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After its CE 04, the German BMW is back with a more affordable electric scooter and accessible to AM and A1 licenses. The BMW CE 02 is defined as an Eparkourer, cut to survey cities from 14 years old or with the B license.

BMW CE 02: an electric scooter signed BMW from € 7,750

After its CE 04, the German BMW is back with a more affordable electric scooter and accessible to AM and A1 licenses. The BMW CE 02 is defined as an Eparkourer, cut to survey cities from 14 years old or with the B license.

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Always betting on an avant-garde design, the new BMW e-book is part of the continuity of what the brand launched with its 04 almost two years ago. While its elder was accessible to A2 and A1 permits, the new model CE 02 aims for another audience.

Accessible from 14 years old

The BMW CE 02 engages in two versions, equivalent to a 50 cm³ or a 125 cc depending on the license. Thus, in its least powerful version, the scooter delivers 4 CV and rises up to 45 km/h, which makes it compatible with the AM license (formerly BSR), from 14 years old. The youngest pilots will be able to do their first laps on a BMW Premium scooter.

In its native version, the BMW e-book delivers 15 horsepower and complies with the requirements of the A1 license accessible from 16 years old. In addition, it is accessible to holders of permit B who will have undergone additional training of 7 hours; The latter will surely represent the bulk of sales of this two-wheeler.

In any case, the BMW scooter delivers high -end services, including ABS on the front wheel and standard traction control. The rear march simplifies the maneuvers while the 3.5 ”TFT screen or the key without key gives it a modern touch.

What an electric scooter to get around town ?

Electric scooters are on the rise for urban trips and the offer is increasingly large. So much so that he is.



First electric motorcycle of the German manufacturer, the BMW CE 02 is available in two versions, with or without a license. Announcing up to 90 kilometers of autonomy, she will start her first deliveries in early 2024.

BMW design CE 02

Directly from the eponymous concept presented in 2021, the BMW CE 02 is the third electric two-wheeler marketed by BMW after the C-Evolution, now stopped, and the BMW Electric Maxi-Scooter CE 04.

Small and agile, the CE 02 is cut for the city and, in line with CE 04, is distinguished by rather original lines. Neither motorcycle nor scooter, the machine is defined as a “escarkourer” by the German manufacturer.

Versions of the BMW CE 02

Like the BMW CE 04, the BMW electric motorcycle is available in two variants.

In its moped configuration (AM), without a license, its top speed is limited to 45 km/h and the engine is based on a central block developing up to 4 kw of power and 55 nm of torque. To be able to drive, from 14 years old, you will have to hold the road safety certificate (BSR).

In 125 configuration, the maximum engine power is increased to 11 kW for a top speed reaching 95 km/h. With this configuration, the 0 to 50 km/h is made in three seconds.

Approval 125 AM – Without a license
Nominal power 6 kW 3.2 kW
Maximum power 11 kW 4 kW
Couple 55 nm 55 nm
Max speed 95 km/h 45 km/h

Up to three driving modes

As standard, the small electric motorcycle has two driving modes:

  • Flow which favors autonomy for urban uses
  • Surf which offers more dynamic sensations outside the city.

Associated with the optional “Highline” pack, the “flash” mode is still a notch above and allows you to obtain a power boost over a short period.

To facilitate maneuvers, a reversing function is also offered.

BMW CE 02 battery and autonomy

The BMW CE 02 battery configuration will depend directly on the chosen version:

  • In AM version, The machine is satisfied with a single battery of 1.96 kWh. If the autonomy is not specified, it is estimated between 45 and 55 km with a charge
  • In version 125, The BMW CE 02 uses double pack for a total capacity of 3.92 kWh. In WMTC cycle, autonomy is given for 90 kilometers.

Important precision: in all cases, the battery is not removable.

Battery 2 x 1.96 kWh 1.96 kWh
Autonomy 90 km WMTC 45-55 km (is.))

BMW CE 02 instrumentation

Located in the center of the handlebars, a 3.5-inch TFT screen displays all the information essential for driving: speed, charging state, remaining autonomy etc … This can be completed by a support dedicated to smartphone. A USB-C socket also allows you to power a smartphone.

On the connectivity side, it will be necessary to opt for the Highline pack to benefit from the maximum allocation and in particular the connection to the BMW Motorrad Connected Services which allows you to consult at any time the information related to the load and the location of the machine via the application manufacturer.

Cycle part

Mounted on 14-inch rims and a steel and oscillating mono-brac frame, the BMW CE 02 incorporates a telescopic fork and a disc brake device coupled with an ABS on the front wheel.

At the level of the size, the two versions are identical: 1.97 m long, 87.6 cm wide with the mirrors (84.5 cm without) and 1.14 m high. The saddle height is 75 cm. Only difference: the weight linked to the configuration of the batteries of each version ! Count 112 kg for the AM version and 139 kg for declination 125. In both cases, it is approved to accommodate two passengers.

Length 1,970 mm 1,970 mm
Width (with retros) 876 mm 876 mm
Height 1140 mm 1140 mm
Saddle height 75 cm 75 cm
Weight 139 kg 112 kg

BMW recharge CE 02

The BMW CE 02 is equipped as standard with an external charger with a power of 900 W which can be loaded on any domestic socket.

Associated with the optional Highline pack, a quick charger of 1.5 kW is also available and reduces charging time. Please note: it is only offered on version 125 !

BMW CE 02 marketing and prices

The BMW CE 02 will start its production in November 2023 for deliveries expected from early 2024. In terms of prices, the manufacturer communicates a basic price of € 7,750 for the electric motorcycle without a license. Naturally more expensive, declination 125 is announced at € 8,750. A price that does not take into account the ecological bonus attributed to electric motorcycles.

In addition, the manufacturer offers an optional pack. Called Highline and billed 890 € TTC, it adds to standard endowments the heated handles, the smartphone support, the “flash” driving mode, the Bluetooth control interface, a Cosmic Black color with specific stickers as well as the charger fast 1500 watts (only on version 11 kW).

Price TTC Outside Bonus
BMW CE 02 AM € 7,750 including tax
BMW CE 02 € 8,750 including tax
Highline optional package 890 € TTC

BMW CE 02: the new 50 and 125 CC electric scooter with BMX looks

The new BMW Motorrad two-wheeler is halfway between a scooter and a motorcycle, thanks to its dividing design and its unique appearance. It is offered both in version 50 and 125 cc for a basic price of 7,750 euros, or light more affordable than that of its large brother (BMW CE 04), while remaining high-end.

BMW is not only a brand recognized in the world of autonomy, but also in that of two-wheelers, whether it be electric motorcycles or electric scooters. After launching the C-Evolution, the brand worked on a futuristic model with a unique design, the BMW CE 04. Building on its success, the Bavarian manufacturer returns to the charge with a smaller and above all more affordable model, the CE 02. This is offered in two versions, 50 and 125 cc, in order to allow the greatest number to enjoy it.

BMW-CE-02- (4-KW50-CC) -Frandroid-2023

BMW-CE-02- (11-KW125-CC) -Frandroid-2023

A cleansing design

The brand’s designers had already dropped with the EC 04, in particular by giving it particular proportions and a very modern appearance, sharp with most of the other two-wheeled electricity. The big brother’s seat is also low, which gives him false airs of Harley-Davidson of modern times.

You have to believe that these unusual lines appeal to the market, since BMW Motorrad went even further with CE 02. Indeed, it seems to be a hybrid between a scooter and a motorcycle, while having a very particular style which of course recalls that of his big brother. These similarities are observed in particular at the saddle, with its height of only 750 mm and its fine and slender appearance which does not cover the rear wheel. The 14 -inch wheels are black and full, like those of the 04. There is also a transmission belt as well as LED optics on all models.

Source: BMW Motorrad

Source: BMW Motorrad

Source: BMW Motorrad

Source: BMW Motorrad

Source: BMW Motorrad

Source: BMW Motorrad

The main oddity concerns the footrests, which exceed scooter, both for those of the driver and the passenger. The first can also use those at the rear when it is alone for a more dynamic position. The bubble at the front is rectangular and integrates with the headlights before the same shape.

The dimensions are quite original, since the EC 02 measures 1.97m long for 84.5 cm (without mirrors) and 1.14 m high (with the handlebars). This is enough to accommodate two adults, even if the passenger will only have one piece of saddle to put his buttocks there, this one not extending above the rear wheel.

BMW clearly targets a young clientele, looking for a sports and dynamic model with a assertive look. The BMW CE 02 is also offered in black in its basic version, with a few gray elements, although the saddle is also black the optional highline pack allows you to add a little personalization, including a golden fork , a black/white/blue tricolor saddle and blue inserts on the scooter.

The brand seems to have neglected some practical aspects, especially because it does not mention storage space under the saddle. However, we will be able to confirm this point during our test.

Source: BMW Motorrad

Source: BMW Motorrad

Source: BMW Motorrad

Source: BMW Motorrad

Source: BMW Motorrad

Source: BMW Motorrad

Source: BMW Motorrad

Source: BMW Motorrad

Two versions

Once is not custom, BMW offers its new two-wheeler in two versions: 4 kW, equivalent 50 cc, limited to 45 km/h and accessible without motorcycle license, and a 11 kW version, 125 cc equivalent, which can reach 95 km/h. The first weighs 119 kg while the second wins in overweight and reaches 132 kg, still seven kg more than silence S01+.

The two offer two driving modes as standard, namely “Flow” and “Surf”. The first being more suited to an urban environment, while the second allows more frank accelerations and a more dynamic driving.The 11 kW version (125 cc) comes standard with two 48 V / 1 batteries.96 kWh removable. The 4 kW version (50 cc) is satisfied with a single battery. Both versions have a standard 900 W domestic charger. This allows you to recharge the batteries in about 312 minutes, but it is not specified if it will be possible to recharge the batteries at home when they are removed.

Optionally, a 1.5 kW charger allows you to lower the charging time. It varies between 85 to 168 minutes depending on the versions as can be seen in the table below.

High -end equipment

BMW obliges, the CE 02 is a high -end scooter that wants to be provided, starting with the technical part. Indeed, it offers as standard a tubular steel frame and suspensions and shock absorbers with springs and adjustable, as well as record brakes.

Its safety endowment is also neat, with standard electronic stability control (Automatic Stability Control and Recuperation Stability Control), allowing not to slide on wet roads and keep the two-wheeler stable in all circumstances. ABS is also there, although it is only available on the front wheel. The reverse, also standard, facilitates parking maneuvers. The controllers are also adjustable, making it possible to maximize the comfort of the driver.