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Discover the most powerful electric cross motorcycle in the world, the Stark Varg

More ecological and easier to maintain: with zero emission and no filter to change, the Stark Varg requires a very low maintenance level. As easy to maintain as a bike.

Electric motocross for adults – MX One 12kW 21/18

Electric motocross for adults - MX One 12kW 21/18

The electric motocross revolution is now starting with the new MX-One motorcycle from Xtrm Factory 81 ! A 12 kW in crest engine, more than 60nm of coupled coupled with a lithium battery with 5 kWh catl (84V / 60A)

The first electric motocross for adults at the best price on the web

Just as ambitious as its heat engine counterparts but with the advantage of making no noise and producing no polluting gas. With a permanent magnet engine (also called Brushless engine), the MX One delivers a power of 12 kW (about 17 hp) with a torque of 60 Nm !

A silent and powerful electric motorcycle !

It is a competitive motorcycle that XTRM Factory 81 offers us ! Its lithium battery uses catl cells, the very ones used on Tesla electric cars ! Suffice to say right away, the lifespan of this battery is excellent and the ultra-fast charging times! Allow 3 hours for a full load in the 15A charger. Another important point, it is possible to replace the battery in just 60 seconds ! Yes 60s to change a 5 kWh battery, it is simply unprecedented in the universe of electric motocross.

Electric, modern, reliable: all with comfortable autonomy

Let’s talk about autonomy, because yes it is often the subject that annoys electric vehicles. Well the MX electric cross motorcycle.One offers excellent autonomy of more than 100 km ! In standard use, count approximately 130 km of autonomy. For use more sporty use, count about 80 km of autonomy. With its 4 -speed mechanical gearbox, this powerful electric motorcycle for adults stands out from the competition ! Indeed the mechanical gearbox makes it possible to best manage the engine speed to adapt to all terrains and all levels.

An electric motorcycle with a lot of autonomy, light and powerful. who says better ?

Indeed it is difficult to find a Cross electric motorcycle With one too good value for money ! Her Lightweight of 108 kg facilitates its maneuverability and allows rapid grip. L’Autonomy of more than 100 km Allows you to enjoy calmly without being afraid of the breakdown. In any case the Quick battery change Allows you to extend your wrinkles as much as you wish ! Finally, his powerful engine will take you everywhere, nothing can resist him, apart from the fear of completely turning the handle.

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Discover the most powerful electric cross motorcycle in the world, the Stark Varg !

Stark Varg: the most powerful electric cross motorcycle in the world!

Stark Varg

“Design the motocross The fastest and most fun in the world in order to experience thrills and prove that electric technology is greater than the essence.

We push the limits of technology to refer the future of motorcycling by developing Electric motorcycles more efficient than traditional motorcycles ; We will inspire the world of sustainability.

Not only because you want the best for nature, but also because you want the ultimate thrill, we created the Stark Varg Custom for you.

It is easier to pilot, requires less maintenance, can be used anywhere Without disturbing neighbors and is more efficient than traditional thermal motorcycles.””

Your Stark Varg from 189 € per month in LOA with Bud Racing

Technical informations:

  • Power: 60 CV or Stark Alpha option 80 CV
  • Weight: 118 kg full -loaded
  • Wheel couple: 938 nm
  • Autonomy: until 6 hours according to use and mode
  • Loading time: 1 to 2 hours
  • Battery capacity: 6.4 kWh
  • Suspensions: Kyb, 310mm front / rear travel
  • Driving modes: more than 100
  • Settings: power curve, engine brake, inertia steering wheel, traction control
  • Price: € 12,900 in 60CV version / € 13,900 in 80cv version

Stark Varg: the most powerful electric cross motorcycle in the world!

Unlimited performance

What are you going to pilot today ? A 450cc four-time ? A two-stroke 125cc ? Something between the two ?

Varg is the most versatile and advanced motocross on the planet. It can be easily adapted to your skills and your pilot style on any circuit. Thanks to the Stark Varg application, you can create up to 100 driving modes and you have five modes constantly configured on the motorcycle.

You think you have seen everything ? With 30 % more power compared to a classic 450cc, the Stark Varg offers a power of 80 hp thanks to a powertrain that generates 9 hp per kg. The motorcycle also delivers a remarkable torque of 938 Nm to the rear wheel.

Need an immediate adjustment of your handling style at hand ? Precisely adjust power, engine brake, traction control and virtual inertia steering wheel (current certificate) from the App Stark Varg: a complete and intuitive tool, available from your iOS or Android screen, which Allows you to fully control your motorcycle and your management.

Excellent autonomy

The Stark Varg offers you autonomy similar to a 450cc with full, but without polluting the environment, with a battery with a capacity of 6kWh. A complete recharge takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on the socket and the charger. A fully recharged Stark Varg battery will allow you to perform a full run in MXGP mode or enjoy up to 6 hours of peaceful hiking.

The innovative design of the Stark Varg “Flying V” battery is characterized by a light magnesium structure in honeycomb, during the patent, which connects each cell directly to the case. The high conductivity of the air cooling case ensures a stable and uniform temperature, eliminating the unnecessary weight of liquid or steam cooling.

The most dense energy battery in the world. The architecture of the honeycomb battery case guarantees an extremely solid, light and compact structure, contributing to the flexibility of driving of the Varg.

You have the freedom to drive anywhere, at any time, in the almost seat of the Stark Varg which brings you closer to nature and helps you to take advantage of your environment while strolling in places you would never have imagined before.

Incredible handling

With its 110 kg on the scale, the Stark Varg is light. One of the major assets of our electric motorcycle group lies in the fact that it has only a fraction of the inertia of a petrol engine, which gives you a feeling of lightness.

Thanks to an integrated engine housing as a structural component, we were able to develop a chassis almost 50 % lighter than that of the competition while retaining identical or higher resistance properties and optimized flexibility properties.

The carbon fiber electric engine engine generates only a fraction of inertia compared to a four or even two -step engine. This gives exceptional lightness, agility and maneuverability.

A comparative analysis to become the best: we have carefully tested and analyzed the most efficient motocross. This approach allowed us to design an even better chassis that offers vertical, lateral and ideal torsion flexibility for predictable, stable and comfortable piloting.

Kayaba suspensions: In partnership with Kayaba and Technical Touch, the suspensions of the Varg Stark offer 310 mm of travel both for the fork and the rear suspension. The connecting rod increase is optimized for comfort and stability while maximizing traction. There are seven different basic settings for pilots with a weight difference of 5 kg, which means that you can choose the suspension adapted to your weight and your style of piloting.

Easy handling

The almost silent engine of the Stark Varg allows you to drive anywhere, anytime, and to rethink the possibilities of all-terrain hiking in places that you would never have imagined.

More ecological and easier to maintain: with zero emission and no filter to change, the Stark Varg requires a very low maintenance level. As easy to maintain as a bike.

Cheaper and less waste of time: no fuel, less spare parts, less waste of time to maintain, more time to roll.

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