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Bird has radically increased the rental price of its electric scooters

The future eco -neighborhood of the Hérouvillaise peninsula is becoming clearer and it has just taken the name of archipelago. Discover it.

Bird: electric scooters rental in the city !

In order to promote soft mobility on its territory, the city of Hérouville Saint-Clair is launching an experiment in partnership with the company Bird. From April 19, 2021, Hérouvillais over the age of 18 can use a new sustainable, secure and comfortable mode of transport by renting Bird electric scooters, distributed in the city. It is accessible on smartphone with the Bird application.

Accessible from 18 years old – traffic subject to the highway code – Port of the recommended helmet.

For more information, visit www.sneaky.CO and the blog https: // www.sneaky.CO/FR/Category/Blog/and find Bird on:

  • Twitter: @birdride
  • Facebook: @bird
  • Instagram: @bird
  • Linkedin: @bird

If you have a question, you can contact Bird at [email protected]

Hérouville Saint-Clair, the first city in Normandy to welcome a micro-mobility service to its inhabitants

In the city, from April 19, 2021, 49 scooters’ car parks are set up, in a first phase near tramway stops, bus, parking lots, in order to favor multi-modality, then gradually throughout the city. These scooters are reserved for those over 18. These vehicles can be used on the road and cycle paths, while respecting the highway code, with a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Wearing the helmet is highly recommended for all users. Road safety awareness operations will be led to the confinement and the lifting of health measures.

Currently the car parks are not visible, too, when you see Bird electric scooters placed on the ground, it is a place of deposit and withdrawal of these vehicles. A ground marking will point them soon.

How it works ?

  1. Download the Bird application on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store,
  2. Create a personal account and add a payment method (a bank card or a PayPal account),
  3. From the application on the application, find a Bird scooter closest to you,
  4. Scan the QR code or enter the code registered on the scooter,
  5. Start on the scooter, launch the movement, accelerate by pressing the button with the thumb and off we go, with strict compliance with the highway code.
  6. To close your journey, you will have to put your scooter back, with the crutch, in a city parking location (located on the Bird mobile application) and take a picture so that the race ends as well as the flow on your account.
  7. For battery recharging, you have nothing to do, it is the company Bird that takes care of it !

The traffic area and parking points

It is possible to use these scooters only on the territory of Hérouville Saint-Clair, in defined areas. Vehicles are to be taken and deposited at points specified on the BIRD mobile application. Vehicles are permanently geolocated, they deactivate in non -covered areas.

  • Blue area on the map: the operational area limiting the traffic area with your scooter.
  • Red area on the map : areas not suitable for circulating: Bois de Lébisey, Green Space opposite the Crous, Prestavin stadium.
  • Numbers on the card or “P” points on the app indicate The parking lots of the scooters.

If you exceed the operational area or want to drive on the red areas, the scooter will slow down and stop.

The rates

  • 1 euro unlocking the scooter then 20 cents per minute.
  • Bird offers packages to facilitate the transition from the use of the individual car for the use of micro-mobility:
    • A day of unlimited trips of 30 minutes to € 8.90
    • A monthly package of unlimited routes at 30 minutes 34.99 €
    • A monthly unlimited unlimited unlimited package at € 3.99
    • A solidarity package for students and job seekers at 15 cents per minute (with 0 euro unlocking). To benefit from it, contact the Bird Service by Email to [email protected] asking to take advantage of the solidarity package in Hérouville Saint-Clair by attaching proof.

    The package allows you to use the scooter with several recovery, however at the end of the trip you must put it back in a parking lot identified in the Bird application, you cannot bring it back to your home.

    Scooter management

    BIRD undertakes to manage all its fleet of scooters for users who can send all their questions to [email protected] . Indeed, this service is entirely dematerialized and managed remotely. The scooters are permanently geolocated.

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    Bird has radically increased the rental price of its electric scooters

    Bird // Source scooters: Numerama

    The rental price of a Bird scooter was suddenly increased by 66 %. A dangerous change for society which faces strong competition.

    Regular users of Bird scooters may have a unpleasant surprise if they do not look at their expenses. The Free-Floating Company has increased the price of use of these vehicles, and not just a little: 1 euro to unlock the machine and 25 cents per minute of use against 15 cents before. The additional amount may seem light at first glance, but it is an increase of 66 %.

    A ten -minute journey now costs 3.50 euros where the price rose to 2.50 euros with the old formula (which is already not given).

    The new Bird scooters in Paris // Source: Numerama

    The new Bird scooters in Paris

    Questioned by Numerama concerning the reasons for this price change, Bird is laconic: ” The price of our scooters has increased to 25 cents per minute in order to align it on other markets. One thing is certain: the markets concerned are not in France, because all the competitors of Bird have so far kept the payment system at 15 cents.

    Such an increase amounts to taking the risk of a sharp drop in use. In Paris, lovers of scooters are spoiled for choice with ten different services. The American company can count on its very large park of scooters to continue to attract customers, but it will find it difficult to deal with other giants of the genre that are Lime and Bolt.

    A global evolution of the price

    The rise in Bird prices is not limited to France and had already touched the United States: it is perhaps this “market” that Bird wants to speak.

    As The Verge reported last April, the cost of using a BIRD climbed in several city, sometimes going so far as to double according to some Internet users. The brand is not the only one in this case since according to Indystar, Lime also went to the formula of 25 cents in Indianapoli.

    According to two media, this price increase would be due to the charges that firms must now pay to have the right to install their scooters in town. In Paris, this kind of tax was imposed in early April and amounts to 60,000 euros per year for an operator such as Bird (who has thousands of scooters). Unanswered by the brand, it is difficult to know if this new expenditure is behind the price change.

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    By changing its payment formula, Bird takes a big risk that could change the market. Given the influence of the firm in this area, other operators may be tempted to align with new prices. It remains to be seen if users will accept the change or abandon the scooters to save their wallets.

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