Bbox WiFi 6: All about WiFi 6 at Bouygues, Bouygues Telecom innovates and launches the WiFi 6e 6e compatible Bbox 6th

Innovation: Bouygues Telecom is launching a 6th WiFi compatible box

Two other buttons are placed next to the Driven of your Bbox. The first corresponds to the synchronization (WPS) which allows you to connect by wifi faster than by entering the safety key. The second allows Activate or deactivate connection (WiFi) equipment.

Bbox Wifi 6: Know everything about WiFi 6 at Bouygues

The new WiFi 6 network standard, but also its extended version 6th wifi, is now available at Bouygues Telecom. It offers a boosted internet speed and unprecedented connection performance on the market. You are interested in the Bbox offer with the latest generation wifi ? Subscription, compatibility, subscription, price, competing offers … In this guide, we approach the essential points of WiFi 6 Bouygues.

  • The essential
  • THE WiFi 6 network and its “Extended” version Offers WiFi Internet debit faster on the market.
  • To benefit from WiFi 6 Bouygues, you must subscribe to the offer Bbox Must Fiber at € 24.99/month or the Bbox Ultym Fiber at € 29.99/month.
  • A technician intervenes at your home to install the fiber optics and put your equipment into service.
  • To enjoy the WiFi 6 Bouygues Telecom, your accommodation must be eligible for fiber.
  • With the optimization of frequencies, Bouygues announces up to 40% higher speed compared to WiFi 5 and a much better fluidity for simultaneous connections with a home.
Bbox with WiFi 6 – 30 August 2023

Bbox Must Fiber
01 86 65 29 98
Bbox Ultym Fiber
01 86 65 29 98
Wifi 6 WiFi 6 th
€ 26.99/month For 12 months then 41.99 €/month € 32.99/month for 12 months then € 50.99/month

Bbox Wifi 6: The new Bouygues Telecom box

Appeared in 2020 on the market, the WiFi 6 Bbox is the Last Internet box offered by Bouygues Telecom. It has, as its name suggests, with WiFi 6 network standard, which allows Connect computer devices between them and exchange data. WiFi 6 is a new technological standard that currently offers best performance in terms of market on the market ::

  • The connection speed is boosted, with a flow down to 2 Gb/s.
  • Better connection simultaneously is available in households, with the possibility of connecting Several devices without slowdowns (videoconferencing, 4K movies, surfing the internet …).
  • The connection scope is more extensive than with previous standards, with an improved wall penetration, your home is better covered.

Since the beginning of 2022, new Bbox Ultym customers have benefited from an improved version of the Bbox WiFi 6 modem: WiFi 6th. Authorized by Arcep At the end of 2021, the network has same characteristics as the WiFi 6 Bbox, With a hint of higher technology (The E of the name meaning “Extended”)).

Designed in order to always improve the connection quality, It offers the most optimal wifi broadcast to enjoy the Bouygues Telecom fiber offer. It is acquired thanks to the use of an additional frequency band, the 6GHz (WiFi 6 has two frequency bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz)). With this addition, the network ensures a speed of fluidity and higher use. He release space on the 5 GHz band which can sometimes be very busy, especially in urban areas. Services requiring a substantial bandwidth like the Augmented reality, 8K streaming, gaming or videoconference benefit from an optimal connection within homes.

What offer includes the Bouygues Telecom WiFi 6 Bbox ?

Bouygues Telecom markets its Bbox WiFi 6 with the following fiber subscriptions: The Bbox Must Fiber and Bbox Ultym Fiber offer.

  • Flow down to 1GB/s
  • Speed ​​up to 700 Mb/s
  • Wifi 6
  • Unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles in France
  • Unlimited calls to fixed more than 110 countries
  • 180 TV 4K channels, 100H TV recorder
  • Flow down to 2GB/s
  • Speed ​​up to 900 Mb/s
  • WiFi 6 / WiFi 6th
  • Unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles in France, Europe, Switzerland
  • Unlimited calls to fixed more than 110 countries
  • 180 TV 4K channels, 100H TV recorder
  • Until 2 WiFi repeaters supplied

€ 32.99/month for 12 months then € 50.99/month
12 -month commitment

The Modem of the Bbox Ultym offer is accompanied by a 4K BBOX decoder to enjoy the Bouygues Telecom TV bouquet. With an image in Ultra-high definition, It is compatible with all 4K TV. In parallel the subscription allows you to enjoy advantages for 6 months: LE Svod Disney+ is free for 6 months.

To extend the wireless coverage within homes with a large area, the WiFi Bbox is accompanied by two WiFi repeaters which are provided on request. Connected to the most difficult to access areas, they allow to extend the signal quality and offer the quality of the WiFi 6 flow in places where the network is lower.

For the second consecutive year, nperf Bouygues Telecom class 1st on the WiFi barometer of residential internet connections in France (over the period from January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022). The criteria include descending and uprights as well as latency.

To extend the wireless coverage within homes with a large area, the WiFi Bbox is accompanied by Two WiFi repeaters which are provided on request. Connected to the most difficult to access areas, they allow to extend the signal quality and offer the quality of the WiFi 6 flow in places where the network is lower.

Wifi 6 Bouygues Telecom: What are the subscription conditions ?

To be able to subscribe to the Bbox Ultym Fiber offer including the Bbox with Wifi 6, it is necessary as its name suggests, having a Housing eligible for fiber. To check your cover, Bouygues provides a eligibility test on its website. In category “Internet box” – “Fiber” – “Fiber eligibility test” Just enter your postal address to discover the offers you can benefit from.

As a reminder, Bouygues offers its 3 fiber subscriptions also in ADSL:

  • Bbox Fit: Internet access up to 400 Mbit/S + Fixed telephony, from € 18.99/month. (Dual Play offer)
  • Bbox must: Internet access up to 1 Gbit/S + Fixed telephony + TV from € 26.99/month. (triple play offer)
  • Bbox Ultym: Internet access up to 2 Gbit/S + Fixed telephony + TV from € 32.99/month. (triple play offer)

You are not eligible for fiber but want a broadband connection ? The Bouygues Telecom 5G box offers high speed connection comparable to the WiFi 6 network, for € 40.99/month. The equipment allows individuals covered by the 5G network, but not eligible for fiber, to benefit from a flow until 1.1 Gbit/s download. The offer is exclusively based on a Internet service, However, it allows you to benefit from Bouygues TV bouquet Thanks to option B.TV+ on smartphone, computer and TV (via Chromecast).

The equipment connected to the modem must also be Compatible with the latest generation WiFi network. Being a standard that appeared in early 2020 on the market, only recent devices (smartphone, tablet, computer) are compatible. Otherwise, the connection to WiFi is possible, but the equipment will not be able to fully benefit from the innovative performance of the Wifi 6.

What features for the WiFi 6 Bbox ?

From aesthetic point of view, the Bbox WiFi 6 modem and the 6th WiFi are the same. The box has a design studied to optimize internet connection within homes. With an appearance in rupture with its predecessors, its vertical shape optimizes wave diffusion.

Thanks to 8 branches placed at the top of the device, they allow better distribution of the wireless connection. For ergonomic use, the modem holds a wheel on the facade, It works thanks to a presence sensor.

When you approach it, The LCD screen lights up and offers the Management of several features ::

  • L’QR code display of its WiFi network;
  • L’real -time connection status of all connected equipment;
  • THE parental control ;
  • L’Bbox diagnosis access.

It is also possible to Pilot your WiFi 6 Bbox directly from your Bouygues application. Once connected to your customer area, go to the ” Bbox management »To find all your information.

Two other buttons are placed next to the Driven of your Bbox. The first corresponds to the synchronization (WPS) which allows you to connect by wifi faster than by entering the safety key. The second allows Activate or deactivate connection (WiFi) equipment.

Bouygues Telecom Wifi 6: what are the characteristics ?

With a silent fan, the Bbox Fiber 6 meets new environmental issues. THE chassis and the shell of the device are nested in two parts, providing better dispersion of the heat of the internal components and therefore a energy saving. Here is a summary table exposing its technical characteristics:

  • Bbox Ultym Fiber
  • Dimensions: 14 x 15 x 23cm
  • Weight: 1.46 kg
  • LCD color screen 320 x 240 pixels
  • 4 Ethernet 1GB/s ports
  • 1 Ethernet port 10 Gb/s
  • 2 USB 3 ports.0
  • 1 RJ11 phone port
  • 1 fiber optics
  • 1 SFP optical module.
  • 12V power box
  • WiFi 6 (2.4 and 5 GHz strips)
  • WiFi 6th (bands 2.4, 5 GHz, 6 GHz)

Installation Bbox Fiber Wifi 6: how to proceed ?

After having opted for the Bbox WiFi 6 offer, The installation of your equipment will be carried out by a Bouygues Telecom technician. Whether it is a passage from ADSL to fiber or a passage from the fiber of an old operator to that of Bouygues, the intervention of a professional is necessary.

During your online subscription, a appointment is planned with Bouygues customer service since it requires your presence. It is possible to modify the date of installation until 24h Before by going to your Bouygues customer area:

  • Select the tab “My orders” – “My box orders”, then select the corresponding case;
  • Then click on the button ” to modify “ To plan another meeting.

In case of cancellation, however, it will be necessary to go directly by phone, by contacting a Bouygues Telecom advisor to 1064. On D -Day, you must be available during the entire process of installation. Otherwise, it is possible to be represented by an adult, by filling a dedicated mandate, which must then be returned to the operator.

What installation costs for fiber ? The costs vary depending on the length of the connection. They will be Free for less than 10 meters, 25 € for additional fibration of less than 50 meters and € 75 for higher fibration.

As part of the Bbox Ultym Fiber subscription, the installation “100 % turnkey” de Bouygues Telecom does not require No manipulation from you. After carrying out your fixed connection outside the home, the technician takes care of setting up your equipment by making all the necessary connections (TV decoder, bbox, fixed line)). In order to optimize your connection, it is best to place your New modem in the center of the home, Near your television. The equipment commissioning is instantaneous, but we will have to wait 48h for the activation of your Bouygues TV bouquet and its options. So that the updates settle properly, let your Bbox plug during 48 hours after installation.

For Connect a device to the WiFi 6 of the box, Use the navigation wheel and select ” Connection to the WiFi network “On the LCD screen:

  • On your smartphone, scan the QR code which appears on the modem;
  • For a computer, select “Clear display” To display the network name and your WiFi password.

Bbox Wifi 6 and Bbox Wifi 5: what differences ?

Over time, technologies are changing and each WiFi standards has increased the previous generation performance. The WiFi 6 network is no exception to the rule and improves the problems of its predecessor:

  • With Optimizing frequency bands, Data transfers are improved and Bouygues announces to 40% higher flow if only one device is connected to the router;
  • When many devices are connected simultaneously, the flow drops are common with WiFi 5. Thanks to two on-board technologies (OFDMA and MU-MIMO), treatment and latency times are reduced. The exchanges are more fluid and with a better signal.
  • WiFi 6 offers better stability by reducing interference with other equipment;
  • The latest generation WiFi network saves the batteries of devices connected to it. When they are not used, The equipment is put in standby automatically Through WiFi radio of the Fiber Bbox.
  • Personal data of devices that browse the internet via WiFi 6 are better secure thanks to the strengthening of the WPA3 security protocol (which replaces WPA2 from WiFi 5).

You want to take out a Bbox Bouygues offer ?
01 86 65 29 98SOUSSUR online

Bbox Wifi 6 Bouygues Telecom on the market: What are the competing offers ?

The WiFi 6 network has made its place on the market and the 4 major operators (SFR, Bouygues, Orange and Free) have all joined the last standard in their fiber offers.

Since the beginning of 2022, it is now the WiFi 6th appearing. Offering even further performance thanks to the unprecedented use of a new frequency band (6GHz), it reinforces the potential of WiFi 6. Nowadays, 3 operators offer the extended network of WiFi 6:

  • Bouygues with the Bbox Ultym Fiber;
  • Orange with the Livebox Max Fiber;
  • Free with the Freebox Delta.

They all offer a Triple Play subscription including TV, Internet and fixed telephony. Here is the details of their internet offers:

  • Until 2 Gbit/s download
  • Until 900 Mbit/s sending
  • WiFi 6th
  • 2 WiFi 6 repeaters on request
  • Until 2Gbit/s download
  • Until 800MBIT/S sending
  • WiFi 6th
  • 3 WiFi 6 repeaters on request
  • Until 8 Gbit/s download
  • Until 700 Mbit/s sending
  • WiFi 6th
  • 1 WiFi 6 repeater on request

Free is the first operator to integrate the 10g Epon fiber technology (an ethernet passive optical network to reach flows up to 10 gbit/s), which allows it to establish the fastest connection speed on the market. With a little higher price than its competitors, it therefore offers the The most powerful theoretical flow with an offer without commitment.

Bouygues Telecom’s offer remains The most interesting in terms of quality/price since it offers 6th WiFi technology with a price below its competitors. With a one -year subscription to € 32.99/month, The Bbox Ultym is € 5 cheaper than the Livebox Max And € 7 cheaper than the Freebox Delta.

You are looking for a box or mobile offer ? Contact our selectra advisers and let yourself be guided to the most suitable partner offer. 01 86 65 29 98

Updated on 08/30/2023

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Innovation: Bouygues Telecom is launching a 6th WiFi compatible box

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Article updated on April 25, 2022

Since April 25, 2022, new Bbox Ultym Fiber customers have a improved version WiFi 6 modem Bbox: it is indeed compatible with the whole New WiFi 6th standard.

THE WiFi 6th (E for “extended”) is a wifi diffusion standard that uses the frequency strip of 6GHz, In addition to those already in office (2.4 and 5GHz). Authorized by arcep at the end of 2021, the 6th WiFi allows to improve the comfort of use : even more flow, more simultaneous connections, better stability of the connection and improved performance so that all the members of the home fully benefit from the power of the Bouygues Telecom fiber.

From the point of view aesthetic, The new WiFi 6th Bbox Modem is in every way similar to its predecessor, launched in early 2020: breaking with the other box operators, its design is specially studied so that this object is not hidden within the home and its vertical shape Help to broadcast WiFi waves thanks to 8 small antennas placed at the top for a perfect distribution of the wireless connection.

Concerned about the environment, Bouygues Telecom has watched over eco-design From its 6th wifi fiber bbox: a chassis and a shell in two nested parts to avoid the use of glue and a “chimney” shape allows better dispersion of the heat of the internal components without adding fan.

This box was also awarded by the French Design Institute and participated in classifying Bouygues Telecom n ° 1 for WiFi at the NPERF barometer last March.

With the 6th wifi fiber bbox, Already distributed to hundreds of customers since last March, Bouygues Telecom meets an essential need for its customers: benefit from a quality WiFi connection, everywhere at home.