Black Friday Mobile Package: You probably pay too much, here are the really crazy offers, Black Friday Orange: Good deals on smartphones and packages

Take advantage of promotions and original gift ideas at Orange

Thanks to the click & collect (1), reserve your product online, remove it and set it in Orange store. You will be able to enjoy even more advantages on site:

Black Friday Mobile Package: You probably pay too much, here are the really crazy offers

If you want to change your phone package, it’s time. Indeed, Black Friday is coming, and it does not only concern the products. Services also see their prices melt, for your greatest happiness.

You will be able to see crazy offers at many operators. Tired of paying too much ? Want more internet ? Thanks to Black Friday, you will be able to see discounts on gigantic plans, which can reach hundreds of gigas.

  • Take advantage of Cdiscount Mobile offers (100 GB at € 10.99/month) !
  • Take advantage of the NRJ Mobile offer (100 GB at € 12.99/month) !
  • Take advantage of the Free Mobile offer (100 GB at € 14.99/month)

And if you are afraid of having to get involved, do not fear. Most of these subscriptions are without obligation. You will not be blocked and if, in the long term, your package no longer suits you, you can leave as easily as you have arrived. Take advantage of the best 4G/5G network coverage and surf without counting thanks to your new subscription. And all, at a low price thanks to Black Friday and its madness promotions ! Take advantage of it quickly, it doesn’t last long.

Black Friday: Free Mobile offers a crazy mobile plan

Free, the operator who breaks prices, will stand out again with a reduction on his 110 GB package for Black Friday. For 14, 99 euros per month, benefit from 110 GB in 4G/4G+ to surf the internet, and 16 GB from Europe and the DOM. Calls, just like SMS and MMS are unlimited. Watch videos, play without limits and always with a quick connection. And in addition, with this subscription, the Free Ligue 1 application is included ! You will enjoy all the games without being afraid of consuming too much data. The package is without obligation, you can leave when you want if it does not suit you. You can also keep your number, Free takes care of everything. This is an offer not to be missed. But hurry up, it is only valid until November 29. Beyond this date, the package will return at its usual price.

Black Friday Cdiscount Mobile: superb limited offer not to be missed

Not everyone knows, but Cdiscount also offers telephone subscriptions. And for the Black Friday, the French merchant site offers its 100 GB package for 12.99 euros per month. The package is, again, without obligation, leaving you free to leave when you wish. Take advantage of your 100 GB and 4G to surf everywhere. Look at series where you want, you have no limits. In addition to this big internet offer, the Cdiscount subscription includes calls, SMS and unlimited MMS. You travel to Europe or in the Doms ? Take advantage of 12 GB to stay connected even abroad. Cdiscount uses the Bouygues Telecom network, to offer you a stable and fast connection. And if you want to keep your number, just specify it, Cdiscount takes care of everything. Such a nice offer for such a low price, it cannot be refused.

The NRJ Mobile offer is to be grasped for Black Friday 2022

NRJ Mobile also celebrates Black Friday with a 100 GB package for 12.99 euros per month. The operator, who uses the quality of the Bouygues Telecom network for a good connection everywhere, brings prices. With so much data, you will be able to do what you want. Watch movies and series, whether you are at home or outside. Take advantage of your music with your favorite streaming service, play … you are free to enjoy thanks to this package. In addition, you can call as much as you wish thanks to the unlimited calls included. This is also the case for SMS and MMS. And if you are traveling to Europe or the DOM, benefit from 12 GB to stay connected. The package is without obligation and in addition, you have a month offered. You can keep your number and in case of concern, customer service is available from Monday to Saturday.

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Take advantage of promotions and original gift ideas at Orange

Black Friday 2022 is over but you can continue to prepare your holidays with good Christmas plans until 04/01/2023.

Smartphones, new or reconditioned, with or without package, connected watches as well as good internet and entertainment deals await you !

Gift ideas for Christmas 2022

As a bonus, you can already take advantage of the orange rewards on the purchase of reconditioned phones and repair in stores.
Receive 20 € or 30 € in Kadéos gift vouchers*.
Nice no ?

Christmas Kadéos 2022 gift vouchers

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Through our many exclusive offers on the web, and more than ever in Black Friday, Orange facilitates your online purchases with services and advantages such as free and rapid delivery in mainland France, at the address of your choice, in 7000 delivery points with relay points or in an orange store. You can also book your phone online and remove it in store within 2 hours with the click & collect (1) .

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Thanks to the click & collect (1), reserve your product online, remove it and set it in Orange store. You will be able to enjoy even more advantages on site:

Financing solutions such as payment in 3 to 36 times with Orange Bank financing (5) .

With Orange recovery, you also have the possibility of being bought your old mobile and enjoy up to 100 € (2) more of its estimated value on the purchase of a new product (2) .

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When black friday can give the opportunity to make a gesture for the planet and enjoy an attractive price more hesitation ! With Orange recovery (2), you can give a second life to your old phone and benefit from a discount on the purchase of the new one (3) .

Black Friday is also an opportunity to go to the reconditioned. At Orange, the reconditioned smartphones (4) are reset and repackage mobiles in a new box, with associated accessories. They are of course tested and repaired upstream, to offer you 100% functional phones.

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The FAQs

Black Friday: What is it ?

Black Friday, also called “Black Friday” in France, is a tradition straight from the United States and Canada. During this day, merchants offer their products at barred prices, marking the kick -off of Christmas races for many buyers. In addition to the Atlantic, the commercial operation has been anchored for a long time and takes place the day after Thursday in Thanksgiving, the fourth Friday of November. Over the years, the operation has crossed borders and has taken up online shops. A golden opportunity to make good deals to please those close to him or to yourself !

What to buy during Black Friday ?

At Orange, Black Friday is an opportunity to enjoy good plans, offers and exceptional promotions on mobiles, fixed phones or connected watches. What renew your aging smartphone, please you and anticipate the purchases of Christmas gifts that are fast approaching.

How long does the Black Friday lasts ?

Originally, in the United States and Canada, Black Friday lasted only one day, the Friday following Thanksgiving Festival. Today, the operation extends over several days, or even a whole week. The event can even continue until the following Monday, Cyber ​​Monday day (offers only online).

Why do we organize Black Friday in France ?

Black Friday arrived in France in the 2010s at the initiative of large Internet sales groups. It is also a French specificity. The operation takes place more on the web than in store, while in the United States and Canada, it is the opposite. Today, Black Friday is completely integrated into French culture and consumers have become fond of this shopping event.

How to do business during this period ?

To be sure not to miss any good plan during the Black Friday, prepare the list of products you need upstream and make a small location, in order to target some models, to know the real prices and to win from time when opening promotions.

Also remember to visit the sites of traders who interest you a little before D -Day. Indeed, many brands are launching good plans on Monday preceding Black Friday. This is the beginning of the “Black Week”. Therefore, to do good business, stay on the lookout ! The ideal is to arrive among the first buyers so as not to be faced with a stock breach.

What are the promotions offered ?

Black Friday is characterized by exceptional offers, sometimes up to 90%, in many categories of articles. Large brands play the game and practice beautiful price reductions.

At Orange, Black Friday is an opportunity to take advantage of exceptional discounts on mobiles (including cell phones), fixed phones, audio accessories and all connected objects. A great opportunity to renew your smartphone or please your loved ones.

What products to buy during black friday ?

A wide selection of items are offered at unbeatable prices during this period. The biggest fashion brands, high-tech, household appliances, computer, decoration, furnishings, electronics and even video games take part in the event. All universes are concerned.

Black Friday at Orange has already allowed a lot to afford a new smartphone, refurbished or not, a connected watch, speakers or even headphones at unbeatable prices.

Is delivery free during black friday ?

Many brands shake up their procedures on the occasion of this event and set up free deliveries. At Orange, no change to declare: during Black Friday, as all year round, each product purchased automatically benefits from delivery without additional costs.

A good plan for Christmas purchases ?

Black Friday is obviously the solution fully found so as not to ruin yourself at Christmas. Take advantage of this event to fill up on gifts at ultra competitive prices. In addition, you avoid the jack of department stores at the last minute, the day before the holiday season. THE Black Friday for your Christmas purchases, It is the assurance of making good savings in completeness, without stress.

The icing on the cake: if you manage to master your budget, or even spend less than expected thanks to the good deals, the Black Friday also becomes an opportunity to please yourself for Christmas !

What are the other essential events of the year to do business ?

Other events allow you to take advantage of good deals on many categories of products. We can first mention the French Days, this commercial operation which takes place twice a year: at the end of September for the start of the school year and at the end of April for the spring. They are above all exceptional online offers, very similar to Black Friday, but over a different period of the year.

There are also the unbeatable summer sales (June/July) and winter sales (January/February). The dates are set each year at national level by law and are generally spread over four weeks. Finally, do not miss the Cyber ​​Monday, Monday following the Black Friday, with exceptional discounts, this time only on the Internet.

Gift check offers subject to conditions reserved for individuals in mainland France valid from 01/17/2022 to 04/01/2023 for the purchase of a reconditioned phone and/or the repair of a mobile.
* Reconditioned bonus gift voucher worth € 20 for any customer who has bought a refurbished phone on, in Orange store or by customer service and subject to filling out the online form. Cumulative offer with the recovery bonus and/or repair bonus. Details and conditions of offers in store or on orange.Fr.
** Bonus gift vouchers repair with a value of € 30 for any customer who has repaired their mobile in Orange store subject to filling the online form.

(2) ORANGE General Conditions Resumption in store.
Orange bonuses are subject to conditions, including supply, products purchased in stores, and product taken up. Details in store.
The value of € 100 more than the estimated value of the product is indicative, subject to validation in store. Values ​​are likely to evolve.

(3) Orange bonuses are subject to conditions, including supply, products purchased in stores, and product taken up. Details in store.

(4) Learn more about the Re program.

(5) Offer valid in all orange stores in mainland France. Offer not valid on the web.
Assigned credit, after Orange Bank agreement and 14 -day withdrawal period. Pricing: from 0% to 14.80% TAEG fixes, depending on the borrower’s telephone offer, the object financed on credit or the duration of the credit. In the case of a credit made free of charge to the borrower, interest is supported by the Orange group entities. Conditions in force on 08/20/2020 likely to be modified.
Credit acceptance: subject to the acceptance of Orange Bank.
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Orange and general telephone can market Orange Bank banking products and services, respectively as exclusive agent in banking operations and in payment services of Orange Bank and intermediary agent in banking operations and services exclusive orange payment. Orange Bank, its capital of 855 775 712 € – 67 rue Robespierre 93107 Montreuil Cedex – 572 043 800 RCS Bobigny – ORIAS n ° 07 006 369.

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To exercise your right of withdrawal, we advise you to consult the commercial assistance page. In the event of ordering a service offer, we will charge you in proportion to the date of receipt of your withdrawal as well as any communications made and not included in your package.

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