BMW x3 vs x2: what to choose?, BMW x3 dimension, chest and electrification volume

Dimensions of the BMW x3 2022, chest volume and interior photos

The BMW X2 and X3 have marked the history of the SUVs of the German brand. Here is some information about these two models.

BMW x3 vs x2: what to choose ?

SUVs are popular cars of the moment. Powerful and practical, the SUV is the ideal model, being between the all-terrain vehicle and the city car. BMW released a range of SUV, the X series. Among the different models of this series, two stand out from the others: the X2 and the X3. Which of the two models choose ? Bymycar answers you.

BMW X series: a range of SUVs

An SUV is a type of horse horse between 4 × 4 and the city car. It is equipped with all the options practicing and the comfort of a city car, and has the all-terrain all-terrain transmission. The SUV therefore brings together all the qualities of the city car and the 4 × 4.

BMW embarked on the production of SUV in 2009 with the appearance of the first BMW X series model: the BMW X1. Following 8 other models of BMW X series, each presenting the specificities specific to itself.

BMW X2 and BMW X3

The BMW X2 and X3 have marked the history of the SUVs of the German brand. Here is some information about these two models.

Dimensions (length, width, height, chest volume)

Dimensions of X2:

  • Length: 4.36 m;
  • Width: 1.83 m;
  • Height: 1.53 m;
  • Chest volume: 470 to 1,355 liters.

Dimensions of X3:

  • Length: 4.70 m;
  • Width: 1.89 m;
  • Height: 1.67 m;
  • Chest volume: 550 to 1,600 liters.


BMW X2 engines:

  • Essence: 2.0 150/184/245 hp, and 3.0 218/258 hp;
  • Diesel: 2.0 116/143/177/184/204/218 CH.

BMW X3 engines:

  • Essence: Sdrive 18i 140 hp, SDRIVE/XDRIVE20I 190 hp, M35i;
  • Rechargeable hybrid: xDrive25e 220 hp.

How have evolved price BMW SUVs X1, X2 and X2 along the years 2019, 2020 and 2021 ?

Here are the prices of the BMW X1, X2 and X3 depending on the years.

  • X1: Between 32,800 and 40,400 €;
  • X2: from € 34,499;
  • X3: from € 41,900.
  • X1: from € 33,950;
  • X2: from € 32,450;
  • X3: Between 45,300 and 49,650 €.
  • X1: from € 32,500;
  • X2: from € 34,950;
  • X3: Between 52,100 and 79,000 €.

Note: over the years, a general increase in prices has been noted.

Note 2: These prices are given as an indication. There are several factors that can vary them.

Should you buy new or used ?

It is always better to buy a new car rather than a used car. This avoids problems with breakdowns and/or hidden defects.

BMW X1 or X2 ?

These two models share the same platform. They therefore have several similarities, but are still different. Thus, it is advisable to opt for the model behind the wheel of which you are most comfortable.

To conclude: BMW X2 or X3 ?

The BMW X2 and the BMW X3 are two fundamentally different vehicles. Indeed, unlike torque x1/x2, the torque x2/x3 is made up of two vehicles with a different design. They are therefore very different in terms of technological, technical, and performance characteristics. Note also that the X3 is available in a rechargeable hybrid version.

In conclusion, you must choose the ideal model according to your automobile needs. To do this, carry out a test of each vehicle, and you will appreciate in real conditions the differences between the two models. Your choice will be easier.

Dimensions of the BMW X3 2022, chest volume and interior photos

Dimension BMW X3 2022 with length, width and height

The BMW X3 has a length of 4708 mm, a height of 1676 mm, a width of 1891 mm without the exterior mirrors and a measure of 2138 millimeters with the mirrors deployed. Motorization: Light Diesel hybridLight Diesel hybrid, Light petrol hybridlight petrol hybrid and Petrol rechargeable hybridPetrol rechargeable hybrid. The rechargeable hybrid model has a 450* liter trunk volume. For its size, characteristics and 20 cm ground clearance, we classify the BMW X3 in the category of large SUVs and all-Terrains. This model of the year 2022 has the same size compared to the dimensions of the 2017 BMW X3.

Exterior of the BMW X3Outside detail of the BMW X3Interior detail of the BMW X3

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BMW X3 current and previous to compare the dimensions

Dimension BMW x3 2022 and 550 liter trunk:

Dimension BMW X3 2022BMW x3 2022 chestBMW x3 2022 dashboardInterior BMW X3 2022

Latest reviews on the size of the BMW X3 2022:
✎ Marseille, 02-09-2023 (4.6 ★ /5)

✎ Plobsheim, 18-07-2023 (3.2 ★ /5)
Importing chest in width and height to put an electric VAE. It is played at the near cm!!

✎ Grivesnes, 26-03-2023 (4.8 ★ /5)

✎ Marseille, 21-01-2022 (4.8 ★ /5)
Very good and spacious, well appointed the trunk and more than correct no problem of parkinq or to circulate in town on road the comfort is excellent and I like its high driving position

Dimension BMW X3 2017 and 550 -liter trunk:

Dimension BMW X3 2017BMW X3 2017 chestBMW X3 2017 dashboardInterior BMW X3 2017

Latest reviews on the size of the 2017 BMW X3:
✎ Luxembourg, 01-06-2022 (5 ★ /5)

✎ Marseille, 01-02-2022 (5 ★ /5)
Excellent in all damage despite a size greater than the means. The car is very handy and very comfortable. I am very containing, moreover, I ordered the new 2022.

Dimension BMW X3 2014 and 550 -liter trunk:

Dimension BMW X3 2014BMW X3 2014 chestBMW X3 2014 dashboardInterior BMW X3 2014

Dimension BMW X3 2011 and 550 -liter trunk:

Dimension BMW X3 2011

Latest reviews on the size of the 2011 BMW X3:
✎ Geneva, 04-09-2023 (5 ★ /5)
✎ Bordeaux, 21-05-2022 (5 ★ /5)

✎ Friborg, 26-03-2022 (4.6 ★ /5)
The only regret with my BMW from the point of view of the size: the trunk could be occasionally larger by advancing the rear bank of 15 cm.

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BMW X3 2023

The BMW X3 is the compact luxury SUV signed BMW. Thanks to a wide range of engines, the Germanic utility wishes to expand its customers to the maximum. For fuel versions, there is a 2 liter 4 -cylinder of 248 horsepower for the basic model and two 6 cylinders online for M40i (382 horsepower) and M Competition (503 horsepower) models (503 horses). Finally, it is also possible to opt for a rechargeable hybrid model, whose autonomy is 29 kilometers.


Pdsf $ 55,200
Costs $ 2,445
Innerdrivore tax $ 0
Approximate monthly payments $ 1,039/month
Engine 4L 2.0 L
Power 248 HP @ 5 200 rpm (185 kW)
Couple 258 ft · LB @ 1 450 – 4,800 rpm (350 n · m)
Food Turbocharged
Fuel type Great
Transmission Automatic, 8 reports
Cog Integral
Type of vehicle / classification
Vehicle type Sewing
Ranking Luxury compact SUV
Assembly Spartanburg, SC, US
Generation 3
Consumption / autonomy
City 11.0 l/100km
Motorway 8.4 l/100km
Combined 9.9 l/100km
Autonomy 656 km
CO₂ shows 229 g/km
Sunroof optional
Heated front seats series
Heated rear seats optional
Steering wheel series
Ventilated front seats optional
Head-up display optional
360 ° camera optional
Smart key series
Detection of dead angles series
Before collision warning series
Autonomous emergency braking series
Output warning series
Adaptive cruise control not available
Remote start series
GPS series
Multimedia system
USB ports before series
Apple Carplay compatibility series
Auto Android Compatibility series
Sirius XM series
Bluetooth audio series
Wi-Fi hotspot optional
Wireless phone recharge optional
Direction / suspension / brakes / tires
Direction to rack, electric assistance
Front suspension independent, legs of force
Rear suspension Independent, multibras
Front brakes Disc (ABS)
Rear brakes Disc (ABS)
Front tires P245/50R19
Rear tires P245/50R19
Safety belts 5
Dimensions / Weight
Length 4,721 mm (186 ″)
Width 1,891 mm (74 ″)
Height 1,676 mm (66 ″)
Wheelbase 2,864 mm (113 ″)
Weight 1,882 kg (4,149 lb)
Passengers 5
Chest Between 813 L and 1,775 L
Reservoir 65 L (14 GAL)
Towing capacity 2,000 kg (4,409 lb, with braked trailer)
0-100 km/h 6.3 s (manufacturing)
80-120 km/h 5.0 s (estimated)
Top speed 210 km/h (130 mph) (manufacturer)
Braking distance 39 m
Basic warranty 4 years/80,000 km
Powertrain 4 years/80,000 km
Auto guide
Consumption 7/10
Reliability 6/10
Security 9/10
Multimedia system 7/10
Driving 8/10
General appreciation 7/10
Average 76%(see assessment)

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