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Warner pass in France: price, catalog… All information on the new subscription in Amazon Prime Video

Yes, it’s not just the HBO series that deserve the glance !

Amazon Prime Video: The Warner Pass offers new channels

Yes, it’s not just the HBO series that deserve the glance !

The Warner Pass receives its latest channels

Launched on March 16 on Prime Video, the Warner Pass is, as promised by Warner Bros. and Amazon, now complete. Indeed, this additional subscription to 9.99 euros per month (cost to be added to the 6.99 euros monthly Video premium) has so far only had part of the dozen channels then announced it announced.

Now, in addition to HBO, Warner Bros TV., Adult Swim and Toonami, are offered live and in replay the contents from the following channels: Eurosport (1 and 2), TCM Cinema, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Cartoonito, Discovery Channel, Investigation Discovery (ID), Discovery Science and CNN.

Bad news, however, it’s now too late to subscribe for free for 30 days at the Warner Pass.

Varied content at a price … suitable ?

Thus, in addition to the high quality series of HBO (including season 4 of Succession, In progress), the Warner Pass is rather well provided on the animation side for young people and adults, films, sport, or even information and documentaries. The price requested may logically seem high, but the quantity, quality and variety of programs are there.

If the users and users were to be seduced by the proposal, there is no doubt that Prime Video could well score points in the middle of the SVOD. We think in particular of Canal+, since the French solution is also very oriented towards a strategy of hub and grouping of different services within its MyCanal interface.

  • Mood refund within 30 days
  • Devices 3 simultaneous connections
  • Live_tv Video Quality: Ultra HD (4K)
  • Download Offline Available Available
  • Escalator_warning Espace Enfant Available

With its subscription price always (a little) more attractive than the others, Prime Video is a completely interesting SVOD solution. If it still lacks a few additional flagship series to be able to be fully compared to Netflix, the platform offers a varied catalog and rich enough to take a good time. It also pulls out of the game with its X-Ray functionality and excellent video quality that can help forgive some bugs that and there.

Prime Video Advantages

  • Fairly reasonable subscription price
  • Direct access to other services.
  • X-ray functionality

Disadvantages Prime Video

  • Catalog of original works still a little shy
  • . But quite heavy and confused integration
  • Some small bugs

Warner pass in France: price, catalog… All information on the new subscription in Amazon Prime Video

Maisie Williams in Game of Thrones // Source: HBO

Amazon has launched a new SVOD service for its Amazon Prime Video platform, called the Warner Pass. For € 9.99 per month (in addition to the premium subscription), it brings together HBO content, but not only.

The Warner Pass is now available in France, since Thursday, March 16, 2023. The multinational launches a new paid Warner pass, integrated into the Amazon Prime Video channels.

It is an earthquake on the SVOD market: in a press release published on January 12, 2023, Amazon had announced the recovery of almost all HBO content (including those lost by OCS) and the diffusion of The Last of Us on its own platform (from January 16).

In addition to the HBO catalog, the Warner Pass includes ” The 12 channels of Warner Bros. Discovery »». This enriched offer includes a whole bunch of programs thought for a widest possible audience, with films, series, sporting events, cartoons … For Amazon, the objective is to vary its catalog of entertainment, he who has already recovered part of the rights of Ligue 1 in order to offer live football.

Ned Stark in Game of Thrones // Source: HBO

All about the Amazon Prime Video Warner Pass

Contained in Amazon Prime Video ?

Amazon voluntarily highlights HBO content (particularly popular with series fans) and The Last of Us (one of the events of the year 2023). But, the Warner pass is much richer.

Note that at the launch on March 16, 2023, the Warner Pass already contains 57 HBO series, including all the seasons of Sex and the city (6 seasons), Rome (2 seasons) Chernobyl, The Wire (5 seasons), Six feet under (5 seasons), The Newsroom (3 seasons), True Blood (7 seasons), Boardwalk Empire (5 seasons), etc. We also find season 1 of House of the Dragon, which is also available on OCS.

True detective season 1

Concretely, the Warner Pass offers ::

Warner pass on Amazon Prime Video // Source: Amazon

  • All HBO content;
  • Warner TV, TCM Cinema, Adult Swim and Toonami (Films and Series, as Rick and Morty);
  • Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 channels (which will broadcast the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, in particular);
  • Discovery channel channels, ID and Discovery Science (discovery);
  • Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Boing (Youth) channels;
  • The CNN channel (news).

Will the Warner pass offer 4K ?

The question that many users are asking is as follows: will the Warner pass offer 4K broadcasting, especially for HBO series ? The answer is yes, according to a tweet of prime video france published on March 13. The list account several series offered in the service and clearly mentions ” Game of Thrones in 4K »». On OCS, this has never been the case.

At the experience-user level, however, the Warner pass suffers from the mediocre interface of Amazon Prime Video, still as regrettable.

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When the Warner Pass of Amazon Prime Video is available ?

The Warner Pass is available from Thursday, March 16. Note that the series The Last of Us Exceptional is: all Amazon Prime subscribers have access to it exclusively since January 16 – without additional cost.

“” As of March 16, subscribers will have access to corners at the request of HBO, Warner TV, Toonami and Adult Swim. The other channels will be deployed gradually until April 3 “, Specifies Warner Bros. France on a deployment that will be progressive.

How much is the Warner pass from Amazon Prime Video ?

The Warner pass costs 9.99 per month, without commitment. We still recall that the Warner pass will first require being subscribed to Amazon Prime (€ 6.99 per month or € 69.90 per year).

Until April 3, VIt can take advantage of a 30 -day test offer.

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