B. Bouygues TV: the free application to enjoy your TV channels, how to watch B. Bouygues Telecom TV on his computer?

Bouygues Telecom: how to access TV channels on your computer (PC/Mac)

Many services are also included, such as replay, L’remote recording, a service of Vod, or the Direct control. All these services are detailed lower in this article.

B.Bouygues TV: Free TV channels on PC and smartphone

Thanks to B.TV, you can watch your TV programs on different supports such as your TV, smartphone, tablet or computer, simultaneous or delayed. Over 70 channels are included on B.TV and many additional services are also available, all the more optimizing your TV experience. How to connect to B.TV ? At what price ? What are the included channels ? Discover everything about the Multi-Ecrans Service of Bouygues Telecom.

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What is application B.TV ?

B.TV is the application free multi-screen Bouygues Telecom which allows you to enjoy all your programs at any time, from any device: TV, smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.

She gives you access to Over 70 channels including TNT channels, Disney Channel, Game One, TV Breizh, Ushuaïa TV, and much more.

Many services are also included, such as replay, L’remote recording, a service of Vod, or the Direct control. All these services are detailed lower in this article.

B.TV is included in Bbox Must, Bbox Ultym, 4G Box and 5G Box offers. Bouygues Mobile, B & YOU customers without binding and Bouygues prepaid cards can also take advantage of the B application.TV on all their devices in mainland France and Europe.

Do not confuse multi-ecrans and multi TV. The service multi-screen allows you to take advantage of your programs on Different supports With B.TV, while theMulti TV option Allows you to watch TV On 2 simultaneous televisions. The Multi TV service is available at the cost of € 8.99/month (1 € the first month) without engagement For the Bbox Must and Ultym.

The data is deducted from my package when I use B.TV ?

If you use the B application.TV being connected to the mobile network 4G or 5G, Your mobile data will actually be Decisive of your mobile plan. If you use the application in Wireless, no problem : Nothing will be deducted of your mobile plan.

On the other hand, it is possible to take advantage of the B application.TV in 4G or 5G without anything being deducted of your mobile data envelope. For this, you must Subscribe to option B.Unlimited TV for 6 €/month (first month offered) in addition to your Bouygues or B & You package.

Be careful alone the viewing of TV programs is not deducted from your mobile envelope. Other application services such as radio, VOD, or navigation in the application are for them counters of your package. Also, if you consume all of your mobile data envelope, you will be obliged to connect to WiFi in order to continue to take advantage of the B application.TV.

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How to connect to B.Bouygues TV ?

B.TV is a service multi-screen : you can connect to B.TV from your TV, your smartphone, tablet, or your computer. Make sure you have a Good wifi or 4G/5G connection, Because a bad connection can Assign the quality of your image. To find out more about the quality of your connection, you can carry out a Bouygues flow test.

What does multi-ecrans mean ? Multi-ecrans B Service B.Bouygues Telecom TV allows you to take advantage of your favorite programs simultaneous or delayed. You can therefore watch several programs of the same service at the same time (Disney+, Netflix, Amazon …), or choose to start a program on one device and finish it on another.

How to get B.TV on TV ?

If you have taken out an offer Bbox must or Bbox Ultym, You don’t need to go through application B.TV to access your programs. You just need to go through your TV decoder Included in the offer to take advantage of the Bbox TV. If you wish to subscribe to one of these Bouygues fiber offers, it is first of all necessary to carry out a Bouygues eligibility test.

On the other hand, if you have a Bbox Smart TV offer, you can access your content directly on your TV. The application is indeed already integrated at SMART TV SAMSUNG.

On the other hand, if you are a customer Bouygues Mobile And want to use the application on another TV, when you are at a friend for example, you can simply “caster“Application B.TV from your smartphone or tablet to the desired TV. This nevertheless requires using a chromecast device or Apple TV.

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B.Bouygues TV on PC

It is very easy to access B.TV on Mac or PC. Here is the procedure to access your channels from your computer:

  1. Go to the next page on the Bouygues Telecom site: https: // www.Bouygues Telecom.FR/TV-Direct/
  2. Connect Using your Bouygues Telecom customer identifier and password.
  3. To watch TV on your PC, go to the section “VOD television“Then click on”Live TV».
  4. You can now access all your Bouygues TV content on your computer, including optional subscribed bouquets.

If you have a device operating under Windows 10, He will be more judicious ofInstall application B.TV On your PC from the Microsoft Store.

Download B.Bouygues TV on smartphone or tablet

If you want to use the B application.TV for free on your smartphone or tablet, you just have to Download on the App Store, Google Play, or any other application download platform.

For devices Android, The most recent version of the application is the 12.116.3, weighing 51 mega and available since the end of January 2023. It is compatible with versions 8.0 or later of the operating system. Regarding devices iOS, This is version 8.116.2, which requires the iOS 13 version.0 or later.

You can then connect easily thanks to your Bouygues Mobile or Bbox identifiers.

How to find my Bouygues identifiers ? If you are Bbox customer, Your identifier corresponds to your Bouygues email address for Bbox offers or at Fixed line number. If you are mobile client, Your identifier is your Mobile line number.

What are the services and channels included on B.TV ?

The channels available with option B.TV

If you have a Bbox Bouygues offer triple play (Must or ultym), All channels included in your subscription are also available on application B.TV. This is also valid for Optional subscribed TV bouquets.

On the other hand, if you have a 4G box or 5g box, or if you are only mobile client, You benefit from unlimited access more than 70 channels.

Among the channels available on application B.TV, you will find in particular:

General practitioners TF1, France 2 and 3, Canal Plus, France 5, M6, Arte, C8, W9, TMC, TFX, NRJ12, LCP Public Senate, France 4, BFM, C News, C Star, Gulli, France ô, TF1 series Films , The L’Equipe, 6ter, RMC Story, RMC discovery, Chérie 25, LCI, France Info…
Other generalist channels RTL9, Paris Première, Téva, TV Breizh, TV5 Monde, TF1+1
Entertainment Game One, Bet, McM, People 24, Game One +1, Comedy Central
Youth Disney Channel 1 & 2
Discovery and nature Souvenirs from Earth, Ushuaïa TV, History, Aerostar TV, MBC Live TV
Young adults Gong, Ouatch TV, Ginx
Music NRJ Hits, Virgin Radio TV, Trace Urban, Oklm TV, OFIVE TV, Mezzo, Black Classik, BRAVA
Sport Equidia, Auto-Moto, ES1
Movie theater Drive-in Movie Channel

In addition to these channels, you can also enjoy national information channels (BFM Business, Euronews, France 24) and international (BBC World News, Al Jazeera, CNN, i24 news, etc.). Many regional chains are also available.

The list of channels included may have to be modified over time. You can also consult this list on the Bouygues Telecom website.

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Services included with application B.TV

Application B.TV allows you not only to watch TV live from your devices, but also to access many other services of which :

  • Direct control : this allows you to put a program in break and take it back as soon as you wish.
  • The “Reading of the start” function : Relaunch an current program from the start (only available on 55 B channels.TV).
  • SVOD’s service : access more than 5000 programs
  • The replay : Revision your favorite programs (available for 31 channels)
  • Program guide : Discover the whole TV program of the day and add alerts not to miss anything
  • Chromecast : possibility of “caster” certain programs with a chromecast device
  • Radios and podcasts

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Bouygues Telecom: how to access TV channels on your computer (PC/Mac) ?

TV on a computer with Bouygues Telecom

If access to a TV case is now more than widespread, this is not enough. Indeed, it is sometimes necessary for some households to have the possibility of watching television your computer, smartphone or tablet. Bouygues Telecom subscribers notably have access to B.TV, the operator’s application to watch TV directly on your phone or personal computer. Mapetitebox offers a guide to help Bouygues Telecom and B & You subscribers have access to their live TV application.

How to watch TV from your computer for Bouygues Telecom subscribers ?

Bouygues Telecom knows very well that a TV case is not always enough. Because television can break down, because we do not always agree on the program to watch, because some households are not equipped with a TV. It is for all these reasons that The operator of Martin Bouygues offers B.TV, Its live TV application. The latter is accessible on computer under Windows via the B application.TV by Bouygues Telecom, but also on tablet and smartphone.

B.TV on PC and Mac

Bouygues Telecom TV can take advantage of the computer.

What subscribers have access to service B.Bouygues Telecom TV ?

Bouygues Telecom notably offers its subscribers direct access to application B.TV, on several channels. We can notably cite tablets, computers via an application or browser or smartphones. Note that to have access to the application, being subscribed is not enough. It is necessary that Have your Bouygues Telecom identifiers in order to be able to connect

Clearly, the REPLAY and LIVE TV service is notably accessible to ::

  • subscribers with a Bouygues Telecom and B & You mobile plan ;
  • Those with an internet box sold by Bouygues Telecom.

Note that BBOX customers can have access to the application on their smartphone and that customers holding a B & YOU or Bouygues Telecom mobile plan can naturally connect to B.TV from a computer.

B.browser TV no longer works

If application B.TV was available directly on browser from the website of the Bouygues Telecom operator, this feature is out-of-service, since 2018. No date for restoring the service has been announced at the moment.

The features of application B.TV

B.TV is an application that allows you to watch live TV, but not only. Other practices are actually allowed by this platform which can be very practical.

Application B.TV, accessible to Bbox and Mobile Bouygues Telecom and B & You customers, allows you to ::

  • Watch your TV channels live in 4G or Wi-Fi;
  • Use the “Read from the start” service to start your program again from the start;
  • Consult the entire program and TV guides and add reminders to not miss any of its favorite programs ;
  • Listen to the radio and podcasts directly from the application;
  • Caster his favorite programs directly on his television thanks to Chromecast and Googlecast;
  • have access to your favorite TV programs on demand;
  • Use your mobile phone as a remote control and program your recordings remotely.


Application B.TV provides many additional features.

To record your program remotely, nothing could be simpler. Just connect with your Bbox identifiers and then go to the “My Programming” section. Note that this feature is not available on the Bbox Miami.

Lost or broken remote control ? No fears to have, Application B.TV allows you to have a remote control in his smartphone. To do this, just connect to Wi-Fi to detect the decoder. Once the latter spotted by the phone, just select your TV decoder and enter the code that will appear on your television. It will sometimes be necessary to restart your BBOX so that it works. If the problem persists, you will have to contact Bouygues Telecom customer service.

Bbox and Netflix

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On which supports is the live TV service available ?

For the sake of facilitating the life of a maximum of its customers, Bouygues Telecom has made its application B.TV is accessible to as many people as possible and on a maximum of supports. Whatever the product brand, it will always be possible to have access to the live TV of Bouygues Telecom.

Service B.Tv is notably available on ::

  • Android smartphone via application B.TV to download on the Play Store;
  • IPhone always via this same application which can be downloaded from the App Store;
  • Android and iOS tablets;
  • computer directly on browser or by downloading the B application.TV on the Windows Store.

What about b.TV on Apple computers ?

If application B.TV, by Bouygues Telecom is available on the App Store, it is however not accessible from an Apple computer. Indeed, the application is only available on the App Store from an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

The procedure to connect to your B account.TV on the different platforms

To connect to application B.TV You must have previously downloaded it on your smartphone, tablet or computer. As mentioned above, the application is available on all media with the exception of Mac computers.

To connect to its application it is necessary to have in its possession:

  • His email address @Bbox.fr and password of its BBOX customer area for those who have subscribed to an internet box;
  • the mobile phone number as well as the password of its mobile customer customer area;
  • The telephone number associated with its 4G Internet box and the password of its customer area for those with a 4G box from the Bouygues Telecom operator.

This information is necessary independently of the chosen support: tablet, computer or smartphone. Once the application is downloaded, just enter your email address or phone number and password, depending on the platform and the type of subscription as mentioned above. Once it is done, all you have to do is enjoy the entire Bbox TV from the chosen medium.

Advice from mySmallBox

To connect to the application from your smartphone, if the phone in question has a B & You or Bouygues Telecom chip, it will not be necessary to authenticate. The connection will be automatically.

Other ways to access TV channels from your computer or smartphone

Application B.TV is not the only feature to watch your favorite emissions directly on your computer or smartphone when you are Bouygues Telecom customer. Whether it is the TV channels that have a website as well as a replay service, VOD and online streaming platforms like Netflix or Disney+ or the main French channels like TF1 or France Télévisions which have a site broadcasting TV shows live, there are many ways to do without a TV.

Have access to live programs and channel replays

First special case, channels with live television service. Most of the most popular channels such as TF1, M6 or the chains stamped France Télévisions, All have a live broadcast service on their website. However, this means remains limited since the majority of TV channels do not have sufficient means to afford to launch such a service.

Here is the list of the main channels offering such a functionality ::

  • MYTF1 which offers the replays and the live TV of the following channels: TF1, TMC, TFX, LCI and TF1 SERIESFILMS ;
  • 6Play The site of the M6 ​​group which retransmet: M6, W9, 6TER, Gulli, Paris Premiere, Téva, RTL2;
  • Francetelevision, the national company which holds: France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, France Ô and the 1st.

All these channels are accessible live and the programs which are broadcast there are also Accessible in replay for 7 days. In addition, some channels also have an application available on the Google Play Store or the App Store to have access to the same features.

If the functionality presented at the moment is free, for the least popular channels, this is not necessarily the case. Indeed, many little -known television channels has a website, but also a paid replay service. Prices are generally around € 2.99 to € 4.99 per month and about 9 times more expensive for a year subscription. Lovers of a particular TV channel can also have access to all the broadcasts broadcast for a small monthly payment.

Everything about the Bouygues Telecom replay

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VOD and streaming platforms

Last solution to watch shows directly on your computer, tablet or Smartphone in IPTV: streaming and VOD platforms. These applications with a monthly subscription of € 4.99 to around twenty euros, allow us to Look unlimited a program catalog evolving according to contracts made by the platform with the various production studios.

Access SVOD platforms

To take advantage of computer TV, it is also possible to go through the different SVOD platforms.

Among the most popular VOD and streaming platforms, there are ::

  • Appletv+, giving access to a catalog of exclusive programs for € 4.99/month;
  • Disney+ The Disney conglomerate streaming platform which notably offers Marvel films for € 6.99 monthly;
  • The essential Netflix and its colossal program catalog whose cheapest subscription is priced € 7.99 per month ;
  • OCS, the platform popularized thanks to the Game of Thrones series, for € 9.99 per month.