Can we change operators before the end of his commitment and his contract?, How to change mobile plan?

How to change mobile plan

You are looking for a mobile offer ? Discover the available offers and let yourself be guided in order to take advantage of the partner offer most suited to your needs.

Can we change operators before the end of his commitment and his contract ?

You have subscribed to a package with a mobile telephony operator who so far suited you perfectly. But, for one reason or another, you want to change operator before the end of your commitment. Is it possible ? We explain to you how to do with ease and with serenity.

You are committed and want to change operator ? Our advisers offer you to change operators and take advantage of reimbursement offers. (free selectra service)

  • The essential
  • Termination fees may be requested if you choose to change operator during a subscription.
  • Negotiation can bring you a lot.
  • Knowing your Rio number and unlocking your laptop are essential in the event of a change of operator.
  • Can we terminate an internet subscription before the end of the commitment ? Of course !

You have a mobile plan with one of the market operators and for a reason x or y, you realize that this package does not more suitable. It is important, above all, to think carefully about reasons for which this package is no longer made for you. Does he no longer cover your mobile telephony needs ? Do you find it too expensive ? Do you think that the offer of one of your operator’s competitors is cheaper or offers better quality/price ratio ? Once the reasons clear in your head can then start the operator change procedure.

What you need to know to change mobile operator

Termination fees before the end of commitment

Change of mobile contract

It is advisable to contact your operator and to see with him the different offers offered. One of them may hold your attention. In this case, no need to terminate your subscription. If, however, you are determined to leave your operator for another, a few small checks impose themselves.

Take into account Termination Fee. It is quite possible for you to terminate your subscription to your operator during your commitment period. But know that this generates termination fees, often high. Remember to assess the amount before embarking on a termination approach. If your engagement period is coming to an end, if you are not more committed, you can terminate without paying any fees. Otherwise, the penalties generally amount to the totality remaining monthly payments until the end of the contract. If your commitment is 12 months, you must pay all the remaining monthly payments. If your commitment is over 24 months, there is two cases ::

  • Either you terminate your contract After in the 12th month, in this case, you must pay only A quarter monthly payments you have to pay.
  • If you resilled Before In the 12th month, you will have to pay the monthly payments in full until the 12th month then a quarter of the monthly payments that remains to be paid until the end of your subscription.

Your operator’s obligations

The operator generally informs his subscribers that their contract soon expires, by mail in particular. As a rule, your commitment period is not automatically renewed.

However, your operator can offer you a re -engagement offer for your mobile phone contract. In this case, he must send you a written confirmation of his offer by mail or on a sustainable medium (email for example), any contrary practice being illegal.

Finally, you think that terminating your contract and change operator would come back too expensive ? Contact your customer service and negotiate a goodwill gesture ! Explain to them that you have seen a more interesting offer from one of their competitors and that you feel disadvantaged, you who have always been a loyal customer. If you know how to show yourself persuasive, but still remaining correct, you may be able to enjoy a reduction a few euros on your package or a free option.

You always want to change operators during a package ? You must then carry out some operations.

How to change operator ?

Essential codes for change of operator

Perplexed man

First of all, get your Rio. Quèsaco ? This is your operator identity statement, a series of 12 characters, which allows you to keep Your phone number at your new operator. To find out, make up the 3179 and you will receive your Rio by SMS. Thanks to your rio, this is your new operator who takes care of terminating your line. You don’t need to notify your former operator. If you decide to take out a new subscription to another operator, let it take care of the steps in entirety !

When the procedure is launched, do not take care of it by risk of having a duplicate which can lead to a cut of your two lines, the new and the old ! And you will then have to ask your new operator to recover your deactivated number. This is feasible but will considerably extend the waiting times and the cut can be extended.

Disimlocke (or unlock) your phone. This operation is done using your number IMei, Code that you can get by doing # 06 # or looking at your phone’s battery or, easier, on phone packaging. This operation is useful if your phone is “blocked” on the network of your current operator (if you have subscribed to buy your phone cheaper for example).

After obtaining the IMEI code, your current operator is responsible for the operation. She is free If your phone has more than three months otherwise, you can pay a few tens of euros, depending on your operator. If necessary, do this operation in advance, even a few weeks before the termination of your subscription to your former operator because this approach can be long and complicated.

Other situations

If you do not want to keep your number, send your termination request by registered letter. You can also inform your operator of your termination by phone or by email, the registered letter remaining preferable. The operator then has 10 days to satisfy your request. You can choose a termination date As long as it remains within 60 days of receipt of your mail by the operator.

If you have subscribed to a package without engagement, You can terminate it at any time at your operator. This will not cause fees. Your termination will be effective for ten days after receiving your request. If you want the termination to take effect later, you can report it in the mail that you will send to your operator.

You now know the different steps to change operator in all serenity. All you have to do is compare the packages (with or without commitment) that interest you. And above all, to choose the one you will consider most suitable for what you are looking for !

Useful contacts to change operator before the end of their commitment

You want personalized advice according to your end of commitment date ? You can call it 09 71 07 90 61. An advisor will tell you the best time to change operator in your case and direct you to the most suitable partner offer. (Free selectra service)

After verifying your end of commitment date and the amount of termination costs, you want to know the offers of other operators ? Find the phone numbers below to learn and subscribe to the offers of the main operators:

Operator Means of contact
09 71 07 91 34
09 71 07 91 17
Contact Orange Customer Service or
subscribe online
01 82 88 13 94

Information noted on 12/09/2023. List of non -exhaustive telecom operators.

Frequent questions

Can we change operators before the end of his contract ?

It is always possible to terminate your package before the end of the commitment period. It will then be necessary to pay termination costs according to the contract held with its operator.

What is the amount of termination fees before the end of the contract ?

For a 1 year contract, the entire remaining monthly payments will have to be set. For a change of operator with a 24 -month commitment, it will also be necessary to settle a quarter of the monthly payments of the second year (in addition to the monthly payments of the first year for a termination in the first 12 months).

Is the Rio code essential when changing the mobile operator ?

The Rio code is not essential but allows you to keep your number when changing operator. It also greatly facilitates the procedure for the change of supplier since the new operator is responsible for termination with the old.

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How to change mobile plan ?

Your consumption habits have evolved and you now want to change your mobile plan. You will have to terminate your contract with your operator and you wonder whether or not this approach will generate costs. Depending on your current offer, there may actually be termination fees. Here’s how to change your mobile package at a lower cost.

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Mobile non -binding packages are the most requested packages, because they allow a certain flexibility of use. You are free to change your package at any time, without providing proof and without it generating costs. You just need to inform your operator. On the other hand, if you want to keep the same phone number, you will have to request the Rio code, the identity operator statement. This request is made by phone at 31,79. The call and the service are free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There was a time when mobile phone operators billed staggering fees for any modification or cancellation of a mobile plan before the end of the contract. In 2008, the Chatel law implemented new regulations as well as a calculation of termination fees, common to all operators. The only possibility of terminating your package with free commitment is to do so at the end of your 12 or 24 month contract. In this specific case, simply warn your operator with a notice of a minimum month by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

The package with commitment requires carefully consulting your contract before making any change. Depending on the offer you have subscribed, changing the mobile plan implies certain costs. Depending on the duration of your commitment, they vary from simple to double ! Any termination request must be made by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

If you want to change your package when your 12 month contract has not expired, you are liable for the monthly payments due to the 12th month. For example, if you are solving during the 3rd month, you will have 9 months to pay.

For a 24 -month commitment, it is the same principle, except that the amount to be paid corresponds to the quarter of the monthly payments remaining between the 13th and the 24th month. That is to say that if you interrupt your offer in the 13th month, you will have to pay your operator a quarter of the last 11 remaining monthly payments. Please note, in the case of termination from the first year of your commitment, the costs are accumulating. You will have to pay all the remaining monthly payments of the first year as well as a quarter of the monthly payments the second year.

You can also keep your current phone number. Please refer to the previous paragraph.

Certain events, personal or professionals, can force you to change your mobile package. These events are not your jurisdiction, the Chatel law has determined legitimate reasons that allow you to terminate your mobile package without any costs. However, each operator determines their own conditions of termination, it is therefore essential to consult the precise terms of your contract. Here is a non -exhaustive list of the legitimate reasons established by the Chatel law:

Over -indebtedness
A dysfunction of the service (interruption of the line, etc.)
The contractual changes of the operator
Dismissal as part of a permanent contract
The move in an area not covered by the operator
Moving abroad
Force majeure recognized by the courts
A disease or a handicap no longer allowing the use of the service
The death of the user

If you are in one of these cases, you must send your operator proof to take into account your termination request. He must imperatively be sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

Changing the mobile plan is ultimately simple and rather fast depending on the type of offer you have. But to pay as few costs as possible, consult the commitment conditions of your operator. For any questions, do not hesitate to request it, because he alone can indicate the right step to follow.

How to change the orange package and under what conditions ?

Your current mobile offer no longer meets your needs and you want to change your orange package ? What are the conditions for changing orange offer ? How to apply for a change and what is the time of commissioning ? Can we change the orange package for Sosh ? We take stock.

You are interested in an orange package ?

  • The essential
  • It is possible to Change orange package, For another orange package alone, at any time and at no cost.
  • Of the change costs of offer applies only when you change your offer within 18 months of your subscription and in certain situations.
  • You can also Change orange package for Sosh, with or free of charge, depending on the duration of engagement of your package.

Under what conditions can we change the orange package ?


Before going into details, let’s see together the main conditions related to a change of mobile offer with Orange:

  • You must have subscribed to your mobile package there is at least 3 months.
  • You must have your Orange identifiers in order to access your customer area or the Orange and I application.
  • It is possible to Change orange package, Whether you have an offer with or without mobile and want to enjoy an orange package with or without mobile.
  • As part of a change of offer with mobile, you are re -engaged for a period of 24 months.
  • On the other hand, a change of offer for a single package without mobile does not generate any commitment.

Can we change the package during orange engagement ? The answer is yes ! However, changing orange package for another orange package or for a Sosh mobile offer when you are still committed can be accompanied by costs.

How much is a change in orange package ?

A change in orange package can be free or generate fees.

  • Of Orange mobile package you currently have.
  • Of the offer you want to have now and if you want to add a New smartphone subsidized.
  • If you are still under commitment and duration of engagement that you have left.

Special Livebox Fiber + 5G package offer Take an exceptional reduction on the offer Livebox fiber + 5G 100GB mobile package at 34.98 €/month Instead of € 69.98/month at Orange.
(offer valid until 04/10/23)

How to apply for a change of package ?

How to change the orange package from your customer area ?

You can do your change request mobile package from your Orange customer area:

  • Online, from a computer.
  • Via the Orange and I app, from a smartphone or tablet.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the Orange website.
  2. Access your customer area by logging in using your identifiers.
  3. Select the section Offer and options.
  4. Click on your current mobile package (the one you want to modify) then on Manage your offer and options.
  5. Select Your offer.
  6. Finally, click on Change.

Once your change of offer has been validated, you can access a summary of the chosen package as well as at total price, then you will receive a confirmation email.

How to change orange offer from the orange and I ?

If you are more comfortable on smartphone or tablet, you can request to change your orange package directly from theOrange and me application.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Launch the Orange and I application.
  2. Go to the section Manage my line.
  3. Click on Change my orange package.

All you have to do is select the Orange mobile package from which you now want to take advantage of and then validate to confirm your change of offer.

Change package at Orange via the online store

The Orange online store allows you to access the mobile package comparator. Just connect using your Orange identifier, That is to say your email address or mobile phone number, as well as your password to access it.

This comparator gives you the possibility of Consult the different offers available and compare them with your current package. After choosing the new Orange offer you want to take advantage of, you can Make the online change.

Change orange offer by going directly to the store

The operator has a large number of Orange stores In France. To change your subscription, you therefore have the opportunity to go to one of these many shops in order to be Accompanied by an advisor During the change procedure.

The latter will help you Choose a mobile offer which corresponds more to your needs and will take care of achieving the change of offer itself.

There are more than 500 Orange stores In France. To find the shop that is closest to you, you can go to the Orange website, then click on the tab Our shops. Then you just have to enter the name of your city or your postal address to obtain the addresses of the orange shops which are nearby.

How to follow your request ?

You have the possibility of follow your order as soon as you validate your request for a change of offer. Indeed, the confirmation SMS that you receive to validate the management of your request for a change in mobile plan also mentions the commissioning of your new offer.

This commissioning period is usually 24 to 48 hours . You can usually take advantage of your new package the next day, However, if you made your request on the Orange website after 10 p.m., you may have to wait 48 hours.

If after this period, no change takes place and you still cannot take advantage of your new Orange offer, it is recommended to contact Orange customer service to obtain more information.

L’Orange assistance can be reached:

  • By phone, by making up the 3900 .
  • Online, thanks to the Orange contact form .
  • Online, via the orange cat .

If costs are applied as a result of your orange offer change, they will be added to your next Orange mobile bill.

What are the 5g orange packages of the moment ?

You don’t know which mobile offer to choose ? Here is a presentation of 3 5G orange packages operator.

Orange also has 4G mobile packages, Available from € 2.99/month for 12 months and then from € 7.99/month without time.

Change orange to Sosh package: what are the conditions ?

A possible and free change if you are free of commitment

You wish to take out a SOSH package ?

You are interested in a SOSH mobile plan, the low-cost brand at low prices and without obligation of Orange ?

Know that if the commitment period of your Orange subscription is completed , Change orange package for Sosh is a procedure that can be done when you want and at no cost .

Change Orange Package for Sosh with a subscription under engagement

A man asks questions about Sosh

On the other hand, if your commitment period at Orange is not over, a change of offer sets you up at costs, in the same way as early termination before the end of your period of commitment.

These costs rise:

  • To the sum of all the remaining monthly payments if you want to change the orange package to Sosh while your Subscription with 12 months commitment is still in progress.
  • To the sum of all the remaining monthly payments if you want to change the orange package for Sosh while your 24 -month commitment subscription is still in progress and that the change takes place during the second year of subscription.
  • To the sum of all the remaining monthly payments + 25% of the second year, if you want to change the orange package for SOSH while your 24 -month commitment subscription is still in progress and that the change takes place during the First year of subscription.

How to change the orange package for a Sosh offer ?

You have the possibility of Change Orange offers for a Sosh package From your Orange customer area or from the Orange and I application.

The steps are the same as those mentioned above in this article:

  1. Visit the Orange website or on the Orange and I application.
  2. Identify yourself to access your account.
  3. Click on the tab Offer and options.
  4. Select Manage your offer and optionsThen Your offer.
  5. Click on the box Change.

Among the catalog offered (you can click on See the whole catalog To access all offers), simply click on a Sosh mobile offer rather than an orange offer when selecting the new offer you want to take advantage of.

Here are the Sosh mobile offers of the moment.

You are looking for a mobile offer ? Discover the available offers and let yourself be guided in order to take advantage of the partner offer most suited to your needs.

Info – Subscription on 09 71 07 88 04 Announcement – Selectra Non -Partner Service of Orange.

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