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AVG Antivirus Free Edition

Finally, the user interface of AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition has been redesigned for better integration into the system.

AVG Free

Perfect free antivirus protection for your PC

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AVG Anti-Virus is one of those free tools that can save you a lot of money. AVG is like other antivirus for PC, it allows you to quarantined files, but it includes more features than you can customize.

You can decide many things about the process of research and destruction of viruses. You could say that you have control and AVG is completely in your hands. AVG allows you to scan emails with advanced technologies, and you can combine it with your email client (Eudora, Outlook, Thunderbird, . ))

The application also has a guide to create a backup disc of your hard drive which can be very useful if you need to clean your computer.

The latest version of AVG Free Anti-Virus combines the test center and the control center in a single element; It is therefore much easier to use.

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Licence Free
Operating system Windows
Category Anti-virus
Language French

AVG Antivirus Free Edition

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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition offers an anti-virus solution that protects its system and data from multiple viruses and other malware that swarms on the internet.

The application is not very greedy in resources consumed and easy to access. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition incorporates real -time protection in order to prevent the proliferation of viruses, towards and Trojans as soon as infected documents open and the execution of malicious programs.

Finally, the user interface of AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition has been redesigned for better integration into the system.

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AVG Antivirus Free Now is part of AVG Protection Free, an anti-Malware ensemble while which allows you to protect Windows and Mac computers as well as Android smartphones and tablets, without any limit of a number of devices, all from a table of Easy to use edge. The software is also “zen”, which means that you can extend your protection to the whole family and all their peripherals. All for free.

Even better, AVG Free Antivirus Automatically receives updates guaranteeing you to have always up -to -date protection, to benefit from the latest improvements and features.

News 2017 AVG Antivirus Free PC:

– There new interface Facilitates monitoring of your protective layers.
– ” L’Computer analysis “Looks quickly, malware, tool bars and unwanted browser extensions as well as computer performance problems with one click.
– There new option “Complete analysis »Allows you to specifically target hidden threats thanks to a longer and meticulous analysis of your computer.
– L’identification of unknown threats has been improved by sending potential malware to our servers for a further analysis.
– THE dangerous downloads are now blocked Before they even reach your PC (it was previously paid functionality).
– THE Safety updates are now sent automatically to your PC in real time (it was previously paid functionality).