Buy a reconditioned computer, the sales at Darty offer reconditioned with the same advantages as new, and in addition, it is 30% cheaper!

The sales at Darty offer reconditioned with the same advantages as new, and in addition, it is 30% cheaper

If you want to have an Apple computer, the brand offers reconditioned PCs. In addition, Reborn, its authorized partner in reconditioned products, offers Apple computers rehabilitated by him for a reduced price.

Why buy a reconditioned computer ?


We rarely think of choosing a reconditioned computer, while it becomes common for smartphones. And yet, we can often do good deals ! In a context where prices are constantly increasing, buying a machine in second life can be wise. If you want to save and make a responsible purchase, you are in the right place.

Reconditioned computer purchase: a choice motivated by a difficult situation

The COVVI-19 crisis has changed our lifestyles. By staying at home to work, Many people bought computer equipment in quantity, causing an explosion of demand for this type of object. Faced with this increase, production has become too slow And prices have increased.

In addition to that, the shortage of electronic components in Asia has slowed down the production of computer equipment. Faced with all these problems, Buying a new computer becomes a real investment.

The purchase of a reconditioned PC now appears as An ideal solution to obtain a smaller cost machine or have a device that was then inaccessible to you at a more affordable price. The price difference between a new and reconditioned computer can now vary between 20 and 60 % ! The reconditioned therefore makes it possible to make serious savings.

The bonus: an ecological purchase

It’s necessary 600 kilos of components To make a computer from 2 kilos.* In addition, it is often made in countries using fossil fuels to produce their electricity such as coal. This increases CO2 emissions in a drastic way. A computer made in China should be used Over 24 years To issue as much CO2 as when it was made and therefore make it profitable.

A safe purchase guaranteed by Darty

A computer is a complex and often expensive machine. You may have reluctance to buy it in a reconditioned by thinking that it will work less well or less long. However, it is not. At Darty Occasion, all reconditioned products are repaired, verified and refurbished. On average, A reconditioned PC lasts between 4 and 7 years according to its previous use.

In addition, Darty has implemented other measures to support you in your purchase, as The after -sales service barometer, A tool to inform you about the reliability and repairability of a product. You can also Consult the repairability index of the computer you want to buy to find out if it can be easily rehabilitated. Finally, consult our page Sustainable choice To see the products that last over time. Do not forget that The legal warranty for any purchase of new or reconditioned product is two years. Don’t worry ! And if you want to be safe in a total way, There are Darty Max For Maintain and repair your devices unlimited. Do not hesitate and equip yourself with Darty Occasion to get a computer at an unbeatable price !

Define your need to better consume

Now you have to know what you want to buy as a computer type. There are plethora of models with different configurations for various uses. Laptop, fixed computer, hybrid, operating system, use … we get lost quickly. Fortunately, we are here to help you make the right choice. You must first decide which operating system to choose.

After which, you can decide to take a fixed computer or a portable machine. Once your decision has been made, you will have the choice between different models with different specifications. There too no panic, follow the guide to decipher the technical sheet of a computer.

The purchase of a reconditioned computer: an economical solution

The reconditioned can also make it possible to buy a computer so far inaccessible because of its price and therefore Take advantage of a high -cost performance machine like a gaming computer.

And if you opt for a fixed computer, Darty also offers Reconditioned devices like screens. This solution allows Lower the invoice to the entire installation !

Apple reconditioned and reborn

If you want to have an Apple computer, the brand offers reconditioned PCs. In addition, Reborn, its authorized partner in reconditioned products, offers Apple computers rehabilitated by him for a reduced price.

Buying a reconditioned computer is buying an object already produced and avoiding generating such a cost again. Buying a reconditioned computer at Darty is to save money and have the assurance of investing in A verified and guaranteed device, adapted to your needs. And in addition, you make a gesture for the planet !

Reconditioned laptop Darty

News good plan the sales at Darty offer reconditioned with the same advantages as new, and in addition, it is 30% cheaper !

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Smartphones, SSDs, consoles, derivative products … I am a touch to everything that is interested in areas both rich and varied. I really have at heart to find the best tips of the moment for my readers in order to allow them to make great savings.

If the sales are generally synonymous with good deals, they are also a source of overconsumption. However, in some cases renewing your tech equipment becomes a necessity, and in these cases the reconditioned can be a good solution especially during the sales.

The sales at Darty offer reconditioned with the same advantages as new, and in addition, it is 30% cheaper!

Why buy reconditioned during the sales ?

When you are told about “sales” you probably have in mind these images that show people rush to cheap clothes or fight to get your hands on the latest fashionable robot. Yes, typically in this kind of case the sales clearly have a negative impact on human behavior and sometimes lead to overconsumption with all the negative effects that this generates, especially on ecology.

The reconditioned, like the second -hand market, can be an interesting solution since this does not imply the production and sale of a brand new product: we use what already exists before producing again.

Reconditioned products offer several advantages for both consumers and the environment. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Cost reduction : Reconditioned products are generally cheaper than new products. By opting for a reconditioned product, you can save a considerable amount compared to the purchase of a new equivalent product
  • Accessibility : Reconditioned products allow a larger number of people to access quality products at affordable prices. This can be particularly beneficial for those who have a limited budget
  • Quality : Reconditioned products are under rigorous quality control processes. They are generally tested, repaired and rehabilitated by professionals before being put up for sale. Thus, you may be sure that the reconditioned product will work properly and that its performance will be satisfactory
  • Guarantee : Many resellers of reconditioned products offer guarantees that protect you against possible technical problems after purchase. It offers you additional peace of mind
  • Reduction of electronic waste : The purchase of reconditioned products contributes to reducing the amount of electronic waste that is found in landfills. This helps preserve the environment by avoiding pollution caused by harmful electronic components
  • Positive environmental impact : By extending the life of a product, you also reduce the demand for new natural resources necessary to make new products. This leads to a decrease in carbon footprint and energy consumption associated with the production of new products
  • Wide choice of products : You can find a wide variety of products reconditioned on the market, ranging from electronic devices (phones, laptops, etc.) to household appliances, including audio and video equipment

Why is it better to buy its reconditioned products from Darty 2nd LIFE ?

Darty 2nde Vie offers reconditioned products which have sometimes been used (one person bought the article before you, tried it and finally retracted) or not (the packaging of the product was just opened). Darty undertakes to test and repair the products already used before putting them for reconditioned sale and a legal warranty provides you for 2 years the good compliance of the product.

A wide choice of tech products is offered on Darty 2nd life and during sales until August 17, you can get up to -30% on a selection of products.

Find all the offers of Summer sales 2023.

Summer sales 2023: user manual

�� What are the dates of the summer sales 2023 ?

Summer 2023 sales take place from Wednesday, June 28 from 8 a.m. and end on Tuesday July 25 at 11:59 p.m. Summer sales will therefore allow you to take advantage of many discounts, promotions, discounts and broken prices for 4 weeks.

What reductions �� Can we obtain during the summer sales 2023 ?

Summer sales can offer reductions up to -70% on certain products and equipment ! On average, there are promotions on a fork ranging from 20 to 40%. So it’s a great time to save money ! In addition, if you have side reduction coupons, there are a way to do great business on your favorite products during these summer sales 2023.

What stores ��️ participate in summer sales 2023 ?

The best known brands participate. So we find Amazon , Cdiscount , Fnac , Darty , Baker , Micromania-zing , E.Leclerc , Red by SFR , Shopping street , SFR , Sound-video , Zavvi .

You thus have the benefit of the choice and can take advantage of the many promotions and discounts with all of these dealers for these summer sales 2023.