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Equivalent 250 cc, 125 cc equivalent



Revealed in 2020 in the form of a concept, the CE-04 replaces the very popular BMW C-Evolution. He largely takes up the lines of the original concept, himself inspired by the Link concept dating from 2017.

CE 04 motorization and performance

Placed between the battery and the rear wheel, the engine of BMW CE 04 is based on permanent magnet technology. It is available in two configurations:

  • A1 which limits nominal power to 11 kW (23 kW in crest)
  • A2 which requires a motorcycle license and brings nominal power to 15 kW (31 kW in crest).

On the two configurations, the top speed reaches 120 km/h and the torque 62 Nm. In acceleration, the A2 version is a little better. It loops 0 to 100 km/h in 9.1 seconds where version 125 performs the same exercise in 9.9 seconds.

In driving, the BMW electric scooter offers three operating modes: Eco, Road and Rain to which is added a “dynamic” mode to maximize the performance of the machine.

BMW CE 04 L3E-A1 BMW CE 04
Nominal power 11 kW / 15 hp 15 kW / 20 hp
Peak power 23 kW / 31 hp 31 kW / 42 hp
Couple 62 nm 62 nm
Top speed 120 km/h 120 km/h
0 – 50 km/h 2.7 s 2.6 s
0 – 100 km/h 9.9 s 9.1 s

What permit for the BMW CE 04 ?

As mentioned above, the BMW electric scooter is available in two versions that require different permits:

  • In the basic version, alone A1 license is necessary. Accessible from 16 years old, it allows to drive light cycles (MTL) whose power does not exceed 11 kW.
  • In its more power version, the BMW CE 04 requires a A2 license which therefore corresponds to what is called the “motorcycle license” necessary to lead the largest displacement machines.

BMW CE 04 battery and autonomy

BMW CE 04 lithium-ion battery has 8.9 kWh of energy capacity (147.6 V-60.6 Ah).

In terms of autonomy, the manufacturer announces between 100 and 130 km WMTC with a load according to the chosen version. In reality, it can obviously vary depending on the driving mode, the course and the weather.

How to recharge the BMW electric scooter

As standard, the BMW electric maxi-scooter has a 2.3 kW charger. The latter authorizes a full load in approximately 4:20.

The most in a hurry will be able to use the fast load option. Billed € 1,240, it allows you to bring the power to 6.9 kW. Subject to benefiting from the suitable terminal, this reduces the charging time to around 1.5 hours.

On the scooter side, the plug used is a “type 2” which will facilitate its recharge on public terminals.

BMW CE 04 L3E-A1 BMW CE 04
WMTC autonomy 100 km 130 km
Load 2.3 kW / 0-100 % 3h20 4:20
Load 6.9 kW / 0-100 % 1h10 1h40

BMW CE 04 marketing and prices

Marketed since July 2021 in France, the BMW CE 04 started its deliveries in France in early 2022.

The price of BMW CE 04 starts from € 12,150 in its basic version, The price of configurations A1 and A2 being identical.

This basic variation is supplemented by an over -equipped version called this 04 pro. Billed € 13,220, it includes heating handles, alarm, pneumatic pressure control, central crutch and adaptive lighting.

To find out more about this electric scooter, do not hesitate to go and consult our BMW CE 04 test.

BMW CE-04: What LLD prices ?

In addition to full purchase, the BMW CE 04 is also available for long -term rental (LLD). Over 36 months and 20,000 km, the basic version starts at 180 €/month without contribution and maintenance included. For the pro version, monthly payments climb to € 200.

Price 12,150 € € 13,220
LLD 36 months / 20,000 km 180 €/month 200 €/month


BMW CE 04 chest

Maxiscoter electric high -end and front garden, the BMW CE 04 has a maximum speed of 120 km/h and maximum autonomy of 130 kilometers.

+ BMW quality, design, power.
– Price, less comfortable than these competitors.
B + training 7h permit, motorcycle permit
Equivalent 250 cc, 125 cc equivalent
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The BMW CE 04 is an electric maxiscooter top of the line, from the Berlin factories of the German manufacturer. This model replaces the previous model, the BMW C-EVO. The EC 04 presents a clear design, ahead of its time. Avant-garde, This maximum is presented in two versions, accessible either with the B license and the 7 -hour training, or with the A2 permit.

BMW CE 04 in town rolling

The BMW CE 04 is a futuristic maxi-scooter

Avant-garde, original, sharp, incisive: these are the first words that come to mind when we look at the first photos of the BMW this 04. Bold, Also. You might think it straight out of the shooting of an anticipation film.

A new architecture

During the presentation of this new Maxiscooter, Alexander Buckan, manager of vehicle design at BMW Motorrad, explained: “With the BMW CE 04, we managed to transpose from the series to the series of many elements and Innovative stylistic details. The technical realities of electric motorization, such as the flat battery housed in the floor and compactness of the powertrain, allow us to create a particularly distinctive style which defines a new urban aesthetic and which is clearly different from the conventional style ”.

The BMW CE 04 sends up to 31 kW

The “A2” version of the BMW CE 04 has an electric motorization of 15 kW or 20 horses in nominal. In crest, power increases to 31 kW or 42 horsepower. Also available in a 125 cm3 equivalent version, its nominal power drops to 11 kW or 15 horsepower. In peak, we reach 23 kW, or 31 horses. In road mode, accelerations are striking. Electronically restrained, its maximum speed is 120 km/h. In its “A2” version, the 0 to 50 km/h is carried out in 2.6 seconds, while the 0 to 100 km/h is shot in 9.1 seconds. The BMW CE 04 exceeds any thermal scooter with green lights; Yamaha Tmax including it is obvious. Note, the transmission is carried out by belt. As standard, three driving modes are on board: Eco, rain and road (Road).

Two battery configurations for the BMW CE 04

Whatever its version, the BMW CE 04 takes a non -removable battery Installed in the central position, under the saddle, at the bottom of the chassis. Its capacity differs according to the chosen version.

For its 125 version

The A1 or 125 version of the BMW CE 04 has a lithium-ion battery 6.2 kWh. According to its manufacturer, the autonomy of this model would be 100 kilometers. By adopting normal driving, that is to say neither economical nor sporting, our various trials in the city showed a real consumption of a little less than 7 kWh per 100 kilometers. This therefore gives real autonomy of about 90 kilometers.

For its A2 version

The A2 version of the BMW CE 04 has a battery with more substantial capacity than the scooter version 125. Always made up of lithium-ion cells, it has a capacity to 8.9 kWh. According to BMW, the maximum autonomy is to 130 kilometers. In town, in view of the upper motor power compensated by a larger battery, we can calmly exceed the 100 kilometers.

BMW CE 04 gray parked near an airport

The BMW CE 04 requests a type 2 load

Integrated into the BMW CE 04, the charger is 2.3 kW. It allows a load of 0 to 100% in 4 hours 20 on the A2 model. For version 125, it will be faster: it will take 3 hours 20 hours 20.

A futuristic design

The look of an electric scooter is a matter of taste. The BMW this 04 presents a particular design: we like, or we do not like. But, during the presentation of the concept, Florian Roemhild, BMW CE 04 project manager, explained: “Our new BMW electric scooter is the logical continuation And yet redesigned with the electromobility strategy of BMW Motorrad. The city is its playground. This is where he establishes a new reference – both in terms of technology and design “. Really innovative, the look of CE 04 really contrasts with the competition: no manufacturer seems to have yet gone so far. It is available in two colors: “bright white” and “Magellan Gray Metallic”: metallic gray. White is the basic model, while gray has elements in options. Whatever the model, the wheels are full. Lighting is everywhere LED. And, just large enough to protect the on -board screen, a little wind jump is present at the front.

The BMW CE 04 presents many security equipment

In addition to ABS, the BMW CE 04 electric scooter has a system ASC traction control. This one is of the same vein as that present on the motorcycles of the group. According to the manufacturer, it “limits the engine torque as a function of the rear wheel skating”. The BMW CE 04 has a chest, But no need to lift the saddle to reach it ! This one, capable of receiving a full helmet, is located in a lateral compartment, under the pilot. We can therefore open it while sitting on the scooter. One of the black points of the BMW is its comfort. We found it less good than on the Rider NG and on the other electric maxiscooters. This two wheels also has accommodation to recharge a smartphone via plug USB-C. This accommodation receives a ventilation system to cool the phone during the load: it is unheard of. Present as standard and impeccably integrated into the general design of the vehicle, the lateral crutch allows rapid and secure stop. Such design needed an amendment on -board screen. This one measures 10.25 inches. He includes a GPS navigation with route planning.

Technical sheet


Equivalent 250 cc, 125 cc equivalent

BMW Motorrad unveils its small electric motorcycle this 02

While car manufacturers tear the batteries, materials and engines in magnets in the crazy electrification race, the motorcycle world follows with a certain distance and does not seem in a hurry to follow the plunge. Adapting an electrical powertrain group to a motorcycle certainly comes with its share of challenges, technical particularities such as ensuring the waterproofing of the system, but also being able to offer autonomy and attractive performance while keeping the reasonable purchase cost.

Today BMW Motorrad takes a step forward by presenting the CE 02, a small two-wheeled urban machine which is classified halfway between the moped and the motorcycle. It is based on the CE 02 concept unveiled in 2021, and joins the electric moped this 04 already marketed by the motorcycle branch of the Bavarian manufacturer.

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With a trendy and largely more “radical” look than a scooter traditional, we obviously aim for a young and urban clientele for whom autonomy is not a predominant factor.

A top speed of 95 km/h

The EC 02 can be delivered in two models which display two distinct power levels. The first displays a power of 4 kW, weighs 119 kg and can reach a speed of 45 km/h. Alas, this variant will not be marketed in Canada. The one that will cross the Atlantic displays a power of 11 kW (15 hp and 40.6 lb-ft of torque) thanks to a pair of lithium-ion batteries with a power of 1.96 kWh and weighs 132 kg. It can reach a top speed of 95 km/h and travel up to 90 kilometers (according to WMTC standard) before exhausting its battery.

On the recharging side, we are talking about about 5 hours with a 0.9 kW charger. Optional deliverable, a more efficient 1.5 kW charger will perform the task in 3.5 hours.

Driving modes and accessories

Two driving modes are also offered: “Flow” and “Surf”. The first offers a more flexible experience with a response to the weighted accelerator, while the second is more dynamic with a more sharpened response. A “flash” mode is also offered as an option, it pushes the dynamic characteristics of CE 02 to the extreme.

At the front, the CE 02 has a small TFT screen which shows vital information such as the battery load and speed load and speed. A catalog of well -stocked options is also available to owners who wish to personalize their CE 02. This includes equipment such as luggage racks, a smartphone support and even heated handles.

The BMW CE 02 2024 displays a starting price of $ 10,095 and will arrive in dealerships at the start of next year.