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Boursorama Vie: Reviews on Life Insurance of Boursorama Banque

�� Note that Boursorama Vie gives access to a second euro fund called “exclusive euro” which had an honorable performance of 2.30% in 2022, net of management fees and excluding social and tax levies.

Our opinion on Boursorama Vie

Boursorama Vie life insurance is a multi-support contract distributed by Boursorama Banque. We have analyzed this life insurance for you, here is our opinion !

Our opinion on Boursorama Life in short

Boursorama Banque is known to be one of the best online banks and it often claims to be the cheapest. But what about his life insurance ?

➡️ In our opinion, Bousorama Vie is a good contract for free management. Bank customers can therefore be tempted by opening a contract with them to have all their accounts in the same place.

�� But, to look more closely, it is possible to do much better through specialized brokers (we give you below) ! We had also reached the same conclusion concerning the stock market offer (PEA and securities account).

In addition, let us mention that Boursorama Vie is only accessible to the Customers of Boursorama Banque. If you wish to take out the contract, you will therefore have to start by opening a current account.

  • Honorable costs: no entry fees or arbitration fees, correct management fees
  • Diversity of investment media (UCITS, ETF, SCPI, OPCI)
  • 100% online management
  • 2 euros funds including a premium fund
  • Very average euros funds
  • Managed management disappoints
  • A single SCPI eligible for the contract

In our opinion, Boursorama Vie is a fairly good contract, but you can find better: look at our life insurance comparison ! We also give you our opinion on all of the Boursorama banking offer here.

Comparison of Life Boursorama Characteristics

Giving you our opinion on Boursorama Life in the absolute would not have much sense. Suddenly, we compared the main characteristics of the contract to those of other life insurance-life insurance: fortuneo life, life insurance challenge, But also life insurance from Crédit Agricole representative of what is not traditional banks and, finally, Linxea Avenir life insurance which is one of the best on the market (if not the best !)).

Boursorama Life Fortuneo Life Linxea Avenir Crédit Agricole (Florianne 2)
Broker Balance Bank Fortuneo Linxea Agricultural credit
Insurer Unit Overcoming Overcoming Predica
Minimum payment 300 € 100 € 100 € € 5,000
Number of supports 400 200 724 30
Euros funds 2 2 2 1
ETF (trackers) 30 10 83 0
Opci 3 2 5 1
SCPI 1 3 13 1
SCI 0 3 4 0
Paying on payment 0 0 0 2.50%
Arbitration fees 0 0 0 0.50%
Euros funds management fees 0.75% 0.60% 0.60% 1.00%
UC management fees 0.75% 0.75% 0.60% 0.96%
Management mode Free / under mandate Free / under mandate Free / under mandate Free
Offer On Boursorama On fortuneo On Linxea

Main characteristics of Boursorama Life compared to several life insurance

➡️ What to deduce from it ? This is our opinion:

  • Boursorama’s life insurance is much better than that of traditional banks like Crédit Agricole. On this point there is no photo.
  • But, even if it means subscribing to the life insurance of an online bank, we prefer that of Fortuneo Life: its euro fund is less expensive and more efficient, and it offers more SCPI allowing to invest in real estate.
  • Above all, we can do better than Boursorama Life by going to a specialized broker such as Linxea: costs to the floor, more trackers and more SCPIs !

Discover Linxea and receive € 100 of welcome offer

Our opinion on Boursorama Life fees

The costs of the Boursorama Banque life insurance are as follows:

  • Admission fees : 0%
  • Arbitration fees: 0 €
  • Account management fees: 0.75%
  • Euros fund management fees: 0.75%

To this must however be added the costs specific to account units (stock and real estate investment media) and they are far from negligible. In fact, the costs of these investment funds can quickly represent the main part of the management fees if you do not pay attention. For example, the fund Tech Impact From the management company Edmond de Rothschild levies annual management fees of 1.8%; or more than twice the costs of the contract !

To avoid being plucked because of these rarely visible costs, we recommend that you use trackers, also called ETF (Exchanged Traded Funds). These are investment funds that reply a stock market index such as CAC 40 or Dow Jones and whose costs are largely reduced: Count around 0.3% !

✅ Fortunately, the Boursorama life insurance gives access to the ETF, which is rarely the case. It therefore deserves to be mentioned.

Our opinion on controlled management

The least experienced investors will be able to prefer management controlled to free management. In this case, you don’t have to worry about the choice of investment media.

First, the bank assesses your risk profile among 5: defensive, balanced, reactive, dynamic and offensive. Then, the mandate is given to the management company Edmond de Rothschild which will then select the funds adapted to your profile and operate regular arbitrations to optimize your stock market portfolio over time.

✅ We appreciate that controlled management is done without additional expense.

❌ On the other hand, we regret that the ETFs are dismissed from the controlled management. Indeed, as we have seen above, traditional investment supports are expensive ! In addition, the performance issued by Edmond de Rothschild disappoints, as this comparison of controlled management shows.

➡️ In the end, if you are looking for life management life insurance, we will rather recommend that of fintechs which exclusively use ETFs, such as Nalo or Yomoni (of which you will find the opinions here and there).

Invest with NALO, elected best management controlled and receive € 500 from the costs offered !

Euros Fund performance

Here is the history of the rate of life insurance (or more specifically that of its guaranteed capital fund “EuroSima”.

Year Yield
2015 2.25%
2016 1.77%
2017 1.65%
2018 1.65%
2019 1.15%
2020 0.90%
2021 0.75%
2022 1.30%

Table of performance of the EuroSima EuroSima Fund for Boursorama Life insurance

The key rates of the European Central Bank having lowered year after year, it should not be surprised that it is as much for that of Euros funds, by ricochet effect. And this is therefore true for that of Boursorama Life life insurance. The general trend reversed slightly in 2022, but there is no guarantee that it will be sustainable.

Consider diversifying your contract with stock investment media ! And to do things well, we have a guide that explains to you how to invest in the stock market.

�� Note that Boursorama Vie gives access to a second euro fund called “exclusive euro” which had an honorable performance of 2.30% in 2022, net of management fees and excluding social and tax levies.

Finally note for cautious that it is possible to invest 100% in euro funds with Boursorama Vie. It becomes rare enough to be mentioned !

About Boursorama Banque

Created in 2005 by the Boursorama financial information site, Boursorama Banque is a 100% online bank which offers a large catalog of banking and savings products.

Our life insurance palmares

Boursorama Vie is not necessarily the best choice to make if you want to open life insurance. To simplify your task, we have concocted a small selection of the best life insurance contracts:

In free management:

Boursorama Vie: Reviews on Life Insurance of Boursorama Banque

Boursorama life insurance advice

Boursorama Banque is one of the first French online banks, it has several million customers. The Boursorama site also benefits from strong notoriety, it is one of the main information portals on economic and stock market news in France. This bank appears in the podium of our online banks comparison. We present our opinion on the banking services of Boursorama Banque in a dedicated article. But the Boursorama Banque services go much further than management of the current account and means of payment, it is also a bank offering a wide range of savings solutions.

Among these savings solutions, we are interested here in theLife insurance sold by Boursorama Banque. This article presents our Boursorama life opinion : detailed characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Life insurance is among the most popular savings systems. There are nearly 50 million contracts opened in France, and the outstanding under management are around 1800 billion euros. Benefiting from a very advantageous taxation, life insurance is an essential system in the construction of a diversified heritage. We refer you to our presentation of life insurance for more details on the advantages and specificities of this savings system.


  1. Reviews on Boursorama VIE: Summary table of life insurance characteristics
  2. Euros funds performance
  3. The supply of account units
  4. Contract costs
  5. Management controlled
  6. Other services
  7. Linxea Life: an alternative to Boursorama Vie
  8. Reviews on Boursorama Vie: Conclusion

Reviews on Boursorama VIE: Summary table of life insurance characteristics

Boursorama Vie is a multi -support life insurance managed by the insurer Generali. It is the same insurer behind the Linxea Vie contract, of which we will have the opportunity to talk lower in this article (a very similar competitor contract). Good point about the Generali insurer: it allows a partial takeover on life insurance in 3 days (subject to an current account has been recorded with the insurer and that the buyout does not relate to Supports invested in real estate OPCI format).

One of the peculiarities of Boursorama Vie is that This contract is only accessible to savers holding a current account at Boursorama Banque. You can follow this link to access Discover the Boursorama Banque Current Current Account and become a customer. If you are interested in the specifics of this life insurance but do not wish to open a current account at Boursorama Banque, Linxea Vie life insurance, managed by the same general insurer, is an interesting alternative. For more information, you can consult the article presenting our opinion on the Linxea broker.

The table presented below takes up the essential characteristics of the Boursorama Vie contract.

Life insurance


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