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How to ensure your bike ? Our advice to choose the right insurance

A unique formula guaranteeing your bike in the event of theft, attempted flight, accidental damage or breakage

And to protect you as well as your family against the consequences of disability or death following a bicycle accident, We advise you to subscribe to the bodily protection option of the cyclist.

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In France, and unlike an electric bike (excluding VAE), no legal obligation forces you to ensure your bike

In addition, your home insurance has a civil liability that also covers you when you are by bike. However, this guarantee remains limited as to damage suffered and has no coverage on the flight or breakage of your equipment.

If it is therefore not compulsory to turn to specialized insurers for your road bike, It is advisable to subscribe to a dedicated formula to limit your expenses in the event of a claim. It is the same for electric bicycle insurance or cargo bicycle insurance.

You can thus adapt your guarantees according to your needs for serene trips and every moment assistance when you have to face an unexpected.

Essential guarantees included, and protections
Optional tailor-made.

Essential guarantees included, and protections
Optional tailor-made.

Consult the FAQ and the advice to ensure a bicycle

How to ensure your bike ? Our advice to choose the right insurance

How to ensure your bike against theft ? Our advices

How to ensure your bike for a professional journey ?

How to choose an electric bike anti -theft ?

How to declare a bicycle accident ?

How to make sure that your used bike is not a stolen bike ?

How to ensure your bike against breakage ?

Is it mandatory to ensure an electric bike ?

As soon as you travel on the road, you are exposed to certain risks, whether material or bodily.

To be protected as well as possible against the risks inherent in driving an electric bicycle as well as any risk of theft, the subscription to specific insurance is essential.

In the same way as insurance for road bikes, as Insurance for mountain bikes or insurance for your cargo bicycle, insurance for electric bikes can be essential. With our suitable contract, you will benefit from optimal protection thanks to the various guarantees included.

Simulate the price of your bicycle insurance,
in a few seconds ! ��

A 10% deductible is applied, it is reduced to 5% if a photo of the bike is taken via the application at the time of parking.

Reimbursement to new up to the 2 nd anniversary of the bicycle then application of a obsolescence rate of 1% per month from the date of purchase

The isolated flight of bicycle elements is also covered (wheels, saddle, battery, etc.)
Commitment of a renewable year

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Very practical to take a photo of your bike attached with the anti -theft, it allows you to reassure yourself and have proof in the event of a glitch.

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The + Sharelock:
5% deductible and 0 deficiency time with the photo taking

Through the application, you can take a photo when you park your bike. In case of theft, vandalism or breakage, The franchise is lowered from 10% to 5%.
This feature also makes your insurance effective from the first photo, without deficiency.

Velo Insurance Photo Application

Our insurance works for all types of bikes ! The price of our bicycle insurance adapts according to the value of your bike. And you, what is your style ? Find examples below:

City bicycle

Indicative purchase price: 400 €
From 16.01 €/year
Refund in the event of theft:
360 € without photo, 380 € with photo

The electric racing car

Indicative purchase price: € 1,750
From 4.57 €/month
Refund in the event of theft:
€ 1,575 without photo, € 1662.5 with photo

Cargo bike

Indicative purchase price: € 3,000
from 7.12 €/month
Refund in the event of theft:
€ 2,700 without photo and 2850 € with photo

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Current questions

Where and how do I park my bike to be insured ?

In any non -private place, the bicycle must imperatively be attached to a fixed point by the frame with a conforming padlock.
In a closed private space, your bike is not necessary to be attached to a fixed point, it must nevertheless be padlocked.

What correspond to the franchise and the dilapidation ?

The deductible is the amount that the insurer does not take care of in the event of a claim. It is thus deduced from your insured amount. For Sharelock, the insurance deductible is 10% of the value of the bicycle. It is lowered to 5% if you have done a photo session (up to 72 hours before the loss).

The dilapidation takes into account the age of your bike. It applies up to 1% per month and only takes effect from the 25th month from the date of purchase of the bicycle.
Before that, the amount chosen for the reimbursement in the case of a bicycle flight is the new purchase value of the latter .

For example, for a bike at € 1,200 purchased 5 months ago: in the event of a flight, you have no obsolescence and we will reimburse you 1,200 – (1,200*10%) = € 1,080
For a bicycle at € 800 bought 28 months ago: in the event of theft, you have 28% obsolescence, the bicycle therefore has a value of 800*(1 – 28%) = € 576. The deductible is 10% and we will reimburse you 576 – 57.6 = € 518.4

What is the marking of the bicycle and how to verify that it is activated ?

Bike marking or cycling is compulsory to subscribe to Sharelock bicycle insurance.
Note that since January 1, 2021 bikes have been identified in the FNCUI so if you have acquired your bicycle after this date you must have a marking certificate. Here are the accepted markings:

– Bicycode
– Paravol
– Decathlon
– Recobike
– Starway

You want to check that your marking number is very active ? You can test it on the apic site at the following link: https: //

If your number is not referenced on this site, you may or your bicycle dealer have not yet saved it online. If necessary, we invite you to contact him.

Is it possible to ensure a used bike ?

All bikes under the age of 5 are insurable.

You can provide a used bike if it has been bought from a professional. It is then the same conditions as a new bike that apply. The invoice will be requested in the event of a claim.

If you have bought your bike from an individual, you must have an act of transfer of property to your name as well as the original invoice of the bicycle transmitted by the former owner. The date of purchase then corresponds to the date of purchase present on the original bicycle invoice.

For information, you must also update the identification number affixed to the bicycle with your personal data.

Are my accessories supported by insurance ?

Sharelock bicycle flight insurance covers fixed bicycle accessories (that is to say that cannot be dismantled without tools) if their value is justified by invoice and they were purchased in the month following the purchase biking. Their value must also be included in the amount of accessories indicated at the time of subscription.

For example, a saddle, an engine, a crutch, pedals, a screwed GPS tracker or mud guards will be assured. A bag or a helmet will not be covered, because non-fix.

Is the photo compulsory ? What is it for ?

The photo taking during parking is optional. It nevertheless allows you to benefit from a more advantageous reimbursement, with a deductible of 5% instead of 10% and to make your insurance effective from the first photo, without deficiency of 3 weeks.
The photo allows Sharelock to check that the insured bike is the right one, that it is well attached and that the anti -theft used meets the safety criteria. These requirements allow us in return to offer a quality service, the fairest prices, and a simplified and transparent reimbursement process in the event of a disaster.

Electric bike insurance

Bicycle insurance

When you travel with an electric bike, you face 2 main risks:

  • Damage caused to third parties in the event of a bicycle accident

For an electrical assistance bike (VAE) whose power does not exceed 250 W and whose speed does not exceed 25 km/h, the damage caused to third parties are covered by the Civil liability of your home contract.

For other types of electric bikes, it is necessary to take out dedicated insurance (new mobility insurance or 2 wheels depending on the type of machine).

  • Theft or bicycle breakage

Depending on your situation, there are several possibilities at Allianz to be covered in the event of theft or breakage of electric bikes. Your home insurance contract can cover you but there are also dedicated insurance as you need.

Ensure your electric bike against theft or breakage: how it works ?

Inside your home and its outbuildings

Your electrical assistance bike (VAE) benefits from the guarantees that you have taken out as part of your home contract which covers it:

  • in case of theft,
  • In the event of a fire of your home,
  • In case of water damage, flood … in your home

Please note, the bike is not guaranteed in the event of breakage inside the home

Outside your home

Your bike has a value less than 1.500 € ?

Choose the broken options of ice or other levels level 2 and level 2 vol-Vandalism in your Allianz Habitation contract to cover the bike outside in broken and in the event of theft.

Your bike has a value between 1.€ 500 and 10.000 € ?

  • For all material damage that he undergoes following an accident or in the event of fire, flood, storm, hail, or lightning.
  • In case of flight even when you are on vacation.

To support you in the event of a hard blow

Juridic protection
A coverage in the event of litigation linked to your accommodation (1) .
Be alerted in the event of an important climate event thanks to a tailor-made solution.

Your household and electronic apparatus are repaired or replaced in the event of a breakdown or malfunction (1) .

(1) Guarantees and options valid according to the conditions and exclusions provided for in the contract
Electric bike insurance:
Consult our questions/answers

Electric bike, Motorized personal movement machine (EDPM), 2 wheels: what differences ?

What is a VAE ?

An electric bike is a bike that has a rechargeable battery engine to assist the cyclist When he pedal. The engine does not work independently and is stopped when the speed exceeds 25km/h or when the cyclist stops pedaling.

At Allianz, if your electrical assistance bike meets all the following criteria, then it can be covered in the context of your home insurance:

  • Start with the pedals
  • The engine must stop as soon as the cyclist stops pedaling
  • The engine must stop its action when the speed reaches 25km/h
  • The engine cut should intervene if one of the brakes is operated
  • The machine should not be equipped with acceleration handles, switch or any other device allowing the bicycle to advance alone
  • The nominal power of the engine must not exceed 250 Watts

But if one of these criteria is not respected, then it is considered a Motor -to -motor vehicle and must be necessarily ensured as all motorized vehicles.

What is an EDPM ?

At Allianz, a motorized personal travel machine (EDPM) is a vehicle:

  • with propulsion completely or partially ensured by an electric motor
  • Equipped with light and sound warnings designed for the movement of a single person
  • not exceeding the speed of 25km/h (by construction or clamping)
  • Not equipped with a seat of a fixed or removable seat

EDPMs are not covered by the civil liability guarantee of home insurance. It is therefore compulsory to take out dedicated insurance: discover new mobility insurance

Finally, if your machine does not enter one of these categories (speed> 25km/h for example), then it is 2 -wheeled And must be provided as such: discover 2 -wheel insurance

What is a speed bike ?

Speed ​​Bike is an electric bicycle that can go up to 45km/h and enter the Cyclomotors category. Speed ​​Bike must therefore be assured in the same way as 2 wheels, at least for civil liability.

Is it mandatory to ensure an electric bike ?

Should we ensure an electric bike in civil liability ?

It is legally compulsory to ensure a bicycle with electric assistance whose power does not exceed 250 W and whose assistance is not activated beyond 25km/h.

Should you have an anti-theft to ensure your bike ?

When purchasing an electric assistance bike, or even a conventional bicycle, it is advisable to buy a special U -shaped anti -theft device.

Remember to check in your contract the protection measures against the vol required by your insurer in order to be properly covered. For example, in the Allianz housing contract, your anti -theft must connect the frame and the rear wheel of the bicycle to a fixed point.

It is important to keep the bicycle purchase invoices as well as those of the anti -theft system. In the event of theft, this will facilitate your compensation.

Which electric bike insurance to choose against theft ?

If the flight of your electric bike (VAE) takes place in your home, it is in principle guaranteed within the framework of your home insurance contract.
If the flight takes place outside your home, your home insurance will not necessarily cover, it will depend on the level of warranty chosen. It may then be recommended to take out dedicated bicycle insurance

How to choose the insurance for your electric bike ?

To choose your electric bike insurance, you must take into account the purchase price of your bike.

At Allianz, to be insured in the event of theft of your bike outside of your home, you have 2 possibilities:
– If your bike has a price less than 1500 €, you can choose the “Vandalism flight” option level 2 of your Allianz home insurance
– If your bike at a price greater than € 1,500, then opt for daily objects insurance at Allianz which covers you up to € 10,000 .

What parts to provide to ensure your VAE ?

There is no particular document to provide to ensure your electrical assistance bike (VAE) in the event of theft or damage within the framework of your home insurance contract.

If you opt for dedicated bicycle insurance, the parts to be provided are:

  • Bike purchase invoice
  • Valid identity document
  • Rib

Is wearing the helmet mandatory by bike ?

Wearing the helmet is not compulsory for adults but highly recommended because falls can be heavy with consequences.
Only children under the age of 12 must have a helmet When they bike, under penalty of fine.

Electric assistance bike: What does the regulations say ?

Electric assistance bike:

  • must respect the Traffic Laws
  • must be approved and in accordance with European standards. The seller must provide a certificate of conformity

If the speed is less than 25 km/h:

  • With electric assistance disabled, the electric bike must roll sUr cycle path or on the roadway, if there is no track
  • With electrical assistance with gradual reduction up to 25 km/h, the electric bike must roll on the roadway

If the speed is greater than 25 km/h the electric assistance bike must drive on the road and must be registered.