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Black Friday 2023 is November 24 !
In France as everywhere in the world it is the appointment for the good deals of the year. Find the biggest brands and brands in high-tech, IT Image and sound, furniture & decoration, fashion and sport or care and beauty.

So book your Friday today and register to be informed of all our good deals. See you on Friday November 24, 2023 for the shopping event of the year.

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Black Friday 2023 in France

It left for a tour, after a hectic 2020 year under the sign of the pandemic, Black Friday knew its comeback in 2021. So what surprises in store for the 2023 edition ? From Paris to Marseille, on the Internet or in stores, the madness of the promotions of Black Friday 2023 in France will still land at least November with the Cyber ​​Monday 2023 following it.

And, whatever we say, we can guarantee that there are real good deals. Just know how to look or be well advised.

Black Friday 2023

It is when ? Take your agendas, the Black Friday 2023 will take place on Friday, November 24. Stay on the lookout before, during and after this date so as not to miss the cyber week !
Why call him Black Friday ? In 1961, the Police of Philadelphia used this term to describe the traffic jams caused by buyers.
How ? How to benefit 100% of black Friday ? On the Internet ! In 2022, in France, the event had regained its splendor and above all had success on the web, in 2023, we expect new records.

What is Black Friday ?

Basically, it’s the sales, but better (or Christmas before time). We explain to you … Each year, the sales give rise to real melodramas:
Your shopping radar (SE) on alert, you are waiting for the 3rd markdown feverishly, … to finally realize that the dress of your dreams or the last MacBook is no longer available.
Don’t worry, Black Friday is there to grant your dreams (and we only exaggerate a little bit). But by the way, you know its history and its origins ?

The best black shops Friday 2023 in France

Back Market Black Friday France

La Redoute Black Friday France

Leroy Merlin Black Friday France

Apple Black Friday France

Rakuten Black Friday France

Micromania Black Friday France

I-Run Black Friday France

Fnac Black Friday France

Lenovo Black Friday France

Asmbambeauty Black Friday France

Yves Rocher Black Friday France

Emma Black Friday France

Timberland Black Friday France

Columbia Black Friday France

Kenzo Black Friday France

Espacelaisir Black Friday France

Dell Black Friday France

Conforama Black Friday France

Microsoft Black Friday France

Darty Black Friday France

Olympus Black Friday France

BODUM Black Friday France

The Occitane Black Friday France

Brooks Black Friday France

LG Black Friday France

123pneus Black Friday France

Spartoo Black Friday

Urban Outfitters Black Friday France

Miliboo Black Friday France

Moulinex Black Friday France

Black Friday, what is it ?

The best way to ruin yourself: make your Christmas shopping in December !

As a good Frenchman, we often tend to put everything back (especially what we don’t want to do): in addition to hotels reservations for the holidays, the shopping for Christmas are part of it, if Although every year, we are very late in line in shops just before the fateful date. As much to tell you right away, it is a very bad idea.

According to the UFC Que-Choisir (Consumption pros), prices are starting to drop in September to reach their lowest level, at the end of November (during Black Friday). They then go upwards with an acceleration marked from December 18. True: brands tend to double their prices in order to take advantage of your last -minute purchases. Concretely, if you want to do business, don’t rush into stores in December !

The high-tech promotions of Black Friday in France


Promotions on Black Friday televisions in France


Black Friday's smartphone promotions in France


Black Friday fashion promotions in France


The beauty promotions of Black Friday in France


Furniture promotions and black friday decoration in France

Furniture & Deco

Black Friday sport promotions in France


Promotions on the appliance of Black Friday in France


Black Friday: the shopping event made in USA

In the United States, Black Friday is still taking place the day after Thanksgiving (or the following Friday) … But if, Thanksgiving, this celebration where the Americans find themselves around a roasted turkey ! Indeed, it is quite ironic that a party dedicated to gratitude is directly linked to the shopping event of the year. However, in the United States, people enjoy these exceptional promotions (and turkey, of race) and now we have the opportunity to do the same !

In France,

We tend to represent the event as a disaster scenario: an endless queue in the cold from 5:00 am, a hysterical crowd that invades stores from their opening or a continual fight for a 4K television less 80%. These images went around the globe and caught the attention of many of us. Honestly, we are not super motivated at the idea of ​​camping in front of Casto, American -style (especially since we risk being arrested). In addition, and when we look more ready, brands tend to offer better deals on their website.

And in Switzerland ?

Obviously, Black Friday is now democratized everywhere in Europe and especially in Switzerland. For a few years, our Swiss friends have taken the entire event to shop online on the best e-commerce or town sites from Geneva, Lausanne, Bern or Zurich. Of course, there is also the local blackfriday reference site.CH, which lists the largest brands in the country, including Media Markt, Manor or Migros. Since 2015, Black Friday has experienced a constant boom in Switzerland, followed by loan by the singles’ Day and the Cyber ​​Monday.

Cyber ​​Monday: When there are more, there are still !

We have all asked ourselves the same question: “If I miss the Black Friday, I will have to wait a year again ?” Yes but no ! From year to year, the event in France has gone from a single day of monster sales to an entire weekend and because no one likes to do things by halves, the Cyber ​​Monday joined the cause.

So, the cyber worldly, what is ? In fact, it is exactly the same principle as for black Friday, but as its name suggests, it is only on the internet ! Although in France, the event has been more successful on the Internet than in stores, we are not going to say no to an additional day of exceptional sales ! See you on November 27 to enjoy the Cyber ​​Monday 2023 !

The demonstration of the finder

Remain cushy at home

The Black Friday France 2023 is quiet ! No need to go out in the cold: these are the good plans that come to you. Cyber ​​week is on your sofa that it happens.

Light your minitel.

Or your computer, or your smartphone. I promise, it will be your biggest effort of the day. After that, we won’t ask you for anything (or almost) so take advantage !

Let the magic operate.

Now relax: you just have to click. Brands, shops and black products from Friday 2023 land here. The little extra ? exclusive deals negotiated with our partners

4 commandments to become a pro (sentences) of Black Friday in France

1. At home, you will have to stay.

Thanks to us, the best offers from your favorite brands will be grouped on our site. No need to go out in the cold, nor to stay with the lead in the queue or to fight with a grandmother for this famous 4K TV. To comply with the first command, you will need: 1 pajamas, 1 computer, 1 plaid (optional), 1 Wi-Fi connection and, the best for the end (or not), your irreducible blue card.

2. Start early, you will need.

We strongly advise you not to do it at the last minute because, in this Game of Thrones of good deals, either you win, or you die (again, we do not exaggerate at all). More seriously, some merchants tend to increase the price of a product a few days before the start of the cyber week in order to ensure that it is sold by putting it back at the initial price. Unfortunately, some still fall into the trap ..

3. Research, you will have to conduct.

There is no question of succumbing to the first offer you see (you are stronger than that) ! Do not hesitate to inquire, to read the prospectus before throwing them in the trash, always consult the original price, to keep your favorite products in your favorites and to compare the different offers to find the best price.

4. We’re going to stop talking like Yoda.

Because this is the most important command. You will have to look at the prices with a magnifying glass in order to thwart the good deals by cardboard. Is delivery offered or has the price of delivery increased compared to normal ? Please note, because some merchants encourage consumers to add products to their basket in order to reach a minimum amount required to benefit from free delivery. In addition, certain reductions are calculated compared to the recommended sale price which is not always advantageous.


What is Black Friday ?

You still haven’t understood ? No problem, we are here for you. In general, Black Friday is an international commercial event from the United States. To give you a clear idea, it’s a bit like three weeks of condensed sales in a single day.

Does the Black Friday exist in France ?

Oh yeah ! Otherwise, we would not be there today (and it would be sad). This year, the French will enjoy like everyone else in black, and there is no but !

Black Friday 2023 is when ?

You should know that the event always takes place on the fourth Friday in November, a month before Christmas. This year, the party begins the November 24. In addition, some stores start their sales earlier or extend the party until the end of the month. Do not hesitate to go to the store page that interests you to find out more !

Do promotions start directly at midnight ?

It all depends on the sign to which you turn ! Black Friday is a prize battle but also a brands battle. Indeed, stores argue to be the first but also to have the best offers. Online, offers are generally available from midnight, but do not hesitate to go to the same site several times a day, because some brands often update their offers.

Are there promotions throughout the weekend ?

Only 24 hours ? In most cases, yes. But rest assured, more and more signs make extensions to Cyber ​​Monday. It’s no longer 24 hours of monstrous offers, but a 4-day weekend !

Is it worth it ?

This is a very good question, even existential. Our small team sifts through last year’s offers (we don’t laugh) and we can tell you that Black Friday is worth it. And rather twice as a. We will not promise you to -80% promotions as in the United States, but we have seen many offers with discounts around -50 and -60%. As a large skeptic, we tend to think that promotions are only effective on old collections or rather useless products, but think again ! During this crazy day, you will have the opportunity to discover all kinds of product on sale.

What is Cyber ​​Monday ?

Incredible but true: a second day of exceptional sales. As its name suggests, the event takes place on Monday following Black Friday and offers will only be available on the Internet.

Is it best to do your shopping online or in store ?

Everything depends on you ! Both have their advantages and disadvantages. But to be honest, it is better to do your shopping online. According to our research, brands often offer better online offers. In addition, instead of taking 2 hours to shop in town, you can take 10 minutes to visit 10 online stores (without even leaving your sofa). The result ? Time saving and money saving. The little more way “ “is that we make your task easier by comparing the offers for you.

What stores do Black Friday 2023 ?

To see the stores participating in Black Friday in France, we have drawn up a nice little list just for you.See all stores, who is who ?

A young, fresh and sparkling team of 30 people, based in the heart of Paris, with a common passion: shopper. Our ambition ? Save you money, with the 0% queue warranty and Rikikis price offers. It’s that simple. Like Christmas and your birthday, it only happens once a year, so you might as well enjoy it. Our principle ? We don’t sell anything, we don’t buy anything. But what is it for what ? In fact, our team dissects for you the good deals of your favorite brands, only on the occasion of November 2021. If a store participates in Black Friday France, you can be sure that their best offers & promotions will land here. You were not mistaken: Black Friday 2023 in France, we are.

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