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The operator Blablacar Daily saw the number of people registered increased sharply on the territory, with 2.000 people registered in addition to the entire French Genevan. The use of shared mobility is exported beyond the perimeter of French Genevans since the five most popular departure cities are Annemasse, Thonon-les-Bains but also Cluses, Chambéry and Annecy. The device is still in progress so do not hesitate to use or discover carpooling as part of your daily trips !

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The application does not take into account traffic fluctuations depending on the hours which gives an hour of care a bit just in the event of a traffic jam. Concrete example of this carpooling, departure time of my journey 5:45 pm, arrival time at the meeting point offered by Blablalines 5:55 pm, result my passenger had to leave her post earlier to be on time while I was unable to arrive before 6 p.m. given traffic. A 10 -minute offbeat appointment would have enabled my passenger to leave her post almost on time and I arrive without stress at the point of appointment.
In summary by leaving a small margin of modulation of the hours of appointment accepted by mutual agreement would allow a little more comfort for everyone.
The application you offer is almost perfect and there is only a little effort left to achieve excellence.

Thanks to the whole Blablalines team for offering such a tool

Developer response ,

Thank you very much Iceman7000 ! It is indeed sometimes difficult to anticipate traffic fluctuations, which is why we invite you to get in touch with your carpoolers the day before each trip, in order to arrange and confirm the departure time 🙂


Hello, I find it is great for people who are not conveyed and to insure the drivers to do this system there, and also the same for people who are allowed and save petrol in turn too , and make the journey together or with several which has not yet implemented by Blablalines which has a shame but I find it is a very good idea but it is a bit of a shame that it is not yet mediated by advertising that everyone knows, that some people are not at all that
Blablalines are only people who make blablacar who are aware but not all in short in any case for me by I find it super great in addition it is free for us passengers and the drivers are paid and it is perfectly asking moreover and that her hard finally I hope, because her suits me perfectly well as for people who have
Like me and certain driver too . Good day.

Developer response ,

Our community is growing quickly, more and more people know Blablalines ! Be patient, soon everyone will know our app 🙂

Well, but could be improved

The app as a whole is pretty good, but I think it could be largely improved. At first, it would be good to have heard real. The people who are on our journey is not necessarily just programmed trips according to the potential departure and care schedules. A bit like in Uber’s style: when a passenger needs a carpooler, he could send him an alert.

So I find that there are a lot of bugs and that it could be improved in terms of driver or passenger search. I encounter a lot of difficulty sometimes finding drivers that I had several weeks ago to see month. Could you add a search bar ?

Finally, I find it a bit of a shame that it is that the drivers who are rewarded and not passengers. Passengers should also receive a gift card after a certain number of carpools. The sponsor code should also go in this direction in my opinion.

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Description: Blablalines is the new Blablacar carpooling application for short distance journeys of everyday life of less than 80 km. Complementary to public transport, it works on the principle of dynamic carpooling lines according to the proposals of the drivers. https: // After having democratized the practice of long -distance carpooling, Blablacar innovates with a new application dedicated to short daily trips. In France, 13.5 million commuters take their car every day. These are these home journeys – work that Blablacar now wishes to optimize. Named Blablalines, this application is currently experienced in Ile-de-France, in the Toulouse region and the Marne. The principle remains the connection between individuals to share the costs of their pendulum journeys, while reducing their ecological footprint and traffic jams. But to meet the specific constraints of daily carpooling, Blablacar has completely redesigned its approach to design an innovative dedicated solution. Here are the three major peculiarities of Blablalines compared to Blablacar: • The innovative concept of carpooling lines for each request, a passenger is assigned a line, that is to say a journey between a meeting point and a removal point as close as possible to his research. The lines are automatically activated and offered by the platform as soon as a sufficient volume of conductors making the same route, in both directions, is reached. Flexible, the service does not impose the same driver on the outward and return to finding a carpooler even at the last moment. This system thus ensures great freedom for carpoolers who are not obliged to depend on the agenda constraints of a neighbor or a colleague. The network of lines develops by itself according to offers and requests, with a network which thus automatically adapts to the density of daily routes. • No detour for the driver The meeting points on the journey, automatically fixed by the application, are always on the driver’s road, at the time of his passage, and as close as possible to the location of the passenger. • An organization of journeys without constraint with Blablalines, the connection is automated. The passenger makes his request on the application who automatically takes care of finding the driver who makes the journey requested at the corresponding time and who accepted the reservation. A time saving for both the driver and the passenger.

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Complete: Innovation is aimed at all French people who will work by car every day (more than 74% of French people, regardless of their place of residence). Innovation is therefore relevant in all territories. Regarding daily carpooling, a significant critical mass is a condition of success sine qua non. Also the 3 pilot zones for the launch of Blablalines are dense territories.

You have questions or comments on this page: discussion: blablalines

Blablalines: one more reason to carpool !

Since February 23, 2021, motorists circulating on the roads of French Genevans have one more reason to carpool ! By associating with Blablacardaily, the Metropolitan Pole of French Genevans confirms its commitment to reduce the number of vehicles on roads and accentuate home-work carpooling, which is one of the concrete solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and respond to Travel challenges in our cross -border agglomeration.

To encourage the practice of carpooling in daily trips, the metropolitan pole takes care of the carpools made in French Genevans on Blablacardaily, application dedicated to home-work carpooling. Since February 23, 2021, the home-work carpooling trips made in French Genevans have been offered. The system is developed and funded by the Metropolitan Pole of French Genevans, for which the development of alternative mobility is a priority.

How it works ?

1. Passengers and drivers download the Blablalines application and provide their home and work addresses as well as their schedule for the week.

2. The application puts the members who take the same route in contact at the same time. The appointments are automatically fixed, without detour for the driver and with the minimum walking for the passenger.

3. Carpoolers validate their journey.

→ If you are a passenger: Your carpooling is free, the Metropolitan Pole of French Genevans takes care of the compensation paid to your driver · Tric.

→ If you are a driver: You receive a compensation from 2 to 5 € per route and by passenger, in addition to a fuel card of € 15 after your first trip.

A 1st assessment of the mid-term incentive campaign

Four months after the start of the incentive campaign, and despite the health situation, the operation is a success.

The operator Blablacar Daily saw the number of people registered increased sharply on the territory, with 2.000 people registered in addition to the entire French Genevan. The use of shared mobility is exported beyond the perimeter of French Genevans since the five most popular departure cities are Annemasse, Thonon-les-Bains but also Cluses, Chambéry and Annecy. The device is still in progress so do not hesitate to use or discover carpooling as part of your daily trips !

Take care of yourself and your carpoolers while respecting barriers’ gestures !