Best VPN, the comparison in September 2023, which VPN to choose? Our opinions and comparisons of the best VPNs

Which VPN to choose? Our opinions and comparisons of the best VPNs


It is also recalled that the country is one of the first EU member states to have deemed unconstitutional the former 2006/24/EC directive on data conservation. Even today, the ANSPDCP – national, independent and autonomous authority responsible for ensuring compliance with the protection of personal data in Romanian territory – actively monitors the drifts and does not hesitate to pin the companies collecting, treating and retaining private information without the consent of Internet users.

Best VPN, comparison 2023

We will never repeat it enough: for a really secure web session, it is imperative to generate unique and complex passwords, update your browser as soon as possible, or even force HTTPS connections. Coupled with the use of a VPN, These practices create a secure navigation environment, guaranteeing the protection of your privacy. In this return period already well underway, the editorial staff reviewed the 10 main suppliers taking into account essential criteria: personal data security, compliance with anonymity, connection speed and budget. Here is our verdict.

  • Storage 9415 servers
  • Language 91 covered countries
  • LAN 7 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 45 days
  • Description No data log
  • Storage 5799 servers
  • Language 60 covered countries
  • LAN 6 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 30 days
  • Description No data log
  • Storage 3000 servers
  • Language 94 covered countries
  • LAN 5 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 30 days
  • Description No data log
  • The ranking of the best VPNs in September 2023:
  • A VPN, what is ?
  • VPN comparison table for September 2023
  • 1. Cyberghost VPN: the best VPN at aggressive prices
  • 2. NordVPN: VPN at the best quality/price ratio
  • 3. ExpressVPN: the most efficient VPN
  • 4. Surfhark VPN: the most innovative VPN
  • 5. Proton VPN: the most secure VPN
  • 6. Atlasvpn: the young outsider
  • 7. Purevpn: a streaming ace in the USA
  • 8. Hide.Me: the most generous VPN
  • 9. Privadovpn, the little new
  • 10. HMA (hidemyass): the most automated VPN
  • VPN FAQ: answers to all your questions

The ranking of the best VPNs in September 2023:

  • Cyberghost: the best VPN at an attractive price
  • NordVPN: the best VPN in quality / price ratio
  • ExpressVPN: The best VPN in terms of performance
  • Surfshark VPN: The best VPN for all your devices
  • Proton VPN: the best VPN for safety
  • VPN Atlas
  • Purevpn
  • Privado VPN

A VPN, what is ?

What is a VPN ? The Acronym VPN means Virtual Private Network, a virtual private network in the language of Molière. Behind this barbarian acronym is a very practical safety measure to avoid data flights during your web browsing. VPN also has the big advantage of hiding your real IP address – in general that of your Internet box – in order to give you access to certain foreign sites otherwise inaccessible.

What is the principle of VPN ? A program is installed on your computer/smartphone/tablet. It will encrypt all your data coming out to the vast internet and have it transit by a remote server where they will then be deciphered before achieving their final goal. This quantified “tunnel” will prevent hackers from reading poorly protected data such as your passwords or, worse, the number of your payment card.

The sites that you will contact will generally see only fire. For them, only your IP address will be different: it is that of the server of your VPN supplier that they will see and not that of your box. Thanks to that, you will be able to connect to certain foreign sites sometimes blocking IP addresses from France. Rather practical, no ?

Because it modifies your IP address and circulates the encrypted data in a locked tunnel, isolated from the rest of the public internet traffic, the VPN does much more than helping you bypassing geotriction measures imposed by streaming sites. The double protection that it implements (encryption / isolation) also allows it to thwart state censorship, to facilitate access to web content blocked by the DNS of your ISP, or to lure the booking platforms in Line used cookies and other trackers to artificially inflate their prices between two visits, and thus push you to buy compulsive.

In this first fortnight of September, subscribe to a reliable VPN supplier will allow you, for example, to (re) see Captain Phillips of Paul Greanggrass or to continue your marathon Back to the future, All removed from Netflix France on August 31, but still accessible from certain foreign catalogs of the platform, to follow the kick -off of the World Rugby World Cup around the world, or to effectively bypass the government censorship exercised in Authoritarian countries such as Russia, Iran or China, whether you are traveling or residing.

But how to choose a confidence VPN ? Which subscription offers the possibility of unlocking Netflix ? Which guarantees the best online security ? Which supplier to favor when one plans to move in censored territory ? What service guarantees the best flows ? Depending on your profile, your online uses, your financial means and the additional features sought, you will find here a selection of the best VPN services for the month of September 2023.

VPN comparison table for September 2023

Cyberghost Northern Expressvpn Surfhark Proton VPN Atlasvpn Purevpn Privadovpn HMA VPN
Note 9.8/10 9.7/10 9.6/10 8.8/10 8.6/10 8.4/10 7.8/10 7.5/10 7.0/10 6.5/10
Price € 2.19/month € 3.19/month € 6.36/month € 2.49/month € 4.99/month € 1.72/month € 2.29/month € 2.59/month € 1.99/month € 2.99/month
Commitment 2 years 2 years 1 year 2 years 2 years 3 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 3 years
Servers 9586 5826 3000 3200 2988 1000 6500 2100 100 1100
Country 91 60 94 100 69 42 70 50 48 210
Simultaneous connections 7 6 5 unlimited 10 unlimited 10 10 10 5
Extensions Chrome, Firefox Chrome, Firefox Chrome, Firefox Chrome, Firefox Chrome, Firefox No Chrome, Firefox Chrome, Firefox No Chrome, Firefox
Customer chat French French French English English English English English Angles English
Native country Romania Panama British Virgin Islands The Netherlands Swiss UNITED STATES Hong Kong Malaysia Swiss United Kingdom
Netflix Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

For this VPN comparison, our tests were carried out 100% independently. They take this account as well the level of security offered by the services presented here as their performance, the quality of the integrated features and the price ranges to which they market their packages.

1. Cyberghost VPN: the best VPN at aggressive prices

Cyberghost is authority in the VPN sector and stands out as much by the extent of its server network and its exhaustive functionalities. It is easy to understand that tens of millions of Internet users trust this Bucharestois service which invests without concession in the security and stability of its infrastructure to make it one of the best – if not the best – VPN on the market.

  • Storage 9415 servers
  • Language 91 covered countries
  • LAN 7 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 45 days
  • Description No data log

Cyberghost brings together all the qualities that are expected of a consumer VPN, both in terms of performance and safety and features. Its modern and intuitive graphical interface makes it one of the most pleasant VPN services to use on a daily basis. The deployment of NOSPY servers strengthens its already convincing security options. We appreciate its very good management of streaming platforms and its ability to bypass the toughest georestrictions like those of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

45 -day warranty satisfied or refunded
Cyberghost VPN advantages

  • Fluid graphical interface
  • Performance and value for money
  • Servers optimized for streaming and P2P
  • Multiplateform cover

Cyberghost VPN disadvantages

  • High monthly package rate
  • Somewhat poor iOS application in functionality

Founded in 2011 in Romania, Cyberghost won’t have taken up to the rank of the best VPNs. Building on its success, the supplier continues to improve, year after year, the quality of its service. Equipped with a modern and intuitive interface, compatible with the majority of connected and rigorous platforms concerning data security on the Internet, it has a very large infrastructure comprising 9,162 servers distributed in 91 countries and 116 locations. It is also one of the cheapest VPNs on the market given the many functions it offers. Discover our full opinion on the CYBERGHOST VPN.

Jurisdiction and VPN location

The headquarters of Cyberghost being established in Romania, therefore excluding alliance 5/9/14 Eyes, its VPN service benefits from favorable legislation to the protection of privacy and anonymity online.

It is also recalled that the country is one of the first EU member states to have deemed unconstitutional the former 2006/24/EC directive on data conservation. Even today, the ANSPDCP – national, independent and autonomous authority responsible for ensuring compliance with the protection of personal data in Romanian territory – actively monitors the drifts and does not hesitate to pin the companies collecting, treating and retaining private information without the consent of Internet users.

In view of these details, Cyberghost can therefore guarantee a real policy of non-journalization of connection data and online activities when using its VPN service.

A VPN for all platforms and all uses

Cyberghost does not spare their efforts to offer everyone a good quality VPN solution. For the same price, the service manages up to 7 aircraft at the same time and reports a very extensive multiplatform coverage including customers for the main operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS), extensions Web for Chrome and Firefox, and applications for Amazon Fire and Android TV platforms.

Many tutorials available on the Romanian supplier website guide Internet users in the manual VPN configuration on all kinds of connected devices (routers, Raspberry Pi, NAS, Internet box, Smart and Apple TV, Gaming Consoles, etc.) for which there is no dedicated application. In the event of difficulties, customer support answers all questions in French, 24/7.

In use, Cyberghost proves that he knows how to meet the most specific needs and the most sharp requirements. From a functional point of view, it organizes its servers by specialties (standard, games, torrenting, streaming, nospy), incorporates an automatic connection option to the best server, supports personalized favorite locations lists, signals the platforms Online SVOD / TV for which its servers dedicated to streaming are optimized, displays the physical distances that separate internet users from selected servers and communicates in real time on ping affecting optimized servers for gaming.

On the security side, Cyberghost implements the Openvpn, Ikev2 and Wireguard protocols, compatible with the AES-256 encryption algorithm. In addition, the supplier strengthens its traffic locking device using a Kill Switch, a Wi-Fi network protection mode, or a blocker of advertising and malicious sites.

The second largest market infrastructure

With more than 9,000 servers scattered all over the world, Cyberghost is at the head of one of the largest RAM infrastructure on the VPN market. The gradual deployment of servers 10 GB/S allows it to improve the services of streaming equipment (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, etc.) and to download Torrent files, while the development of NOSPY servers, detained, maintained, managed and hosted by the VPN supplier, strengthens the security of the personal data of Internet users.

However, such an abundance of servers does not guarantee the excellence of performance. Despite correct and stable flows, Cyberghost turns out to be a little slower and balanced than its two main competitors ExpressVPN and NordVPN, regardless of the location chosen.

2. NordVPN: VPN at the best quality/price ratio

Present on the market since 2012, NordVPN has been seriously in power in recent years. Based on one of the largest infrastructure in the VPN sector, it offers a wide range of features without ever neglecting its performance or compromising on the security of data on the Internet.

  • Storage 5799 servers
  • Language 60 covered countries
  • LAN 6 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 30 days
  • Description No data log

Figure figure of VPNs, NordVPN continues to evolve on forced march. Its performance has mounted a notch thanks to the deployment of a RAM 10 GB/S server park and its Nordlynx protocol. In addition to well -constructed applications, it is distinguished by its very good performance and its excellent stability. A service that can only be recommended and that seriously competes with ExpressVPN and Cyberghost in terms of value for money. The advanced NordVPN subscription includes VPN + Nordpass (Password manager) while the NordVPN Premium formula includes VPN + Nordpass + NordLocker (secure cloud storage)

30 -day guarantee satisfied or refunded
Essential northern advantages

  • Excellent performance
  • Streaming (including Netflix US) and very effective TV access
  • Very large number of servers
  • Ram -colocated servers infogured
  • Reactivity of customer support

Essential northern disadvantages

  • Complex router configuration
  • No info on the state of charge of servers

With an extended park of nearly 5,700 servers in 60 countries, NordVPN is one of the largest VPN suppliers. Domiciled in Panama, he applies a very strict confidentiality policy of not collecting or sharing the data of its users on the Internet. By dint of innovations, he continues to widen the gap with most of his competitors. Discover our full opinion on NordVPN.

Jurisdiction and VPN location

Based in Panama, a country recognized as a Data Haven, the supplier benefits from one of the best jurisdictions VPN. This small state indeed guarantees total freedom of expression and prohibits any form of interference in privacy. NordVPN is therefore not subject to the laws of the 5, 9 and 14 Eyes of Western countries which force companies to keep data on their customers, nor to any other restrictive legislation. In a word, the service offers a reliable “zero log” privacy policy.

Security, stability, speed

Since its launch, NordVPN has continued to raise its security objectives. In addition to supporting OpenVPN and IKEV2 protocols, the VPN supplier has set out to develop its owner solution: Nordlynx. Deemed more secure, as stable and as fast as Wireguard, of which he borrows part of the source code, Nordlynx is compatible with AES-256. On the sidelines of these important implementations, the service strengthens traffic protection using essential features-Kill Switch, Wi-Fi network safety, DNS anti-fi module-and bonuses-Access to the TOR, Anti-Menaces Protection, Surveillance Dark Web, mesh network.

It is recalled that NordVPN was the victim of hacking and a data leak stored on one of its Finnish servers in 2019. A blow for the company which hastened to make significant changes to its infrastructure: purchase, management and internal maintenance of its servers park, deployment and generalization of RAM storage, regular audits of its equipment, creation of ‘A BUG BOUNTY program.

Deep transformations that have not been right for the performance of the service. NordVPN can now boast of holding one of the fastest network infrastructure in the sector, playing elbows with ExpressVPN. The flow rates noted during our tests attest to the effectiveness of the VPN to stream UHD content in an extremely fluid way, regardless of the physical location of the VPN server by which the connection transit. All the servers made available by the service unlock georestrents content on Netflix, Disney+, HBO, Hulu. Prime Video is still resistant to NordVPN which only manages to lure Amazon’s service randomly. The VPN also includes several hundred equipment dedicated to P2P.

A net increase in net progression

Like ExpressVPN and Cyberghost, NordVPN is now available on most existing systems. The VPN supports the main OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS), Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers, as well as Android TV. The application, pleasant to use, is organized around clear and well appointed menus. It is possible to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.

Although they do not have VPN customers strictly speaking, Kindle Fire, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, Linux routers or Streamers such as Chromecast and Firestick attached to a domestic network or a device NordVPN connected also benefit from the protection of the service.

Many configuration tutorials are available on the supplier’s website. In case of difficulty, customer support answers questions by Live Chat, in French (translation software), 24/7. A first -rate service for a subscription to the unbeatable quality/price ratio.

3. ExpressVPN: the most efficient VPN

An essential reference, ExpressVPN has a range of most complete features and services in the VPN sector. Equipped with more than 3,000 servers dispersed in 94 countries (151 locations), it stands out thanks to its impressive flows, the quality of established connections and its ease of use. In summary, this is the best VPN in terms of speed and stability.

  • Storage 3000 servers
  • Language 94 covered countries
  • LAN 5 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 30 days
  • Description No data log

ExpressVPN offers a level of first -rate service. Difficult to take it in default, both concerning its privacy policy and the subject of the performance and safety of its servers, the quality of its applications or its multiplatform coverage. Its ability to unlock streaming sites abroad, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, make it an ideal travel companion, especially since it displays impressive connection speeds and minimal latencies, whatever the server selected. Only shade on the board: high prices that could push Internet users to turn to more economical and equivalent quality offers, such as Cyberghost or NordVPN.

30 -day guarantee satisfied or refunded
Expressvpn advantages

  • Very high and linear connection speeds
  • Vast geographic coverage
  • Unlock foreign streaming catalogs including Netflix Us and Amazon Prime Video
  • Careful interface accessible to all

Expressvpn disadvantages

  • Higher price than other equivalent VPN solutions

Based on a more modest infrastructure than those of Cyberghost or NordVPN, ExpressVPN does not deserve and offers many physical or virtual locations around the world. In a logic of clear distinction, the service has taken advantage of high -performance home technologies, as well as by the implementation of solid multilayer security. Discover our full opinion on ExpressVPN.

Jurisdiction and VPN location

Based in the British virgin islands, ExpressVPN has one of the better possible jurisdictions for a VPN. Not subject to the Patriot Act or other restrictive surveillance laws, the supplier offers serious guarantees concerning the confidentiality and data protection of its users. ExpressVPN has not recorded any log and has never been default on this subject since its creation.

Versatility and performance

ExpressVPN supports most operating systems and connected devices. In addition to traditional bones (PC, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS), VPN is compatible with Kindle Fire, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Blackberry, Linux routers or Streamers such as Chromecast. The service allows you to use up to 5 aircraft simultaneously, but it offers a router application to connect an unlimited number of terminals on the same network.

The real strong point of Expressvpn lies in its fastest VPN status. At the end of the speed tests carried out in our opinion, it appears as the most balanced service, while linear flows do not change, or little, from one location to the other, even to the other end of the world. Performance that can be partially attributed to the deployment of RAM 10 GB/S servers equipped with 20 to 32 cores, gradually replacing 4 core equipment, capped at 1 GB/S.

The choice of the tunneling protocol also contributes to the speed of the service. Like its competitors, the supplier uses OpenVPN and IKEV2, as well as L2TP/IPSEC. He also opposes Nordvpn and Nordlynx his house protocol, also based on Wireguard and partially open source: Lightway.

From these optimal performance result in very good management of torrent file downloads and an excellent support for streaming platforms, while Expressvpn is able to unlock foreign catalogs on Netflix, HBO, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, whatever either the selected VPN server.

Simplicity and automation

On desktop as on mobile, the VPN application is particularly simple to handle. Although the settings are limited, advanced users keep the hand on IPv6 leaks protection controls as well as on split tunneling options.

For the rest, ExpressVPN favors simplicity. The selecting of the fastest server is fully automated whereas it is enough to launch the VPN when the customer is opened by immediately clicking the connection button, or possibly refine the connection location by selecting a country among the Recommended locations.

Other features such as Kill Switch or the optimization of system network parameters are activated by default so as to provide Internet users with a loan to use and standard user experience.

A desire for simplicity which also applies to the absence of optimized servers for specific uses. However, aware of his bias against the competition, the supplier incorporates an original soberly baptized option “Speed ​​test”, allowing to measure and compare the performance (Download and Latences) of a selection of servers, by continents and recommended locations.

4. Surfhark VPN: the most innovative VPN

Since its launch in 2018, Surfshark has shown exemplary progression and has quickly integrated our comparison of the best VPNs on the market. The service does not intend to make old bones and continues its evolution even if the walking is done at a more moderate rate.

  • Storage 3200 servers
  • Language 100 covered countries
  • LAN Simultaneous unlimited connections
  • Mood free trial 30 days
  • Description No data log

Surfshark constitutes a leading service, almost at the level of the best VPNs on the market. It stands out by offering a number of unlimited simultaneous connections as well as advanced safety tools. It is one of the best possible choices for the general public.

30 -day guarantee satisfied or refunded
Surfhark VPN advantages

  • Speeds above average
  • Unlimited number of devices
  • Nexus network
  • Dedicated IP
  • Antivirus solution

Disadvantages Surfhark VPN

  • Multiplator coverage to improve
  • Unstable web extensions

Surfhark which immediately displayed excellent performance continues to evolve. The VPN has completed its mainly limited multiplatform coverage and now supports most connected devices and market routers. Surfshark has also changed its infrastructure, which currently has more than 3,200 servers in 100 countries around the world. Here is our full opinion on Surfshark up to date.

Jurisdiction and VPN location

Previously based in the British virgin islands whose legal framework was one of the best for VPNs, Surfshark made the curious choice to move its headquarters in the Netherlands. Despite the presence of the latter within the “14 Eyes” (International Intelligence Alliance), Surfshark assures that this has no impact on his non-journalization policy. However, this relocation is not reassuring for the most demanding users in terms of confidentiality.

A multitude of features

Surfshark offers a very complete service with the possibility of accessing Netflix catalogs in many countries, servers optimized for P2P and torrents, a white “Withelist” list to allow applications and web services to bypass connection to VPN, different protocols as well as the “multihop” mode allowing to pass through the connection via 2 servers, and an AES 256 bits encryption.

Available on all conventional OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS), Surfshark has a web extension for Chrome or Firefox, and a VPN application for Amazon Fire TV. Big highlight of the service, it allows to connect an unlimited number of devices at the same time. Quite responsive, customer support includes a cat available only in English. It also responds by email in French through a translator within 24 hours.

Optimized connections and increased safety

In its subscription, Surfshark has a function called “fastest server” which automatically selects the geographically closest server to the user in order to offer the best possible speed. The speed of connections turns out to be very satisfactory, but it fishes by fairly large performance deviations between locations.
Surfshark also enjoys a leading security with an AES 256-bit encryption combined with a hip of Sha512 authentication and a 2048 bits key exchanger.

It is based on the two VPN IKEV2 and OpenVPN protocols as well as the now essential Wireguard of the latest generation. Note that the service has abandoned the Shadowsocks VPN protocol. For the rest, Surfshark also has advanced adjustments such as Kill Switch and DNS, Webrtc and IPv6 leaks protections. In the new features, Surfshark has developed a suite of ultra -simple cybersecurity available as an option.

5. Proton VPN: the most secure VPN

Launched in 2017, Proton VPN is one of the best solutions for those who want to protect their online life thanks to increased security. With recent innovations, the service now offers performances that compete with those of the best VPNs on the market.

  • Storage 2978 servers
  • Language 68 covered countries
  • LAN 10 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 30 days
  • Description No data log

Proton VPN is one of the VPN suppliers that has changed the most in recent months. Subjecting one of the most beautiful interfaces on the market, Proton VPN now incorporates a VPN accelerator which increases the connection speeds up to 400 %. Renowned for its high level of security and confidentiality, this service which was mainly aimed at journalists and dissidents in the past now has all the assets to seduce the general public.

30 -day guarantee satisfied or refunded
Proton VPN advantages

  • The highest level of security
  • Modern and intuitive interface
  • Servers dedicated to streaming/P2P
  • Stealth protocol (works in Russia)
  • Optimized connection speed

Disadvantages Proton VPN

  • Infrastructure to enrich

Proton VPN is one of the VPN suppliers that has changed the most in recent months. Always endowed with one of the most beautiful interfaces on the market, Proton VPN now incorporates a VPN accelerator which increases the connection speeds on the most distant servers up to 400 %, and continues to deploy its application on an increasing number of platforms like game consoles. Renowned for its high level of security and confidentiality, this service which was mainly aimed at journalists and dissidents in the past now has all the assets to seduce the greatest number.

Based in Geneva in Switzerland, Proton VPN was designed by the same scientists and safety experts behind the creation of the encrypted mail mail mail. The supplier offers a high level of security and does not keep any log on the activity of its users. To reach a wider audience, the Swiss VPN has considerably improved its performance and now offers servers optimized for streaming and peer-to peer. Discover our opinion on Proton VPN written following our tests in real situations.

Jurisdiction and VPN location

Due to its location in Switzerland, Proton VPN enjoys laws in terms of privacy among the strictest on the planet. Non-signs of international surveillance agreements, the company escapes the influence of intelligence services. It can only be legally constrained by the authorities of its country to provide information on its users only in extremely precise cases, under an order from a Swiss court, even if the request comes from foreigners. In addition, Proton VPN applies a real non-journalization policy whether for its paid or free VPN service.

A VPN in net progress

Proton VPN is based on a relatively modest infrastructure comprising 2,963 servers distributed in 67 countries. In the new features, the supplier has developed a VPN accelerator that delivers excellent performance. A small revolution for the Swiss VPN which offers flows up to 400 % faster than in the past. It has the bonus of servers specifically optimized for access to the TOR network, P2P and streaming. This new version is one of the best VPNs to access streaming or geoblocked television platforms from or abroad such as Netflix, Video Prime, Disney+, HBO, MyCanal, etc. All our tests have been conclusive, including for access to Amazon Prime Video which blocks a majority of VPN competitors.

The service also stands out thanks to an ultra modern interface with impeccable ergonomics and high -level safety. It has a wide range of tools to protect users such as 256-bit AES encryption and Kill Switch, DNS anti-leaky, and Split Tunneling functions. Without forgetting the choice between different VPN protocols, including the highly efficient Stealth and Wireguard, and the “Secure Core” house routing solution responsible for transit traffic by different countries before accessing the Internet.

Multiplateform management to improve

Applications are offered for the main OS (Windows, MacOS, GNU/Linux, Android and iOS), for Chromebook and Android TV devices, and more recently for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Protonvpn supports certain routers, but unfortunately he still has the game consoles, the Appletv and the Smart TV.

Depending on the subscription chosen, the VPN allows you to use 1, 2 or 10 devices simultaneously. Its main weak point always lies in the absence of a cat service for the support which is available only in English via messaging. Protonvpn is nonetheless one of the best alternatives of the moment with a monthly subscription without the most attractive on the market.

6. Atlasvpn: the young outsider

Despite its relative youth (2020), Atlasvpn has established itself over the years as a particularly interesting alternative in the saturated world of VPNs. The service now offers one of the most complete and interesting offers on the market, whether via its free or paid offer.

  • Storage 750 servers
  • Language 45 covered countries
  • LAN Simultaneous unlimited connections
  • Mood free trial 30 days
  • Description No data log

Despite some faults that could be attributed to its relative youth, Atlas VPN is one of the most interesting solutions on the market for those looking for a free VPN. In its premium version, the service displays many personalization possibilities and offers expected features (anonymity during navigation, video streaming, torrent).

30 -day guarantee satisfied or refunded

  • Complete free solution (access limited to two countries)
  • Easy to hand interface
  • Many additional functions for the paid version

Atlasvpn disadvantages

  • Unimontable customer service
  • Fewer servers available than in competition
  • Company domiciled in the USA

Atlasvpn has generated a real consumer base in just a few months, in particular thanks to its free offer which offers various features normally accessible to premium subscribers in competition. For example, we think of anonymity during navigation, access to video streaming or torrents. However, this does not prevent the young service from offering a high quality premium offer, especially in automation. There are also some of the main functions sought in a VPN, namely a Blocker Blocker, the Safe Swap or the Kill Switch. Discover our full opinion on Atlasvpn.


Founded in 2019, then bought in 2021 by the Nordsecurity group (which also owns NordVPN in particular), Atlasvpn has its registered office located in Delaware, in the USA, that is to say in the middle of the territory of five eyes (namely the alliance of services Information from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States). This is an aspect that can disturb more than one potential user. However, in its privacy policy, the supplier guarantees that no log and not follow the activity of its customers.

A free free solution

Atlasvpn was able to benefit from lightning popularity in just a few months, in particular thanks to the many features offered by the free offer of the tool. The goal of its creators was indeed to make it the number 1 VPN among those not requiring payment. Free offer users do not suffer from speed drop in relation to the premium offer, and certain functions such as access to video streaming or torrents are available to them. Overall, the creators of Atlasvpn managed to achieve their goal: this is one of the most impressive free proposals on the market.

Of course, a premium offer is nevertheless made available to Internet users looking for an even more complete experience. The number of servers proposed thus increases drastically for the latter, and Atlas does not require any simultaneous connection limit. It is therefore possible to use it on all types of supports at the same time, or even to share your account.

Some small tracks of improvement

On the speed side, Atlasvpn is particularly impressive, except when you connect to a server located at the other end of the globe. Ditto for the ping: the latency period is directly influenced by the geographic distance to which we are from said server. Atlasvpn will therefore not potentially be the privileged VPN of online players. In the same way, for the torrent, the tool still has a way to go: Atlas not having a Socks5 proxy or the redirection of ports, that does not make it one of the best services of the genre for download.

In terms of security, we obviously regret that Atlasvpn is subject to local law (that is to say that of the USA). In its privacy policy, Atlas specifies collect anonymous information such as the changes made on the application, the parameters or the registrations for the trial period. However, as a whole, the service is of the No-Log type and only the email address is the personal data collected by the company.

7. Purevpn: a streaming ace in the USA

Launched in Hong Kong in 2007, Purevpn is one of the pioneers of the VPN market. After a long crossing of the desert, the service returns in force with important developments to the key. True to his reputation, he displays defiant prices all competition.

  • Storage 6500 servers
  • Language 78 covered countries
  • LAN 10 simultaneous connections
  • Mood 7 days of free trial
  • Description No data log

Previously based in Hong Kong, Purevpn has moved its head office to the British Virgin Islands to be able to apply a real zero-log policy. Thanks to the implementation of new servers 20 GB/S in the United Kingdom and the United States, it turns out to be ultra-efficient to stream content without any latency in these two locations. Its performance in France and other locations are satisfactory, but still not up to those of the tenors of the market. However, its lowest rates in the sector make it a serious alternative.

  • Advanced web management console
  • Extended multiplatform coverage
  • Streaming USA and UK
  • Prices on one and two years

Purevpn disadvantages

  • Perfectible interface and ergonomics
  • Irregular performance and stability depending on the country

Purevpn has long been one of the favorite VPN suppliers of technophiles thanks to its multitude of advanced features. For two years, he has taken a 180 ° turn by simplifying his interface and his tools to the extreme to contact a wider audience. He is now trying to focus on performance and announced that he had implemented new 20 GB/s servers up to twice as fast in some locations. Discover our opinion on Purevpn.


To return to the race of the best VPNs on the market, Purevpn has undertaken other important changes. Starting with a relocation of its headquarters in Hong Kong to the British Virgin Islands in order to be able to apply a real non-journalization policy. Its location in Hong Kong was raising more and more concerns about a potential interference from China. Purevpn can now take advantage of the legal framework of the Caribbean Autonomous Islands which has no law on data conservation. The territory is also part of any international alliance of data sharing.

Self -managed infrastructure and extended coverage

Unlike many competing services, the supplier prides himself on having and managing his own international network infrastructure himself. This consists of more than 6,500 physical and virtual servers distributed in 70 countries and 96 locations around the world. He recently announced that he had implemented many new, more efficient 20 GB/S servers in certain destinations. This is one of the few VPN services to offer the possibility of acquiring a dedicated IP address. It has more than 300,000 IP addresses, including static IPs (with or without port redirection) located in different countries: Germany, Hong Kong, Malta, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada and United States.

Purevpn offers the largest multiplatform coverage with ExpressVPN, Cyberghost and NordVPN. In addition to conventional bones and web browsers, it does not only support TV boxes (Android TV, Amazon Fire, Kodi, Appletv), but also many smarttvs, as well as game consoles and most routers on the market. In the new features, PureVPN now offers the possibility of connecting up to 10 devices simultaneously (against 5 before). In use, the VPN is particularly gifted for streaming in the United States and the United Kingdom. Unlike many of its competitors, it is able to unlock Netflix or Amazon Prime Video without any latency of latency.

A perfectible positioning

Since his redesign of 2020, Purevpn which was addressed to expert users now has been eyeing the general public. Only the ultra -complete web console survived the large purge operated by Purevpn to simplify its service to the extreme. Its advanced features are now limited to the essentials with the traditional Kill Switch connection switch, and the split tunneling which provides an additional safety layer against attacks. In addition to an AES 256 -bit encryption, it offers classic VPN protocols – OpenVPN, L2PT, and IKEV2 – as well as the latest generation Wireguard protocol on Windows, MacOS and Android (Android 9.0 and later).

Although the support is only in English, it has the advantage of responding almost in real time via a live cat available 24/7. As usual, PureVPN practices very aggressive prices with subscription formulas over 1 or 2 years (excluding special promotions) among the most attractive on the market.

8. Hide.Me: the most generous VPN

After a few difficult years, me a comeback in our ranking of the best VPNs. Thanks to a complete and effective overhaul of its service, it is positioned in particular as one of the best VPNs for streaming.

  • Storage 2000 servers
  • Language 75 covered countries
  • LAN 10 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 14 days
  • Description No data log

Ideal for expert users and big video consumers on the Internet, Hide.deserves its place among the 10 best VPNs on the market. Apart from an interface out of age, we can only salute the progress made in terms of speed and stability. Without forgetting the implementation of new advanced functions as original as it is effective. Although its prices have dropped, its monthly plan remains too expensive compared to other competitors

30 -day guarantee satisfied or refunded

  • Optimized access to streaming platforms including Netflix US
  • Advanced safety options
  • Integration of the Wireguard VPN protocol
  • Chinese censorship bypass
  • Fixed IP and 2 TB of storage offered


  • Prohibitive monthly price
  • Aging interface

Founded in 2012 in Malaysia, known for her free VPN. This one becomes even more interesting, because its transfer limit passed two years ago from 2 GB/month to 10 GB/month. At the same time, the paid version had undergone a total overhaul that had allowed come back in force in our comparison of the best VPNs. The Malaysian supplier persists and signs thanks to a significant improvement in its network of self -managed servers, and numerous innovations, including the implementation of the VPN Wireguard protocol and new advanced features. Find our opinion on


Since its creation, Hide.has always given me the protection of its users a priority. As such, it benefits from its location in Malaysia which has been at the forefront in terms of personal data protection for ten years. Private companies are not required to collect and keep data on their customers. Hide.I can therefore apply a real non-journalization policy: no information is recorded that it is the IP address, the pages visited, or even the horoditing. Only the email address used for registration is kept for support and exchanges with customers. With Protonvpn, one of the few suppliers to offer a free NO Log VPN.

Access to optimized streaming services

Hide.I support the most common platforms with dedicated applications for Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Windows, Amazon Fire OS as well as Chrome and Firefox browsers. The service unfortunately always makes the dead end on Android TV and the manual configurations for Smart TV, Apple TV, and game consoles. Up to 10 devices can be used simultaneously with Malaysian VPN.

After analyzing the feedback from its users, hide.I decided to optimize access to American streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, HBO Now or Pandora and Spotify. The result is very impressive and made of hide.One of the best VPNs to get around the geographic blockages of these services in the United States. The VPN is not to be outdone for the download of torrents which benefits from an additional safety layer with “Stealth Guard”. In the event of a connection problem, it automatically disconnects download applications such as Utorrent or Qbittorrent.

In constant progress, the VPN holds all its promises in the most popular locations, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France and especially the United States where it has the greatest number of servers. The major performance differences in more distant locations like Australia or Japan, for example, are only a distant memory. The generalization of new servers 10 GB/S made it possible to homogenize the speeds of connections to all countries covered by the VPN. Available 24/7 via a live cat or a ticket system, technical support is serious and responsive. He responds in French via translation software.

A self -managed infrastructure

With Protonvpn, Purevpn or Freedome, one of the very few suppliers to have developed its own network infrastructure around the world. Concretely, this allows him to maintain a very high level of security and confidentiality by ensuring that no third parties interfere on his service. Disassembled company has more than 2,100 VPN servers distributed in 50 countries.

The VPN has a range of ultra -complete safety features which consists in particular of the VPN Wireguard protocol, “Kill Switch”, “split tunnel”, or the remarkable “stealth guard” house function to protect downloads. Without forgetting the new “Dynamic Multihop” and “Pulse” features allowing to choose your entry/output servers respectively and benefit from the best possible speed. Hide.I do not register session newspapers or any activity related to the VPN connection of its users. Only the email address used for registration is kept for support purposes. Generous, the premium formula with 2 -year engagement includes 2 TB of free storage on Cloudstorage.

9. Privadovpn, the little new

Privadovpn is a relatively new supplier in the VPN commercial space. The service was founded in 2019 and is based in Switzerland. According to his marketing, he seems to be more focused on confidentiality and security than on something else.

  • 100 servers storage
  • Language 48 covered countries
  • LAN 10 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 30 days
  • Description No data log

Uneven in view of the services offered, Privadovpn is very strong in certain areas (Kill Switch, online video, good protection of confidentiality and anonymity on the Internet), but very bad in others (average interface, absences of features, speed to improve). Before subscribing, we strongly advise you to try this VPN via its free formula. Its small set of free access options may be enough for you.

30 -day guarantee satisfied or refunded
Privadovpn advantages

  • VPN servers Coloclized infogenous
  • Performance
  • Payment in cryptocurrency
  • Unlocks many streaming platforms including Netflix Us

Privadovpn disadvantages

  • Partial French translation
  • Lack of features
  • Multiplator coverage to improve

Privadovpn collects only a small amount of information, and all this information is not identifiable. It does not collect anything sensitive like your IP address or the websites you visit. The only information that the Swiss authorities can obtain is your email and your username. Discover our opinion on Privadovpn.


Privadovpn is based in Zug, Switzerland, under the name of Privado Networks Ag. This is an excellent country to establish a VPN company because of its robust confidentiality laws that respect the privacy of consumers. Being based in Switzerland means that PrivadovPN has no legal obligation to store data from subscribers. Switzerland not being a member of the European Union, it is not required to comply with data conservation guidelines.

The service provider undertook to apply a secure privacy policy and incorporates several technologies intended to protect privacy, including encryption AES-256, OpenVPN and Wireguard.

Good performances despite the timid infrastructure

The global speeds of this VPN are just as impressive as its local speeds. There will always be greater loss of speed when connecting to more distant countries, but in the case of PrivadovPN, this loss of speed is maintained at a minimum.

Privadovpn has 100 servers in 45 countries. There are fewer countries available to connect than among the tenors on the market, which can offer more than 60 countries. However, it is always more countries that the majority of VPNs are able to offer.

100 is a small number of physical servers for hundreds or thousands of users, but we have never observed abnormal slowdowns during our tests.

However, Privadovpn only uses physical servers. This is more expensive to set up and operate, but they are generally safer. Privadovpn favors quality to quantity.A drawback, however, is that it is not an extremely diverse network. Due to his commitment to physical servers, there is no option for the Middle East countries and only one for Africa (South Africa).

A multiplatform coverage that gives pride of place to handymen

Privadovpn has applications available for MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS. There are also applications for Fire TV Stick and Android TV. Manual configuration guides are available on the Privadovpn website if you want to configure VPN on Linux or your router (through downloadable configuration files). Privadovpn does not have browser extensions for Firefox or Chrome, but you can use the VPN on a maximum of 10 devices at a time.

Finally, let us mention the utility in the streaming of PrivadovPN and its ability to access Netflix, the American servers being particularly efficient. It’s quite surprising because small services generally have a lot of trouble spending. The UK servers have also done a good job by making the BBC Iplayer accessible.

10. HMA (hidemyass): the most automated VPN

Formerly perceived by some as the best VPN on the market, in any case the best known in France and in the world, Hidemyass still has serious arguments to be made for the general public. A particularly convincing neat service for streaming.

  • Storage 1100 servers
  • LANGUAGE 210 covered countries
  • LAN 5 simultaneous connections
  • Mood free trial 14 days
  • Description No data log

HMA is a good VPN, but it is no longer in our ranking of the best VPN, both in terms of performance and features. It is a service advised above all for neophytes who are looking for an almost entirely automated VPN and which are not too attentive to the confidentiality of their data.

30 -day guarantee satisfied or refunded

  • Optimized streaming and P2P
  • Large number of servers
  • Reactive customer support in French

HMA VPN disadvantages

  • Little advanced settings
  • Do not take care of Wireguard
  • Average performance
  • Complex router configuration

Founded in 2005 by a 16 -year -old adolescent, HMA (ex Hidemyass) is one of the oldest suppliers tested in our VPN comparison. The donkey mascot service which claims no less than 400 million users has 1,090 VPN servers distributed in more than 290 locations and 215 countries. Bought by the free antivirus specialist Avast (based in Prague), it offers an excellent level of safety, but is less efficient than other heavy goods vehicles on the market. Find our full opinion on HMA.


HMA’s head office is based in the United Kingdom which is one of the members of international surveillance alliances 5, 9 and 14 Eyes. That’s not all, the country has set up one of the most permissive surveillance systems on the planet. As its privacy policy mentions, the company is required to maintain certain personal data to comply with its legal obligations. In this context, HMA can in no case claim to apply a policy without logs.

An almost fully automated must of simplicity

Compatible with the main platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS) and certain routers, its application available in French constitutes a model of simplicity. Each feature is associated with a small description allowing to easily understand and make each setting. However, these are essential to the essentials with an “emergency stop” function (Kill Switch), the possibility of activating the TCP (only) protocol, defining the network connection in private or public mode, or even modifying the ‘IP address at regular intervals.

The web interface is content to display the information relating to the account and the license and to allow the application to be downloaded. Apart from traditional updates, the VPN has not changed for the past two years. He even ignores the implementation of the Wireguard protocol adopted by the majority of competing services. HMA clearly chases on the lands of novices. As with most software classified in the VPN comparison, it is advisable to connect to the nearest geographically (in France for France for example) to take advantage of an optimal connection speed.

Servers dedicated to optimized streaming and P2P

Despite the magnitude of its network, the flows are far from being as satisfactory as those of the Tenors of the Market, NordVPN and its two main Challengers ExpressVPN and Cyberghost. HMA is on the other hand, more convincing for access to Netflix catalogs and other streaming services based in the USA, England and Germany thanks to 20 GB/s servers, specifically optimized. Likewise, the service has many servers dedicated to P2P/torrents which are rather effective overall.

In terms of security, HMA figures the connection (256 -bit AES) from end to end and does not keep any log on the activities of its users. It is possible to protect up to 5 aircraft simultaneously with the VPN, against 7 for Cyberghost or Unlimited for Surfshark. Data transfers and bandwidth are unlimited. Special mention for the reactive as effective after -sales service and accessible 24 hours a day in French, in particular by cat.

VPN FAQ: answers to all your questions

Why use a VPN ?

It is good to remember that VPNs are in no way an ultimate measure against all the nuisances of the web. If you download a dubious file on an even more doubtful site, even the best VPN will not save you a nice viral infection on your PC !

On the other hand, if you travel regularly and spend time in airports, bars or hotels, activation of a VPN when connecting to open WiFi access points will be a real plus for your safety.

The main cases of using a VPN are:

  • To preserve your personal data
  • To keep your anonymity online
  • To hide his IP and country of origin
  • To avoid censorship in certain restrictive countries (China, Iran, Russia. ))
  • to access usually inaccessible foreign sites and services
  • To access French sites and services from abroad

The main reason why people use a VPN is Personal data protection : in a few years, the use of VPN (virtual private networks in French) has been widely democratized with individuals. Whether on a fixed computer, a mobile terminal, or even a router or a smart TV, these services allow you to hide your IP address behind that of the VPN server and by extension to preserve your identity, your personal data and its geographic location. They constitute for example a simple and effective way to travel safely on public networks (airports, stations, shopping centers, hotels. ) and avoid all risks of intrusion.

Streaming and download comes far behind. A large number of customers go through a VPN to access the streaming services catalogs based in particular in the USA (Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Pandora. ) or be able to take advantage of French content from abroad (MyTF1, Canal+, BeIN Sports. )). You should also know that some suppliers present in this ranking of the best VPN do not allow streaming and/or downloads on P2P and torrent sharing platforms.

Which VPN to choose ?

The VPN offer has literally exploded in recent years, in particular with the awareness of users of exposure of their personal data on the Internet and the risk of harmful use, but also of the possibility of protecting its anonymity thanks to a VPN. Result, a host of new players, including many antivirus solutions publishers compete for this ultra competitive market. But beware, not all VPNs are equal and it is better to ensure the seriousness of a supplier before passing all his web traffic via his servers. It must be kept in mind that the VPN supplier can have access to all the data transit by its service. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the free trial periods that will allow you to try the interfaces and to judge by yourself performance, most of them offer full refund up to 30 days after purchase in the event of termination.

The adoption of a VPN will bring you an additional safety layer. There are, however, a few points to know before you take the plunge. VPN suppliers are numerous and not necessarily of equal quality. The main criteria to analyze to find the best VPN for your use:

  • network infrastructure (servers, locations and locations)
  • connection speed
  • the level of security
  • The ergonomics and conviviality of the VPN client
  • The number of devices included in a package

Why use a no log VPN ?

Building on this observation, it is advisable to favor known and recognized actors offering serious guarantees on the protection of private data, as well as reliable and simple encryption tools to understand. Note that suppliers based in particular in the United States are subject to the Patriot Act and may therefore be likely to give access to data from their customers if the authorities ask them. In all cases, you must favor VPN no logs, which do not keep any connection log or any information of any kind.

What is the Kill Switch for ?

For increased security, the best services integrate the functionality called Kill Switch which is responsible for blocking the Internet connection in the event of a bug or a VPN server failure. This prevents all data leaks until the connection via a secure and encrypted tunnel is active again. Some suppliers even offer the possibility of taking out a subscription without having to provide an email address and a name and pay in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum….) to ensure the most total anonymity for their customers.

What’s the best VPN protocol ?

If you choose to subscribe to a VPN, it is because you want to secure your communications. Therefore, it is important to verify the safetys used by your future supplier. As a general rule, the best VPNs all provide 256 -bit encryption.

The choice of VPN protocol is also important. Opevpn has long been considered the most reliable and it is still widely used by default by VPN services. If many VPNs still use PPTP, this protocol is unreliable and elderly. So avoid VPNs that only rely on him. A majority of VPNs now offer the latest generation Wireguard protocol, or variants of the latter (Nordlynx from NordVPN or Lightway from ExpressVPN, for example).

Wireguard was developed by the specialist in multiple computer security Jason Donenfeld. The VPN protocol is based on a simple and modern architecture comprising only 4,000 lines of code (against several hundred thousands for openvpn) and is therefore much easier to configure and deploy for suppliers. Another advantage, its simplified architecture reduces the number of bugs and therefore the potential attempts to exploit vulnerability.

Beyond security, it is also wise to check in which country is hosted your supplier. Some governments have the power to claim private user data in specific cases. So do not hesitate to do some research before you start.

Why the VPN slows down my connection ?

Encryption and transit by a third -party server invariably has an impact on connection speed. To avoid too large speed drops, we recommend that you check the number of servers in your future VPN supplier. The more there are, the less risk of engorgement, the more the connection will be stable. The best services (NordVPN, ExpressVPN or Cyberghost) have servers that only work on RAM. Nothing is written on hard drives, which allows you to benefit from better speeds and minimize the risks linked to data.

In the same vein, a large number of servers will assure you to be able to find a loved one. The more a server is far away, the more the connection will be slowed down. So do not hesitate to make up for tests to make your choice in all serenity. Also take advantage of the test periods offered by paid suppliers in order to have an idea of ​​the quality of connection according to your uses.

Is a free VPN sufficient ?

If it’s free, it’s you the product. A saying that perfectly corresponds to the use of VPNs. The recommendation is simple here: flee completely free VPNs, they will necessarily have something to hide. A free VPN supplier will be happy to resell your data to third -party companies, which you clearly don’t want. There are some exceptions like Protonvpn, hide.Me or Zenmate which offer free VPNs respectful of your privacy, but the connection speed, the locations and the features are very limited.

VPN services offering a stable and secure connection are paid. But a large majority offer a trial period or a satisfied or reimbursed warranty varying from 7 to 30 days. Following which, you will be asked for a monthly, annual, or over several years (2, 3 to 5 years). The prices charged is variable, on average from 1.50 to 20 €/month depending on the duration of the subscription.

There is not necessarily need to opt for the most expensive to have quality. Before choosing a free VPN, think about your uses: do you need to download in P2P or unlock streaming services ? Instead, target the online game ? Or do you only want to secure your data ?

What a minimum number of servers do you need for a VPN ?

The more a VPN has servers, the more options you have to navigate comfortably. The average is between 500 and 2,000 physical and/or virtual servers set out in a more or less large number of locations in the world. Some suppliers go up to several thousand servers (Cyberghost, NordVPN. )). Consequently, engorgement is less frequent, therefore the a priori less regular cuts.

Beyond the raw number, the multiplication of servers also allows a multiplication of uses. Thus, some servers are devoted to downloading P2P – legal files, of course – or the streaming of services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disny+, HBO, etc.

Does VPN protect my smartphone ?

If you want to use use a VPN for your smartphone we advise you to check the following points:

Compatibility with your devices : In most cases, the best known VPNs are widespread on classic fixed and mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows 10/11, MacOS. The best services also develop applications for Android TV, Chromebook, or certain routers or Internet boxes. When you want to use a VPN on a GNU/Linux distribution, a specific router, a SmartTV, a game console, Apple TV or others, it is necessary to ensure beforehand that the supplier offers manual manual configurations.

The availability of a mobile application : The most serious suppliers generally have updated it for Android and iOS. If this is not the case, you will have to put your hands in the kidnapping and go back to the parameters in your precious smartphone. Nothing very complicated, but this kind of handling can quickly become time -consuming if you have to configure several devices.

Simultaneous connections on several devices : Apart from a few exceptions, most suppliers protect between five to ten aircraft with the same account. Beyond that, we will have to pay an additional sum. You should also know that some suppliers also offer the possibility of installing their VPN on a router to protect all of the devices connected to the network.

How to navigate with a VPN ?

Most VPNs now offer VPN extensions for browsers that allow you to target only navigation (and not other applications in use), to prevent webrtc IPRTC and geolocation leaks via the HTML5 protocol, from Force encryption even in HTTP.

Which VPN to choose? Our opinions and comparisons of the best VPNs

You are looking to get a VPN to secure your internet connection, watch content from other countries or download torrent files? I’m drawing up a comparison of the best VPNs with their strengths and weaknesses.







To my delight, more and more people have the health and safety of their navigation to heart and want to protect their internet connection and their data.

Precisely, this is the work of a VPN: quantify our internet connection and encrypt the information that transit between our computer, telephone or tablet and the site that we consult.

This is particularly practical to protect our information when we are on a public Wi-Fi network such as in a cafe, restaurant or at the airport for example.

In addition, by connecting to various servers around the world, we can bypass geographic restrictions and thus continue to listen to all.TV in France or conversely listen to the online content of TF1 in Quebec.

So what are the best VPNs? What characteristics are looking for? Do some offer more security, speed or they are all the same? Should we opt for a free or paid solution?

We answer all these questions and more, in addition to informing you of our recommendations to properly protect your devices.

NordVPN: versatile VPN

NordVPN is one of my favorites for a long time. Already for the versatility of their service, but also for its very attractive price and for its speed.


Its main strength undoubtedly lies in its number of servers, 5393 in 60 countries around the world, which makes the connection really very fast.

According to the subscription that we take – between 3.29 and $ 11.99 US per month – NordVPN allows us to secure data from up to 6 different devices.

In terms of its compatibility, it works on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS and as a web extension on Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers

Strong points

  • More than 5,393 available servers distributed in 60 countries
  • Possibility to double encryption
  • Blocks automatic and pop-up video advertisements
  • Possibility to access the United States Netflix
  • No-logs policy verified by an independent audit and accessible to all

Weak points

  • Netflix of some countries is blocked
  • You have to subscribe in the long term to have the best price

Surfhark: for those who want to pay cheaper

Surfshark is another interesting VPN solution, especially in terms of its price. She will undoubtedly be the happiness of those who want quality without paying a crazy price.

Surfhark VPN

Their service is undoubtedly the cheapest in the lot, while their price is notably lower, but especially in Canadian dollars. So we don’t pay the American exchange rate like the others.

Although cheaper, the latter offers good quality with a respectable speed.

Those who want an all-in-one without breaking their heads can be subscribed to Surfshark One which, in addition to VPN, antivirus and tools to monitor if our personal information is not victims of a leak on the web.

According to the subscription that we take – between $ 2.69 and $ 15.49 per month – Surfhark allows us to secure data from an unlimited number of devices.

In terms of its compatibility, it works on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android and in web extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Strong points

  • Less expensive than other VPNs
  • Protects an unlimited number of devices
  • Offers an all-in-one package that includes an antivirus
  • Allows you to block malware, trackers and software
  • Offers several security functionalities with Nexus technology

Weak points

  • Not the fastest VPN in some countries
  • Number of servers and countries below other VPNs

Cyberghost: a VPN for video

Cyberghost VPN is particularly interesting for people who especially want to bypass geographic restrictions.

Syberghost VPN

Indeed, Cybergost VPN will tell us the best servers for the various video services on the web.

Whether Netflix, TF1, BBC, YouTube, we will find the best possible connection according to the country where we want to consult the content.

According to the subscription that we take – between 2.29 and 12.99 US $ per month – Cyberghost allows us to secure data from up to 7 different devices.

In terms of its compatibility, it works on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, in web extension for Chrome and Firefox, on various streaming devices like Android TV, Apple TV and Amazon Firetv as well as on Xbox and PlayStation.

Strong points

  • Easy to use
  • Indication of the best video servers
  • Secures up to 7 aircraft on an account
  • Available on a ton of devices, especially on PS5 and Roku

Weak points

  • Not the fastest VPN
  • Ineffective advertising blocker

Expressvpn: to go fast fast

As its name suggests, the Force of Expressvpn is that their service is focused on download speed.


This download speed is explained by the very large number of servers available distributed in more than 94 countries.

The whole is very well protected by the AES-256 encryption protocol which is practically impossible to break.

According to the subscription that we take – between 8.32 and 12.95 US per month – ExpressVPN allows us to secure data on an unlimited number of devices.

In terms of its compatibility, it works on routers, on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS and as web extension on Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.

Strong points

  • Very fast
  • More than 94 countries available
  • Netflix US Available
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices

Weak points

  • More expensive at US $ 8.32 per month for one year
  • No savings of ladders over several years

Private Internet Accents: VPN for a safe Internet

Private Internet Access is a VPN praised by many IT security experts while their service offers the possibility of protecting up to 10 devices simultaneously on a single subscription.


Without saying that it is a VPN which acts as an antivirus, the latter can also identify malware if we had to meet on the web.

According to the subscription that we take – between 2.19 and $ 11.99 US per month – Private Internet Acces allows us to secure data from up to 10 different devices.

In terms of its compatibility, it works on game consoles, certain smart TVs, on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, IOS and as a web extension on Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers.

Strong points

  • Easy to use
  • Quite fast
  • Protects up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • Blocks advertising, cookies and malware
  • Little expensive for one year subscription to $ 2.85 per month
  • Gives access to more than 3000 servers

Weak points

  • No subscription over several years to reduce the monthly cost
  • In some regions there is only one or two servers
  • 45 countries are only available

Ipvanish: the VPN to share for large families

In most VPN suppliers, the service for which we pay we limit to the level of the number of connections. In the case of IPvanish, this is not the case since the number of connected devices is unlimited.


In terms of security measures to secure our data, IPVanish uses the Wireguard protocol and with an Advanced encryption algorithm, the highest standard on the market.

We also find protection against DNS leak, then we have access to a Kill Switch which makes it possible to ensure that our data is never visible if a server should encounter any difficulties.

According to the subscription that we take – between 3.99 and US $ 10.99 per month – IPVanish allows us to secure data from up to 6 different devices.

In terms of its compatibility, it works on routers, Amazon Fire TV and on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS and as web extension on Chrome browsers.

Strong points

  • Easy to use
  • Offers unlimited connection to all devices
  • Canadian servers divided by region
  • Use excellent safety measures

Weak points

  • Considerable speed loss on the mobile network
  • Interface unavailable in French

Opt for a paid or free VPN?

There are many VPN services and suppliers on the market, and some are paid while others are free.

However, like antivirus and protective suites, we are much better served when we opt for the paid version.

Why is this also the case for a VPN?

First, because some free VPNs do not completely encrypt our data and information. In fact, some will even record some of our information such as our IP address, our model of devices, etc.

We must also be careful, while some “free VPN” sites are actually only wind and offer absolutely no protection.

The other disadvantage of a free VPN is that it will often be slower, since it does not have access to as many servers as a paid VPN.

In short, the service of a VPN offers us greater peace. Especially since with all monthly or annual subscription offers, they only return to barely a few dollars.

Obviously, I unfortunately did not have the chance to try all VPNs on the market, since there are so much. On the other hand, we remind you of our suggestions of the best VPNs from for the year: