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Levc TX

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The British automaker Levc settles in France

The British automaker Levc S

Known for its London taxis, the Levc manufacturer announces the opening of a first concession in France offering an extended range.

Vehicles of British automaker Levc will now be officially marketed in France. There London Electric Vehicle Company has indeed retained The ABVV group – directed by Bedros Izikian – Like his first distributor in France. Established in Ile-de-France and Hauts-de-France, already distributing brands SEAT AND CUPRA, Skoda, Hyundai but also Land Rover, Jaguar and Volvo, “The ABVV group has an excellent reputation in terms of customer relations and technical assistance. It ffre the perfect mixture of experience and ambition that the company LEVC is looking for in a new partner and brings our number of dealers to continental Europe at 34 »», underlines Martin Rada, Managing Director of Levc Europe.

Levc ?

Behind the acronym Levc hides a company little known in France: the London Electric Vehicle Company. As its name suggests, it is a manufacturer of electric vehicles and more particularly taxis, the famous Black Cab. LEVC is indeed heir to the know-how of The London Taxi Company which from the 1900s specifically produced a vehicle for taxi use. In the fold of the Chinese automotive group Geely – in the same way of Volvo, Polestar, Lynk & Co or Lotus –

What is the range offered ?

This appointment will considerably strengthen the presence of LEVC in France, based on the fleet of 300 tx taxi operating with Caocao Mobility Paris. Since the end of 2019, customers of the French capital can call an emblematic “London black taxi” with electric propulsion by simply using an application. “Levc cutting -edge engineering offers exceptionally effective solutions for our customers to take the next step towards sustainable mobility. The ECITY autonomy extension technology revolutionizing vehicles provides additional insurance to keep vehicles on the road during complete use cycles and to optimize profitability »» according to Bedros Izikian, The Director General of the ABVV group and first distributor of the brand in France.

Levc TX

Citroën Friend Tonic Best Price: 9.98 €

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The TX LEVC is an electric taxi with a range of autonomy. This Black Cab is in service in London, but it is also sold internationally.

Technical sheet / Characteristics

Motorization Electric
Vintage 2020
Number of engines 1
Battery Type Li-ion
Battery capacity 33 kWh
Gearbox Automatic
Dimensions (h x l x l) in meters 1888 x 1874 x 4857
Weight 2230 kg

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