Bug Wi-Fi: solutions to the most frequent problems, 90% resolved to repair your WiFi card on Windows 10 and 11

Subject most WiFi card problems on Windows 10 and 11

If the wifi tile visible and deactivated (gray), simply click the tile to make it display in blue then connect to your WiFi network in the list of networks that appears.

Bug Wi-Fi: solutions to the most frequent problems

Your Wi-Fi connection is too slow or worse, you can’t connect ? Discover different solutions to solve the problem.

Appoline Reisacher / published on August 26, 2022 at 9:18 a.m


Wi-Fi is a wireless network technology that allows the various devices that we use daily (computers, smartphones, tablets, television, connected objects, etc.) to have internet access, via high speed links. There are public Wi-Fi networks (accessible to everyone, often present in places of passage: restaurants, stations, hotels, etc.) and private Wi-Fi networks, which are found in individuals, and which are generally protected by a password. In the coming years, Wi-Fi 7, which promises an even faster connection rate, should equip our Wi-Fi routers.

You cannot connect to your Wi-Fi network, or you have noticed that your connection is slower than usual ? Here are several avenues to restore connection.

If your Wi-Fi network is slow

Test your flow

The first reflex to adopt when you notice a latency on the side of the Internet connection is to carry out a debit test. This makes it possible to understand what are the impacted parameters: downward flow, ascending flow, latency time (ping) ..

There are different tools (most often free) which allow you to have a precise idea of ​​the quality of your connection.

Note that if your internet connection seems slow when you visit a website, it may be a concern encountered by the site in question. To be sure, test another service that uses the Internet: if it works, it means that the website encounters a technical problem on its side.

Restart the Wi-Fi box

A solution that seems logical, but very effective ! Often, just turn off and restart the router to improve Internet connection. Some boxes also have specific buttons that allow you to activate or deactivate Wi-Fi. Check that it was not inadvertently disabled.

Move the Wi-Fi box

When you have a Wi-Fi box, it is important to place it in a strategic location to guarantee a good signal. Here are some tips to follow, if your interior allows:

  • Place the box in the middle of the accommodation, so that all parts have sufficient access,
  • Position the Wi-Fi box in height, to promote the emission of waves (which move vertically and horizontally),
  • Avoid places that reduce the propagation of waves (metal objects nearby, overly thick concrete walls, etc.)).

It is also possible to use a Wi-Fi repeater, which aims to amplify the signal of your box, in order to extend it to other parts.

Check the local offer of your operator

It happens that operators do not offer the same quality of internet connection according to the localities. In this sense, the Acerp offers an interactive card which allows you to discover the quality of a flow according to a precise location. You just have to indicate your postal address to find out which Internet access providers (ISP) offer the best offer.

If you can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network

Disable and reactivate the Wi-Fi option

If you cannot connect to your network, remember to deactivate Wi-Fi, then reactivate it again on the device that encounters the problem. This simple handling can sometimes solve connection bugs.

Forget the Wi-Fi network

If the previous method has not worked, you can also “forget” a network, to reconnect then.

  • On iPhone or iPad: meet in Settings> Wi-Fi, Then click on the symbol “I”, next to the network you want to forget, then Forget this network> Forget.
  • On an Android device: Access Settings> Network and Internet> Wi-Fi, Then click on the network in question. Then press DELETE (or the trash -shaped icon).
  • On Mac: Go to the Apple menu>System Preferences> Network> WiFi, Then press the button Advance, Choose the network concerned, and then click on the deletion button (at the bottom of the list).
  • On Windows: In the taskbar, click on the network icon, then select the Wi-Fi concerned and press Forget.

To reconnect to the Wi-Fi network concerned, you will have to enter the password again.

Restart your device

If the bug appears only on one of your connected devices, it is possible that the problem comes from it. Simply restart your device to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Check the presence of viruses

The presence of malware can saturate the bandwidth and slow down your internet connection, or even cut it entirely. Consequently, it may be interesting to equip your devices with antivirus software, and thus ensure its protection.

Subject most WiFi card problems on Windows 10 and 11

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Your WiFi is offset untimely or no longer appears, or you no longer have access to the list of available networks (the globe logo is displayed instead of the WiFi logo) ?

Many bugs can cause wifi problems, although the track of the defective network card is not to be ruled out.

Before continuing, start by restarting your box (or modem). Make sure the WiFi network failure persists and your computer is the cause of the problem. To do this, try to connect to your wifi from your phone for example.

We will see in this article:

  • How to find wifi for sure if the problem is software.
  • And what to do in the event of irremediable material defect.

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The WiFi logo no longer appears

You want to connect to WiFi by clicking at the bottom right on the WiFi logo but it is the Mappemonde logo that appears instead. In the overflight, the mention “not connected – no available connection” appears and when you click on it you do not have access to the list of WiFi networks available.

In this case, first check that you are not already connected to the network using an RJ45 cable (Ethernet), otherwise WiFi will not activate and you will see the logo below the place.

Disable plane mode, reactivate wifi

Airplane mode deactivates wifi and bluetooth.

Check that the tile displaying an airplane is not activated in blue. You may have unfortunately activated the plane mode.

If the plane mode is displayed in blue, click on it so it deactivates and passes in gray.

If the wifi tile visible and deactivated (gray), simply click the tile to make it display in blue then connect to your WiFi network in the list of networks that appears.

Desactivate Windows 10 plane mode

Reactivate the network card

The network card allowing to capture WiFi can sometimes deactivate after a bug or an update for example.

To reactivate it:

NCPA.CPL Windows 10

  1. Type NCPA.CPL in the Windows search bar then press Enter to access the configuration panel network settings.
  1. You arrive here (configuration panel \ network and internet \ network connections). Right click on the WiFi card then click on “Activate”. If the option is not present, it is that the problem is elsewhere.

The card is now activated and the WiFi logo should reappear.

Activate Windows network card

Reset network settings

To launch a network reset:

  1. Right click on the Mappemonde logo then click on “Open network and internet settings”.

Open Windows 10 network settings

  1. Click on “network reset” at the bottom of the page.

Windows 10 network reset

  1. Click on “Reset now” then click on “Yes” to the confirmation window. Your computer will then restart and can see if you can reactivate WiFi.

Reset now Windows network

Reset the Windows Defender firewall

To reset the Windows integrated firewall:

  1. Tap firewall in the Windows search bar then click on “Windows Defender firewall”.

Windows 10 Fire Fire Search

  1. Click on “Default settings”.

Windows 10 Fire Fire Failure parameters

  1. Click on “Default settings” then click on “Yes” in the small confirmation window. Restart the computer.

Confirmation of the restoration of values ​​by DEDAUT POME FIRE WINDOWS 10

Update the WiFi card driver

A driver too old or corrupt can sometimes prevent the proper functioning of the WiFi card. It should then be replaced by the latest released.

To do this, download it from the manufacturer’s official website. The pilots are generally found in the support/driver or support/download/driver section for example. To find the pilots corresponding to your card, you just have to find or type its reference directly.

You can do this from another computer and use a USB key to transfer the driver to the PC broken down. If you have access to the Internet from an Ethernet cable, you can also try the techniques described in this tutorial: how to put your Windows pilots up to date.

To find the exact reference of your WiFi card, go to the technical sheet of your computer or in the device manager.

  1. Right click on the Start menu then click on “Device manager”.

Windows 10 peripheral manager research

  1. Unroll the “network cards” section. The WiFi card is generally at the start of the list, after the Ethernet card, and is recognizable by the mention “Wireless Lan”.

Realtek Windows 10 Peripheral Manager Network Card

  1. Then download the pilot then install it.
  2. Restart the computer.

Restart Windows Services associated with WiFi

Windows services are small programs integrated in Windows which manage the operation of a whole lot of features and in particular those associated with WiFi.

These services can sometimes stop or operate abnormally by causing problems related to the WiFi card in this case.

To reconfigure these services correctly:

  1. Type “services” in the Windows search bar then press Entrance

NCPA.CPL Windows 10

  1. Look for the “WLAN Automatic Configuration Services” service. Right click on it then click on “Properties”.

Windows 10 automatic configuration service

  1. Check that the service is automatically and that it is running. If this is already the case, click on “Stop” then on “Start”.

Proprietary Windows 10 Automatic Configuration Service

  1. Then look for the “radio management service”. Right click on it then click on “Properties”.

Windows radio management service

  1. Check that the service is in manual mode. Click on “OK” then restart the computer.

Radio management service

Uninstall the latest update of Windows

Before embarking on a system reset, you can try to uninstall the latest update of Windows. Effect, some updates are sometimes problematic and can cause different bugs, especially in the wifi level.

To uninstall an update:

  1. Type “update” in the Windows search bar then click on “Find the updates”.

Windows 10 update search

  1. Click on “Show the update history”.

Windows 10 update history

  1. Click on “Uninstall updates”.

Desinstaller update Windows 10

  1. Then select the latest update, which must start with “Update for Microsoft Windows” (be careful, do not uninstall security updates).
  2. Right click on it then click on “Uninstall” then on yes in the small confirmation window.
  3. Restart the computer.

Windows installed update

WiFi is disconnected on its own

First of all, be aware that many elements can disrupt the WiFi signal and cause untimely disconnections: presence of many electronic devices, PC too far from the box, too thick walls ..

4 reflexes against WiFi disconnections

  • Move the computer far from the interference zones (microwave, thick closet, large metal objects, thick walls, etc.).
  • Reset the box or router to its default state. Do the same with all your WiFi repeaters, CPL sockets or wifi mesh system. The goal is to go on a fresh installation on the entire network.
  • If you have a wifi network broken down into two wave frequencies, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz, try to change frequency and see if the problem is solved.
  • Access the administration interface of your router or internet box, change the frequency of WiFi by taking, if the information is available, the one that is the least overloaded. For this, help yourself with the corresponding parts of this tutorial: how to improve its wifi cover.

Disable WiFi energy saving

But sometimes, some parameters can also cause these untimely disconnections, as is the case with the energy saving parameter, the function of which is to put the wifi module automatically to save energy.

To deactivate this parameter:

  1. Go to the peripheral manager.

Windows 10 peripheral manager research

  1. Unroll the “Network Cards” section then select your WiFi card. Right click on it then click on “Properties”.

Realtek Windows 10 Peripheral Manager Network Card

  1. Go to the “power management” tab then uncheck “allow the computer to turn off this device to save energy”. Click on “OK”. Restart the computer.


Reset Windows to repair the WiFi card

Finally, if none of the previous solutions worked, you can try to reset the system to see if it solves the problem.

Be aware, however, that at this level, it is likely that your wifi card is defective.

To reset your computer:

  1. Type “Restoration in the Windows search bar then click” Reset this PC.

Reset research this Windows 10 PC

  1. Click on “Start”. Select “Keep my files” then let yourself be guided.

Keep my Windows 10 Reset files

If after Windows reset the WiFi card still does not work, consider that it is defective.

In case of hardware defect on your wifi card

USB WiFi Tplink key

In the event of a defect on your WiFi card impossible to correct with the software solutions previously presented, The cause is then necessarily material.

In this case, You will need to buy a USB WiFi key that you can find different sizes, ranging from the smallest for portable computers to more efficient and larger models. A model that the above costs less than 10 euros.

If you do not have room or the desire to add a wifi key to your computer, you will have to have the computer repaired with a professional who will replace the original wifi card on your computer.

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