Bouygues debit test: Test your fiber or ADSL connection, Net-Test: Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Debit test

One of the first things to do if you observe problems with your connection is to Reset your Bbox. Indeed, if your connection is slow, it is sometimes enough to restart your box To find normal flows and a fluid internet connection. To do this, you just need toturn off your bbox and turn it back on after waiting for a few seconds.

Bouygues debit test: test your fiber or adsl connection

You are a customer of a Bouygues box and you have the impression that your internet connection is not as fluid as it should be ? Find out how to test the quality of your connection thanks to the Bouygues flow test and how to quickly analyze the results of this test.

  • The essential
  • THE Bouygues debit test Allows you to assess the fluidity and quality of the Internet connection Offered by your Bbox.
  • The most important information provided by the BBOX speed test concern: the ascending flow, THE downspout and the latency.
  • You have a bad connection Internet if the test results display Right and downhill speeds and an high latency.

What is the Bouygues internet debit test for ?

When you subscribe to a BBOX subscription at Bouygues, the offer you choose stipulates and guarantees A certain Internet connection rate, Depending on your eligibility (ADSL, VDSL or fiber). It may, however, that when you connect to the Internet, your connection is not as fast and fluid as what had been announced to you.

If you have recurrent difficulties in accessing the Internet, the best way to know if your box has a connection problem will then be test your flow.

To do this, we invite you to carry out our BBOX speed test online :

  • In a few minutes, your internet connection is analyzed.
  • You can then compare the results obtained with the Theoretical flow levels Announced by the operator when subscribing to your BBox contract.

How to perform a Bouygues debit test ?

When you do it Bouygues debit test, It is important to respect some conditions in order to obtain the most reliable results possible. So before launching the debit test, make sure:

  1. Having Order the current downloads on your computer.
  2. Having Closed all open windows On your computer apart from the Debit test page.
  3. Having Closed all open programs, Whether they use the Internet or not.

If possible, and always in this perspective of reliability, connect your box to your computer thanks to a Ethernet cable.

Once you have followed these steps, all the conditions are met to carry out the test. Then click on “Launch the test“So that your connection can be analyzed. The test ends once the buttons “Share” And “Relaunch“Appear on the screen. You then have, on the right coast, all the results and details linked to the ascending flow, downward speed and latency.

What indicators are taken into account in the BBOX debit test ?

Bouygues Debit test

To assess the speed and connection quality offered by your BBOX, several elements are taken into account during the Bouygues debit test. To better understand the functioning of this test and its interest, discover the 4 key indicators measured by the flow test and what they correspond.

Ascending flow measurement (sending)

The ascending flow, or updated flow, corresponds to Data flow sent from your computer. The higher this flow, the higher the upload loading speed of your box . A voucher ascending flow allows you to send emails, share online content (photos, videos. ) or even play online.

Measurement of downward speed (reception)

Unlike the amount of speed, the downspout corresponds to data flow received by your computer. It is he who tells you the download speed that you can reach with your box. The higher this debit, the more faster your downloads will be and the more optimal your navigation comfort will be optimal.

Latency measurement

Also called ping, Latence measures the Deadline required to send files from your computer to another computer. A high ping then means that it takes time to your computer to send files. Thus, the less the ping will be high, the more good and easier your internet connection will be.

Once the test is done and once you have obtained the value of the ping associated with your equipment, refer to the table below to know theConnection statement of your BBOX.

What is a good latency ?

Ping value (MS) Connection statement
Between 0 and 30 Excellent connection
Between 30 and 60 Very good
Between 60 and 100 Good
Between 100 and 200 Average
Between 200 and 300 Poor
Beyond 300 Very bad

Joy measurement

The last indicator, the jig, is closely linked to latency. Indeed, the jig assesses the variation of the ping and allows to have an idea of ​​the stability of your internet connection.

If the Gigue is high : this means that your ping knows a lot of variation and therefore that Your Internet connection is rarely the same.
If the Gigue is low : your latency varies little and your internet connection is stable.

Bouygues fiber fiber flow test or adsl bouygues debit test: what difference ?

There is no difference between a Bouygues fiber flow test and one Adsl Bouygues flow test. The flow test tool automatically identifies the technology you use to connect to the Internet, and make its diagnosis depending on.

However, the flows observed with fiber are generally significantly higher than in ADSL.

Compare the results of the Fiber or ADSL Bouygues Fiber Debit test to the theoretical flows of the Bouygues boxes

Now that the Bouygues internet debit test is finished, you have all the data necessary to know if your connection is good or if it presents, fluidity problems. Find below the Theoretical flows Scheduled by Bouyges according to the chosen Bbox model and your eligibility, and compare your results with the announced flows.

ADSL & VDSL BBOX Bouygues flows

Whatever the model of Bbox you have subscribed (Fit, must or ultym), the theoretical flows announced by Bouygues are the same for all Box models in ADSL . In VDSL, the flows do not differ either from a box model to another.

Details of the ADSL/VDSL Bouygues flows – valid on September 20, 2023

Technology Downspout Ascending flow
ADSL 8.18 Mbit/s (lines less than 300m)
In general, between 1mbit/s and 15 Mbit/s
Until 0.47 Mbit/s (lines less than 300m)
In general, between 0.5 Mbit/s and 1 Mbit/s
VDSL2 Until 100 Mbit/s (lines less than 300m)
In general, between 1mbit/s and 15 Mbit/s or between 15Mbit/s and 50 Mbit/s depending on the length of the lines
Until 50 Mbit/s (lines less than 300m)
In general, less than 1 Mbit/s, but up to 8 Mbit/s

Bbox Bouygues fiber flows

Unlike Bouygues boxes operating with ADSL and VDSL technologies, The Bbox Fiber offer different theoretical flows depending on the box chosen box. Once the Bouygues fiber flow test Made, refer to the table below to consult the theoretical speed of your Bbox:

Details of the Bouygues fiber flows – valid on September 20, 2023

Box Downspout Ascending flow
Bbox Fit
09 87 67 18 00
Until 400 Mbit/s Until 400 Mbit/s
09 87 67 18 00
Until 1 Gbit/s Until 700 Mbit/s
Bbox Ultym
09 87 67 18 00
Until 2 Gbit/s (shared) Until 900 Mbit/s

If the flows of your current offer do not suit you and you want Subscribe an offer Giving access to better speeds, you can contact one of our selectra advisers 09 87 67 18 00 in order to find the offer most suited to your needs.

Bouygues flows in reality: NPERF 2022 study

Every year, nperf (French company that allows users to measure the quality of their internet connection) publishes a “Fixed internet connections barometer in mainland France“”. In the last barometer published in July 2022, NPERF assesses the internet performance of 4 major operators, including Bouygues.

Here are the conclusions of this study on the real internet performance with Bouygues Telecom:

  • Average descending speed in 2022 : 224.80 Mb/s (2nd position behind Free)
  • Average amount rate in 2022 : 154.20 Mb/s (3rd position behind Free and Orange)
  • Average latency in 2022 : 23.60 ms (3rd position behind Free and Orange)

How to improve your Bbox Internet connection ?

The results of Bouygues debit test seem to indicate that your internet connection is not optimal ? Do not panic ! Before contacting your operator Discover some tips with which you can try to find a Good Internet connection.

Good practices to adopt in the event of a connection problem

One of the first things to do if you observe problems with your connection is to Reset your Bbox. Indeed, if your connection is slow, it is sometimes enough to restart your box To find normal flows and a fluid internet connection. To do this, you just need toturn off your bbox and turn it back on after waiting for a few seconds.

A second tip is to Use the Ethernet cable To connect to the Internet rather than connect to WiFi. Indeed, the connection speed of your BBOX is sensitive to the type of connection chosen. Where WiFi wireless connection spreads the waves more or less reliable, the Ethernet cable always guarantees a optimal connection.

Opt for the Debit option+ The Debit+ Bouygues option allows you to boost your flow up to 8GB/s (downward flow) by changing the optical module located at the back of your Bbox. This option is available to 5 €/month without commitment for the customers Bbox Ultym only. For the moment, this option is only available in Paris Intramuros.

What if the connection problems persist ?


You have followed the advice given above but your connection is always slow ?

On a daily basis, one of the good practices to adopt is to Master the weight of your downloads. Indeed, it may be that part of the flow is used for heavy downloads and that slow down the download speed. Being careful with the weights of the programs you use or the files you want to download, you should find a normal internet connection.

Finally, for Bbox ADSL customers, Do not hesitate to make a Fiber eligibility test. Indeed, you may be eligible for this technology without knowing. So remember to do the test to find out whether or not you can benefit from a more powerful flow Passing under Bouygues fiber offer.

If you want to make a eligibility test, Contact one of our Selectra advisers at 09 87 67 18 00. Our advisers will carry out the test for you, then direct you to the most suitable offer and will guide you in the subscription procedures.

Updated on 08/28/2023

Victory arrived at Selectra in June 2020, she wrote and optimizes different articles from the Telecom pole.

Bouygues Debit test

Server files 10 Gbit/s Bouygues Telecom

High performance server hosted in Paris (Île-de-France-France) with an internet connection 10 symmetrical gbit/s, hosted Bouygues Telecom (AS5410).
TCP congestion avoidance algorithm: Cubic.

Allows you to test your HTTPS flow (encrypted traffic) on all ports, from port 1 to port 9199 in cubic (80/81 ports listen in http and 9200 to 9240 ports listen with IPERF3):

Server (capacity) IP version Port (Protocol) Size Kind
  • Test your downspout (Download) with curl: tutorial for windows, Linux or macOS. With wget: WGET -O/DEV/NULL HTTPS: // Bouygues.Test of.Info/100m.iso
  • Test your upright (upload) with curl: tutorial for windows, Linux or macOS.
  • Test her latency (ping): Use the Ping utility: Ping Bouygues.Test

Please note: this server has limited capacities. A script must be careful not to exceed 40 GB per day and per IP under penalty of being definitively blocked.

Some examples of files offered: (It may be interesting to test the 8080 port, it is that of Speedtest. It is therefore more likely to be prioritized by operators in the event of congestion, facing port 6881, used by peer-to-peer)

Three types of files are offered on this server: (The content of the files is identical, regardless of the extension or the protocol used)

  • Files with in the name “-rand”: they are filled with random data, therefore not compressible. Example: 1 GB file folder -rand.
  • Files with in the name “-zero”: they are filled zero following, therefore strongly compressible. Example: 1 go -zero files folder.
  • Files without “-rand” or “-zero”: these are real files almost not compressible: these are files .zip filled with open source software for 1 MB and more files. Files under 1MB are images. Example: 1 GB RELES files folder.

A network neutral Offers the same speed, regardless of the protocol, port, file extension or file size.

  • Lafibre to interact with other customers.
  • Report a problem to the telecoms gendarme on I lent the arcep.
  • Check if IPv6 is used primarily on the IPV4 on which is my IPV4 / Public IPV6 address ?
  • Calculation of the ping as a function of the number of km of a fiber.
  • Calculate the useful flow (application) from raw (physical) speed.
  • Which Wi-Fi channel to choose to optimize your flow ?

Technical characteristics of this server:

  • All files are in a “RAM disk” (flow> 100 gbit/s) so as not to be limited by the speed of the SSD.
  • Cryptcheck encryption of Grade a, With TLS 1.3, according to the recommendations of Mozilla SSL Configuration Generator (intermediate configuration) for more representativeness.
  • The TCP congestion control protocol used is Cubic. To find out more: TCP (Wikipedia) and Cubic algorithm.
  • The TCP (Rwin) reception window can go up to 16 MB, to allow very high speed with high latency. The parameters used on the server are net.IPV4.TCP_RMEM = 4096 87380 16777216 And net.IPV4.TCP_WMEM = 4096 65536 16777216
  • Sha256 chopping values, to verify that the content of the file has not been altered by the network: SHA256SUM.TXT

E10AEACE607D8CFD5E8B49DEFDC80404730785F71F614BEDEAF5C8A5DB0B8BAA 10G.Zip F6B30094F57CBA6C52DACDF11111144A3ADC0AAA4691F5C96D449C189BA1F0E32 1G.Zip CF52E9025AAFF363F748BE45F303A278542DAB93EF8EAC16D9EEA4D69DC293A6 1G-MAND.Zip BC17F06F9D9B5F6F79CA189A1772B1A3A38D6E40C45BEC50F9C4F28144EFDDCA 1G-ZERO.ZIP 3E08E57FEA39131157419BF377DAAA3ECB55090BB15C3CC0C8C174C6183EABD56 250MI-MAND.ZIP 69D1AA1B183282279479B0E5CB619E5E8F16A61B3A17921AC4E41AA96005EDB 100M.ZIP 2FC9150D3F6BCE3F62FB9D333613B07CA95274A8BFCEF456E354B7F0404334AB5 100M-MAND.Zip A993F8C574E0FEA8C1CDCBCD9408D9E2E107EE6E4D120EDCFA11Dec53FA0CAE 100M-ZERO.Zip B467B6BECA9FAED0B73E5E5E97DCEF6EA906F4747D3FEEB3E1290B56F681752BEC 50MI-MAND.Zip 91ffa32f9b20463beb0208971c5306ad2bb556f626b9e28943aafa1d582f1431 50m.ZIP 45CFC6E74B8565A6412228270CF0A50539AF9B212B8B5ADDB51C37E903BA8DD37 50M-MAND.Zip AB46920A3BCD0891D3434367719808BC3F832E4968DFBFB464D093E306D2275AD 50M-ZERO.Zip E21DC132EF32B16304D3B53CE7E28991BE227FF3F3F5248867052AA68C528BDB 10M.ZIP 96D6298E5737BB8868787E9C10EAB829477080A0A1DE239955068E576D0E50EE 10M-MAND.Zip F5E02AA71E67F41D79023A128CA35BAD86CF7B6656967BFE0884B3A3C4325EAF 10M-ZERO.ZIP 125A6CF447E8540F62AB9EC85D805981737B62CAA2AAB6EE6F071282A80F49F6 5M.Zip 21d5fa7b4ba56cc5f29f18a64d4bcf00da683797641de5461ed64eaee92f5a 5m-Mand.Zip B39781589c44403fb82174c9647a010464cff38bad976547d339899b00053a545 5m-Zero.ZIP 27D13B624EE369F2E10EECB50C1C5CD57D1A53046EFDBE49F0E9A2096F6C5 1M.Zip 5CAD68ACC5712BA683EE5504A2EDC90F203B97C3602309FC84C527E91B6A8F81 1M-MAND.Zip D29751F2649B32FF572B5E0A9F541EA660A50F94FF0BEEDFB0B692B924CC8025 1M-ZERO.ZIP 8155133BA78ACDAB7A56B0ED5297D24D9923A09D72EB30E01A5D77B4A9BB0FB 500K.JPG 90B9189CF3333DD11FB6EFACF02E4B94B8291EE4337B1877189F444B226E1F8A18E 500K-MAND.JPG 6BB6AEFAEAA4E19112E566B467C4301463A30B0A15B9C8248A00ED9CD8E5946B 500K-ZERO.JPG F98B4633F2A73E9578DC1C8A26F30D9FA67A1D0941BCEFF9D8E284BBB2071D2 100K.JPG 0BEFE5241F6D2677BE5807403AF477B70CFD6444995C2A89764289546EFD2DDA8 100K-MAND.JPG 9192c25b734fcbadbe32dadc28089c60db0e39f90cc20ce2e5733f57261acc0c 100k-Zero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d269483692c4feaf52f65a03a58c0c8b09ca998b891cec85 1k.JPG 59D75AB4784A3B3099C815BF1A432B47D9F4626800FE4D230DC3D88F0AF2145C 1K-MAND.JPG 541B3E9DAAA09B20BF85FA273E5CBD3E80185AA4EC298E765DB87742B70138A53 1K-ZERO.JPG 72729AFC047A4B7625A0F6A06E3130AFB0F1F957EFE0212F25DE4E205E9F91 512-MAND.PNG A5CFF01B52C84154F0963D070F825359D2E1D2CC1831712ec963A0F77125627 500.PNG F17FB71EB3D22252E2675A9D266A7E3069BCDB284092E825A34D496F89ED2F82D 500-MAND.PNG E6304A473C65ECD0CCFSE.PNG 538716BFB87C6A90066E09A22ECB7C7B1D103D1D90A20272282AA59ED50A274C 100.PNG 3EAFF17A748D028EFACF5C8265D42FD6FFA29264FF497B19123694A38AA9BB6 100-MAND.PNG CD00E292C5970D3C5E2F0FFA5171E555BC46BFC4FADDFB4A418B6840B86E79A3 100-ZERO.PNG 5E7DB1B02E02E0AD350251855B5CD6240F8AB9AA35AE9F4522986F888D1B37170725 50.GIF 1BF14548A30C3CA9F1F357CFE59C3A8C24A77BA78F9A980C450408F28674871F 50-MAND.GIF CC2786E1F9910A9D811400EDCDAF7075195F7A16B216DCBEFBA3BC7C4F2AE51 50-ZERO.GIF 7AEE2708CD65AA4559EBE9FD4C5AA9AE30E79CD3B8C17AAF83204A23D8A5E9BC 10.EXE 4B37B84363349D15FF45F3114A3BBA40087704B074EA66A054AB9378FB18873C 10-MAND.EXE 01D448AFD928065458CF670B60F5A594D735AF0172C8D67F22A81680132681c 10-ZERO.EXE A21888FE64CB9D0B3309F78BF3559A1E40041CB419F8CB5CACDFC27A8ED1E200C 5.EXE 155FAD8526243FE039774EC617B5D58D66290046AFC2B92134ED41DD298E73E9 5-MAND.EXE 8855508AADE16EC573D21E6A485DFD0A7624085C1A14B5ecdd6485de0c6839A4 5-ZERO.EXE 01BA4719C80B6FE911B091A7C05124B64EEEE964E09C058EF8F9805DACA546B 1.EXE 021FB596DB81E6D02BF3D2586EEE3981FE519F275C0AC9CA76BBCF2EBB4097D96 1-MAND.EXE 6E340B9CFFB37A989CA544E6BB780A2C78901D3FB3373876851A30617AFA01D 1-ZERO.Exe E3B0C444298FC1C149AFBF4C8996FB92427AE41E4649B934CA495991B7852B855 0.Exe E3B0C444298FC1C149AFBF4C8996FB92427AE41E4649B934CA495991B7852B855 0-MAND.Exe E3B0C444298FC1C149AFBF4C8996FB92427AE41E4649B934CA495991B7852B855 0-ZERO.exe

Bouygues Telecom flow: what to expect and how to measure it ?

Take a flow test to find out the speed of your 4G/5G connection or the flow delivered by your Bbox.

You are Box or mobile Bouygues customer And you want to know precisely the speed of your Internet connection. Thanks to our tool, you will be able to know the flow of your Bbox Bouygues or your mobile connection in 4G/5G. And, if necessary, we explain how to boost your Bouygues flow.

How to test the flow of its Bouygues Telecom Internet connection ?

For Know the speed of your Bouygues Internet connection, There is only one solution: do a bouygues flow test. At the end of this test, you will have three information:

  • THE Bouygues flow for download (Download): this is the speed at which you receive files
  • THE Bouygues in transfer (upload): this is the speed to which you send files
  • there Bouygues latency (ping): it’s server’s response time

But, if you want the results of the Bouygues debit test to be significant, you must follow some recommendations. First thing: it is necessary Make this speedtest after connecting your computer to your box via an Ethernet cable. If you test your Wi-Fi flow, you will only know the capacity of your wireless connection.

In the same way, if you want to know the flow that you have with your Bouygues mobile package, do it by being connected to the 4G or 5G network. Because, if you test your flow in Wi-Fi, you will only know the capacity of the wireless network to which you are connected.

Second recommendation for your Bouygues debit test to be as precise as possible: Disconnect all other devices that consume bandwidth at the time of the test. So that it gives you the real speed of your Bouygues Telecom Internet connection and not just the available speed remaining.

The theoretical flows of Bbox Bouygues

The Bouygues (theoretical) flow of your BBOX will of course not be the same depending on the technologies. With a Bbox, the maximum theoretical flow is up to 20 Mb/s in ADSL and 95 Mb/s in VDSL2, but for lines of 0 meters in laboratory condition. On his site, the operator specifies that Download flow is up to 20 Mb/s in ADSL, On lines less than 433 meters, and up to 50 Mb/s in VDSL, on lines as less than 433 meters.

With optical fiber, The maximum bouygues speed varies according to the internet offer you have chosen:

  • 400 Mb/s for download and sending with the Bbox Fit offer
  • 1 GB/S Download and 700 MB/S Uploading with the BBOX Must package
  • up to 2 GB/s (1 Gb/s per equipment) and a speed up up to 900 Mb/s for the Bbox Ultym subscription. And Up to 8 GB/s thanks to the Flower+ option at € 5/month (for the moment reserved for Paris Intramuros, or 1.7 million households).

Finally, with the 4G box offer from Bouygues Telecom, it is possible to take advantage of a connection up to 220 Mb/s (downward speed). The actual flow will strongly depend on the surrounding 4G cover and the distance with the Bouygues antenna closest to your 4G box.

The real flows of the Bbox Bouygues Telecom

On its site, Bouygues Telecom indicates that the theoretical maximum flows that it displays are connection speeds obtained in the laboratory, in optimal conditions, therefore. But what about getting out of your box ? You will see that the Bouygues flow is very different.

Indeed, if we rely on the results of our monthly degroupt flow barometer (September 2023), the average flow bouygues telecom is:

  • 18 Mb/s in ADSL/VDSL
  • 507 Mb/s for download with a fiber optic connection and 411 Mb/s in sending.

Other results: if we refer to those of NPERF, also a specialist in measurement, the average bouygues flow is:

Example D

  • 8.54 Mb/s in ADSL (June 2023)
  • 480.86 Mb/s in Download with a fiber optic connection and 356.50 MB/s in upload (December 2022)

Theoretical flows of Bouygues mobile packages

With a Bouygues mobile package, it’s as with a Bbox, the flow is not the same depending on the network you use. Bouygues flow is up to 150 Mb/s in 4G And up to 900 Mb/s in 4G+.

With the 5g of Bouygues, The theoretical speed of your mobile Internet connection is much higher. But, beware, it all depends on the frequency band used in 5g. Indeed, the maximum download bouygues flow is up to 1.5 Gb/s in 3.5 GHz covered areas. But, it is up to 890 Mb/s for areas covered in 5G in the 2.1 GHz band (also used for 4G).

Real flow rates of Bouygues Telecom mobile packages

Regarding real speeds in 4G and 5G with a Bouygues mobile plan, it’s like real flows with a Bbox: they are far below the theoretical flows displayed by the operator. Indeed, still according to NPERF, in the first half of 2023, the average bouygues flow is:

  • 42 Mb/s in 4G
  • 187 Mb/s in 5g.

For its part, in its 2022 observatory of the quality of mobile services, ARCEP estimates that the average flow Bouygues is:

  • 55 Mb/s in 3G/4G
  • 84 Mb/s in 4G/5G

As for our monthly barometer (September 2023), it indicates that Bouygues flow is on average:

What to do in the event of a flow problem on your bouygues connection ?

The first thing to do, if you see a problem with Internet debit, you can first Turn off and turn on your smartphone or internet box. A simple handling that may be able to solve your Bouygues flow problem.

If the problem persists with your 4G or 5G connection, you can also Check the Bouygues coverage condition around your position. You can do this from the operator’s website by going to the “Assistance” then “network breakdown” section. If it is with the Internet connection of your Bbox that you have a Bouygues debit problem, you can ask to change equipment and request a more recent box if the one you have is old.

Our tips for improving the flow of your Bouygues subscription

To boost your Bouygues Mobile flow, there are not 36 solutions. There is only one : 5g If this is not already the case. But, before taking a Bouygues 5G package, make sure you live in a town covered by the 5G of Bouygues. With 5G in the 3.5 GHz band, indeed, the Bouygues flow rise is significant.

If it is the flow of your BBOX that you want to improve, you have several alternatives. First, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect the Internet rather than the Wi-Fi network. If this is not possible, you can also review the position of your box. By placing it in a clear place, in the middle of your accommodation, you should have a better bouygues speed. Otherwise, you can also change the Wi-Fi frequencies and opt for the 5 GHz band. It provides better connection speeds than the 2.4 GHz band. You can also equip yourself with a Wi-Fi repeater. Finally, there remains a solution to improve your Bouygues flow: test your eligibility to change boxes and go to fiber optics.

To find out more about the same theme:

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Bad news for Freebox subscribers ? This service could soon disappear.

Did you know ? Bouygues Telecom is the only operator to offer a 5g box

Did you know ? Bouygues Telecom is the only operator to offer a 5g box

This operator is the only one not to offer Wi-Fi 6 on its Internet box. So when is it?

This operator is the only one not to offer Wi-Fi 6 on its Internet box. So when is it ?

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With its new 40 GB package, Sosh comes to mix with the battle between Red and B & You

With its new 40 GB package, Sosh comes to mix with the battle between Red and B & You

With the Premium SFR box, you have the top of the top in terms of equipment

With the Premium SFR box, you have the top of the top in terms of equipment

If you are a box customer at this operator, you have every reason to take out this package

If you are a box customer at this operator, you have every reason to take out this package

How to have Wi-Fi 6 with the Livebox Up Orange offer?

How to get Wi-Fi 6 with the Livebox Up Orange offer ?

VPN: Discover the best promotions at the start of the school year

VPN: Discover the best promotions at the start of the school year

The best cheap packages

The best cheap packages