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Buy a new iPhone now or wait

You just want an iPhone and you don’t really care if it’s the last model ? So why not buy now ? They are much cheaper than when they release.

Apple’s biggest novelty this year ? Decrease prices !

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Apple USB C

Apple had a heavy hand last year at the launch of the iPhone 14 range. Prices have indeed suffered a significant increase in Europe, the manufacturer having preferred to spare the United States and China from the effects of inflation-at the time, the exchange rate between the euro and the dollar also played strongly against our disadvantage. What about the iphone and Apple Watch raw 2023 ?

In 2022, Apple did not hesitate to hit hard in the wallet of European consumers with high prices for the new iPhone of the time. The 128 GB iPhone 14 thus crossed the symbolic and painful threshold of € 1,000. The device was indeed sold for € 1,019, or € 110 more than the iPhone 13 (or 12 % more expensive).

Calgon on prices

What can I say about the iPhone 14 Pro Max of 1 TB, sold € 2,129, € 290 more than the iPhone 13 Pro Max of the same capacity (+ 15 %) ! And no need to count on the traditional discount granted on the models of the past year: between 2021 and 2022, the iPhone 13 did not move with prices starting at € 909 … A hard blow for budgets, Especially since inflation was felt on all everyday products, not only smartphones.

Apple question price 2

So what about the iPhone 15 launched today ? The news is rather good – at least, Price fever has not seized Apple this year ! The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus lose fifty euros compared to iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, on all configurations. Symbolically, the iPhone 14 begins below the 1,000 euros mark, even if it flirts with 969 euros. As for the pro range, there too there is the best !

The invoice of the iPhone 15 Pro drops by a hundred euros on the various storage levels. And that of the iPhone 15 Pro Max unscrews by 150 euros, with a 256 GB model sold at the same price as the 14 pro Max … of 128 GB. So we do not get out so bad even if obviously, these prices are clearly oriented very high -end. Note, however, that the 15 pro max of 1 TO narrowly avoids passing over the € 2,000 threshold !

Apple iPhone 15 Price

If the price of iPhone 15 explodes your budget, there are other more affordable options than the Apple Store. On Amazon and other online resellers, the iPhone 14 of 128 GB had quickly been the subject of interesting discounts, even lowering the price of new up to € 809 (-20 %). It was not until longer for the iPhone 14 Pro (128 GB), which still dropped up to € 1,095 (-17 %). To save, patience is in order but the result can pay !

iPhone 15 at the best price basic price: € 969
iPhone 15 pro at the best price basic price: € 1,229

Apple crushes prices on Ultra 2

On the Apple Watch side, the news is even better with price reductions for all new models ! Series 9 thus lose € 50, with prices that start at € 449 for the 41 mm model in Wi-Fi, and € 569 for Wi-Fi + cellular. The 45 mm version costs € 479 (Wi-Fi) or € 599 (Wi-Fi + cellular). Apple Watch has also seen its price reduce by € 20, it’s always good to take !

Apple question price 3

The real good surprise is for everyone who waited before buying the ultra -first Apple Watch by the name. Admittedly, the new features of the second generation are quite modest, but not the price reduction: The new model indeed costs € 899, it’s € 100 or 10 % less than before.

And Apple’s discounts do not stop there. The manufacturer has walked its labels this evening on a lot of products, like the AirPods Max now at € 579, or € 50 less ! Admittedly, caution recommends waiting for the second generation of the helmet that should not be long ..

Buy a new iPhone now or wait ?

Mathilde Vicente

One of the questions most frequently asked by consumers is what is the best time to buy an iPhone.

Of course, if you need it because your current device is broken and you can no longer do without it, for example, then do them now. On the other hand, if you do not want to buy an iPhone just before the release of his last successor, then the best will be to wait again … according to us !

Should you buy a new iPhone now ?

Those who are looking for a new device are probably wondering if it’s the right time to buy a new iPhone. The prices are likely to increase or drop with the release of a new model in the very close future ?

To answer the last question: after the launch of the iPhone 14 in September 2022, Apple updated its smartphone up to date in 2023 again and unveiled it during the Keynote Wonderlust of September 12, 2023.

So, is it the right time to buy a new iPhone ? Yes and no. If it is always better to wait until the latest generation is launched, because Apple tends to lower the price of old models, resellers are not starting to offer the latest smartphones cheaper than much later.

Without forgetting the approach of the period of the biggest promotions of the year, between Black Friday and Christmas.

If you do not want to wait for so long, then take advantage of the pretty discounts offered during summer sales, Prime Day or French Days, for example.

Before we decide, we advise you to take the time to assess all the factors that come into play for the purchase of a new iPhone.

How often Apple releases a new iPhone ?

Knowing the release dates of the latest iPhone can help you determine if a new update is about to be available.

Apple’s usual practice is to organize a single launch event per year, where the brand also presented the iPhone SE 2022 in March.

In 2022, the iPhone was presented at the California Streaming event on September 14. This year 2023, it was the iPhone 15 that was born on September 12.

What’s the best time to buy an iPhone ?

In all objectivity, it is easier to estimate the worst time to buy a new iPhone than the good.

These are undoubtedly months and days preceding the September Keynote. It is recommended to provide a purchase after July, August and September, period at which the prices of previous iOS tend to decrease.

The safest purchase period is not necessarily when launching a new model, unless you absolutely wanted to have the latest update. It would therefore be advisable to wait until an additional month or two, the time that the supply catches up with the request and any problems related to new phones are identified and (hopefully) corrected.

The best would say, the best would be to take care of it in the nine months following the last launch.

But if you want to save, then we recommend that you wait and book your purchase for later.

If you are really not concerned about new technical capabilities, then why not turn to a less recent device that Apple has abandoned but always sold in ecommercers ?

IPhone prices down

So expect Apple to reduce the price of its devices released in 2022, and before, from mid September. So, if you are really looking for a good deal, then it seems more reasonable to turn to the iPhone 14 or anterior.

How much the prices do they drop when the new iPhone is released ?

The resellers had reduced the iPhone 13 to the exit of 14, some as a baker or Amazon where it is € 759, and no longer at € 909. It is the same this year, we see the iPhone 14 at an enticing price of € 829 or a drop of 19 % at Amazon.

To hope to get a reduction on the new iPhone, you will have to keep an eye on the dealership sites during Black Friday, at the end of November. Besides, promotions tend to take place throughout the month of November, so get ready upstream. Keep in mind all the same that the offers, if there is one, generally concern previous devices at Amazon, Fnac, Boulanger, Cdiscount or Rakuten.

What about the old iPhone ?

You just want an iPhone and you don’t really care if it’s the last model ? So why not buy now ? They are much cheaper than when they release.

Otherwise, there is a risk to wait, the one that Apple abandons certain models as had been the case of the iPhone 12 pro and pro max when the 13 range was put up for sale.

Nothing is lost if you want mini or pro versions since the rescuing sites can offer them to you, as well as even older iPhone.

Conclusion: wait

Now that the iPhone 15 has been released, there is a superior quality model for the same price as the iPhone 14. On the other hand, pending a little, the cost of the latter will be likely to lower.

If you are not opposed to owning a slightly less recent phone, then wait at least to Black Friday, the offers swarm. But don’t forget the reconditioned either !

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