Loa New and used car – Auto leasing with or without contribution, top 10 cheapest cars in LOA!

Top 10 cheapest cars in LOA

This guarantee is to allow an individual (the customer) to return his used vehicle (the vehicle) within thirty (30) days of his delivery provided that he has traveled less than 1,000 kilometers since his delivery.

Renting a car with purchase option (LOA & Leasing)

Formerly, we were talking about rental with promise to sell, lease with option to buy or lease to talk about the same thing: the LOA or rental with option to buy ! A solution to finance your very widespread car in France according to the French Association of Financial Companies (ASF). The acquisition of a new or used car in LOA thus appears more than ever as a popular solution. It must be said that with or without contribution, This solution allows you to buy a car in lease while facilitating the lives of all those who have new projects in mind since everything is planned in advance. Of the amount of rents, to the services and of course the deadline for the contract.

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How it works ?

More and more people are asking this question about their future automotive project: Leasing or purchase of the car ? So how to buy a leasing car ? Concretely, funding is based on the use of the vehicle by an individual against the payment of rent to a lending organization after a first deposit (maximum 15%, not compulsory, of the value of the vehicle). This rent takes into account the value of the vehicle, its depreciation and often a maintenance pack. The contract can run over a period of 24 to 60 months. When you have expired, two solutions are available to you: become permanently owner of the vehicle by adjusting a remaining due (by using for example the security deposit) or go back to another contract, allowing you to change your vehicle. This is all the interest of taking a leasing car, being able to change vehicle regularly or keep it if you want ! Note that if you start from the principle that you will not want to become the owner of this new or used car, you will then leave on a simple LLD, a long -term rental.


It is sometimes difficult to define formally How much is a lease car. Of course, the amount of monthly payments is agreed in advance and cannot vary. It is up to you to best define the vehicle budget between insurance, fuel, maintenance (possibly included in leasing) and replacement of wear parts (there too possibly included in the offer) in addition to the impoundes.

Providing a personal contribution is not compulsory. It even appears preferable to keep your contribution for another project or simply save. However, as it is a rental contract, the overall amount spent will be greater than the initial purchase value offered. Detail the interest rates of the offer.

Advantages & disadvantages (notice)

Now totally framed by the Lagarde law (and some other legislative systems), it appears, in our opinion, that Leasing for a car is an excellent solution to finance your project. What are the advantages of automotive leasing ? The rent of a LOA takes into account the depreciation of the vehicle as well as often a maintenance formula allowing you to limit costs. So that the operation is regularly more profitable than using a conventional car loan. Unlike a new automobile, there is not necessarily an obligation of maintenance or limited mileage. In addition, leasing allows you to regularly change your car.

However, you are not concretely owner of the vehicle even if the gray card is in your name and it is you who pay insurance ! Note that in the event of theft or destruction of the car, monthly payments must continue to be paid unless you subscribe to insurance covering these risks. Finally, a lease strikes your borrowing capacities to you and those of your household.

Are you an individual ?

Flexible, advantageous, offering the possibility of regularly changing with controlled costs … A new or used car in lease for an individual offer all these advantages. It is you who decide at the end of the contract if you prefer to change your vehicle or lift the option. In addition, home vehicle delivery is completely compatible with a LOA offer. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email, we will refer you to the procedures and the best offers.

Ballon credit

  • Set the purchase option by buying cash with the vehicle at a covered rate.
  • Return the vehicle to the dealer who will balance the Ballon Credit.
  • Renew the contract, possibly on another vehicle.
  • Possibly, sell the purchase option by selling the vehicle yourself.

Lease (professional)

If we talk about loa or leasing for individuals, We are talking about auto leasing for professionals. Also offered by a financial institution or the concessionaire, this solution allows professionals to rent their vehicle for at least one year before possibly buying it at a rate taking into account the depreciation of the vehicle and fixed in advance. The contract also stipulates a security deposit and provides for a set of services such as vehicle maintenance.

Necessary documents & conditions to be fulfilled

  • A copy of the last three salary slips (or tax notice for retirees and the self -employed).
  • A photocopy of a valid identity document.
  • Proof of address of less than 3 months.
  • A rib.
  • A check for the amount of the 1st rent.

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Guarantee satisfied or reimbursed: 30 days and 1,000 km

This guarantee is to allow an individual (the customer) to return his used vehicle (the vehicle) within thirty (30) days of his delivery provided that he has traveled less than 1,000 kilometers since his delivery.

It applies exclusively:
• to the customer who bought his vehicle from a concession of the Autosphere network
• to the customer who bought his vehicle remotely on the site https: // www.Autosphere.fr: This customer benefits, in addition to the legal withdrawal period of 14 days provided for in article L 221-18 of the Consumer Code, of an additional period of 16 days to return his vehicle, a total period of thirty (30 days.

For any restitution request, the customer must, within the maximum period of 30 days from delivery, fill out the form accessible on the site https: // www.Autosphere.en or establish a declaration devoid of ambiguity expressing its decision to return the vehicle

This form or declaration must be sent/discount:
• For the customer having bought his vehicle in dealership: handed over directly to the concession of the Autosphere network from which he acquired the vehicle
• For the customer who bought his vehicle remotely on the site https: // www.Autosphere.fr: by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt sent to COFIA 12 boulevard René Descartes CS 30090 86961 FUTUROoscope CEDEX

Once his request for restitution formalized, the Customer must return his vehicle either from the concession from which he acquired the second -hand vehicle or, as part of a remote purchase, from the concession belonging to the Autosphere network closest to his home. The restitution must imperatively be operated within the maximum period of 30 calendar days from the delivery of the vehicle. The vehicle return costs to the designated dealership are the responsibility of the customer.

The vehicle must be returned to the original state in which it has been delivered, with all the documents and accessories accompanying the vehicle purchased (in particular key and double of the keys, maintenance booklet, technical notice, registration certificate , autosphere safety kit).

During restitution, the concession will verify the number of kilometers traveled since the delivery of the vehicle and will carry out its contradictory examination, which will give rise to the establishment a report for recovery. This examination will be based on documents relating to the state of the second-hand vehicle sent to the customer at the time of the order and on the basis of the delivery report.

Subject to the state of the returned vehicle, the customer will be refunded from the price of the vehicle appearing on his invoice as well as registration fees within the limit of four hundred (400) euros. The costs incurred during the initial sale such as file costs, delivery costs and registration fees exceeding 400 euros will not be reimbursed to the customer. Possible costs related to the cancellation of financing will not be reimbursed either.

If the vehicle is returned damaged or accidental or in a condition that does not comply with that of delivery (in particular state of cleanliness and maintenance), the costs of restoring the vehicle will be the exclusive responsibility of the customer. The sums due by the customer as such will be directly deducted from the reimbursement.

If within the restitution period of 30 calendar days, the number of kilometers traveled since the delivery exceeds a thousand (1,000) kilometers, the concession may:
• refuse to take over the vehicle
• or accept to take it back provided that the customer compensates him for each kilometer traveled beyond 1,000 kilometers up to one (1) Euro TTC per kilometer. The sums due by the customer for the excess kilometers traveled will be directly deducted from the reimbursement.

Customer’s refund will take place by bank transfer within 30 (thirty) days from the return of the vehicle. In the event of financing the vehicle, the reimbursement will take place within 45 (forty-five) days from the return of the vehicle.

The satisfied or reimbursed warranty is not applicable to legal persons as well as to natural persons who act within the framework of their commercial, industrial, craft, liberal or agricultural activity. It does not also apply to vehicles financed in LOA, leasing or leasing, except those financed through the Autosphere network.

Used vehicles sold within the Autosphere network are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from their delivery.

This guarantee does not concern vehicles:

  • Thermal over 12 years and/or having traveled more than 170.000 km
  • Hybrids or electrics over 10 years old and/or having traveled more than 100.000 km
  • Value to nine excluding more than 120 option.000 € TTC
  • Driving school – Taxi – VSL
  • Vehicles intended for the expensive transport of goods or people
  • PTAC greater than 3.5t.

It does not apply to legal persons as well as natural persons who act within the framework of their commercial, industrial, craft, liberal or agricultural activity.

The conditions of subscription and application of this guarantee can be viewed in dealerships and on the Autosphere website.

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Top 10 cheapest cars in LOA !

To find the cheapest cars in LOA, simply turn on the side of the least expensive models on the market. In this category, city cars reign supreme although it is also possible to access other segments such as SUVs by opting for low-cost manufacturers like Dacia. The average price of the cheapest LOA currently is around 100 euros in monthly rents.

1 – Dacia Sandero

Compact and robust sedan, the Dacia Sandero represents the cheapest new vehicle in France currently. The entry -level rate starts at 9,990 euros. By opting for this model, consumers will be able to enjoy a LOA particularly accessible in terms of monthly rents. Dacia provides its city car for a monthly payment of 120 euros per month as part of a rental of 49 months and a kilometric package of 50,000 km and that, without initial contribution. A final purchase option is associated with the offer and reaches the amount of 5562 euros. In total, the amount of the acquisition then amounted to 11,442 euros. Dacia is not the only one to offer a LOA for the Sandero, because there are other multi-brand rental companies who have this vehicle in their catalog. The advantage of making a price comparison is to find the most interesting offers in terms of monthly payments and rental conditions.

2 – Kia Picanto

To access a LOA at a good price, opting for the Kia Picanto turns out to be an excellent solution. The city car is distinguished by its lower cost of 11,790 euros, making it one of the most economical models on the French automotive market. Apart from its price, the city car has many advantages that should seduce users. Its small size, for example, does not prevent it from offering a generous volume of 255 liters that are completely modular as needed. Inside, the comfort is there with five real places available as standard to make drivers and passengers comfortable. Passive safety and active safety technologies as well as rear parking radar adas, active assistance to driving in traffic jams or the anti-collision system with Detection of Dead Angles are also there.

3 – Hyundai i10

Another particularly affordable leasing vehicle is Hyundai i10. Like many micro-cables available on the market, that of the Japanese brand announces exceptional rates of 10,890 euros. It is possible to negotiate a LOA for less than 100 euros with this model by requesting quotes from rental companies, agents and other car sellers. Perfect for sneaking in town with ease, Hyundai i10 has been thought of for urban use, because it incorporates technologies such as reversing camera or parking assistance that makes maneuvers easier. Active security technologies have also evolved with the appearance of a new frontal camera with three functions: driver’s vigilance alert system, active assistance system for the maintenance of the track and autonomous emergency braking system.

4 – Citroën C1

To continue on the cheapest cars saga in France, the Citroën C1 deserves its place in the podium by being accessible at a sale price of 10,950 euros. Recall that the cost of a LOA is intimately linked to the purchase price including tax of a vehicle. When it is low, monthly payments are also. Thus, with this city car, tenants will be able to save money. This vehicle stands out above all by the wide possibility of customizations offered by the manufacturer. There are up to 34 possible combinations to have a custom C1. Inside, the equipment guarantee the well-being of the driver and passengers with the integration of steering wheel controls, automatic air conditioning or 7-inch touch tablet.

5 – Dacia Spring Electric

Looking for a cheap LOA does not necessarily imply ignoring the most rated segments on the market and the latest automobile innovations in electromobility. With the Dacia Spring Electric, users will be able to benefit from the best of the two worlds, namely a crossover hindering a 100% electric engine which provides 230 km of WLTP autonomy thanks to a 27.4 kWh battery. This freezing city car is negotiated at a rate of 17,090 euros. At some rental companies, it is accessible at 221 euros per month depending on the initial contribution paid, the rental period and the kilometric package.

6 – Mitsubishi Space Star

Compact car with an economic and urban vocation, the Mitsubishi Space Star surpasses all the cheapest vehicles on the market by offering a call rate of 7,890 euros, deduction of customer advantages of 4,700 euros. One of the advantages of this model is that it is eligible for the conversion premium allowing to receive up to 3000 euros and intended to help the motorist to finance the purchase. Under the hood, the city car is equipped with two 1 engines 1.0 and 1.2 bikes associated with the Stop & Go system. In terms of connectivity, it benefits from the latest advances like Android Auto or Apple Carplay. In terms of equipment, users are entitled to an on-board computer, the opening of the centralized door, under-inflation detection or hill starting aid.

7 – Peugeot 108

Under its city car with dynamic lines, the Peugeot 108 also pleases its contained rates. The cheapest finish is represented by the petrol version 1.2 VTI 72 hp in Like finish. The entry -level price is 12,600 euros. Consumers who are looking for a cheap LOA will be able to move towards this model to lower the amount of their monthly payments.

8 – Renault Twingo

At 13,750 euros, it is possible to afford the Renault Twingo. The city car city car is offered by long -term rental companies at a price of around 100 euros. In addition to its daring and refined design, this vehicle is illustrated for its advanced multimedia system with 7 -inch touch screen that works with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Small price does not necessarily mean lack of technologies. With the Twingo, the best driving aids are there such as the regulator/gear limiter, the line crossing alert or the hill start assistance.

9 – Toyota Aygo

Rental with purchase option, Toyota offers its Aygo at a price of 99 euros per month. This offer is valid for the X-Play 5P version with new pure white. The rental extends over a period of 37 months and implies the payment of an initial contribution of 3,490 euros. The purchase option is priced at 7,896 euros subject to not exceeding the 30,000 km kilometer package set by the manufacturer. The total cost of the acquisition for its part is 14,930 euros.

10 – Suzuki Ignis

SUV lovers looking for a cheap LOA can choose the Suzuki Ignis. This ultra-compact urban SUV sneaks everywhere in town thanks to its small size with a length of 3.7 m and a width of 1.6 m. Under the hood, the Ignis has the chance to extend a new ShVS 1 engine.2 Dualjet Hybrid which wants to be more efficient and less greedy in energy with a consumption of 1 liter/ 100 km. Its price is 11,390 euros at Suzuki while in LOA, some rental companies announce a monthly payment of 116 euros.