Audi Active ActiveSphere: A futuristic electric cut SUV which turns into pick-up-digital, Audi ActiveSphere: First contact with the Coupé-Suv-Pickup

Audi ActiveSphere: First contact with the coupé-Suv-Pickup

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Audi ActiveSphere: a futuristic electric cut SUV which turns into pick-up

Audi has unveiled its surprising active concept-car concept, an electric all-terrain coupe that turns into pick-up on demand. If it will not enter into production as it is, it inaugurates a new platform full of promises.

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No need to hope to cross it on the roads or, on the contrary, to prepare its operation “SUV deflation”, the Audi Active Audi concept will not enter production as it is. However, he trained the direction that the manufacturer intends to borrow in the future and inaugurates some interesting promises.

This active concept is an all-terrain coupé SUV which turns into pick-up on demand. It is the fourth vehicle in the “Sphere” range, made up of autonomous and fully electric futotypes of the manufacturer.

In addition to its elegant line developed at the Audi Design Studio in Malibu and based on the lines of a 4.98 m long SUV, 2.07 m wide and 1.60 m high, it incorporates a sum of technologies which could ultimately be in certain standard vehicles, starting with its active tailgate which transforms it into a pick-up.

Indeed, ActiveSphere has a motorized partition which unfolds from the rear seats to isolate the interior. At the same time, the rear telescope slides on the roof, and the tailgate unfolds horizontally to open the loading compartment, thus transforming the trunk into a bucket.

At the crossroads between several types of vehicle, ActiveSphere can see its ground clearance goes from 208 mm to 248 mm thanks to an active pneumatic suspension. The angle of approach of the Active Audi, important in all-terrain mode, is 18.9 °, and the starting angle of 28.1 °. For comparison, a Jeep Wrangler offers an approach angle of around 40 ° and a starting angle of approximately 36 °, but the active is more road, heir to the Audi Allroad of the 2000s.

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The other interesting aspect is that it is based on the Audi PPPE (Premium Platform Electric) architecture, incorporating a load system of 800 V with maximum autonomy estimated at more than 600 km from a battery of 100 kWh. This makes it possible to supply two electric motors-one for each axle-which ensure the all-wheel drive and offer a combined power of 436 horsepower (325 kW) and a torque of 720 nm. Only 25 min would be necessary to go from 5 to 80 % load.

Beyond its road skills, the activephere is based on a interior dedicated to autonomous driving with a dashboard, pedals and a steering wheel that retracts on demand and on adapted road. Mixed reality commands are displayed and thus allow the control of different functions without physical control. Virtual reality headsets allow you to visualize additional personalized content (command prompt, infotainment or multimedia), without cluttering the view of those who do not wear the helmet.

ActiveSphere is not intended to be produced. Rather, it is, with the Skysphere, Grandsre and Urbansphere concepts, to show how the German brand is considering the future of the car. And it appears rather cool and futuristic ..

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Audi ActiveSphere: First contact with the coupé-Suv-Pickup

Fourth part of the Audi “Sphere” concept-cars series, ActiveSphere opts for a body halfway between coupé and elevated sedan, which can also transform into pick-ups dedicated to leisure. Encounter.

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Initially, Audi had planned three concept cars belonging to the “Sphere” family. Electrical studies unveiled in 2021 with each their character and their function: the Skyspier roadster for wind driving in the wind, the large sedan giving clues to the future A8 and the Urbanspher minivan, reserved for the Chinese market. Finally, the manufacturer decided to expand the family with a fourth member at the crossroads.

Coupé, sedan or pickup ?

Half-cut four raised half-sheep doors, Audi Activephere does not enter any box. And even less with its rear architecture, allowing a simple press of a button to transform the model into pick-up. An amazing moult which is explained by its place of birth. The Audi Design Studio is based in Malibu (California), a place very focused on outdoor sport and nature. Charles Lefranc, a French designer who participated in the project, explains that the inspiration comes in particular by the Americans who like to “take their bikes and climb in the mountains to play sports and spend”.

Thus, Audi has developed a mobile skip system equipped with fixings on rails to hang two mountain bikes, immobilized thanks to straps. A small vertical separation surmounted by a window unfolds behind the seats at the same time as the bucket to isolate the cabin. The drawing is close to the prototype led by Audi on the Dakar, the RS Q e-tron, especially on the front panel. We also find the philosophy of the Steppenwolf concept presented in 2000 at the Paris World Cup. A sort of large raised tt, 10 years ahead of the fashion of SUVs.
With 4.98 m long including 2.97 m of wheelbase, for 2.07 m wide and 1.60 m high, the active concept is close to an Audi A6. The body height is variable thanks to a pneumatic suspension with adaptive shock absorbers. Standard ground clearance is 208 mm, and climbs 40 mm in all-terrain driving or 40 mm drops for road driving. This evolution is marked by pins that stand out or hide on the rocker panels or the shields. The study has a very pronounced plunging roof and large 22 -inch rims equipped with aerodynamic “flaps”. They are fitted with specific all-terrain tires in 285/50.

Minimalist interior and virtual reality

The doors are with antagonistic opening and without central amount. They open on a beautiful interior space, “cocoon way”. Four seats covered with a red recycled fabric are placed on board, on a slide attached to the central console. The dashboard is removable, disappearing in a few seconds when the autonomous driving mode is engaged. This frees the front space, where a window is placed in place of the single -leframe grille. Thus, passengers can see the road by this porthole, or from the bottom of the doors or the sunroof. The cabin is also very minimalist: no screens, deemed too pervasive, but rather noble materials like wood and augmented virtual reality displays thanks to VR headsets. For example, air conditioning control, speed or 3D topographic data when using all-terrain are visible in the cabin.

Based on the new PPE platform designed with Porsche (which will equip the A6 e-tron and q6 e-tron from the end of 2023), the Audi Activephere is equipped with electric motors on each axle delivering a total of 325 kW (442 hp) and 720 Couple nm. 0 to 100 km/h is shot in 4.9 s. The 100 kWh battery would offer a range of more than 600 km according to Audi. Thanks to the 800V system (such as the E-tron GT), the charging power of 270 kW maximum allows you to recover more than 300 km in 10 min, or to go from 5 to 80% battery in less than 25 min.

Will come or come ?

The concept “does not announce a particular model” despite a potential market in the USA. However, it should inspire the brand vis-à-vis the simplification of the dashboard. It will be presented during the Austrian ski competition of Kitzbühel, to “be in your habitat”, before appearing on other events over the year.
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