Balance Bank, Open a Boursorama Bank account: procedures and advice

How to open a Boursorama Bank account: steps, conditions, supporting documents

The must : To choose at all costs, if you are ultra-connected, eager for transparency and autonomy in your banking uses.

Open a bank account

Offer reserved for adults and capable, and valid for any first effective opening of an individual stock market banking account (excluding Boursorama Banque professional account, excluding specific supply, see tariff brochure) with concomitant bank card request made from 08/01/2023.

The account opening request is reserved for any new customer beneficiary of the “BRS100” commercial offer code.

A bonus of € 20 for the opening of a Boursorama Banque bank account. The sum of € 20 will be credited to the bank account on the day of its effective opening.

A premium 80 € for ordering a WELCOME or Ultim bank card: € 80 of premium for any order of WELCOME or Ultim bank card carried out concomitantly at the request for a bank account opening, and accepted by Boursorama Banque. The sum of € 80 will be credited to the bank account on the day of its effective opening subject to acceptance of the bank card application file by Boursorama Banque.
Free of the first 8 contributions for the subscription of the Metal offer: you benefit, in accordance with the price brochure, from the free eight first contributions for the subscription of the concomitant metal offer at the request of opening a first Banking account (tariff in force on 08/01/2023, subject to change of pricing policy by Boursorama), subject to acceptance of your file by Boursorama. A payment of 80 cents will be paid on the same bank account in the 8th month.

In the event of subscription via the route in the application (eligible for Welcome, ultimous cards with systematic authorization only): the file must be complete and comply with the opening of the bank account via the application. Any incomplete file after 5 working days will have to be redone since the first stage of the subscription route. The first payment must reach Boursorama Banque once the electronic signature of the contract is made and the request for a bank card accepted by Boursorama Banque, to open the right to the payment of the commercial premium.

In case of subscription without the application (eligible for Welcome cards, ultimous with systematic authorization only): the file must be complete and conform within two months of the initial request: all supporting documents (outside the first payment, unless the latter is made by check in the event of paper subscription) must be attached before this date. The first payment will have to reach Boursorama Banque no later than 5 working days after receipt of the email which will indicate to the new customer that it can proceed to this first payment to open the right to the payment premium.

Offer limited to a single offer per person and not combined with any other Boursorama Banque offer.

In the event of closing of the customer’s account, either on the initiative of the customer himself, or on the initiative of Boursorama Banque in the event of seriously reprehensible behavior of the customer, during the 24 months following their effective opening, Boursorama Banque reserves the right to deire the amount corresponding to the premium or welcome premiums from which he benefited within the framework of this commercial offer.

How to open a Boursorama Bank account: steps, conditions, supporting documents

Boursorama Bank account

It’s official : from October 2, 2023, Boursorama Banque changes identity and becomes Boursobank.

Tempted by the Boursorama Banque offer ? You want to open an account ? Renowned for being one of the cheapest banks on the market, Boursorama Banque offers flexible and competitive offers. Quickly find out how to open a bank account at Boursorama: supporting documents to open an account, amount of the first payments, income conditions. We will explain everything to you !

�� Steps in brief: how to become a stock market bank ?

Steps Details
1. Complete the subscription form Access the Online form and inform the requested information.
2. Electronically sign your Boursoram account agreement Validate your BOURTHORAMA BANK By signing your electronically contract.
3. Provide supporting documents Zero paperwork: only 3 supporting documents will be able to ask you
4. Pay your first deposit to activate your Boursorama account Once your account opening request has been validated by the Boursorama teams, pour the 300 € deposit for Activate your new Boursorama Banque account
�� Learn more Open a Boursorama Banque account

Updated data September 2023

What conditions to open a Boursorama Bank account ?

For Open a Boursorama Banque account, Certain conditions must be met:

  • Who can open a Boursorama Banque account ?
  • A person physical, Capable and major
  • Be Fiscally domiciled in France
  • Not be banking ban
  • Be already holder of abank account in France

Boursorama Welcome card

0 €/month

✔️ No income condition

  • A free offer and without income conditions
  • Reduced foreign costs
  • Classic Visa Insurance
  • Overdraft
  • Sponsorship program + generous welcome offer
  • Efficient mobile application

Boursorama Ultim Card

0 €/month

✔️ Immediate debit: none
❌ Delayed flow: € 1,500 net of monthly income

✔️ Premium offer without income conditions
✔️ Forests abroad reduced
✔️ Visa Insurance Premier
✔️ Discovered authorized
✔️ Sponsorship program + generous welcome offer
✔️ Effective mobile application

Ultim Metal Boursorama card

Boursorama Ultim Metal
€ 9.90/month

✔️ Immediate debit: none
❌ Delayed flow: € 2,500 net of monthly income

  • No fees abroad
  • Premium insurance abroad
  • Comfortable payments and withdrawal ceilings
  • Overdraft
  • Sponsorship program + generous welcome offer
  • Efficient mobile application

Updated data September 2023

Open a Boursorama account: what supporting documents are to be provided ?

With its flexible income conditions and attractive prices, Boursorama Banque does not require salary slips at theOpening an account. The key: a Simple and quick account opening, 0 paperwork warranty.

Supporting documents to open a Boursorama Banque account

Vouchers Details
An identity document Passport, identity card, residence permit
A second identity document Passport, identity card, residence permit, tax notice, driving license, birth extract, family booklet
Proof of address Water, gas, electricity, tax notice or crous of less than 3 months
A rib The RIB must be in your name and detained in another banking establishment located in a country of the European Economic Area, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or the overseas departments

Updated data September 2023

How to open an account at Boursorama Banque: the steps in detail

�� Fill out the online form

To start your Online account opening, Just fill out a form, available on the Boursorama Banque website. The following information will be requested:

  • Civility: Name, first name, date of birth, etc.
  • Contact details : email address, postal address, country of residence, telephone number, etc.
  • Chosen offer: Welcome, Ultim or Ultim Metal card, Delayer or immediate deduction, with or without savings book, etc.

✍️ Electronically sign the account agreement

After completing the form, you access a summary of your account opening request accompanied by your account agreement. Sign it directly online from the Boursorama portal.

�� Provide supporting documents

To provide the requested parts, you can scan or take a picture of them from your smartphone. Then send them online from the Boursorama portal.

�� Make your first payment

To close your Boursorama account opening, make a First transfer of minimum € 300 Thanks to the RIB provided. You will receive your new Boursorama Banque bank card within 72 hours.

FAQ: Open a Boursorama Bank account

�� Why open an account in an online bank ?

Open an account in an online bank has many advantages, including that of enjoying one of the best banking applications on the market and accessing attractive banking rates. Ideal for people wishing to benefit from a flexible, inexpensive and very little bank offer, online banks also pour out very advantageous banking costs and often allow you to benefit from a bank card free

Want to know more ? Discover our guide to choose the right bank online.

�� Why choose Boursorama Banque: the advantages

Boursorama Banque has many advantages:

  • Offers at attractive prices and with flexible income conditions : with several free cards, a zero -cost bank policy and competitive foreign prices, the Boursorama Banque offer is positioned as one of the cheapest banks on the market.
  • Additional banking products : Having a BOURTHORAMA BANKE account allows you to access the whole range of very competitive financial products – KADOR minor account, savings book, scholarship offer, mortgage, stock market insurance.
  • A high -performance mobile application : mobile payment, digital trunk, budgeting tool, instant transfer. The Boursorama’s mobile application is a real shot and alie ergonomics and elegant design. It is also placed in a pole position in our record of the best banking apps.

Want to know what Boursorama Banque is worth ? Find our full Boursorama opinion.

�� Boursorama Banque: which offer to choose ?

The mobile bank offers 3 account offers and card ::

  • Welcome card : free offer, ideal in auxiliary card, especially for traveling, and for those wishing to provide a bank card at 0 €.
  • Ultim card : free offer but under income conditions, very flexible for immediate speed. This offer will allow you to have a Complete insurance pack (Guarantees of the first visa), advantageous foreign prices and comfortable payment and withdrawal ceilings..
  • Ultim Metal card : for € 9.90/month, benefit from a high -end bank card, with a licked design. The Ultim Metal card is accompanied by complete insurance coverage and premium advantages. As a bonus: withdrawals and payment abroad are completely free !

Want to learn more about Boursorama Banque ? Find our full presentation of Boursorama Banque offers

Do you know these 5 ways to open a bank account ?

(Photo credits: Adobe Stock - Open a bank account)

All paths lead to the opening of a bank account … or almost. However, all possible courses offer neither the same period nor the same ease. In the era of digital and real time, we identified the 5 possible (still) possible scenarios to open a bank account. It’s up to you to judge the one that suits you the most and will bring you the maximum of advantages.

1) Going to an agency to open a bank account

The principle is to line up at the counter and formulate your request for an account opening so that it is taken into account live.
Precautions to take: go to your agency during opening hours, do not have too many people with requests, complaints or complex needs to formulate.

An advice : : to avoid if your time is precious or if you are a real “native digital”.

2) Open a bank account by calling an advisor

The rule is to first obtain a first telephone contact with a view to starting the procedures to open a bank account.
To have in mind: it is likely that you should come and deposit or scan the most commonly requested compulsory supporting documents: valid identity document, current RIB, proof of address … It is therefore a hybrid system, or ” phygital ”, which is looming for your next account opening.

Our suggestion: If your establishment allows a loading of supporting documents on its site, you can directly follow the scenario 4, without going through the “telephone call” box for the opening of your account.

3) fill out a form to be contacted then

If you are tempted by this opportunity, you will have to send your bank opening request to your banking establishment by filling out the fields required by the requested bank.

Risk: Wait for the recall of your commercial interlocutor. The deadline for the creation of an account is not contractual and can therefore vary depending on the burden of your bank advisers.

Our opinion : To choose only in case of serious doubt about your eligibility or “out -of -frame” file.

4) Follow an online route to open a bank account

In search of flexibility ? You can subject to supporting supporting documents shared at the banking establishment (at least: valid official identity document, RIB of an eligible country, handwritten signature on white sheet, etc.), obtain the creation of your new account almost instantly.

Limit: this option is little suitable for people who are not comfortable with the computer or internet tool.

The good idea: To favor if you need to go fast and you can sail serenely on the internet.

5) Go through your smartphone to open an online bank account

As for your quest for agility, you can now satisfy it in a few clicks. The customer profile validation course is even faster online to access your new bank account: you just have to have the digital format of the supporting documents required by your bank (for example: valid official identity document, RIB D ‘An eligible country, the claimant’s selfie).

Be careful not to be blocked for technical details, typically a photo file format too heavy to be loaded on the bank’s website. Or a blurred identity photo that would risk delaying the processing of your file. Most of these specifications are present during the opening process, take the time to take a look at it.

Condition: For this process to be optimal, the customer must be equipped with a smartphone to download the application and carry out their current operations online.

The must : To choose at all costs, if you are ultra-connected, eager for transparency and autonomy in your banking uses.

Open an account: a few common points to know

Whatever your preference (in agency, in hybrid mode or with a 100% online bank), you will have, as a new customer, initially feed your bank account to activate it permanently. It is the bank account agreement, signed between the bank and its client, which defines all the operating rules and methods of use of it.

The different modes to open an account depend on your ease with technology and your desire to envisage a 100% online banking relationship, always at your service and thought according to your customer interest. Boursorama Banque understood your time of time, savings and security issues: this is why it works every day in favor of a unique and fluid customer experience on site or on its application.

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