !

Today, smartphones are not only used to communicate. They offer us many other possibilities, including that of accessing streaming platforms. Even without SIM card, being connected to a WiFi network, you can always access the streaming offers to which you have subscribed, whether Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+. These platforms each offer a wide choice of programs, very eclectic, varying between comic or dramatic series, documentaries, action films or thriller, with even humorist shows or reality TV shows. Enough to take care of for long hours ! Especially since added to these on -demand video services, even without SIM card you can always listen to your favorite music on your smartphone, via musical platforms like Deezer. The good news being that most of these contents, audio and video, are even accessible without internet connection. Provided.

You are used to watching series or listening to music for example in the metro, via your mobile package ? Difficult to have (good) access to WiFi in transport, but by anticipating these moments, you can still enjoy your content. Note that streaming platforms, whether musical or video, mostly have a download option, in order to be able to read a film, a series or a playlist when you are offline. So plan: take advantage of your wifi connection to you to download your content before you go out, and so be able to take advantage of it even without any internet connection !

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How to call without sim card ?

Call without sim card

When we talk about telephone calls, we obviously think of mobile plans, and intrinsically, SIM card. A few years ago, before the arrival of smartphones, the SIM card was clearly a sine qua none condition to make a call.

Without this little chip, it was simply impossible to issue or receive a phone call. But the arrival of smartphones has changed the game, and in particular in the possibilities to make a call, including with Visio.

Is it possible to call without sim card ?

The answer is yes. But despite everything, there will be some conditions, including using a smartphone and having a Wi-Fi connection. We will detail how to make a call without SIM card, and in particular via certain applications.

Note that these said applications are often available on PC also. In other words, that means that it is not necessarily necessary to have a SIM card and a mobile phone to make a call.

On the other hand, it will necessarily be necessary to create an account or to regret to access these applications. Then, and only then it will be possible to make a call.

How to call without sim card ?

By being without SIM card in your phone, it is always possible to call, thanks to many free internet call services. And without having a phone number.

Without SIM card, so we do not have access to the 5G, or even 4G mobile network, or even mobile data. In this case, you will have to connect to a Wi-Fi network. In the vast majority of cases, it will also be necessary that the person you call have the same application as you, to receive the call.

Below, we present a list of the main applications that allow you to make and receive calls and that do not require a phone number for initial recording. Indeed, if you do not have a SIM card and it is requested confirmation by SMS, you will never be able to say said application. This is particularly the case of WhatsApp which requires a phone number.

1. Skype


The Mountain View giant also gratifies us with its call application. Again, vocal and videos calls are allowed, without even needing a SIM card. The only condition is having a Gmail address.

If you have an Android smartphone, then this condition is already met. For iPhone users, you will have to enter your Google account and give your consent for access to the address book.

The advantage here is that, if you call a person with an Android smartphone, even if it does not have Google Duo, they will receive the call as a system call. In other words, the field of possibilities is greater. The only condition is that the person you call has an Android phone.

Note that Google is merge Google Duo and Google Meet, in a single application, Google Meet. But that does not change the features mentioned above.

What is a virtual number and how to get one easily ?

Virtual number

To benefit from several numbers on his phone, there are several solutions. ESIM allows you to take advantage of a double subscription on your mobile, in addition to the classic SIM card, in order to benefit from two phone numbers. However, to avoid subscribing to a monthly subscription, the solution of virtual numbers is privileged.

A virtual number is a number which will be chosen or assigned directly online, without going through the reception and activation of a physical SIM card or ESIM. The number is immediately put into service and usable directly after purchase via various specialized applications.

A virtual number therefore has several advantages:

  • Individuals and professionals can take advantage of it;
  • Communications are deducted per minute and are cheaper abroad;
  • The cost remains limited and depends on the real user consumption;
  • The choice of a virtual number is easily made via an application;
  • It is possible to have an unlimited number of numbers.
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A single number for a set of phones, regardless of their geographic location ? It is possible thanks to virtual numbers, also called DIF numbers, now offered by many providers. National fixed line number, the virtual number allows companies to centralize calls. How do these virtual numbers work and what are their advantages ? Explanation.

What is a virtual number ?

A virtual number is a telephone number, but which is not attributed to a particular telephone line. On the contrary, The virtual number can redirect calls to a multitude of terminals : mobile phones, fixed lines, but also computer, especially via Skype. The idea is simple and is to offer a unique number, for example national, referring to local agencies.

Virtual numbers also operate internationally. This is one of the most frequent uses, especially by call centers or companies. The latter with several internal phones, they however wish to communicate only a telephone number, the standard, on which the appellants arrive. They are then redirected thanks to the standardist, or by pressing the keys of their keyboards according to the options mentioned by the automatic answering machine. Generally, Creating a virtual number indeed returns cheaper than a local subscription in the recipient country.

Virtual number

Why choose a virtual number and how to use it: procedures and explanations.

Virtual numbers start with 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 09, or even 08. The latter can however be the subject of an additional cost. For the others, correspondent calls to the virtual number are billed at the local price. The number chosen indeed corresponds to a geographical area, without having to have a fixed line in this area. They oppose this for the old numbers and classic standards, which depended on a geographical situation.

The content of the offers differs according to the providers and the options chosen. The basic offer of most providers simply consist of a virtual number, without more options. On the other hand, the most complete offers can include a standard, a personalized welcome, an answering machine or a call journal. Some virtual numbers may also redirect the caller to the right interlocutor via a voice menu.

A virtual number works exactly as a conventional phone number. It can however be attributed to several terminals at the same time, fixed or mobile. This makes it possible to redirect calls to several terminals without having to give a number for each of them.

Where to buy a virtual number and what are the best applications ?

There are a large number of virtual numbers suppliers. While onoff was the 1st to launch this service and to democratize it, there is now a long list of applications to obtain a virtual number easily. However, these services are mainly intended for companies, only a few suppliers are accessible for individuals at affordable prices.