Bouygues Telecom: A general failure prevents users from telephoning, Bouygues Telecom Panne – All errors, incidents & problems

Bouygues Télécom Deign

Gleam 4 months ago
33160 Saint Médard en Jalles from the established network, Tchao Bouygues, Raz le Bol

Bouygues Telecom: a general failure prevents users from telephoning

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The breakdown concerns the use of 4G on the Bouygues network. For the time being, the problem does not seem to be restored.

Several Twitter users as well as the DowndeTector site have noticed a breakdown, which seems generalized, on the network of the Bouygues Telecom operator, this Thursday, November 18.

Unable to call

They report an impossibility to make calls. The operator’s teams confirmed the failure on Twitter, in response to the questions of many users.

On Downdetector, a site that lists breakdowns, more than 1,200 incident reports were published around 10:00 am on November 18. The breakdown seems to be national: on Twitter, users from Marseille, Montpellier or even Paris expressed themselves.

Temporary solution

A Twitter user has offered a solution, namely to pass their cellular network in 3G, so that you no longer use 4G currently faulty.

Between 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. this morning, some customers were able to encounter difficulties in making 4G calls. Our network and supplier teams have been mobilized in order to set up a technical solution allowing again the management of calls, with a return to progressive normal. 3G calls were not impacted, said Bouygues Telecom services, contacted by BFMTV.

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Elsa 3 days ago
More Internet and TV connection in Strasbourg. While the fiber has been installed this morning. It’s already good it worked qqs hours 😉

tingling 2 weeks ago
We are disappointed with Bouygues and let’s go back to free ! With free we had a multitude of channels. If no intervention in the week, I terminate Bouygues! THANKS

Schaefer Thierry 3 weeks ago
More Bouygues network on my laptop – City: Haguenau 67500.

GUERFTI ASSEAS 3 weeks ago
Hello, I no longer have a professional telephone line this morning. What is going on

Philippe 1 month ago
Download problem only with fiber for Bouygues (42460 Le Cergne) solved at 1:20 p.m.

Philippe 1 month ago
Download problem only with fiber for Bouygues (42460 Le Cergne) has since found about 11:30 am. Still in progress now at 1 p.m

Grrrrrr 2 months ago
Since June 30, more fixed telephone, internet or TV. Always the same answer “You are not the only one is a network problem” super fiber especially for repairs.

Hervé 2 months ago
60300 Senlis Panne since June 20 No information No solutions The network works well at home to send you the invoice

Patrick 3 months ago
69640 still Bouygues network breakdown. It’s starting to do a lot !

Loic 3 months ago
No network in the Noyon region for more than 1 hour

pascal 3 months ago
More boxing network 24110 Leguillac de l’Auche

Alexandra 3 months ago
92300 LEVALLOISTA TELEVISION goes out every 5 minutes approximately following a network cut apparently . It has been going on for 2 hours. It’s not new but it had improved. Is this specific to Bbox ?

Mu 3 months ago
57940 Plus wifi with bouygue it’s been 2 days all my automatic watering is on Wi-Fi it makes 27 degrees all my cultures will die which will reimburse the work and the loss ?

Bbarjot 3 months ago
Development in progress, 69100 (Villeurbanne), 69006 (Lyon), no mobile phone, fixed, since 1 p.m. this Tuesday 05/30/23.

Gleam 4 months ago
33160 Saint Médard en Jalles from the established network, Tchao Bouygues, Raz le Bol

Hyun 4 months ago
13600 La Ciotat: no Tel Internet network .

Rachel Sylviane 4 months ago
La Motte d Aigues 84240

Denou 4 months ago
Catastrophic flow Noisy-le-Grand

Vivi 4 months ago
No network, no internet, no TV flies the bowl of Bouygues always pfffff problems

Alex 4 months ago
There is in Marre de Bouygues, 1 time a month we are entitled to a day internet cut.

About Bouygues Télécom

Bouygues Telecom is a French telecommunications operator and a subsidiary of the Bouygues group created in 1994. It historically represents the third of the four French national mobile operators. The group launched its first mobile package in 1996 and 2008 it bought its own fixed network and offers access to the fixed Internet by offering the Bbox. In 2009, Bouygues Telecom was the first to offer a quadruple play (TV, Internet, Fixed and Mobile telephony) and names it Ideo. He will then embark on low cost mobile telephony by merging with the B & You brand. The group offers its 4G network in 2013 and is placed in 2017 at the top of French operators.

Regional availability

As of December 31, 2018, the company has 16.4 million mobile phone subscribers (including 5.1 million users of the operator’s 4G network in 2015). 3,800 million customers are active on XDSL internet networks, cable or fiber optics. Currently, for the supply of cable and fiber services, Bouygues Telecom uses part of the Altice France network and its own FTTH network. The operator is also in partnership with Orange for co-deployment for optical fiber in France. Bouygues offers LTE mobile flow rates in some areas of up to 300 Mb/s against 220 Mb/s for 4G+. Until mid-2015, he was the only French operator to hold rights to use three 4G frequency bands.

Network problems/breakdowns

If you notice a problem or a breakdown on the Bouygues Telecom network, you can first consult the page of their site dedicated to network incidents by following this link: Bouygues Telecom Incidents. You enter the municipality or the postal code concerned there and you get the state of the network at the time of your search. Lower on this same page, you have the possibility of making an online diagnosis by receiving technical advice in passing. Generally problems or breakdowns are simply solved thanks to the solutions provided on the site.

Troubleshooting, assistance

If you cannot solve your problem or breakdown with the indications provided on the Bouygues Telecom site, you can reach its customer service in different ways. Connect to the Contact Contact Customer Service Contact page and follow the instructions provided to you as case and you can reach live customer service by chat or by asking that a technician reminds you directly by phone.You can also reach customer service by phone at 614 from a Bouygues Telecom mobile or 1064 from a fixed or other mobile position. From abroad, make up the +33 660 614 614. You can send a postal letter to customer service to the following address: Bouygue Telecom, Customer Service, TSA 59013, 60643 CHENTILLY CEDEX.